Ralph Cole cured his cancer with carrot juice in 2006


My name is Ralph Cole.
In 2005 I had metastasized cancer tumors, primarily in my neck, and was told I needed surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. Before my surgery I was advised to juice carrots by the wife of a friend, a woman that had cured herself of ovarian cancer. Not knowing how much juice to drink, I started juicing three pounds of carrots a day, which yields about 3 cups, or a cup of juice per pound.

Four months later when I was due for surgery, I was told by a radiologist that an MRI showed that my tumors had not grown since my first MRI four months before. He also said that my tumors “may have even gotten smaller.” Despite this, he still insisted that without treatment my likelihood of surviving was about three times better with cancer treatment than without it (30% versus 10%). Because I was about to lose my eligibility for Medi-Cal, I asked him if I could skip the surgery and just get chemotherapy and radiation. He went to the hospital medical board on my behalf and won out over the surgeon that believed I absolutely needed to have surgery. I was allowed to have chemo and radiation without surgery. I continued to juice three pounds of carrots per day.

After chemo and radiation, the lumps on my neck were still there. My tumors gradually shrank and disappeared about four months after the two months of chemo and radiation. I stopped juicing shortly thereafter, not sure at the time whether it was the chemo and radiation treatment or the carrot juice that was responsible for my apparent cure.

Shortly after I stopped juicing, tiny lumps began appearing one at a time in two rows on my chest. When I started juicing again, no more new lumps appeared, and the ten little lumps I had on my chest stopped growing. I continued juicing while I looked for a way to get rid of them, not realizing at that time that carrot juice alone could do it if I drank enough of it.

Part of my reason for underestimating carrot juice was that I was out of touch with the woman that originally advised me to ask her how much I needed to be drinking, but also, I wanted to see if anything else could control the growth of my chest lumps besides carrot juice.

After failing to find anything else that seemed to have any effect, I asked a nurse that attends my church if she had any advice. Her advice was to go back to the hospital ASAP before my lumps metastasized further. Having been through the extreme discomforts of daily radiation treatments with chemo drips and shots, as well as having damaged my ability to swallow and salivate, I decided it was time to get serious about getting rid of the lumps, and I immediately increased my juicing from the three pounds of carrots I had been juicing each day, to juicing five pounds of carrots (yielding five cups of juice), every morning.

My visible chest lumps began to shrink almost immediately. I kept up the five pounds of juice (yielding five cups) daily, and the tumors shrank continuously over the next two months, finally disappearing. I juiced for another month or so, then stopped. The biggest lump, which had appeared first, was also the last to disappear, implying that larger tumors probably take longer to to get rid of than smaller ones.

I like the Juiceman II Juicer because it takes large carrots without slicing.

I have been cancer-free ever since, and have only juiced on occasion since then. That was in 2006, seven years ago. I put my story in an email a few months later, which someone posted to a website on the internet where a trickle of people have been able to find it over the years.

Almost every time I mention juicing carrots to people, they tell me about some cure they have heard about. When I had cancer I tried many different dietary cures, as well as 18 different types of pills, and external heat applications. This might be why it took so long to discover that although 3 cups per day of carrot juice was simply not enough to shrink a tumor, 5 cups per day was.

If you get anything from this blog, I hope that it is that I could not find anything else besides carrot juice that shrank tumors, and even then, 3 cups per day was not enough. If you go to a Gerson Clinic, they will encourage you to drink carrot juice 13 times a day. Don’t make the mistake I made and compromise on the quantity. Five cups per day, every day, really, really, really works. More per day may work even faster. I can’t say, because I didn’t try. I didn’t need to.

[Chris Wark: I drank 8 cups per day]

Three cups per day will likely stop the growth of a tumor, but it probably won’t shrink a tumor noticeably, based on my experience. And it is enough to turn your skin slightly orange. If you don’t like carrot juice, 3 cups per day will probably stop your tumor’s growth while you experiment with other things to see if they work. But despite all the other things that came recommended,  I couldn’t find anything else that worked.

Five cups a day is not so terrible, and you may even like it. I found that drinking it through a straw helped it go down quicker and easier. Less might reduce tumors for you, but it took five cups a day to shrink my lumps, and I’m about average size. At the time was about 160 pounds.

It remains to be determined whether every cancer, or every individual’s metabolism, responds to carrot juice. But until actually researched, it remains a possibility. I have yet to meet a person that juiced carrots for cancer and was unhappy with the result. I know of three people, myself and two others, that juiced 5 pounds per day. Each of us had our tumors shrink. That’s not a lot to draw on. But if the hospital gave me a 30% chance of surviving 5 years or more even with their treatment, then that means they must be failing to cure 2 out of 3 of their patients with the symptoms I had. And both of the women I am talking about had much more advanced cancers than I had.

