Shocking facts about Susan G. Komen for the Cure

Pinktober is fast approaching and this year I’m launching a preemptive strike to combat the tidal wave of pinkwashing propaganda that’s coming in a few weeks. I’ve assembled some of the most shocking facts about Susan G. Komen for the Cure — the world’s largest “breast cancer awareness” charity organization.

Only 21% of money that Susan G. Komen for the Cure raises goes to cancer research “for the cure”. Simple math tells us that 79% of the money they raise isn’t going to anything that could produce a cure. As if that wasn’t bad enough, donating to cancer research is essentially giving free money to drug companies who make billions in profit every year, and don’t need your money, and are only interested in research that can lead to patentable, highly profitable drugs that they can sell back to you. For more on this, watch my 500k view rant Why I Don’t Race for the Cure.

-Susan G. Komen for the Cure has taken legal action against over 100 small non-profits for using the phrase “for the cure” in their fund-raising campaigns. How dare you sell ‘cupcakes for the cure’. Sue that little girl!

-In 2010, Susan G. Komen for the Cure partnered with KFC who sold pink buckets of chicken “for the cure”. Apparently the folks at Komen don’t know that fast food consumption is directly linked to obesity, and that obesity is the 2nd leading cause of cancer.

-In 2011, Susan G. Komen for the Cure created and sold a perfume called “Promise Me” containing potentially cancer-causing toxic ingredients coumarin, oxybenzone, and toluene. After this news broke, they pulled it from the market.

-In 2012, Komen Founder/CEO Nancy Brinker was paid $684,717, a 64% increase from her $417,000 salary in 2011. And this was AFTER a big drop in donations and half their 3-Day races were canceled.

-In 2012, Komen drew criticism from the medical community for using misleading statements and deceptive statistics in their ads promoting mammograms. Komen uses donation money to provide mammograms to women who can’t afford them, which seems good, until you learn that a 25-year study of 90,000 women proved that mammograms don’t save lives, and that what early detection campaigns are actually doing is overdiagnosing and funneling women into an industry of harmful overtreatment, resulting in unnecessary surgery, chemo, radiotherapy and hormone therapies.

-In 2013, Susan G. Komen for the Cure partnered with Real Water to sell pink water bottles, even though disposable plastic water bottles contain BPA, which is linked to breast cancer tumor growth.

-In 2014, Komen partnered with Baker Hughes who produced 1,000 pink drill bits to be used in their fracking operations with the cutesy slogan “Doing their bit for the cure”. Fracking involves the use of 700 different chemicals, some of which, like benzene and formaldehyde, are linked to cancer.

-As a result of some of the shenanigans above, in 2014, Charity Navigator downgraded Susan G. Komen for the Cure to 2 stars (out of 4). Since that public embarrassment, Komen has been working to improve their rating. Nancy Brinker stepped down and was replaced with a much lower paid CEO. Their overall rating has come back up to 3 stars, but their financial rating is still 2 stars as of June 2016.

-Another organization that Susan G. Komen for the Cure funnels money to that has nothing to do with curing cancer is Planned Parenthood, which was founded by racist, eugenicist, sterilization proponent Margaret Sanger (google her) and is the single largest provider of abortions in the United States. Multiple peer-reviewed studies (ignored by the media and the medical industry) suggest that abortions significantly increase a woman’s risk of breast cancer.

In 2012, under the leadership of senior vice president of public policy Karen Handel, Komen’s board made the announcement that they had voted to stop funding Planned Parenthood because PP was under investigation by the federal government. But after a backlash from abortion supporters, Komen reversed their position. Karen Handel then resigned and authored a book about the whole affair entitled Planned Bullyhood: The Truth Behind the Headlines About the Planned Parenthood Funding Battle with Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

So those are the reasons I have taken a firm position against donating to Susan G Komen for the Cure. I’m certainly not one to advocate dwelling on negativity, but we need to be aware of what’s happening around us. If Komen changes their ways, my opinion of them could change as well. Moving on…

The BEST way to help cancer patients is not by donating to “cancer research”.

The BEST way to help cancer patients is to put CA$H MONEY in their hands to help with groceries, gas, medical bills, treatment, supplements, rent, utilities, child care, etc.

