Paleo Spaghetti!

Craving some comfort food?  Me too.
Especially in these cold winter months.
Unfortunately comfort food (starches, grains, sweets) is almost never healthy food.
So here’s an awesome way to make spaghetti without using noodles.
You’ll never guess what it is!

Hint:  spaghetti…but not noodles.

It’s Spaghetti Squash!

And the recipe is super easy.  I really wanted to title this post “Spaghetti Squash Spaghetti”, but that kind of gives it away.

Spaghetti Squash has a very similar consistency to spaghetti, hence the name.
This makes it a perfect (and way healthier) substitute for noodles of any kind.
We first heard about this recipe from Micah’s aunt, Donna Peters,
who’s also famous for this quote:

“Sometimes less is more, but usually it’s just less.”

So true Aunt Donna. So true.

I don’t follow a paleo diet, but this qualifies as a paleo meal.

Here’s how Micah did it last night.
Quick, easy, and delicious.

Ingredients (All organic is recommended)

Spaghetti Squash

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1/2 medium Red Onion

2-3 stalks of Celery

2 cloves Garlic

2 lbs Grass-Fed Ground Beef (if you eat beef)

Italian Seasoning

Sea Salt

Your Favorite Pasta Sauce


Cut a spaghetti squash lengthwise, and lightly coat a baking pan with olive oil.

Bake the two halves face down at 350 degrees for 30-45 minutes, depending on your oven.

It will be ready when the edges are golden brown.


Add diced red onions and celery, and minced garlic to a pan or pot and sauté.

Add Grass-Fed Ground Beef and cook until brown.

Season with Sea Salt and lots of Italian Seasoning.

Mix vegetables together with your favorite pasta sauce. We really like Newman’s Own.

When the squash is ready, scrape it out into your serving bowl.

The only thing left to do now is top with sauce and serve!


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  • Emily

    can’t wait to try it. thanks!

    • Bibijoux

      Sounds really tasty.

  • Melissa Jaynes

    Love it! Going to add it to my meal plan for next week!

  • Jan

    thanks for posting. i’ve been wanting to try a recipe like that. what kind of italian seasonings do you use?

    • Hi Jan!
      We just buy a blend called “Organic Italian Seasoning” cause it’s easy, and we alternate between brands depending on price.
      Spice Hunter, Simply Organic, and McCormick are all good brands available at most grocery/health food stores.

      • Jan

        thank you! making it tonight!

        • Jan

          wow, that was incredibly good! i had a difficult time cutting the squash and then didn’t know what to do with the insides, so i just scooped them out and hoped for the best. i enjoyed this dish far more than my whole wheat pasta one. much more flavor. i’d love for you to post recipes for typical weekday dishes that you make…because if they’re all this tasty and simple to make, i’d be in heaven having some new options! thanks again!

  • Barbara Kilpper

    Thanks, Chris. I always love getting e-mails from you. Recipes are great, and your overall advice is spot on imho!

  • Hi Chris,
    I really enjoy your blog and the recipes are great. This pasta alternative I think might even have my Italian grandmother saying delizioso. Thank you!

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  • Great recipe! I just started the Paleo way of life and I am really enjoying it.

  • We had this tonight w/ out the meat, it was delish!!! My kids even ate it which is huge. The only thing is the squash took closer to 1.5 hours to cook. Thanks for the recipe!

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  • Mary Montoya

    Chris – I was diagnosed with Stage 1 Breast Cancer in July 2011. I switched to a plant based diet now and wonder if I can ever eat red meat again. I see you use ground beef in your recipe. What is your opinion about eating meat of any kind? Thanks!

    • Hi Mary
      Short answer: probably yes.
      My naturopath put me back on clean meats on few times per week
      (free-range grass fed beef, lamb, organic chicken, wild caught alaskan salmon)
      after 90 days of 100% raw vegan. After that I was about 70-80% raw vegan diet, if that makes sense.
      Many people need animal protein to thrive. I am one of those people.
      I do believe that the raw vegan diet is extremely beneficial for a season, but not sustainable for the long term.
      I couldn’t maintain a healthy weight eating only raw fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts.
      This is something you really need a naturopath/nutritionist advising you on.

      For the record, I do not eat meat if I don’t know where it comes from.
      And I don’t recommend anyone else eat commercially produced animal products either.
      Clean sources only. Whole Foods and local farms or farmers markets are the best places to find clean meats.
      When I eat out I am usually eating a vegetarian meal unless they have wild caught alaskan salmon.

      • gazelle

        A lot of supposedly grass fed beef is finished off with grain. If you want real gluten free meat, ask the supplier if the animals are finished on grain. As you mentioned, Farmer’s Markets are best. Whole Foods is not always a good source.

  • Aimee

    I made this the other night for my in laws and I it was sooo good!! My mother in law has lymphoma so I’m trying to get her to try new recipes that are healthy but great tasting! Thanks so much for your website it’s so incredibly helpful:)

  • Brenda

    I am really enjoying your site and am learning alot, please post more recipes, they are awesome!

  • Anonymous

    I really like your site – and appreciate you taking the time and effort to share your story, information about mainstream and alternative treatments and your personal knowledge, including recipes! :)
    I think it would be good to indicate that you were on a 90-day 100% raw vegan diet initially, as people may misconstrue that eating meat and dairy and some raw is enough to pull them through any type of cancer!

    Not sure if you are aware, however, that weight loss on raw vegan diet indicates parasites (mostly worms, actually). So, no, meats are not necessary for humans but tape worms and other types of parasites do love them…This is why 90 days is not enough to stabilise your weight on raw food, as you have not gotten rid of the parasites, which will actually eventually starve, however, this isn’t necessary as one can do the following: first of all, do take green smoothies in good quantities, the proteins from the green leaves and minerals fasten the repair and stop weight-loss, I would advise some sort of colon cleanse to get rid of the mucous on the intestines [it would be there as parasites of that type actually live in it, not inside your intestinal walls], although simply reading Dr. Walker’s “Veg and fruit juices” and utilising the particular juices daily in necessary amounts will over time result in getting rid of the mucus. If you also started taking 1/4 glass of pumpkin seeds (ground in coffee grinder or chewed to paste) morning and evening for at least 10 days, but better for a few weeks – this kills off the parasites of worm-type out of the body also. You can even test this on your pet first, if you like, simply grind the seeds in the coffee grinder and then dilute with water (it will turn into pumpkin-seed “milk”) – give it to your animals morning and evening and watch their poo. :)) Just doing the seeds alone will make the raw transition easy, and no, you don’t get cold in winter, in fact depending on how fast you cleanse your coldest and hottest weather tolerance become significantly higher!

    Hope this helps as together with grains, sugar and dairy, meat creates some of the worst toxins from “staple” food (not counting synthetic toxins of course). However, if there are happy people cancer-free on the diet you propose, then that is good and is significantly better than the mainstream poisoning that most people do to themselves through “food”.

    Thanks again for your website! :)

  • Kristy Leon

    We also use a spirooli (or even just a potato peeler) to make raw zucchini noodles. We make long, thin strips.

  • Chris my husband is fighting bladder cancer. Your web site has given me many answers,and great ideas. We will now try your program.It sounds delish and very healthy. On the way to the store for the salad mixings.


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