With so much evidence that millions of lives are being unnecessarily lost through ineffective mainstream cancer treatments, we must share this information. In the terminology used so often to justify potentially lucrative therapies shown to be effective, to delay would be unconscionable.

Much as the earlier practice of bloodletting was eventually ended, the world is gradually becoming aware that other medical practices have gradually filled in the void created by the citizenry’s gullibility regarding anything mainstream medicine offers it. It is time to clean house again. We can start by making people aware of the issue before they fall prey to the medical establishment.

The wealthy and famous are particularly susceptible to this situation. The “best treatment” is automatically assumed to be the most expensive one, and that makes medical shopping easy for those that can afford to pay a lot. But when people pick their treatment on the basis of cost, the treatment that costs the most will never be driven out, regardless of how ineffective it is. The need for change from the grass roots up is nowhere truer than when it comes to mainstream medical practices.

I hope you will investigate for yourself the curative power of carrot juice wherever and whenever the opportunity presents itself. And I should also mention that drinking carrot juice has many other health benefits, intestinal cleansing (it cured both my acne and pre-cancerous scales I used to get), and other sites on the net report that a carrot a day reduces the risk of cancer. One article claims that eating one carrot every day reduces the risk of cancer by 60%.

If you ever have an opportunity to observe the growth of a cancer in your own body either visually or through body scans, try carrot juice first; once you determine that it can control your cancer, you can experiment with other things to see if they work too, knowing that you can go back to carrot juice. This is the kind of research that is needed, and your experience will be of value to others.

If you are a skeptic, I share your skepticism. I was very skeptical of everything before carrot juice proved itself to me. But people that are skeptical about non-mainstream cures tend instead to place their confidence in professionals with huge educational debts that get paid for the medical services they provide, whether they are effective or not; certainly not upon whether their patient recovers.

If you doubt anything I have said, find someone with cancer and juice for them, and find out for yourself what happens. You can also get in touch with me. But regardless of whether you can reach me, or even what happens to me, you can trust in my experience with carrot juice as if it was your own. At the risk of sounding overly dramatic, I will consciously avoid the greater risk of being overly cautious, by stating what I believe in my soul to be true: millions of lives are at stake. I hope you will join me in making this cause your own.

I can be reached through my blog CancerIsOver.org



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This Post Has 33 Comments

  1. Cindy Sutton

    Chris- Why does this work? What is in the carrot that makes tumors and cancer disappear?

    1. Chris Wark

      Massive amounts of Vitamin A and Beta Carotene detox the liver and feed your cells. Falcariol has strong anti-cancer properties as well.

  2. Ann Cameron

    Dr. Kirsten Brandt, a researcher at the University of Newcastle in the UK says that falcarinol in the carrots, not the beta carotene or Vitamin A, is the curative agent. She tried falcarinol on rats injected with a carcinogen. It and whole carrots reduced tumor formation in the rats. Betacaroteen and ‘Vitamin A didn’t. (Google her name and falcarinol for the studies. Falcarinol is actually a natural pesticide in the carrot that protects the carrot from fungal diseases.

    1. sorgfelt

      The fact that Falcarinol is an anti-fungal seems to confirm other information I’ve seen claiming that cancer in general is actually a fungal infection.

  3. Gina

    Do we know Ralp change his diet as well

  4. Ellen C. Statham

    Good Morning! So sorry about the drama! Great info. I am on the way to the market to get carrots for Max’s acne!

    Love you,


  5. Pink

    He said that he juiced 5 cups of carrots a day in the morning. Did he drink all the 5 cups at once in the morning or he drinks them throughout the day.

    1. Steve Nowers

      I wanted to know this as well, I presume he spread them out throughout the day but its not clear!

      1. Danae

        …on this blog he say that he actually drank the amount at once and found that it does not make any difference as long as you keep the quantity! Either at once or throughout the day brought the same results.

  6. Toni

    My brother has stage 4 lung cancer after having undergone surgery for Laryngeal Cancer. I am greatful for this information and I will have him start juicing. I am hesitant to tell him what I have read about.
    I dont want to get his hopes up he has been through a lot in the last year.

    1. Crosse

      My mother was just diagnosed. How was your result?

  7. Toni

    I am so pleased to have found this information about juicing carrots. I wish I could drink carrot juice but, it runs right thru my system as soon as I drink it. anyway this is about my brother getting better and I appreciate the information.

    Yhank you.

