Jane Barlow-Christensen on the Healing Power of Herbs

Jane Barlow-Christensen is a master herbalist and co-founder of Barlow Herbal. Her father Max Barlow was a legendary medicinal botanist who collaborated with Hulda Clark, E.T. Krebs, and Rene Caisse. One of fourteen children, she grew up “super hippyish” surrounded by whole foods, herbs and natural medicines.

Jane was mentored by her dad, from learning the precise harvest seasons for each type of herb, to the distinct ways to dry and process, and how to create powerful concentrated extracts. Jane truly understands how to capture the healing power of herbs from the Earth.

Jane is absolutely brilliant and is an incredible resource on herbal medicine. Enjoy!

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Download interview transcript here.

Show Notes
-Growing up with a dad that loved everything plant [01:28]
-Incredible collaborations with legendary healers [05:00]
-The difference between a tincture and an extract [9:27]
-The Barlow Essiac-20 tincture [9:57]
-Feverfew [11:04]
-Black Salve benefits and recommendations [12:25]
-Adaptogenic herbs for stress [15:13]
-Forgiveness heals you [18:28]
-Lomatium: the ultimate antimicrobial herb [20:11]
-The viral/bacterial cancer connection [23:00]
-The lomatium detox rash [25:45]
-Chronic infections she’s seen resolved by lomatium [34:25]
-Solutions for healing crises reactions [37:43]
-Lomatium and the 1918 Spanish Flu [41:00]
-Jane’s cold and flu season recommendations [42:40]
-How to be empowered, not intimidated, by herbal medicine [41:22]

After this interview my wife and I took MunityBoost for one month and then LDM-100 (lomatium) for a month and did not get a detox rash. Yay!

Connect with Jane:
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Jane’s Herbs Course: Become Your Own Medicine Man/Woman

Products mentioned in interview:
Hulda Clark Parasite Cleanse
Jason Winters Tea
Essiac 20 Tincture from Barlow Herbal
LDM-100 Lomatium from Barlow Herbal
MunityBoost from Barlow Herbal
MyCommunity from Host Defense
Sufficient-C for mega dosing vitamin C

Books mentioned in interview:
From the Shepherd’s Purse by Max G. Barlow
The Cure For All Cancers by Hulda Clark
Letting Go by David Hawkins MD, PhD

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