And that’s what prompted the creation of the Pink Ribbon SCAM shirt, designed by yours truly, to raise awareness about the bad behavior of Komen AND to raise money for cancer patients. Proudly display your disdain for Susan G. Komen for the Cure and Pinkwashing, and help spread the idea that we should “Give to patients not to Komen” (which is what the shirt says).

There are four different shirt styles:
Mens T-shirt (shown below)
Womens Tanktop (shown below)
Womens Fitted T-shirt
Womens Flowy T-shirt
-And we even have stickers!

Susan G Komen for the Cure Pink Ribbons Scam Shirt Susan G Komen for the Cure Pink Ribbons Scam tank top

These shirts are only available until September 12th, 2016!

They should arrive approximately 7 business days later, just in time for Pinktober.

I make zero dollars and I will even be paying for my own shirt. Everyone who purchases a shirt will be able to nominate someone for donation consideration. I’ll send the shirt buyers a special email with nomination instructions after the t-shirt campaign has ended.

This campaign has ended. The shirt is no longer available… But it will return in 2017!

Campaign Update – November 29, 2016
We sold 539 shirts and and raised $6438!
And after surveying the shirt buyers, I decided to give 13 cancer patients $500 each!
The winners were announced live on my facebook page.

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  1. Kim Metzger

    thanks for the info. I have a tendency to say things I probably shouldn’t in response to the pinkwashing, like “Do you want to donate to blah blah blah for breast cancer awareness?” and I’ll say “I already gave part of a breast and two ovaries. I think I’m aware.” Or I’ll ask if I get an actual discount on anything with a pink ribbon on it, to which the answer is “no.” So, from my perspective, I like the shirts! With that said, are they 100% cotton? I am allergic to certain fabrics. thanks, Chris! You are awesome!

    1. Chris Wark

      The American Apparel shirts are both 100% cotton. The women tank is an athletic poly/viscose blend. Not sure about the women flowy t-shirt…

      1. aradiantbody

        the flowy tee is also 75% poly/25 viscose. So glad to see the all cotton options – have been waiting to hear back from the tee site.

  2. Cheryl DeNeve

    Every year in October, I DREAD the pinkwashing that shows up constantly in my FB news feed. People mean well, but they’re so misinformed! KFC chicken, seriously?! Thank you for this article; I’ll definitely share it with all my friends.

    1. Michele West Ceron

      agreed! I cant stand it either.

  3. Marie

    You ROCK, Chris!! I just shared. My last friend who was the recipient of “help” from our local SGK organization didn’t live long enough to share her experience with many, leaving behind 2 very young children and a distraught husband. Hopefully with more brave folks like you, everyone will realize that there are MANY cures for cancer.

  4. Ben Brown

    I notice that a large chunk of the revenue goes to “public health education.” Perhaps “mis-education” would be more appropriate.

    1. Chris Wark

      You got that right!

    2. Bill

      it should be education on prevention and cure through nutrition.

      1. Kitty

        There are no known foods or supplements at this time that CURE cancer or put it into remission.

        1. Mark Talmont

          Yes but we actually subsidize cancer-prone dietary practices by letting people spend EBT cash on “snack” chip products oozing with excessive Omega-6 fats and other congealing agents that are even worse (hydrogenated fats). Many reputable MDs who have been working in the “alt” field for years (Drs Hyman, Weil, Fuhrman for instance) attest to this. Once again the corporate tail wags the dog. Shouldn’t we at least tell patients to stop eating these foods? Go to a school site these days and you will see teens and even younger constantly gorging on this junk, while the public health “experts” obsess over soda pop and never even mention the junk foods.

  5. Roxy Miller Rubinic

    THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!! I have so many issues with family guilt because I don’t wear pink and support Komen (or March of Dimes, or American Cancer Society….) LOVE that you suggest donating the money directly to those who are suffering.

    1. Chris Wark

      Thank you Roxy!