    1. Ralph Cole

      Hi Toni-
      I’m sorry I didn’t see your comment until now. So far no one has reported being disappointed by the carrots. Carrot juice is good at seeking out straggler cancer cells and eliminating them, in addition to shrinking tumors. It also is effective in combination with chemo and/or radiation. There really is no reason for him not to have his hopes up. There is no reason his body won’t respond to the planetary mother’s milk we all evolved on, like mine did, Chris’s did, Ann Cameron’s did, and everyone else’s is doing that we are in touch with.
      Please send me an email at ra********@ya***.com and/or visit CancerIsOver.org. Also see http://www.naturalnews.com/042237_carrots_cancer_cure_vegetable_juicing.html for another version of Ann Cameron’s story.

      1. Danae

        Ralph, Thanks for the fantastic info & your initiative. This is so important. My Question: Is there any importance to drink ‘pure carrot’ juice or is it okay to drink it with beet, lemon, cucumber or other vegetables? Thanks for any info on this! All of you here have a wonderful day & let’s work with the only life gives known to exist – Love & Nature!
        P.S.: …has anybody seen people thrive on headache pills or chemotherapy?

  8. Shelley

    How many carrots did he buy in a week ?

    1. Danae

      Ralph writes on his blog it take three pounds of carrots (juiced) to stop the growth of cancer and five pounds (juiced) to get rid of tumors – daily.

      see link:

      First part of his description:
      Find a juicer if you do not have one.**
      Have your tumors scanned so later you can accurately determine changes in size.
      Wash, top, and juice THREE POUNDS of ordinary carrots. DO NOT PEEL THEM!
      Drink the THREE CUPS of juice obtained in step 3.***
      Repeat Steps 3 and 4 DAILY, INDEFINITELY, to keep tumors from getting larger. To shrink them, you must consume more than three cups of carrot juice per day (see Proven Remedy #2, below).
      Have the size of your tumors redetermined periodically to verify results and to keep you motivated to keep juicing. Results may vary, depending upon whether or not you skipped any days, and/or drank all the juice you made each day. If you juice and drink 3 CUPS DAILY, your tumors will REMAIN ABOUT THE SAME SIZE as when you started juicing.

  9. Alex

    Quite a surprise and of course wonderful news that some one could such dramatic results using carrot juice only! No greens? No enemas? No flax…

    Any other folks known to follow this?

    1. thloh

      I’m trying this out for my dad. It has been nearly 2 weeks out now (he has colon cancer metastasized to liver and bladder).
      His symptoms including bloating and blood in urine.
      So far, blood in his urine reduced (he usually had blood in his urine every 2-3 days, now so far 2 weeks and he only had a time with blood in urine, then again we can’t be sure until something significant happens). However his bloat is still not too good, every 2-3 days he’ll get stomach bloat.
      I’ll keep you guys posted on my dad’s progress to see if 5lbs of carrot a day does cure him (or extends his life)

      1. Richard Tang

        Hi thloh,

        Thanks for sharing, my dad’s situation is similar (but he got pancreatic cancer stage 4) and start juicing.

        He just started around 1 to 2 weeks, but recently he start vomit more frequently. Now we are trying 5+ pounds if he got vomit.

        Besides bloat (which also happen to my dad freqently). Did you dad had other exp, for example, going to washroom more frequently after eating?


  10. Danae

    Dear Thloh,
    Look into Gerson Therapy (which works with Carrot juice as well but more elaborate – there might be some ideas which make his transition lighter).
    Keep motivating him – my mother (at the time 75) had severe gallbladder/liver attacks to the point where she could not move anymore and just by introducing blended foods first in morning she got better within 3 months. For the first time in 30 years her weight is dropping naturally and her energy is rising – with 78 she climed the Andes this year – 3 years ago there was no way she could think of taking a long walk without pain.

    Look as well into food combining which is so important to ease bloating/pain in the digestive tract (see Norman Walker, Ann Wigmore or Natalia Rose) and if your father is open into colon cleansing… it will shift things enormously. Most of all your love will do the rest. I am still in awe to see that nature forgives so quickly even in ones 70ties when one finally understands how to nourish the body in harmony with natures laws. Blessings!

  11. Sparksfly4711

    My husband just found out that his cancer has metassized. He was diagnosed with an angiosarcoma in February of 2012. His sister sent him your info in the mail today. We were supposeed to start chemo tomorrow but are going to opt out. He is goingt to try juicing 6lbs of carrots a day…he weighs 240lbs. Will keep you posted on his progress. Praying this works!

    1. sorgfelt

      It has been nine months. Could you post an update, please?

