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“The Quest for the Cures” Cancer Docu-Series Premieres May 26th

The truth about cancer

Over the last few months my friend Ty Bollinger has been busy.

He’s been crisscrossing the U.S. to interview 27 doctors, researchers, experts and survivors who all share the same mission:  Helping others Prevent and Heal Cancer.

He’s put it all together in a 60 minutes style docu-series called The Quest for the Cures.

There are seven episodes airing seven nights in a row

Monday May 26th through Sunday June 1st.

Each episode will air at 9pm Eastern and again at 9pm Pacific.

(Additional replays of the show will be available the following day for anyone who can’t watch the live broadcasts).

And the best part is…. it’s FREE!

Here’s the trailer

Watch the Quest for the Cures here

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  • Jeanne Newberry

    Just finished watching the first ‘installment’ of the video series. Wow, just wow. Terrifying and encouraging at the same time. I’m so grateful for those like yourself that are doing all the hard lifting in bringing this to light. We all must be more proactive in our own health and do what our own gut tells us. I know The Lord is guiding that ‘gut’ feeling and I will trust that He will bring that information to me as I seek it. Thank you Chris for the integral part you’ve had.

    • Chris Wark

      Thank you Jeanne! :)

  • Julie

    I’ve registered to watch Quest for the Cures a couple days ago. Should I be receiving a link to watch it?

    • Diane Aiken Gatewood

      Julie, try this youtube link. Got a msg saying that site was crashing from so many views, they uploaded it to youtube. Now…I’m having trouble finding Tues. episode #2! Any one have an answer? This is very good stuff, anxious to move on with more!

      • Julie

        I don’t see a link in your reply. Or I guess I could just try finding it on youtube. Thanks for the reply.

  • Diane Aiken Gatewood

    Chris! I watched episode 1 on youtube, but can not find episode 2. It did not come to my email. Any answers? Anyone? BTW…ep.1 was awesome! most informative!

  • Cathy

    I cannot find episode 2, either!! I did not receive an email with the link like I did yesterday. Very disappointing.

  • Donna Kidder

    I caught the first and third episodes of the video series but was unable to watch the second. Is there any way to watch it after the fact?

  • Katmill

    This has been fantastic to watch and I’m so glad that Ty put this together. I am a holistic health coach and am currently helping my Mom reverse her cancer naturally. My Dad was really not on board with taking the natural route….but his tune has completely changed since he started watching this week, and he’s ordering the DVD’s too!