Ralph Moss, PhD – Author of Questioning Chemotherapy, The Cancer Industry, & Cancer Incorporated.

Ralph Moss, PhD, is a legend and a personal hero of mine.

Dr. Moss is a graduate of New York University  and Stanford University. He was the science writer and assistant director of public affairs at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York  from 1974 until 1977 when they asked him to lie about the results of a study on a natural compound for cancer from apricot seeds called Laetrile. Moss courageously blew the whistle and it cost him his career. But the end of that career was the beginning of a much better one.

He wrote a firsthand account of what went down in the book Doctored Results: The Suppression of Laetrile at Sloan Kettering Institute for Cancer Research. And for the last forty years, Dr. Moss has dedicated his life to independently evaluate the claims of conventional and alternative cancer treatments all over the world. He has peer-reviewed numerous scientific papers for journal such as Blood, Current Oncology, Tumor Biology and many more. He has written and/or edited twelve books and four documentary films on cancer research, the cancer industry and treatment options. I discovered his book Questioning Chemotherapy way back in 2004. My mom had it!

Dr. Moss currently publishes The Moss Reports, which are continually updated detailed reports on the most common cancer diagnoses. He also provides informational and personalized consultations for cancer patients and their families.

In 2019, he wrote The Ultimate Guide to Cancer: DIY Research, to help lay people research their own cancers. This 50-page report is available free of charge at www.mossreports.com.

His latest book, published in 2020, is entitled Cancer, Incorporated: The Inside Story of the Corruption, Greed and Lies of Big Pharma. Also available at www.mossreports.com

This interview is an incredible deep dive into the cancer industry and alternative treatments.

Watch our interview below, or listen to it on the Chris Beat Cancer podcast on iTunes or Spotify.

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Show Notes
– The Laetrile trial cover-up [2:00]
–  Sage advice from a 10-year-old [8:40]
– “You haven’t heard the last of me. I’m going to write a book about this.” [11:50]
– Moss recommits to the path of medical truth-telling [15:42]
– The Moss Report [16:30]
– One of the most valuable things a patient can do for themselves [19:30]
– What most cancers have in common [20:45]
– Blood glucose plays a huge role in cancer, diabetes, and obesity [23:00]
– Your immune system can be mobilized against cancer [25:40]
– The Godfather of Immunotherapy: William B. Coley [32:00]
– “Coley’s Toxins,” the first immunotherapy  [34:45]
– Why inexpensive treatments don’t have a chance in the marketplace [42:00]
– Everyday items that kill cancer STEM cells [45:15]
– How we ended up on Quackwatch [51:00]
– Integrative oncology is on the rise  [53:45]
– What immunotherapies are working in other countries? [55:00]
– “Minimally effective dose” is a better practice [56:15]
– Heat therapy can weaken cancer  [01:02:20]
– Mistletoe: a powerful anti-cancer treatment popular in Germany  [01:07:20]
– Medical “Freedom” in America [01:11:20]
– The oncology profession has been corrupted by Big Pharma [01:14:30]
– Trust the science, not the scientist [01:20:00]
– What your doctor REALLY means by “survival” [01:22:10]
– The cancer industry “Telephone” game [01:28:45]
– DPD enzyme deficiency and 5-FU toxicity [01:32:43]
– The medical guideline system has failed cancer patients [01:36:00]
– Order a Moss Report and watch Dr. Moss’ documentaries [01:43:13]
– Chris’ dad’s disturbing experience in the hospital [01:47:00]
– “Take the profitability out of cancer drug development” [01:49:15]
– Oncology has a costly patent problem [01:50:30]
– Announcing Dr. Moss’ new podcast [01:53:30]

Selected links from the interview:
The Moss Reports Website
Immunotherapy: The Battle Within Documentary
Books by Dr. Ralph Moss
Second Opinion (documentary about Laetrile cover-up)

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