Melyssa chose natural therapies to heal thyroid cancer in 2009

Melyssa Lawson chose nutrition and natural therapies to heal thyroid cancer after diagnosis in 2009. Check out this really fun interview we shot at the Annie Appleseed Conference in West Palm Beach, FL.

She totally rocks it.

Clarification from Melyssa
Hey all, I can see how the whole “surprise I had my thyroid out” probably sounded random and confusing, so let me take a minute to clarify.
When I was diagnosed in 2009, the doctors told me that if all tumors were reduced to the 1cm range and my blood work was normal then I would be considered to be in the “normal/remission” category. They also said that I needed surgery, radiation, etc. which I refused.
In 2012, the ONLY reason  I was given the green light to get pregnant was because I met all of the aforementioned guidelines.
After the birth of my third son, my thyroid became enlarged. I could not get it to shrink and it was starting to restrict swallowing and my airway.
I did NOT take this lightly and I  spent many nights sitting on my back porch in the middle of the night agonizing over this decision. From the delivery of my third baby on Dec 4, 2012 to August 2013, I tried and tried to get that darn gland back to a happy place, but couldn’t get it down.
When I had surgery, there were still some tumors in there. When they biopsied them, some were found to be “inactive”. I also had several calcifications on the back side of my thyroid which the ultrasound didn’t pick up, again a testimony to my natural healing.
For most people who have cancerous pathology, after their thyroid is removed, their thyroglobulin skyrockets because the bed of the thyroid has been disturbed, thus making all the remaining tissue and cells very angry. They want to find a new place to multiply. That is why they wanted to scoot me off to radiation so quickly. Because of the diet I was on, and just how clean my system was, as soon as they took it out, my system took over and did its own “radiation”. I also upped my juicing and instead of having meat once a week, cut it out altogether. Today I remain strictly vegetarian, although most days my diet is vegan.
The surgeon said I wouldn’t be able to return to full-blown workouts and rigorous activity until a month after the surgery.
One week after surgery I was back at the gym in step class with absolutely no pain and my incision was barely visible. The surgeon said I would look like a truck hit me, but I had no bruising at all.
He was blown away when he saw how quickly I recovered. I attribute that to the radical diet and lifestyle change I adopted 5 yrs prior.

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