  6. A friend from Aus

    Well done, Chris :-)

  7. apprin

    Chemicals used in sub-terrainous fracturing? Really Chris? I was completely supportive until I read this. I’m afraid that women who are hanging out four miles below the Earth’s surface to receive these chemicals will be living with some degree of cancer risk. This hysterical pandering really puts your effort in a different light. You see, I am a natural cure cancer survivor, but I also believe in avoiding baseless hysteria and deceptive scare tactics aimed at the fearful and gullible. I am also a professional environmentalist and actually know the facts behind what some people carelessly call fracking, which, incidentally, has been practiced for over eighty years. The fact is, “fracking” has become a ridiculous battle cry for those who attempt to appeal to the ill-informed and fearful who know virtually nothing about the technology.

    1. TRush

      I have a frack pond 1/2 mile from my home. I am directly below this pond. My well water was completely cloudy and smelled of acetone and chemicals that coincided with the fracking for about five days. Not to mention, the time the frack pond overflowed and spilled thousands of gallons of frack water into the stream that exists 8 feet from my back deck where my children play. Oh ya, forgot to mention the well fire that produced ash and smells so bad that I kept my children in for a week. Also, forgot to mention my neighbor sued the drilling company and won for contaminating his well. I know first hand because I was subpeonaed and attended the hearing. PLEASE wake up or shut up!! When I see you testing the pre drilling water then post drilling water then maybe the ill-informed is YOU.

      1. apprin

        Fracking should not include the use of a pond. What your neighbor likely has is a pond that has received drill cuttings or other contaminants from the drilling process. This was allowed in the arrangement that the land owner made with the drilling company or the producer and can be the result of drilling with or without fracking. This process could have been avoided with nothing more than a stipulation at the time of contract negotiations. Fracking fluids are largely made up of sand and water that is pumped far below the surface to allow gas to migrate up through the porous sand medium. The sand/water mix is pumped from mobile tanks on trucks and no fluid is allowed to remain at the surface. No pond is needed. Your neighbor did the right thing to file suit but did the wrong thing while making an ill-informed arrangement that allowed some sort of a disposal pit on his property. I have never heard of a frack pond and I am in the busines of resolving these issues. It may be a local term, but certainly isnt a general industry term. Thanks for your “intelligent” and informed response.

        1. TRush

          Most of leases are not with the land owners because they do not own the rights. As in my neighbors case. The leases are made with the gas/oil rights owner. As a man involved in resolving these issues, I would thing that you would know that. Many times these are different people. I was present in court when the drilling company gave a list of 200 chemicals associated in their fracking. Coincidently, my husband’s company cleans up well sites. The soil samples and water are always tested and always contaminated. He empties out frack ponds….which are used extensively. They must be double lined. Why? Because of the several hundred chemicals that could be present. By the way, if the pumper trucks are not lined, the metal is eaten away. Any spillage from one of these trucks results in a closure of the spillage area. But, thank you for your “intelligent’ and “informed” response.

          1. apprin

            You describe a cuttings pond. This is not a part of the fracking operation. I work on behalf of property owners and served as a right-of-way agent in most U.S. states and also on federal lands. NO oil company has a right to negotiate beyond those rights provided by the arrangement with the property owner who sometimes signs whatever is placed before him/her in greed. It would be totally illegal to act beyond the original lease acquisition agreement. I promise that I do know this very well. Only by imminent domain could this be accomplished and would take a room full of lawyers. Your friend was apparently duped and the courts awarded him recompense. This was certainly some sort of disposal pit that would have no legal use or purpose in fracking. Fracked wells have become a whipping boy of politicians. I know this process and it is certainly not what is described. The majority of wells drilled have never had fracking performed. The issue here is the fact that a drill bit was painted pink. Incidentally, drill bits are used in drilling … Fracking is an entirely divorced process used in producing the well’s products after drilling has been completed. My dealings are with property owners, the EPA, engineers and state environmental agencies. I am not someone spouting off, calling names and trying to insult others. I resent the use of fear and hysteria in order to gain support from gullible people. I support bringing the truth to the cancer victims of this world; however, I do NOT support doing it by deceptive hysteria. As mentioned, I am a long time survivor who reversed cancer by nutrients and dietary reality – not hype. I have respect for adult-like dialog, but not childishness, speculation and ego. Please cease with the conversation. I will neither read nor even open further responses from you, but will delete on sight.

          2. TRush

            As would any child who doesn’t get their way, because your limited knowledge is apparant.

