How Stress and Negativity Prevent Cancer Healing

In today’s video Dr. Patrick Vickers and I discuss the profound impact that stress and negativity
have in not only causing cancer but also preventing cancer healing.

This is critical info. Don’t skip it!

Shot in the most glamorous location we could find, a Best Western motel room in Franklin, Tennessee.

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  1. Guest

    Enjoyed this interview and all of the others. Thank you.
    Both of my parents and other close relatives have died of cancer, some at a young age. Both of my parents were experiencing stress at the time they were diagnosed with cancer; particularly my mother. I do believe it plays a role. I myself, have issues with autoimmune illness. I have Lupus and other related disorders. Do you think the Gerson therapy might help with autoimmune disorders???? Is there any protocol for autoimmune problems?

    1. Chris Wark

      Yes absolutely it can help reverse autoimmune disorders. The protocol is basically the same for cancer or anything else. Detoxify the body and overdose on nutrition. :)

  2. Lisa Levin

    Thanks for the video, Chris! Nice to see Dr. Vickers! I so agree with the concept of a positive attitude and we’ve also been learning about how important it is to incorporate fun and laughter into every day – read about that in Kelly Turner’s book. This is hard when dealing with cancer, but we obviously don’t yet understand the strong connection between emotion and physical health. So it’s a new goal!

  3. Stephanie

    Thanks so much for this message! It is a relief to have found your website and all the wonderful info. My husband was diagnosed with colon cancer, T3N2. Surgery w/ 4 rounds of chemo…that we never felt good about. In our quest, we found you. Diet changes are happening big time and we have always had a good outlook. We have let cancer change our lives for the better. We are stronger than before and plan on kicking the cancer out. Thank you for your crusade against cancer!

  4. Paula Daniels Roberts

    I am so glad that you brought up this piece of information related to understanding the cancer puzzle. I came to this information thru a book by Anita Moorjani, “Dying to be me” and then the book Biology of belief”, by dr. Lipton. This is as critical if not more (in my oppinion) than the diet. Cancer most often begins inside just like beauty. My life is better now.

  5. Erica

    I love the videos and all the info. You are providing an amazing service to all us cancer patients. I’m 40 years old and I have breast cancer stage II A. Ive had bilateral mastectomies and 2 of 3 lymph nodes tested positive for “micro-metastatis”. My tumor was completely estrogen driven and it was determined (thankfully) that chemotherapy would be ineffective in treating it. So the regimen my oncologist recommends is Tamoxifen (estrogen blocker), Gocerelin Injections (to shut my ovaries down) and Zometa IV (prevent bone loss due to estrogen being blocked and not produced). I’m supposed to comply with this for the next 5 – 10 years. I currently see a holistic physician and i’m on a whole regiment of supplements, vit C infusions, mistletoe injections, theracurmin, juicing, alkalizing diet etc. May oncologist stated to me that I would be “insane” not to comply with the conventional treatment bc it has been proven to prevent MOST reoccurences in a vast number of breast cancer patients. I know those pharmaceutical meds have a large number of side/adverse effects and are immunosuppressive. I feel devoiding my body of estrogen so radically doesn’t make sense and I don’t want to take them. I feel I am healing my body naturally and effectively with my current regimen;however, pressure from my family and friends have me second guessing myself on a daily basis. They want me to do both! I feel deflated and defeated while standing at a crossroads to recovery.

    1. Monty

      The World Health Organisation declared Tamoxifen to be a known Cancer causing CARCINOGEN in 1996! Don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure that! Go with yr evolutionary instinct & kick the pressure of family & friends to the kerbside. You’d be “insane” to comply with conventional treatment that never works & NEVER been proven, except by factual manipulation, to prevent MOST recurrences in a vast number of breast cancer patients.

      1. Erica

        Monty … thanks for your input. Ive been told Tamoxifen will increase my risk of uterine cancer up to 30% and I would need yearly pelvic ultrasounds done on me for the rest of my life!! I totally understand how wrong it is to be putting those drugs in my body….. I lack the support to have the courage to not do it but the knowledge and intuiton to know its wrong. My oncologist also wants me to radiate my axillary lymph nodes. I asked “why would you want to radiate my healthy lymph nodes…. the 2 with cancer were already removed”. He said that would be a good question to ask the radiation oncologist! I have yet to set the appointment. I then asked how will i be monitored for reoccurence….. the oncologist stated “well if u have headaches unrelieved through conventional treatments for longer than 2 weeks we will scan your head and see if tumors are causing the problem” !!!
        The more questions I asked the more riduculous the answers became!!! This whole cancer treatment thing is what is “insane” …. oncologist cant even answer simple questions that are based on common sense. I keep thinking “what am I missing… why do none of these conventional treatment options make sense… how are physicians who take an oath to do no harm trying to kill me with the treatments and decrease my quality of life at the same time” .

