My Blood Test Results August 2014

In today’s video I show you my surprising blood test results from eating a low-fat, high-carb, whole foods diet. There were some good surprises and one not-so-good surprise…

If you take away anything from this video, I hope it is this…

Don’t assume you are healthy because you are low-carb, high-carb, low-fat, high-fat, vegan, vegetarian, fruitarian, paleo, primal, keto, or whatever.

There are loads of experts claiming that all of those diets are healthy, and yet there are many people on those diets that are not, including some of the experts!

And we all know people who “felt fine” that have been diagnosed with cancer and heart disease.

I think this is partly because many doctors don’t pay close enough attention to their patients blood work. They quickly scan the blood test results from the lab and assume that if a patients blood work is in normal ranges, then the patient is fine. In 2003, my bloodwork was “slightly anemic but otherwise normal” and yet I had full blown cancer.

What I didn’t understand then, is that for every marker in your blood there is a normal range, a desirable range, and an optimal range.

Normal Americans, eating a normal American diet, with normal blood work, get normal American diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel, Chronic fatigue, Alzheimers, etc.

Normal is not good enough.

If you live the same way everyone else does, you can expect to get the same chronic diseases everyone else gets.

Your blood can show you exactly what’s happening in your body, and what you need to change to improve your makers from normal to optimal ranges, that is, if you know how to read your blood work.

The good news is… it doesn’t require a medical degree!

I you want to learn how to read your bloodwork, understand what it all means, and simple steps you can take to improve your numbers, then look no further than the Blood Test Blueprint Program created by my friend Kevin Gianni and Dr. J.E. Williams. It was a huge help to me, and I know it will be to you as well.

I told Kevin I wanted to share this with you and he hooked me up with a special discount for you.

Use the coupon code cancerfree11 to get 11% off!

Check out the Blood Test Blueprint Program here

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  1. Shari Deveney-Viger

    Do you have CEA tested? Was just curious, I’m 8 months out from HPV18, anal cancer, with no chemo or radiation (had the tumor removed is all). I was pleased to see my numbers are right there with yours! My cholesterol is much higher but I eat a LOT of coconut oil, fresh coconut and coconut milk made by me. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Shelley

    Chris, what are the carbs you eat? Safe carbs?

    1. Chris Wark

      Yes. “Safe” whole food carbs, Fruits, starchy vegetables, some grains like oats and rice, whole wheat occasionally. I’ll make a video about it soon.

  3. Doris Parreno

    Great explanation

  4. Lady Kombu

    hi Chris, what vitamin D3 supplement do you use/recommned? would you take fermented cod/skate liver oil in capsule form? cheers

    1. Chris Wark

      Check out Garden of Life’s Kind Organic D3 oral spray

  5. elle

    Do you ever post transcripts? I miss so much of the help I need since I cannot hear the videos. I am sure I am not the only hearing impaired person with Cancer.My first bout with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2008 and all I could do was just keep all the appts they made for me without knowing what for or why. I was displaced by hurricane Wilma and knew no one who could go with me and translate for me. Several occurrences of skin cancer were even worse. No one really tried to make sure I knew what was going on. My latest Endometrial I just decided that at 85 with friends & family gone not to accept treatment offered but I am looking for ways to live out my life without deteriorating into the invalids that my 2 sisters did after surgery.

  6. Phoebiann

    I, too, would appreciate a transcript.

  7. s

    Hi, Love all your good information. I am still confused about consuming grains, because the Paleo community says that grains interfere with autoimmune diseases. so it is best to avoid all grains. Would you be able to post a food diary, for a few days, on what you eat? Thanks!

    1. Chris Wark

      It’s coming. Stay tuned! :)

  8. FoodScientist

    Chris! Your A1C is too high for proper brain function, particularly as you age. Your result is highly predictive of future dementia! Dr. Pearlmutter, a neurologist
    , is very current with the updated research and everyone should at least hear what he has to say on the matter. And, a low cholesterol in the range of your blood test is associated with an increase in death from cardiovascular disease (and all other causes), according to the current science (and the old science, for that matter). All this low cholesterol/low saturated fat advice was based on badly flawed, cherry-picked research. Completely agree with your recommendations for checking blood work. But, check the NEW research for recommendations, not the old advice that has led to our current tsunami of obesity, cardiovascular, and dementia problems. It will take another 20 years before the medical and nutritional worlds catch up on what is really hurting people. Peace to you.

    1. Chris Wark

      Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately Perlmutter’s theories are not supported by anthropological evidence. The majority of the healthiest, longest living indigenous people groups around the world today eat very high carbohydrate whole food diets. Here’s a quick read about it

  9. Judy

    This was so good and supported what I’ve been thinking all along. My husband’s cholesterol and triglycerides went sky high on a healthy vegan diet and after we switched to a more Paleo type diet (I consider both diets plant based as we eat a lot of vegetables either way, but we eat animal protein 3X a day now), his numbers became perfect. But I know other people, like you, Chris, who have the opposite thing happen. I also think that sometimes a way of eating works very well for us and then over time, we need to make changes due to changes in our lives. It makes me think of Dr. Mercola’s protein type, carb type idea. We are all unique individuals and do better on different diets. I have often wondered about the theory that where our ancestors are from affects what we do well on, food wise, as well. I was very interested in what you shared about phytates. That intrigued me. Maybe we don’t need to soak or sprout grains?

