Nurse refuses conventional treatment for breast cancer, goes to Mexico for alternative therapies


Suzan Macco, R.N., C.N.H.P., L.D.H.S.
Breast Cancer, Stage 2
Diagnosed April 27, 2007

Hearing the words “you” and “have cancer” in the same sentence was overwhelming. I couldn’t process it. It’s an unimaginable shock. Why, when I was promoting natural health, would I get cancer? Why me?

It was frightening for sure. But I started to believe that I could use this too. As I realized this, peace came over me and I knew I would be okay in spite of the type of journey I knew all too well that I would have to take.

Green Bay Cancer Center

This was now a race. I needed to gather as much information from as many sources as I could. My decision would not be reversible. I started with the local Green Bay Cancer Center (with a bowl of candy in the lobby). I was on a conveyer belt, no choices, no say in the matter, no coordination. When I asked about nutrition, I was given a binder with the four food groups and the recommendation to eat Jell-O if nauseated from chemo.

I asked about supplements to strengthen my body and to offset the damages of the proposed treatment and the Radiation Oncologist actually said… “Vitamins just cause expensive urine.” I was stunned, and told him so in no uncertain terms and walked out.

On to the next appointment with the Chemotherapy Oncologist. Encouragingly he felt that I probably wouldn’t need chemo; just a lumpectomy and tamoxifen; maybe a little radiation.

Although I was pressured to make a decision, I wasn’t comfortable that I had heard all I needed to hear. My husband felt prompted to do some research on his own too. So between the two of us, we were a research machine; the procedures, the treatments, the drugs, the options. We did not limit our options to what was available within our local area. We started discovering multiple options, all still traditional in nature but some with a potentially less damaging methodology, IE Toma radiation, Mamo-cites et al. We also started narrowing our options and came to realize that Tamoxifen, with its profound side effects, was not a risk I was willing to take.

Mayo Clinic Rochester

Mayo is a nicer facility and more organized but essentially the same conveyor belt as Green Bay. After hours of waiting in exam rooms for late doctors, and ridiculous protocols, I ended up sobbing through my lunch in the cafeteria. But it was a pleasant spring day so we went out on the patio after lunch to wait for a phone consult we had set up with Sanoviv Medical Institute in Mexico.

That phone consult was a breath of fresh air at a very perfect moment. We still made no commitment but at least we were starting to have choices.

On second day at Mayo, my husband and I were sitting in the office of plastic surgery wondering why they had scheduled this appointment. Up to that point we had assumed we were all talking about a simple lumpectomy. It was apparent Mayo was assuming mastectomy. So we left for the day.

Another result of this diagnosis is a bond, you are now in a club you really didn’t want to join. But during dinner at a restaurant in Rochester that evening there was a young family with a child maybe 10 or so with no hair and clearly undergoing a difficult time, we paid for their dinner as we left.

Seattle Cancer Center

That evening back in our hotel room we took a phone consult with the Seattle Cancer Center to discuss and learn more about a procedure they promote there. It was a frustrating and unproductive call with a Doctor clearly steeped in what passes for modern breast cancer protocol here in the US.

We may not have figured out what was best for us, but we were quickly understanding what was not best for us. After Green Bay, Mayo and Seattle all sounding as if they are following the exact same outline we understood we needed a different path. We called the Nurse at Mayo, canceled the rest of our appointments that week, and went home the next day.

One more option left…

Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

They advertise that they incorporate nutrition and spirituality in their treatment. But we would soon find out that their basic protocol is quite typical. The tour included a very nice facility along with a stop at the “heart” room. I ask why we would need to tour the heart room. We were told that “If you have radiation, we know that you will probably have heart damage.”

We then had to walk through the chemo room at CTCA. Chair after chair of severely compromised sick people with buckets next to their chairs. I had enough!

What alternative therapies did you do and which ones helped you the most?

Sanoviv Medical Institute in Rosarito, MX.

“What would you really like to do about this?” John asked. From my training I knew that cancer is the body at dis-ease, from my mind and science I knew there were other options and in my heart I was sure that it could be treated naturally. That’s what I wanted and I didn’t know anyone else who did that except the professionals at Sanoviv.

I would become the first person I knew to treat their cancer naturally. So with the help of our parents we made the initial payments to go to Sanoviv and were on our way.

May 30, 2007

We were picked up at our San Diego hotel by the very attentive and friendly Sanoviv driver. And even now, six years later, I’ve stayed in touch with some of the staff and some of the other patients who I now call friends.

My first impression upon entering the lobby at Sanoviv was pure healing.
It was a feeling that has never left me. From that moment on it was everything to do about diagnosing the root cause of dis-ease, and healing the body, the mind, and the spirit. From the meals to the water, the clothing and the salt on the tables all organic and systematized to augment the overall healing process of this unique medical complex. The next day began the exams and testing like you’ve never seen. Special lab work, I can’t begin to name them all, but the dark field live blood analysis was particularly impressive. Other evaluations in addition to medical, were nutritional, chiropractic, psychology, fitness, digestion, chemosensitivity testing, allergy testing, measurement of toxic chemicals, thermography, and biological dentistry. The atmosphere throughout the facility was a welcome change from Western Medicine.

Me getting dark field live blood analysis.

Susan at Sanoviv

Therapies I received based on my evaluations:

A mostly raw organic detox diet, each morning started out with warm lemon water with cayenne pepper, then green juice twice a day, wheatgrass juice twice a day, fresh salads and some meals having salmon or other white fish; ending each night with some fresh coconut water. Smoothies on occasion, and every Thursday was juice day. No solids that day.

Vitamins and minerals (mostly Usana Vitamins)
Colon Hydrotherapy

Daily IV therapy: High dose Vitamin C, Glutathione, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and possible other nutrients in
Various Detox Therapies
Vichy Shower and Spa detox therapies
Rife Therapy
Electro-Acuscope Myopulse Therapy
Mistletoe Extract
Dental mercury filling removal

thalassotherapy pools
fitness room
walking track
energy medicine

Lumpectomy and removal of 12 lymph nodes.
Tumor sample sent to a lab for antibody prep in making the Specific Transfer Factor

Home Therapy:
Nutrition plan and recipe book
Nutritional supplements – Usana Vitamins & Minerals, IP-6 Inositol Hexaphospate,
Protective Breast Formula with calcium-D-Glucarate (instead of Tamoxifen),
AHCC mushroom complex, CoQ10, Omega Fatty Acids,
Vitamin CWobenzymPrimal Defense (or a probiotic).

Mistletoe Extract subq injections – given to myself once a week for six months
Thymoject intramuscular injections – given to myself once a week for 3 months
Specific Transfer Factor – oral doses intermittently scheduled weekly tapering off over 6 months.
Phone consult follow-up every three months

Sanoviv was a life changing event. Not in the sense of life or death, but in the sense of life and living.

What books, products, and supplements do you recommend?

I recommend many of the books on my website favorite books page, at

Knockout: Interviews with Doctors Who Are Curing Cancer–And How to Prevent Getting It in the First Place by Suzanne Somers

Beating Cancer with Nutrition by Patrick Quillin

What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Breast Cancer by John R. Lee M.D.

Nature’s Ultimate Anti-Cancer Pill: The IP-6 with Inositol Question and Answer Book by L. Stephen Coles M.D.

AHCC: Active Hexose Correlated Compound by Dan Kenner PhD, and any of the enzyme books listed.

I would also recommend any of my Home Therapy supplements with the exception of those not available in the U.S.

I can be reached by email through my website at

Thank you Chris for the opportunity to share my story!


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