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Chemo?, Detox Your Life

Medical Radiation 101: What you need to know

40 Comments 15 January 2013

Everything you ever wanted to know (and some things you didn't) about radiation. From x-rays to radiotherapy, to superheroes, to airport scanners, all in one nifty little blog post.

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Study: Chemo Is Only 2.1% Effective Toward 5 Year Survival [8 Min.]

38 Comments 06 August 2011

I received an email yesterday that I decided to answer on the blog. Here it is: "My wife found your blog and I find it very inspirational and resourceful. I've been diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer just like yours, but unlike your tumor, mine is located in the lower part of the rectal area. I have visited the oncologists and surgeons, they said the best way is to go through Chemo and Radiation in order to shrink the tumor size small enough to remove it during surgery. I will begin my treatment next week, the Chemo I'll be taking is the pill that I'll have to consume twice a day for 6 weeks with radiation. The doctors said I will be required to go through another chemo therapy after surgery, which would be different chemo treatment (through IV). That's where my wife feel most uncomfortable and began researching different options such as alternative therapy. And she found your blog with some insightful information. I changed my diet to raw organic vegetables the day I was informed that I had cancer. It was a life changing moment and left me a little confused what's on the horizon for me. Instead I began to eat more raw organic food and exercise than I have done before (I have been eating organic food and exercising moderately for years). While I have read through some of your blogs and stories, I know you mentioned that you had surgery to remove part of the large intestine and forego chemo and radiation with alternative therapy. I am still confused about the part when you had surgery...Did you have any treatment before your surgery? I understand your blog and stories mostly mention after surgery treatment but maybe I overlooked somewhere that says anything about before surgery? I am curious to know because my age is slightly older than your age right now and I have two young daughters, too. I just do hope that everything posted on your website is true. I am not doubting anything but I do praise your recovery and living cancer free. That's my goal too." Regards, Tris. Continue reading for my answer and a surprising study about the effectiveness of chemotherapy.

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Natural Therapies, Videos

Burzynski The Movie: Cancer Is Serious Business

16 Comments 13 June 2011

In 2004 I was resarching alternative cancer therapies and heard about Dr. Stanley Burzynski in Houston, Texas. I was told that he had developed a non-toxic "alternative" therapy that was more effective than chemo or radiation on even the most aggressive cancers.  So yeah, he was on my short list of doctors to see if I my natural approach didn't work. "Burzynski The Movie: Cancer Is Serious Business" documents the amazing cancer treatment discovered by Dr. Burzynski called Antineoplastons and how the FDA and the National Cancer Institute tried to shut down his clinic, prove his therapy didn't work, and put him in jail while the U.S. Government tried to steal his patent. Really! Micah and I just watched this and it is so freaking awesome I almost exploded.

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Q&A: Breast Cancer at 32, What to do?

71 Comments 28 January 2011

Hi Chris, I stumbled across your website when I was looking for alternatives to Chemotherapy. I believe what you have done is very courageous and inspiring. I am 32 and have been diagnosed with Breast Cancer, no family history, generally healthy - so totally shocking. I have had 2 lots of surgery and the tumour was removed and my lymph nodes were clear. I am due to start Chemotherapy on Tuesday and I am scared. Since my diagnoses, I have changed my diet completely, pretty much vegan now and feel the healthiest I have felt in a long time. I have researched into healing myself with food and alternative therapies and it just makes sense to me, but there is also something in me that is saying I need to do the mainstream treatment as well, but the closer I get to it the crazier it seems, why would I want to go and get pumped full of toxic chemicals that will destroy my immune system when I feel so healthy and in tune with my body? I have already been given Zoladex (meant to suppress ovaries - in the hope to remain fertile) and already I notice the changes in my body, not sleeping, spaced out and off my food. I just can't imagine putting my body through this for 5 months with ongoing treatment for another 5 years.. I wish I had the courage you had. What do you think of doing the mainstream treatment alongside a plant based diet and alternate therapies?? Or is it counteractive? I am confused!! The hospital system here (Hervey Bay, Australia) just seem to want to through every treatment at me, Chemotherapy, Radiation, Herceptin for a year and hormone treatment for a following 5 years - they're reasoning for this is because of my age and that the tumor was grade 3 & triple positive - but the cancer could potentially all be gone already?? And when I ask what is the cause of my cancer, they say "its just one of those things" Isn't that ridiculous. I would appreciated any comments you have, you can be as blunt as you like. Maybe that's what I need. Thanks for taking the time to read my mail, and thanks for sharing your story. Kellee

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