    2. Milla

      How are you doing now? You sound like you are doing all the right things! Don’t let anyone prevent you from having life in abundance xxx

  6. Malin Edman

    Hi Chris
    Long story short, I have Hodgkins Lymfoma, stage 2s. Despite all my effforts with supplements, a visit to arkadia klinik in Germany and a very strict diet my tumours has grown. I got my xray answer back yesterday and it was devastating.
    This stress-issue is a big deal for me…. although I believe it involves my mother who is mentally ill, its hard to “get rid off all the stress in my life”. My question is really: should I cut off ALL energy thiefes, including parent when on this healing path?
    And how long should I “try”? The cancer is growing….apparently

  7. Rachel

    I find it amazing about the liver issue, that it is at least a 2 year long process for regenerating the liver, until you can consider the cancer has gone. I learnt along time ago that it also takes 7 years for the body to completely regenerate itself. The body is remarkable at healing given the right circumstances, but it also dispels the idea that you can take any healing process ‘lightly’. Amazing thank you. I do struggle with the family stress thing though and am finding ways to try to sort this out.

  8. Kirsten Cooiman

    Hi Chris, thanks for posting all those great video’s! After seeing most of them and especially after this one, I think you should read Anita Moorjani’s book: Dying to be me. She healed stage 4 cancer after a coma. Talk to her! It will be so interesting for you and your listeners.

    1. Loretta Cam

      Hi Kirsten… I agree with your suggestion whole heartedly. I have read her book & have seen her live presentation last Dec & had met her briefly to sign her book. She is the most inspiring person there is today I believe. I would love for Chris to meet or contact her somehow.

  9. Pippa

    Hi Chris, thanks so much for doing what you do! I was interested to know, I have a toxic relationship with my in laws, and for some bizarre reason they decided to move three houses down from me. How does one get rid of toxic family relationships?????

  10. Kristin

    Hi Chris, I’m not sure if you’re familiar with Dr Ben Johnson, from the movie “The Secret” and co-author of the book “The Healing Codes,” but he’s a cancer specialist and he said he’s never seen a cancer patient without an unforgiveness issue at the root of it. Thanks for all that you do!!

  11. Tonya Coomer Wall

    Hi Chris! My husband and I have recently purchased the Berkey Water filter and we love it. I have MS, my sister has Addison’s and there is a family history of cancer. Three of my mother’s four sisters have died from cancer and she is currently with a brother that is dying due to complications with prostate cancer. My mother has also had melanoma removed from her arm. I watched the interview with Dr. Vickers and then went to his site to take a look. On his site he recommends the Kangen water machine which helps people to heal by helping them become alkaline. My cousin is a rep and sings it’s virtues. I was wondering if you had an opinion about the machine.

    1. disqus_DYYvAYUx0b

      I have the Berkeley and tested the water after few years. I have cleaned the carbon filter to maintain it but, they definitely need to be replaced. The carbon filters take out a rust colored substance from our water and be sure to clean out the bottom reservoir. It will get a white film. If you go away be sure to store filters in freezer. If water isn’t flowing through filters mold will grow. That is just when you go away for a week or so.

  12. Goldiegirl

    I agree that stress causes cancer. After a bad marraige, divorce, then 10 years of caring for my mother with alzhiemer’s, then my father, enduring their deaths, unsupported by my siblings, working a high stress job all the while and feeling so lost without family support, I developed breast cancer. It was early. I was shocked but also not shocked.I am slowly trying to change my life. Letting go of the hurt is hard. So many years of it. I realize life is short, too short to be miserable.

  13. Daisy Marie

    Dear Chris: Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Last March, i was diagnosed after a biopsy that i have a stage 2 small lymphocyte lymphoma; it has been a life changing diagnosis. I am grateful i have an opportunity every day to heal my own body, i have faith and patience, and am fearless and at peace with my body. I have learned so much from you in all of your posts and i can not wait to one day to speak to you as my coach, slowly but surely i am getting there. Compliance, is my thing …. it is what i do for a living at my job in banking, lol. Many blessings to you for who you are, a gift

  14. Derrick

    Thank you for this video, I’ve been so focused on the nutrition, I’ve neglected the mental/emotional stress that has been developing! This video has heightened my awareness. Wow! I need help…

  15. Linda

    How do I find the fruits and vegetables to juice what book do I need to buy.

  16. Cynnergy

    I don’t know that I completely agree with Dr. Vicker’s attitude about patients that come in with a negative attitude and kicking them out. If you’re going to help them detox on a physical level, you should be prepared to help them detox on an emotional level also. Perhaps your treatment needs to be two-pronged: first go through the emotional treatment, then move on to the physical treatment, given your mindset is in the right place. “Kicking people out” is what my endocrinologist did to me when I asked questions to find out more about my cancer diagnosis. Healing shouldn’t be exclusive to just one facet of the problem.

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