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Nurse Suzan Macco Healed Stage 4 Breast Cancer in 4 Months

Registered Nurse Suzan Macco was diagnosed with (ER+ PR+ Her2-) stage II Breast Cancer in 2007 and went to Mexico for treatment.

She was fine for 7 years, but in 2015, she found out the cancer was back.

And this time it was stage IV.

She was told by her doctors, “We can’t cure you, but we can keep you comfortable.”

Suzan made the courageous decision to reject palliative care, defy her prognosis, and adopt a hardcore healing protocol…

Four months later the cancer was gone!

I know you will enjoy this inspiring interview with Suzan Macco.

Watch below or listen to it on my podcast here.

Show Notes:
-Her Stage 2 Diagnosis in 2007 [01:30]
-Her experience at Sanoviv [03:30]
-Her stage 4 diagnosis [5:50]
-The importance of defying a death sentence [8:35]
-What contributed to her recurrence [11:05]
-Her enzyme and supplement protocol [12:55]
-Four months later… the PET Scan results [16:20]
-Her diet & juicing [17:42]
-Healing your emotions [19:24]
-The HeartMath Machine [26:35]
-Some people are impossible to help [29:21]
-A DPD enzyme deficiency makes 5-FU deadly [31:30]
-Testing Options (RGCC & MammaPrint) [35:40]
-The Harms of Traditional Treatment [40:06]
-The Right Kind of Hope / Hope of Getting Well [45:11]
-Cancer Has to Change You / The Blessing of Cancer [47:22]

Connect with Suzan:
Suzan Macco:

Selected links from the interview:
You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay

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