Mike Adams: Health Ranger and founder of Natural News

Mike Adams, “The Health Ranger” is a fearless consumer advocate, award-winning investigative journalist, Internet activist, and science lab director. He is also the founder and editor of NaturalNews.com, which is the Internet’s most trafficked natural health news website.

Mike is a legend in the natural health space. He has written over 2,000 articles and reached over a hundred million people through his various websites. He’s also a musician, a composer, and a computer programmer. And rumor has it he solved a Rubik’s cube in twenty-six seconds. Mike is also one of the kindest most generous people I’ve met and he’s brilliant. I haven’t confirmed this, but I think he probably has a genius-level IQ.

In this wide-ranging interview, Mike and I discuss how he became the Health Ranger, living off the grid in Ecuador, what he’s learned running a food science lab, how he stays sane seeing what he sees every day, and so much more.

This was one of the most fun and interesting interviews I’ve ever done. Enjoy!

(This interview is also available on the Chris Beat Cancer podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, and Spotify.)

Download the transcript here

Show Notes:
– The origin of the Health Ranger [3:11]
– Mike’s venture into food forensics [5:05]
– Why Mike left the U.S. to live in Ecuador but came back [8:40]
– How he stays sane while seeing so much disturbing information [16:41]
– The health benefits of Forest Bathing [21:55]
– Artificial environments (cities) are killing people [23:23]
– Healing frequencies in nature [27:09]
– How humanity is being cognitively handicapped [29:21]
– How corporations are attempting to silence the truth [34:15]
– How health insurance ruined healthcare [37:15]
– Big Pharma’s monopoly on government and healthcare [39:00]
– We are a Pharma State [41:58]
– Interesting discoveries from Mike’s food contamination lab studies [47:00]
– “Supplement hedging” [53:00]
– Surprising insights into the supplement industry [55:52]
– Mike’s favorite meals [01:05:00]
– Mike’s powerful advice to anyone with cancer [01:08:00]

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Head on over to HealthRangerStore.com and check out all the cool stuff in there. :)

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  1. Ludmilla Modic

    Regarding insurance. Am I crazy to believe that health insurance exists because, prior to insurance, people either never paid their health care provider or bartered for (i.e. chickens or farm products…) for the services. (1) Insurance provided a secure living for health professionals. BUT NOW, insurance has been hijacked by Big Pharma and starting in about 1980 (when ads began on TV) insurance claim payments from insurance plans went from 5% to pharma and the rest to practitioners and hospitals… to 90% (or more) paid to pharma and the rest to practitioners and hospitals. (2) Since the 80s, pharma has gotten prime control over what insurance companies should cover ( or not !!! ). I am currently of the belief that “Obama Care” was overseen by Pharma to make sure they were a major beneificiary of claim payments. Otherwise, why would they still be charging hundreds of thousands to have doctors use Chemo and toxins as treatments KNOWING the chemicals are damaging and rarely help the patients overcome the illness. (I wonder what Pharma is doing with those obsene profits they receive from sick and dying people???) The fact that Chiropractic has been almost beaten to a pulp as being “charlatan practice” for the past century is what makes me think I am right. milkaTheAppreciator

  2. Ludmilla Modic

    Your interview is the first time I have heard confirmation of what I have believed for at least 30 years, which is that humans (particularly Americans and those living in toxix cities) are becoming less intelligent and have more and more “madness” issues, and we refuse to deal with it from CAUSE, and prefer to deal with it by POLICE ACTION… ???? We are becoming incapable of discernment…. milkaTheAppreciator

  3. Ludmilla Modic

    Consider: Before the recent “Opioid” problem, the rule was that if one became adicted it was because they were “lower” intellect or “lower” morals. This was due to the fact that most addicts seemed to be Black or other Non-White, and usually poor or lower class financially. The solution was incarceration, which disrupts families and communites and makes it more probable for those people to remain addicted. But this “NEW” addiction issue is suddently striking a majority WHITE Upper Class in HUGE numbers and suddenly being addicted is no longer an issue ob being immoral or lower intelligence (etc) and ALL OF A SUDDEN, we need to find medical help for these people (not incarceration). Amazing how we can do a 180 turn when the problem invades our own homes/families. You’re not seeing these middle class whites being incarcerated. You are seeing them being giving options for care etc.. milkaTheAppreciator

  4. 0or8afh

    I think I could listen to Mike for hours on end. Please extend to him my thanks for the sacrifices, both personal and professional, he has made in order to bring important, life-saving knowledge to the masses. (And his wife, too, for her sacrifices.)

