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Why I’m Nuts for Coconuts!!!

One of the healthiest foods you probably aren’t eating is the coconut, which was has been a major part of my daily anti-cancer diet since 2004.

Now I’m sure you’ve had an Almond Joy, a pina colada, or coconut cake at some point, but very few people I’ve met have ever actually eaten a fresh raw coconut, besides that one time in Jamaica of course.

The reason most of us aren’t eating coconuts is:

1) We don’t live in a tropical paradise, with coconuts growing on trees in the backyard.

2) They aren’t a staple in industrialized nation cuisine.

3) They’re kinda hard to find.

4) How the flip do you get them open!

Here’s why you need to eat coconuts:

Coconuts are rich in this really awesome stuff called Lauric Acid, a medium chain fatty acid that is anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial.  The highest concentration of lauric acid and medium chain fatty acids is found in two places: coconut oil and human breast milk.
So unless you’re still nursing, I’m going to recommend you add some coconut to your diet.

My favorite way to eat coconut is to make this Coconut Fruit Smoothie.  
(The link will take you to a post that explains what kind to buy and how to get them open)

Another easy way to get coconut into your diet is to use Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.

Your New Favorite Cooking Oil

Coconut, Palm, and Palm Kernal Oil are the healthiest cooking oils on the planet.  They are WAY healthier than any vegetable oil. Don’t get me wrong, olive oil is great.  I put it on my salads everyday.  It’s just not as good to cook with as those three tropical oils.  The reason coconut oil is superior for cooking is it is very resistant to high heat, which means frying with it doesn’t change its molecular properties or reduce its nutritional value.

History Lesson

Once upon a time coconut oil was a staple ingredient in modern food, but it got a bad rap for several decades because it is high in saturated fat.  This was believed to be unhealthy based on flawed research done on hydrogenated coconut oil and because it raised cholesterol.  They didn’t know that it was only raising HDL, the good cholesterol!  Some conspiracy theorists will tell you that segments of the food industry promoted a negative pr campaign against tropical oils in order to replace them with vegetable oils from American crops:  soy, corn, canola, cottonseed, etc.

Not that far-fetched, really.

Regardless, that’s when the widespread use of hydrogenated vegetable oils began.  They have since been proven to be horribly unhealthy, but somehow they didn’t get researched back then…

If you haven’t already read this somewhere else, let me be the first to tell you, margarine is some freaky stuff. It’s like spreadable edible plastic. It won’t rot and bugs won’t touch it. Stop eating it immediately. Also get rid of any food product containing hydrogenated or partially-hydrogenated oils.  This deserves an entire post of its own, but in the meantime, know this:  Hydrogenated oils have trans fats which are toxic adulterated fatty acids that are contributors to disease. They can actually make you sick and fat. Google it.

Back to Coconut Oil:

In recent years coconut oil has made a comeback, as scientific research has proven that saturated fat from coconuts is in fact super healthy.
Saturated fats from plant sources like coconuts, olives, avocados, and some nuts are good for our cells, bones, blood, cardiovascular system, liver, immune system, and brain.
Coconut oil has even been shown to prevent colon and breast cancer in laboratory tests.

It also assists in weight loss, which is why islanders who consume a lot of coconut in their diet are rarely overweight.
And coconut oil also great for your skin and hair.

Coconut oil has bee shown to prevent and/or reverse Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases. Dr. Mary Newport M.D. has a site called It’s a great resource for more information about this.

Cooking with coconut oil is amazing.  It smells soooo good and adds delicious new flavor to everything from scrambled eggs to stir fry.  Cook with it once and you’ll be hooked.

Somedays I just eat a spoonful of coconut oil or coconut butter for a quick fix.

We’re so crazy about coconut oil, we buy Giant Tubs of the stuff!

Recommended Reading: The Coconut Oil Miracle by Bruce Fife

Get the Recipe for My Coconut Fruit Smoothie here

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  • Alyssa Ivey

    Hey, did you cover how to open them??? I have a green one sitting in the fridge, but don’t know the best way to open it. Do you have to use a hammer?

    • Hey Alyssa I explain how to open Young Coconuts in my smoothie post. If you have a big green one, you’ll probably need to hack at it with a butcher knife. Be careful!

  • Adam Hite

    so where can you find raw, organic cocunuts?

    • Yo Adam
      Great China Food Market on Summer near White Station.
      You should also check that vietnamese grocery on cleveland across from Saigon Le.

  • My one experience with an actual coconut involved my (now ex) and I using every method possible, for two hours, to not only get the sucker open, but to scoop out the flesh inside. I STILL find bits of coconut on the blinds now and then lol!

    I use coconut oil on my skin daily, coconut water in my smoothies, and LOVE that so many new coconut based products have come out on the market.

    Fun fact: “Young coconut water is nearly identical to human blood plasma, making it a universal donor. During the Pacific battles of World War II, between 1941-1945, both sides in the conflict used coconut water–siphoned directly from the coconut–to give emergency plasma transfusions to wounded soldiers.”