    1. Chris Wark

      Exactly. There’s no way to know if your “healthy diet” is healthy for you without blood testing. Glad you found the right path!

  10. valentina sorzana

    Hi Chris,
    Could you recommend me what blood test to have? It sounds quite stupid I think, but doctors today believe so little in this, and they go so fast through the ‘blood test’ talk, that it is very hard to really get to what you need to have done, unless you know and you come with all the information yourself. Thanks so much for the info! Can’t wait for the next vid.

    1. Ian

      I was wondering the same thing. IF you look at the first page, it shows what tests were ordered. It’s quite astonishing: CMP14 + LP + TP + TSN + 5AC + CBC/D/F…Vitamin D + 25-Hydroxy. I hope I spelled all of those right as I had to take a screen shot from the video. It looks like “The Works.” It’s a great question!

      1. Chris Wark

        Thanks Ian. Good eye mate!

  11. Elyn Jacobs

    Hi Chris, great video–of course. One thing as yes, you need some D3, but don’t forget the K2 as you don’t eat much dairy–It is critical to have sufficient Vitamin K2 in order to ensure that calcium is bound and held in bones and at the same time is removed from our arteries, joints or other tissues where it doesn’t belong. Vitamin K2 also inhibits cancer cell lines, such as colon, breast, leukemia, brain and many more. Sending love, Elyn

  12. Lori

    Can’t wait for your “what you eat” video! Yeah! Thanks for this video. Even though my numbers are in the healthy range, I could be doing better.

  13. Emily

    Love your videos! FYI – every time you refer to “hemoglobin” in your video, you are actually referring to your hemoglobin A1C which is a long term measurement of your blood sugar levels. Regular hemoglobin is a component of the red blood cell.

    1. Chris Wark

      Emily you are totally right. I should have clarified that. :)

  14. Julia

    One of the things I found disturbing about the Gerson Therapy is that it assumes one size fits all. Unfortunately, it didn’t fit me as my blood work showed after about 3 months on the therapy. Some of my numbers were alarming and I had to alter the therapy to correct these. In the end after 7 months it was obvious it didn’t work for me and I am now on a less restrictive diet encompassing more whole foods with a small amount of animal protein and my body is much more comfortable with that. It is good to remember that everyone is different and there is no one diet or therapy that suits everyone.

    1. Chris Wark

      Yes Julia! We have unique needs and it often takes some trial and error to figure out what works best. :)

  15. Rachel Tyson

    Thanks for sharing! Just saying, cholesterol is used to make vitamin D in the body. You can also get vitamin D3 from animal sources. Interesting vid :-) Cheers!

    1. Chris Wark

      True. If I only changed one thing and ate more cholesterol would my D3 levels be higher? I don’t think so, but I might experiment with that at some point. :)

  16. Christy

    LOVE that you put it all out there and shared all your numbers, Chris. How can anyone dispute such clear evidence?! You are an inspiration.

  17. Daisy Mae

    Chris: Talk about timing for me! My blood work testing and results have been puzzling every time since i got diagnosed with Slow Lymphatic Lymphoma a year ago, this video posting is like a glass of water for someone thirsty for information. I am so grateful i learn so much from you each time, i pray for divine guidance through my journey and i am always directed to you and your work. Thank you so much for you do.

  18. beckysnyder

    Thanks Chris! It’s a shame most of the western medical profession isn’t on board with this. More money in pills, not carbs. :(

  19. Michaela

    I really appreciate your reasoning on how everybody is different and need individual diet and approach. I know all these vegan, raw, etc. movements and the thing I dont like about them is that they are so dogmatic. Everybody has to work with the body and try what fits best…thank you for your videos, they are huge help!

  20. Magda

    Hi Chris, Thank you for such a great video. Would you be able to tell me what type of a blood test you did? Is it the regular blood test or have you included some additional things. I also want to use Lab Corp so I figure I ask you. Thank you.

    1. Chris Wark

      You want to order CMP14 + LP + TP + TSN + 5AC + CBC/D/P, Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy.

  21. Patti

    Chris, I so love all that information. Question…when you say you eat 60% carbs, do you mean bulk or calories? Because you can eat a lot of calories of fat without it being a large quantity. You can eat a lot of greens without many calories. so it can get kind of confusing.

  22. Kevin Nagel

    Thanks for the info Chris.

    Sidebar – what did you do to your hair? It looks redish….

  23. monica

    Hi, Chris. And thanks for the info. Pleas tell me what is with vitamin B12. Do you take suplements? What is “normal range” for b12? Thanks

  24. Celeste

    I am ordering my blood work and wanted to know what each of the abbreviations stand for, for ordering purposes?

    The nurse I spoke w was unsure what a few of them stood for.


  25. Diane

    Hi, I’ve added cancerfree11 for the discount on blood test blue print program but was unable to activate it. May I know if it’s still effective?


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