          3. Joe

            So let me get this straight: you’re saying that it was ok for Komen to partner up with drillng companies because drilling is separate from fracking?? Technically you are right – the frackng procedure is the injection of chemicals and not the actual drilling. But come on – one does not exist without the other… the drilling companies facilitate the release of toxic chemicals deep into our aquifers even if indirectly – chemicals that have been documented to have resurfaced into spings and ponds and people’s wells. The potential for harm and long term damage is huge for an energy supply that causes as many emissions as coal and leaves the land scarred. It is indefensible. And those cuttings ponds must be fairly toxic too, because otherwise they’d just let the water run off like every other industry does. But we’ll never know exactly, because everything is ‘proprietary’.

            I have no idea why Komen would choose to support something as obscure as drill bits – they have nothing to do with curing cancer, whilst focusing their energy on further destroying and denigrating the countryside. And I have no idea why you would defend such activities, especially given as you are a cancer survivor.

  8. Penelope Vernet

    I wrote to the Komen Foundation several years ago about their partnership with Kentucky Fred Chicken and they wrote me back saying they felt people should be responsible for their own health choices! Can you believe it? I wrote back and said ‘yes, and you should should be an excellent model for those choices!’ They neglected to answer my questions about the large amounts of money paid to various big name doctors for just a few hours of work per year for the foundation. Truly scandalous…

  9. Lisa Ann Homic

    no anxiety here, abortion is child murder. keep telling the truth. We were all babies once.

  10. Sara Chuluda

    How does one donate directly to patients? Can I only buy a shirt or stickers? Or can donations be made somewhere?
    Thank you!

    1. Chris Wark

      Just find a patient and give them money! :) Yes you can only buy a shirt or stickers. Everyone who purchases will be able to nominate someone for donation consideration. I’ll send the buyers a special email with nomination instructions after the campaign has ended.

  11. Stacy Lynn

    Having just completed two years of fighting breast cancer personally and being alive to tell about it, I am grateful for the pink love fest every October. As with anything in life, not all organizations and not every person involved is 100% honest and ethical. Who the F#*@ cares? I guarantee you that the drugs that are available that saved my life, and the research that continues that may someday help me if I get a recurrence, are due in part to the overwhelming awareness and money raised by some organizations involved. 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer and 1 out of every 3 diagnosed will eventually die. You may have your way of fighting, but others have theirs, and I’ll take the triple cocktail and herceptin thank you. You don’t have to agree, but you also don’t have to be so derogatory or dismissive of something that has indirectly helped millions of women over the years. Your t-shirts are appalling to me but I’m not going to go blog about it. Instead, I will wear pink proudly thank you!

    1. Stacy Lynn

      and for the record, I don’t need someone to hand me money, nice thought but there are plenty of legit organizations that really help women, sad that you are so dismissive of their efforts in general based on what you think about one organization.

    2. Wilma Laura Wiggins

      If you are still cancer free after 8 years, let us know. I suspect most of the women “helped” by chemo and surgery didn’t even have it to begin with. Either way, it’s likely to come raging back. After all these years and all these dollars, they still claim not to know what causes it. How can you cure something when you don’t know the cause? What about prevention? Where, at least, is the prevention education? Early detection is not prevention, by the way. Do you really believe there is a soul in our country or perhaps the world that isn’t aware of cancer? What good is awareness? I personally would rather it were so rare no one knew about it.

      1. Stacy Lynn

        It must be awful to live in such a cynical negative place! Sorry for you!

        1. Wilma Laura Wiggins

          Yes, ignorance is bliss so I’m not blissful.

          1. Janiece Boardway

            Thank you, Wilma. I am very happy to be in good company since my saying has been for a very long time “Ignorance is Bliss”. Unfortunately, so many people do not want to be “aware” of the truth about cancer (and pretty much anything else in this reality), which by the way is an excellent movie on YouTube. I have known too many people (starting from a very young age) that went the mainstream way of conventional treatment and either the cancer has returned for a second, third + time or they died. Even at age 10, I remember watching a relative die a slow and painful death and thinking, there has to be something that actually helps people get well again and be healthy and happy. The medical field (which is trained by pharmacology) is all too happy to manipulate the fear of people who have this horrible disease that these “professional” fields invented in the first place for many reasons I will not go into. I am sure you know what they are already. For me, it is not about being positive or negative since that is a myth that was created to keep us uninformed, unaware, and totally powerless. It is about waking up, stepping up and taking action as the Empowered Beings we truly are. Hey, awareness is not always pleasant especially at this time when many lies are being revealed or should I say, more people are waking up to all the lies of this reality. Oh, am I being negative? No, I am Alive, Awake and Aware and taking control of me, my body, my life, and my reality. Yes, I am Empowered! Thank you for speaking up and taking action as the Empowered Being you truly are!