  • Jeanne

    I actually love, love, love coconut – raw or any way. Not a real fan of the milk but I know if it isn’t real ripe the milk is a little bitter – don’t expect it to look milky though. My experience from Mexico coconuts is clear. I see chefs open them up with one whack. Not sure I can do that. My dad always takes it outside, lays it on the grass and with a machete opens it up with a good whack or two. It’s totally worth it. We cut it out in chunks and eat it as a snack. YUM! Makes me want to get one.

  • Jan

    hi chris. i just found your site through a link that ashley carroll posted on facebook. i assume that you live in memphis. is that correct? just wondering, where do you purchase your young thai coconuts for your fruit smoothies? i usually buy them at whole foods, but i’ll only buy one a week because they price is so high.

    • Hi Jan!
      Thanks so much for the complements.
      We buy our coconuts at Great China Food Market at Summer and White Station.
      They cost about $12 for a case of nine young coconuts. Just make sure you leave some for me!

      • Jan

        i’ve never been there…or even knew about that store. thank you for the tip! you should teach a class at whole foods and show people what you buy and what you do with it. i’d pay for that! thanks again.

  • Jan

    oh, and your site is incredible! i wish that my husband and i could pick your brain on some of this stuff because we’re beginners but learning! thanks for sharing this info online!

  • i recently noticed that kroger is now carrying young coconuts. i think them at the kroger on germantown pkwy. but i don’t believe they are organic (of course).

  • Rose

    Hi Chris,

    Found your site after reading about apple cider vinegar on a Newsmax letter. Love how the internet just creates all these connections!

    Anyway, great site, and I’m so happy to hear you are doing well and beating the dreaded C-word. Yes, diet is so important. Duh!

    Still, I don’t have your and other’s willpower, but I’m learning. Watched your salad video too, (and except for the saurkraut and curry powder, ewww:), it looked delicious. REminds me of the diet that CRON’s follow. It’s all education, isn’t it! May you live to dance at your grandchildren’s weddings!

  • Natalie

    Okay, so i’ve read both your articles on Coconuts. And i saw that if you don’t have a fresh Coconut you will use an organic coconut milk in the canned form. Is this something that you would find in the asian aisle or strictly organic? I’m thinking of the coconut milk that is cooked in a lot of asian recipes. Will i get the same amount of nutrients from that kind of canned product? It says the ingredients are “coconut (or coconut milk), water and guar gum” like here


    And how much should i put in my daily diet, if i were to use something that was canned, rather than strictly fresh?

    • Yes usually in the asian isle.
      There are at least 3 different brands we buy depending on price.

      Fresh coconuts are always better, but canned milk is good in a pinch
      and definitely nutritious.
      There is some concern about cans being lined with BPA…
      impossible to know.

      That link you shared is for “light” coconut milk
      I buy the regular. It has 7 servings per can.
      Use as much or little as you want.
      I usually consume the whole can in a smoothie, but you can do less…
      You can’t overdose on coconuts.

      • Michele

        Just thought I’d mention that Whole Foods also sells organic canned coconut milk.

    • Anne

      Trader Joe’s does coconut milk in tetra paks, and its reasonably priced at $1.99 per carton. They have it unsweetened, and sweetened w/ vanilla. I prefer it unsweetened, and use it like I would cows milk. Trader Joe’s also sells coconut oil, but I don’t know if its extra virgin. I prefer to get my coconut oil from a company called Raw Food World. Best of luck! :-)

  • Meg Rispoli

    Hi Chris
    I have had three relatives with cancer in the last three months. I trully appreciate this page and all your info so I thank you for taking the time to put all of this together! I know it didn’t take 10 minutes! I ADORE coconut! I mean love it! I really had no clue just how beneficial it was though! Me adn my husband just went “ovo/lacto vegan” and have been making smoothies in the morning. I have been using dried coconut shavings from red mill for taste and texture until I can find a local store that had coconuts. I wasn’t sure if the dried shavings had any nutrition in them. So I did a search on “how nutritinal is coconut for you” and there was your link! I will be sure to go find an asian market now and see if I can find young coconuts! The adults ones they sell at shoprite I can never ever get open!!! When I find them I will try to make sure I consume some daily and pass it on to those in my family with cancer. Thank you again and congrats to you!!! xoxoxo

    • Thanks Meg!
      Many ethnic markets carry young coconuts: asian, mexican, indian, etc.
      Organic canned coconut milk is also good in a pinch

  • Nicolette

    Hi Chris,

    Just wondering if putting coconut oil in smoothies is just as beneficial as using fresh coconut?


    • Coconut Oil is awesome, definitely use it if you can’t get fresh coconuts. Even better would be Coconut Butter, it will rock your world with deliciousness!

  • Atticus

    Walmart has started stocking young coconuts, so please visit your local Walmart and if they don’t have them, ask them why they don’t stock them if other Walmarts do.

