She healed stage 4 breast cancer with nutrition in 1982 then won the Iron Man

My first interview of 2015 was with the incomparable Dr. Ruth Heidrich.

She’s the winner of more than 900 trophies, 6 Ironman Triathlons, 8 Senior Olympics Gold Medals, and 67 marathons including Boston, New York, Moscow and The Great Wall of China.

She is a World Fitness Record holder at the Cooper Clinic in Dallas, and was named “One of the Ten Fittest Women in North America”.

She’s author of four books, co-hosts the “Healing & You” radio show, and she was featured in the documentary Forks Over Knives.

ALL of these accomplishments occurred AFTER she healed her stage 4 breast cancer in 1982 with a low-fat vegan diet (no chemo no radiation).

Oh and she’s over 80.

And she’s outlived her oncologist by 30 years.

Incredible lady = Incredible interview.

Prepare to be inspired!

One thing I forgot to ask her in the interview was about supplementation.
B-12 is the only thing she took, then and now.

Show Notes

  • How she met the “quack” doctor that saved her life with nutrition [10:12]
  • Her daily diet then and now [16:10]
  • When and why she became a raw vegan [17:45]
  • How long it took before she noticed results from her diet change [20:25]
  • Her first Iron Man triathalon [21:50]
  • The inspiration for her first and subsequent books [27:00]
  • Her raw oatmeal recipe [33:45]
  • What her doctor thought about her intensive training regime [38:32]
  • What doctors ought to be telling their patients [40:45]
  • The environmental impact of increased animal consumption [41:29]
  • What cancer cells need besides sugar [43:29]
  • The reason why the medical industry doesn’t take nutrition seriously [44:15]
  • The dietary cause of sexual dysfunction in men and women [51:00]
  • Early warning signs and problems caused by cardiovascular disease [45:42]
  • Why her oncologist didn’t tell other patients about her story [47:58]
  • Normalcy bias and why people won’t make preventative changes to their diet [49:57]

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