          2. Michele West Ceron

            amen! I love what you said! Yes, more and more people are waking up. and the extremely profitable cancer industry is going to slowly crumble!

          3. Kitty

            So is the quack industry selling you worthless treatments and cures. They’re making millions each year on people’s gullibility.

          4. Michele West Ceron

            the treatments are not worthless, they have cured thousands of people, you would know that if you actually looked into it. And the money made from natural cures is small potatoes compared to allopathic medicine’s poisons. The true quacks are the AMA and western medicine

        2. Bill

          There is nothing negative about nutrition and natural foods for healing. That’s all a very positive and healthy approach. What’s negative is big PHARMA and doctors raking in huge profits from cancer drugs that are band aids to keep someone going while having bad side effects and compromising the immune system which is what’s needed in the first place to fight cancer and prevent it. There are countless TRUE stories out there with women who’ve cured themselves of stage 4 breast cancer and other cancers through nutrition and being educated on it regarding cancer. It’s worth it to explore for much better health and prevention. Good luck to you in the future.

          1. alex

            exactly. and how about all the cynicism directed
            by the establishment to those who naturally cure themselves.
            at least the healing by nutrition group offer hope
            whereas PHARMA offers just fear

          2. Bill

            I’ve been researching this like crazy lately just to be healthy and for prevention. It is fascinating the stuff to learn out there that hardly any medical doctor or oncologist will ever tell you. Alkalinity is so important I’m learning. I saw this video of this man named Bob Wright and he seemed to be very honest on big pharma and cancer doctors. This doctor named Leonard Coldwell seemed to speak a lot of truth too. Very interesting.

          3. Kitty

            Your body carefully regulates your PH no matter what you eat or drink. Did you know that? We are all “alkaline” because if we went acidic we would quickly die. All quacks seem “honest”, that how they get your money and trust.

          4. Mark Talmont

            The acid-alkaline controversy has been around for decades. Your response is the standard med school line, but it is debatable whether or not there is a range of PH within which you remain functional yet unnecessarily vulnerable to negative consequences. I suppose you also dismiss the cancer-proneness of high sugar intakes?

          5. Kitty

            Because they are NOT naturally curing themselves. If you had a better understanding of cancer you would know that. You cannot reverse the mutations in the cells that cause cancer.

          6. Kitty

            Get honest – testimonials are useless. Start producing real results such as their medical records, scans etc. What’s really negative are quacks selling cures and treatments on the websites, raking in a lot more than those researchers and Drs trying to save lives.

        3. turquoise07

          To have faith in God and the power of the body to heal itself with the right foods and lifestyle is the most incredibly positive place to be. After a 30 year plus career in the NHS (UK), I can think of nothing more awful, depressing and more negative than to feel that all of my trust and hope, for my health is in the medical and pharmaceutical professions, where do you go when their options run out or when they get it badly wrong? In many cases, especially in the area of acute / trauma medicine, they do an amazing job; for long term, ongoing health, I believe we have to take responsibility to put right what has gone wrong in our bodies.

        4. Mark Talmont

          Watching people get mangled and even killed by the medical system breeds cynicism. I saw my best friend murdered by way of a hospital acquired chest infection, my father killed by way of a missed diagnosis when he had symptoms that should have been noted for years, another loved one done in by habituation to the antidepressant med that stopped working suddenly and the MDs don’t even warn you or have a Plan B. I personally was dragged through hell with oral/topical/injected steroids and antibiotics (which are recklessly prescribed) until I cleared my “atopic dermatitis” (the last doctor term they threw at me) by fasting. Yes, I’m cynical with a capital C. I earned it.