    • Leanne

      I understand that most of the young coconuts that come to the U.S. have been soaked in formaldehyde to prevent mold. I would only buy organic (although I have heard that some of them also have been treated). Walmart is not the place to get coconuts. Check your local health food store and ask them if their coconuts have been treated with formaldehyde or any other toxin.

  • Cherry

    Hi chris,

    I’ve found your site just this afternoon, and i quickly ran to supermarket to try the salad, honestly we are not fan of raw veges salad but we need to try for my mom’s sake, she was diagnosed w/ colon cancer stage 3, july last year and undergone surgery, she did not took chemo or any radiations because accdg to her doctor 50-50 chances of surviving and she is already 71 years old. For almost a year battling the cancer, we did tried a lot herbal supplements and no meat diet but later last month, we have known that the cancer has spread to some part of her organs and the cancer is now stage 4. When i found your site and read some posts from survivors, it gave me hope and it was really inspiring. About your smoothie, I just known that coconut is an anti-cancer, we have lot of coconut plants/trees here if only we’re just island apart, i can share it to you. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and knowledge :-)

    Btw, is it okay to drink red wine while eating salad? My mom still adjusting eating on raw veges and i gave her the wine just to eliminate the after taste :D Thanks again and God bless you and your family.

    • Has she done any juice fasting or water fasting?
      Both are very important.
      Juice fasting floods the body with essential nutrients.
      And during a water fast the body will seek out and break down all non-essential tissues to burn for energy first.
      Tumors are at the top of the list.

      Also alcohol is highly acidic and hard on the liver.
      The liver is a critical part of the immune system.
      I would not drink any alcohol while battling cancer.

      • Cherry

        Hello chris, thanks for your time.
        Nope. we only gave her smoothie soursop once or twice a day (soursop is also one of the anti-cancer food) and veges(cooked)and the rest are herbal supplements. She is also taking pain reliever now.

        Okay i will follow you, no alcohol :D
        Is there any different result if we will blend the raw veges (with the organic spices)?

        • Shalini

          Hi Chris,

          I’m from Mumbai, India and my 72 year old mother has just been diagnosed with stage four cancer. We’re still awaiting the results of the tests to determine the ‘primary site’ of the cancer. I wanted to check with you – how about tender coconut water? Is it good for her? Its available in plenty in Mumbai.


  • Blending veggies in a blender makes them easier for your body to absorb as it releases more nutriets than chewing. Just make sure you swish it around to mix it with saliva before swallowing.
    The spices are beneficial either way.

  • Linh

    I don’t think it matters where you get your coconut. If it’s cut down to where the white is showing and it’s not brown then it was soaked in some kind of bleaching agent. I just got back from Vietnam for my father’s funeral. He had stage 3 colon cancer and died 3 months after he was diagnosed. He also had surgery to remove the tumor and a big part of his colon when he was diagnosed.

    My uncle’s family there cuts and sells coconuts as a business. After they cut it they soak it in a bleaching agent right away. I saw a couple that weren’t soaked turn brown within an hour.

  • Amy

    What are your thoughts on the coconut milk in the milk aisle?

    • It’s ok… fresh is best if you can get it :)

  • Nancy

    Is coconut oil better than grape sead oil for cooking???

  • Hi Chris,

    FIrst off i am LOVING this website. I have never had cancer but recently decided that if I ever did I would most likely not go through with chemo or radiation. This is affirming my decision! I will preach it to all i know! I also LOVE coconut oil. Here’s a question, sometimes i get sick of the taste cuz i put it in EVERYTHING =) so are the “non-smell” or “non-taste” (i dont know the technical words, haha) coconut oils bad for you? Because they would of used certain methods to get rid of the taste and smell?

    Thanks so much!

    • Hi gloria I would stay away from the non-smell and non-taste varieties.
      If you are getting sick of the taste perhaps you are just using it too much. :)

  • Sharon Montesi

    Hi Chris ~ I have been recently diagnosed with early stage tonsil cancer. When I was first diagnosed, I felt like my body had let me down, despite all my healthy habits. Now I realize that it is probably that healthy lifestyle that has caused me to heal and recover so well. I have had a few surgeries, but will not be doing radiation or chemo. I love coconut, and do trust it’s healing powers, but my dilemma is that my naturopathic physician strongly recommends that I adhere to the blood type diet, and sadly, my type (A-) puts coconut on the “avoid” list. I do add coconut oil to my smoothies occasionally, but I’m constantly torn about avoiding foods that may be beneficial in my cancer challenge. I’m certainly not perfect in my eating habits, but I do try. I’m vegetarian, organic whenever possible, minimal sugar, white flour, and processed foods, no dairy, juicing and cleansing. Any thoughts on the blood type diet?

  • carolyn matos

    I wonder if coconut oil is good for babies? hence I have an 11 mo old that i’m very strict with in her foods