  5. John Frymire

    Chris, pharma companies bribing government is NOT capitalism. It is fascism. This is an important difference. Pointing the finger at “capitalism” is to misunderstand the situation. ANYTIME business gets in bed with government, this is called “fascism”. All that the citizen asks from his government is that it is a fair arbiter of the game, and not involve itself in picking winners and losers. I recommend to you Jonah Goldberg’s book called Liberal Fascism. It will help you understand the history of fascism, and where the US stands in comparison. With the exception of many small and mid sized businesses, the US is no longer capitalist. Big business, together with a compromised government is the American force behind fascism. Finally, when you accuse capitalism, the uninformed listener concludes that capitalism is bad and maybe socialism or communism would be better. This is the wrong conclusion. These economic forms would make the situation even worse.

  6. Kathy Raybould

    That was an awesome interview, so much great info. Thank you!!!

  7. John_Smith

    When people have a healthy body and functional brain, the possibilities are endless. That is a direct threat to people who believe it is their right and duty to control the masses.

  8. Barry Butler

    This should be required watching and listening by every person in the world.

  9. [email protected]

    Awesome interview. Just love the information that is getting out to the world. Thank you.

  10. Adriano Rosso

    Thank you Chris for this wonderfully educational interview with Mike. When will you have an expert on chemtrails and how we can protect ourselves from those heavy chemicals? Blessings from Italy. Adriano and Judith in the hamlet of Roccaverano, Piedmont, Italy

  11. Kurt Gross

    I love the messages of Chris and Mike, but I have one issue with something Chris said about capitalism. It’s a common misunderstanding that capitalism is bad. It is not. In fact, we without it we would not be free politically without economic freedom. Capitalism get the kudos for that. It’s Cronyism inside of capitalism that’s the problem. The drug reps aren’t capitalists. The drug companies aren’t existing in a capitalist environment.

    If we truly had a free market in health, or many other industries, it would be a much better world.

    Please learn the difference. It’s much more intricate than I am able to highlight or explain here. There is a binary choice – capitalism or socialist/communist system, to simplify. Which do you think is better?

    What is needed is that we need MORE capitalism in our capitalistic leaning country. And a great start in that direction would be to get govt. out of our health care and health insurance.

    Kurt Gross

    1. N'Deye Delgado

      I think you’ve made an excellent point here about Cronyism, and I would say it doesn’t take a far stretch of the imagination to see that it’s had an effect on every branch of life here in the US. It is my belief that congress has gotten so far away from its original intended purpose due to decades of uninterrupted Cronyism and Nepotism, there should be no such thing as “Political Families” … sounds too close to Mafia Style operations…

    2. Vance Harvey

      I agree about your thoughts on capitalism; I would respectfully suggest that if anyone doesn’t like capitalism then go try living in a communist country!
      My partner is from Romania and I’ve been there for a holiday; she tells me it was only 20 years ago that she had to get up at 5 in the morning to go an stand in line for a bottle of milk or a loaf of bread, cos everything was in such short supply and controlled by the state.
      I will stay with capitalism every time!

  12. Holly

    Great interview!! So much good info. One quick question about Amazon. How can we tell if we are getting the ‘real’ deal when ordering? For example, I purchase my Garden of Life products ( greens powders and raw vitamins) through Amazon. It says ship and sold by Amazon … does this mean it’s not real?

  13. Barb Gendron

    Very interesting interview, just had to share this verse, even the bible talks of mans effect on the world.
    Romans 8:18-21The Passion Translation (TPT)

    A Glorious Destiny
    18 I am convinced that any suffering we endure is less than nothing compared to the magnitude of glory[a] that is about to be unveiled within us.[b] 19 The entire universe is standing on tiptoe,[c] yearning to see the unveiling of God’s glorious[d] sons and daughters! 20 For against its will the universe itself has had to endure the empty futility[e] resulting from the consequences of human sin. But now, with eager expectation, 21 all creation longs for freedom from its slavery to decay and to experience with us the wonderful freedom coming to God’s children.

  14. Tova

    Hey Chris. This interview with Mike Adams was extremely poignant. As a mom of two young children who makes decisions daily as to what products ( organic included) to purchase that are safe, it’s interesting to hear Mike share that even some organic companies aren’t as ethical as one might believe. I would be curious to discover which companies (organic USDA approved) are touted as mostly ethical and which are not. Is there a link or website available on Mike’s website to view? On a side note, the messages you are both sending to the world speaks volumes. I’ve been on the pulse with health and natural news for over a decade now so having individuals like you and Mike ( and several others) keep pushing through on debunking information, uncovering truths is beyond inspiring. It also reinforces that being extreme with my choices for our family ( from the detergent we wash our clothes in to trying to eat nonGMO/mostly organic foods) might prove impactful for the health of my kids and the planet in years to come. Oodles of thanks!!

  15. Pam M.

    Thank you both for this very informative interview, I really learned some things!

  16. Holistic Chef Barry Anderson

    Great information Chris thank you regards Holistic Chef Barry Anderson

  17. logan caleb

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