Simon Hill – The Proof Is In The Plants

“In America, 60% of calories are coming, every day, from ultra-processed foods. And that’s at the heart and center of a lot of the chronic disease that we see.” -Simon Hill

Simon Hill is a nutritionist, physiotherapist, and the founder of the Plant Proof podcast and blog, which focuses on health, fitness, and plant-based nutrition for longevity and chronic disease prevention. He is the plant-based food contributor to Chris Hemsworth’s fitness app, Centr, and in 2019 Simon opened a plant-based restaurant, Eden, in Sydney, Australia.

Simon’s new book is called The Proof is in the Plants: How Science Shows a Plant-Based Diet Could Save Your Life

Simon Hill is a brilliant and passionate health and wellness advocate. He and I have a lot in common as you will see in this interview. Enjoy!

Watch our interview below, or listen to it on the Chris Beat Cancer podcast on iTunes or Spotify.

Show Notes
-Simon’s journey to a plant-based lifestyle [0:43]
-Heart disease hits close to home [5:15]
– Why fitness and health are not synonymous [9:10]
-There’s no empowerment in our medical system [13:20]
-“Our environment is stacked against us” [15:30]
-The internal problem with obesity [19:50]
-The dangers of a larger waist circumference [21:10]
-The big problem with ultra-processed foods [25:07]
-Why supplements can’t replace whole plant foods [29:30]
-Why all calories are not counted as equal [31:20]
-The richest source of probiotics [32:45]
-The benefits of fermented foods [34:06]
-How a diverse microbiome reduces inflammation [38:15]
-The heart disease risk of elevated Apo B lipoprotein [45:10]
-How to lower the risk of coronary heart disease [49:30]
-The PESA Study [55:15]
-How to lower your cholesterol with a plant-based diet [56:20]

Connect with Simon Hill:
Instagram: @simonhill
Twitter: @theproof
Book: The Proof is in the Plants

Selected studies from the interview:
Fermented-food diet increases microbiome diversity and decreases inflammatory proteins
Ultra-processed Diets Cause Excess Calorie Intake and Weight Gain
The PESA Study –  Subclinical Atherosclerosis Burder by 3D Ultrasound

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