Cancer is a temporary imbalance. Interview with cancer healing expert Bill Henderson

Check out this super awesome interview with my friend Bill Henderson, independent researcher, cancer healing expert and author of Cancer-Free: Your Guide to Gentle, Non-toxic Healing

Bill and I got a chance to sit down and talk at the Cure to Cancer Conference in beautiful sunny San Diego last week.

Topics we discuss:

-His personal experience with cancer and why he wrote the book

-Why you shouldn’t be afraid of cancer

-How Big Pharma controls the medical industry

-Key changes to make if you have cancer

-The 3 major causes of cancer

-The stress connection to cancer

-Important vitamins and supplements to take

-Anti-cancer diet / cancer healing basics

I broke it up into three parts for you.



Buy Bill Henderson’s book Cancer-Free: Your Guide to Gentle, Non-toxic Healing

Bills’ website

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  1. Sally_Oh

    Great information, as usual. Thanks, Chris!

  2. Maribeth Zamora Mauricio

    Hi chris it says that if our body is acidic then cancer will be alive, what about drinking of lemon three times a day, do you think this will cause cancer also? I used to drink lemon with ginger now a days, it’s been 1 month someone says that it will help my immune system to boost. please advise God Bless

    1. Space!

      I agree. Greek Grand parents old knowledge also recommends water with lemon and ginger everyday. Chris & readers Any opinions on that please ?

      1. rainbowblitzwolf .

        I’ve heard that lemon are only acidic in its natural form but turns into alkaline inside your body.

  3. Maribeth Zamora Mauricio

    One more thing, Bill said that avoid cook food what does it mean? I used to cook my own food at home using the coconut oil, meaning to say that I should I avoid this?

    1. rainbowblitzwolf .

      It is advised that for maximum health especially for cancer patients, you eat 80% raw (that means uncooked vegetables, fruits and nuts) and 20% cooked food. Sure it’s a radical change especially most of us probably grew up eating 80% cooked and 20 raw. Read Chris’ whole blog. There is a wealth of info on fighting cancer. Also buy Bill Henderson’s book. He put every information you need to fight cancer.

  4. Paul Taylor

    Hi Chris this is paul could you please contact me as soon as you possibly can?Here is my email pa****************@ya***.com I am needing some information please contact me as soon as possible .I can give you my phone number privately.Thanks paul

  5. Bill and Chris talk about the problem of “too much information” and “not being sure what to trust”. The CHART Medical Log was set up to solve these problems.

    We’re collecting data from real patients using natural and alternative cancer therapies to determine which therapies really do work.

    If you’re using natural cancer therapies like in Bill’s book, please consider starting a CHART Medical Log.

  6. Paula Daniels Roberts

    Excellent information. What a beautiful way to honor Bill’s wife’s memory. “All things are possible.” As always thank you Chris for this site and bringing these stories together.

  7. Ralph

    If you are a cancer patient please find doctors and surgeons you trust to fight your cancer battle with you. I have Stage 4 Colon Cancer. Cancer tumors hurt. They are much more painful than any surgery or chemo I’ve been through. They grow and spread in your vital organs. They kill. You don’t avoid the pain by telling the oncologist or surgeon you refuse treatment. My doctors and surgeons are my best hope for fighting cancer. Your doctors and surgeons will be your best hope.

    1. Chris Wark

      You’ve got your hope in the wrong place my friend. You are hoping for a medical miracle that most people don’t get. Ask your oncologist point blank, “Does this therapy cure cancer, yes or no?”

      Real hope is that the body can heal.
      If you have cancer, you must assume that the way you are living is killing you.
      You have to change your entire life.

      1. Ben

        Chris, will each discussion thread connected to these articles remain open as long as the article is on the sight? Thanks.

        1. Chris Wark


    2. Lizelle Denton

      Ralph, my oncologist looked me and my husband in the eye after he told us I had stage four cancer of the appendix and said the only treatment he can offer me in my country is 30 weeks of chemo in a city 300km from my home – he knew I would have had to live away from my home and family to receive this “treatment”. Lucky for me I had done my homework and when asked, he admitted that it would have been completely ineffective against my cancer. He said this without blinking too. After this the only option he could offer me was to go overseas and have the MOAS (officially known as the Mother of all Surgeries – look it up) – a crippling operation that many don’t survive.
      Today, almost a year and a half later I am in better health physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually than I’ve even been in my life. I am only 37 and my 11-year-old son is here with me and has seen my beautiful journey to health – I am so thankful to people like Chris for sharing their REAL knowledge about healing cancer – I don’t trust the doctors! they don’t know how to heal cancer. Your body does though and nature contains everything it needs to become healthy again.

      1. Chris Wark

        You are so welcome Lizzie! You’ve made the right decision to take control of your health and change your life. I am so excited for you!

  8. Lizelle Denton

    Wow! What an honour to see Bill Henderson speak here with you Chris. I credit people like you, Bill and Dr Vickers with saving my life and helping me heal from stage four cancer of the appendix. I am a whole new person and I totally agree – you have to change your life completely on every level – It’s amazing! Thank you so much for bringing all these wonderful people to us through your blog and for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us here Chris. I can’t thank you enough. Really loved the latest interview with Dr V too!

    1. Hi Lizelle, please consider creating a CHART Medical Log… online community-based medical research into natural cancer therapies, to find the ones that really work.

  9. Ralph

    Lizelle, No need to scare others to justify your decision. I had MOAS – cyto-reductive/HIPEC surgery – in October at a cancer center outside Chicago. Best decision I ever made. They surgically removed a tumor in my liver and several in my peritoneum. Also had my gall bladder removed and the chemo bath. (I had a tumor the size of a tennis ball removed from my colon in an earlier surgery) I currently take ADJUVANT chemo every 3 weeks, 12 treatments in all. My scans and blood work are normal and I feel great. It’s a tough surgery, no doubt. But it’s done successfully hundreds of times a year at the cancer center I was treated at and my surgeon has been performing them for the past 10 years. I would urge anyone who is eligible for the surgery to have it. There are no guarantees but it was my best/last chance to beat cancer so for me it was an easy decision.

  10. Jennifer

    Chris can you post any information you have on treating a benign pituitary tumor. Is it the same as cancer to cure? Thank you!

  11. Leah Reynolds


  12. Leah Reynolds

    Chris, I’m don’t recall the brand of beta glucan? Also, thank you for all you do, on the days I am down I get one of these great videos and it re- tunes me! God bless you and Bill!

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