      2. Michele West Ceron

        she is not being cynical or negative at all, she is telling the truth. The Komen foundation, and other “charity” organizations, NEVER tell the people how to prevent cancer, or what causes cancer. All they talk about is simply saying “awareness, awareness” what good does that do? Awareness of what? That breast cancer exists and is increasing at alarming rates? Yes, everyone knows that. Keep saying that over and over does nothing. Getting a mammogram or a colonoscopy is NOT prevention. They are simply diagnostic tests that tell you if you have the cancer yet or not. Yet they are propagandized to us as if they are prevention. No, prevention is doing various things to not get cancer in the first place. But how to prevent is never talked about from these organizations. Why? Because they dont want breast cancer to go away, because if it did, their extremely large non profit will go out of business and there will be the loss of thousands of jobs in that organization. We just keep getting fed the same mantra over and over “wear pink so people are aware of breast cancer” and my favorite “we are so close to finding a cure, please keep donating” they say that EVERY year, that they are “so close” to the cure, which is complete bullshit, because our government started the “war on cancer” in 1972. Billions and billions of dollars in tax payer dollars have been wasted in this war, and where are we now? Not only have these supposedly brilliant scientists not found a cure after over 40 years, but the rates of cancer have more than doubled since 1972 and deaths from cancer have tripled. great progress! Now either our scientists are extremely stupid and incompetent people who therefore do not deserve our money, or they are scamming us of our money and have no intention at all in finding a cure. Because if you find a cure, the $400 billion cancer industry would go out of business. Do you honestly think the AMA, the pharm companies and the hospitals, as well as the cancer non profits, want to go out of business? absolutely not!

        1. Kitty

          Of course they tell you how to try and prevent it. Have you done any real research? Examples are smoking and lung cancer. You never heard about that? Obesity and inactivity contribute to breast cancer. Surely you heard of that….. and there are cancers that cannot be prevented because it’s not known what causes the damage to the cells that turns them cancerous. Thousands of known carcinogens are in our environment. Do we all lock ourselves in a plastic bubble to avoid them?

      3. turquoise07

        Interesting comment about some women possibly not having cancer, I too have suspected this for a while, over diagnosis, rushing in too quickly, errors, how many ‘diagnosed’ cancers would have resolved naturally without treatment? I have been intensely interested in the effects of a natural, plant based, ‘clean’ diet to heal the body, especially from cancer, I have studied this and read testimonies for years and have spent some time with the Gerson group in London, assisting at one of their training days. I have read too much and have also met several long term (20 years +) ‘terminal’ survivors, who were healed through diet when conventional treatment failed, to ever doubt the validity and the power of the body to heal itself with the right diet. It is so empowering to know that we can take responsibility for our health, I think the majority just like to hand it all over to the medical profession and trust whatever they say. God determines our days but, I believe He has given us foods that promote health and heal. I find it amazing that old age and advanced disease does not appear to be a barrier to returning to health (see the testimony of Allan Taylor on this site, I contacted him by email after reading about his case, totally inspired by his commitment and positive attitude). I know that the big cancer charities appear to offer support and hope to the majority of those who are diagnosed but I am very sceptical and cynical of their true agenda.

        1. Kitty

          Get medical records – NOT testimonials.

          1. Michele West Ceron

            Im sorry, when has it been the law that you can just go get anyone’s medical records that you please? you can only see the medical records of someone who grants permission for you to see them. There are thousands of patients at the Gerson Clinic who have given permission for anyone who wants to go there to see their records. Tell me how many medical records of people who have done the conventional methods route have you seen?

      4. Kitty

        They do know what causes cancer. Please do some research. It’s caused by DNA damage, mutations. And there are many types of cancer. Read some real scientific articles instead of quackery sites selling fake cures.

  12. Wilma Laura Wiggins

    I do hope you aren’t confusing Komen with the American Cancer Society. I know that ACS is much richer than Komen – they are in the top 50 charities money wise and SJK isn’t listed in it at all.

  13. Michele West Ceron

    Chris I still have not received my tee shirt. I tried emailing you but got no response, should I contact the company that makes the shirts, or can you tell me what happened to my order? thanks!

  14. Emily_Jo

    When it is “Profits Over People” nothing else matters!

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