  12. Richard Tang

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for your site and information (as well as Ann and Ralph experience)

    Recently my dad got pancreatic caner – Stage 4, we knew that it is a quite challenging one.
    I came across with your story and currently start juicing 5 pound for him per day.

    During intake of massive carrot juice, do you have any feeling or experience besides turning orange.? For example, urine color change / sweating. After taking carrot juice, my father goes to washroom more frequently to deliver some black substance (but he say the feeling is good after that), and we think it is a good sign.

    Sometimes he will take more than 5 pounds if his situation is good.

  13. Chris G

    This is wonderful information.
    my mom has stage 3 pancreatic cancer and has begun juicing carrots today as well as radiation/chemo. I’m just wondering if she should only have carrot juice or if she should be eating/drinking other things as well.

    If anyone has an answer, I would greatly appreciate it

  14. Jackie

    She has inoperable squamis cell carcinoma of the neck. She has been fighting since 2009 we have been juicing since a month now. But have switched mainly to carrots. I noticed lymphs going back down,hard lumps stay the same size, or get small.new ones come out.we just have to up the carrot. Juice and keep hopes up.

  15. Kathy

    Dear Chris,
    Perhaps it is my computer; however, when I attempt to read the info on your website, it is behind pictures and very wide across the screen. Anyone else have this challenge? Is there anything that can be done with it so it is easier to read? Thank you for what you do to keep people informed, specifically that they need not rush (despite fear-mongering of oncologists) to make decisions about their bodies and health. It is their body and they are the best ones to decide what is best, not an oncologist. Kathy Butler

    1. jane hand

      I am not having that but when I do I just paste and copy it to wordpad and then I can read it.

  16. Linda Justice

    I have a basal cell carcinoma the size of a quarter on the back of my thigh which I am treating with Curaderm. It is quite a painful treatment, but it seems to be working as it “eats” away the cancer. I have been eating a Paleo diet over the past year, keeping away from carrots because of their high sugar content. After reading this, I began juicing 5 lbs. of carrots yesterday. Do you think that carrot juice could help heal a basal cell carcinoma?

  17. Damon

    I stopped reading after you recommended drinking 5 cups a day. Do you even know that vitamin a in carrots is fat soluble only and won’t be absorbed without being taken with fats or a meal. Also with that much carrot juice with meals you’ll be overdosing on vitamin a. Even 3 cups is too much to be drinking everyday.

    1. Jerry Story

      Carrots don’t have vitamin A. Carrots have carotene which is converted to vitamin A. You can’t get excess vitamin A from carrots. The body converts carotene to vitamin A only up to as much vitamin A as the body wants.

  18. Seven Lawrence


  19. Kiernan

    I am just curious…where did you get such a large amount of carrots? So far Costo is the only place I have found bulk organic carrots…but their bag is only 10lbs. Do you know of any online wholesalers?

  20. Banyan Tree Healing

    A family member of mine has the same type of cancer that Ralph had (Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Metastasized to Neck). We are attempting holistic healing first because, as Ralph said, the radiation treatment is disfiguring and will cause damage. I have no doubt that carrot juice helped Ralph. However, this particular type of cancer is different from most other cancers in that it is highly vunerable to radiation treatments. It is considered a “curable” form of cancer and the radiation works in 75% of these cases. Ralph underwent Conventional therapy and what he describes in his story is perfectly consistent with a high likelihood that radiation worked in his case (even with his lymph glands continuing to shrink after the fact). He says that lumps in his chest appeared, but they weren’t biopsied as actually being cancerous? Squamous cell carcinoma of this type “usually” doesn’t spread beyond the neck, according to the doctors I have spoken with. Isn’t it possible his lymph system was cleaning us the dead cells after radiation? Again, I’m sure all the carrot juice helped in the clean up process and in the overall healing process. But it is quite a stretch to say that the carrot juice was the cause of his healing. And it could give people with Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma false hope. I have scoured the internet desperately hoping to find anyone who has healed this type of cancer naturally. And sadly, Ralph’s is the only testimonial I can find. I’m glad he’s free of cancer now. But his story is not really a natural healing story because he did the full conventional treatment and it sounds like it worked for him. I remain hopeful that my family member will be successful going all holistic with Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma. But I know it’s going to take a lot more intensive natural therapies than just carrot juice alone. We tried it, and it didn’t work for us. Therefore, we are adding many other alternative strategies. This is an invasive and aggressive type of cancer. I hope others who read Ralphs story will understand that they probably need a lot more too. I hope we will be successful and able to avoid radiation altogether. And if anyone else out there has successfully healed this type of cancer without radiation, I would love to hear your story in order to build my sense of hope.

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