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Teenager Megan Sherow heals brain cancer with raw food

17 year old Megan Sherow and her mother Maria share the amazing and inspiring story of how she healed brain cancer in three months by converting to a raw food diet, after two surgeries failed, and instead of undergoing treatment at St. Jude.

(She had glial neuroblastoma)

Megan is smart, funny and bursting with life. And as you will see, she and her mom are quite the pair.
This was such a fun interview.

You. will. love. it.


Resources mentioned in this interview


The China Study             The 80/10/10 Diet      Diet for a New America

They used a Champion Juicer and so do I!

Megan’s youtube channel is

And if you find yourself around the Pennsylvania area go visit Arnold’s Way Raw Food Cafe.

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  • DawnDM

    This is an amazing story and I am so happy to hear that a teenager took control and changed her life. This is what I need my daughter to hear who suffers from Ulcerative Colitis. Thanks for posting this story, Chris and thank you Megan for giving me hope.
    One question I have is I noticed they never really mentioned eating organic. How important is this? Organic produce isn’t always easy to get and a lot of times I hold back and don’t buy a lot of certain fruit and veggies because of this. For example, peppers and apples. Am I better off buying “the dirty dozen” non organic or sticking with what I can find that is organic of the clean veggies and fruits?

    • Jax

      Thank you so much for posting this interview. I cannot wait to share it!

    • Maria Sherow

      We try to buy everything 100% certified organic. We also buy local produce that was grown sustainably with no chemicals.

      • Ruthann

        Regarding Sweet Potatoes… is a good recipe……Shred a couple of sweet potatoes, massage the shreds with coconut butter and add raisins or chopped dates. Yum

  • Aiyana

    Great and inspiring interview. How important do you think it is to eat organic veggies? I didn’t hear that mentioned. Thanks.

    • I would say that organic veggies are just as important as organic fruits. The higher the percentage of organic foods in your diet, the better!

      • Gary Benton

        Megan, THANKS so much for sharing your story. Two friends died recently of brain cancer and another friend was just diagnosed. She wants to heal naturally. Could you talk with us for a few minutes? Maybe on a google hangout? Thanks, Gary

  • Roger

    Having found your site and subscribed, I am learning that Raw is necessary for me to achieve good health. Thank you. Your approach is so refreshing and natural. I can easily relate to what your say and offer and follow your advice. You do not preach. GREAT. Now for the work….juicing, salads etc. I’m excited!!

  • Linda

    Wonderful video Chris, Megan and Mom, I love every minute of this. Chris I went to my naturalist doctor this week and he did the thermogram and compare my thermogram last march and he explained it like this think of 8 ounce cup measurement, I am over half healed he said infact liking 1/3. he sees something still on the screen but very small, and I saw it to on the screen, I almost passed out. It was there the proof what I have been doing for al these 11 months is working, juicing organic foods, eating organic raw, getting sun, exercising, positive thinking, all contributes to healing thy body like t says in the bible. I thank God every day for my life and his guidance on my healing, because I did ask God to show the way to healing and he did. God bless you all for sharing. Linda

    • Catherine

      Way to go Linda!!!! KEEP IT COMING! Thank you Chris for this BLESSING. It was such a treat and joy to watch. It inspires and motivates others like me that want to feel there are answers and that we’re not all “crazy”!!! MUCH MUCH LOVE! Happy Saturday!

  • Peg

    Way to go mom!!!! My son was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma in March. I started to comment about some specifics of what you said, but there is just too many things you said that make total sense and are exactly what I thought and fought for with my son. Great video!!!!!

    • Maria Sherow

      That’s great Peg. Keep doing what you’re doing. If your son feels empowered, he’ll heal faster.

  • awesome message, great detail, thank you so much.
    also, so you know, I tried to click the like button and the 2 tiny buttons were so close on my phone that I mistakenly clicked the wrong one.
    Now youtube doesn’t seem to want to let me undo it.
    So if you see a thumbs down from Tim Krueger, it’s a mistake that I’m trying to undo, because I actually LOVED the video.

  • Douglas


    Thanks for being a brilliant and competent “weirdo” on the subject of unprocessed foof nutrition and natural healing!!!!!!

    You are fantastic!

    Started the book yet?

  • Jacky Manchester

    I am so thankful for your site Chris, and for all the others, Ty Bollinger, Jim Henderson, and more, who encourage natural, God given foods for healing. As to the oranic issue, it is probably best, but not always possible. And if we do the best we can do, and trust God, He will take care of what we can’t. To God be the glory, great things He has done, as in, given us wonderful healing foods from His garden.

  • Carl Nutter

    This is an excellent video! Lots of great information. Chris thanks for posting the video. Sickness and disease iare about money! It is not about healing and finding a cure! Chris please keep up your good work of healing cancer with knowledge and diet!
    God Bless!

  • Kimberly

    As usual, Chris, your guests were awesome and inspiring. I live near Philadelphia and now want to go to Arnolds!

    As a mother, I related so much to what Maria was saying and her train of thought. I am curious though, how she got around the “legalities” of not abiding by the medical protocol since Megan was underage. I’m reminded of the movie, “Cut, Poison, and Burn” and what that family suffered because they were forced to concent to the standard medical protocol.

    If you or Maria could elaborate on that, I would really appreciate it.

    Blessings and Love….

    • Maria Sherow

      Kimberly – I haven’t seen the movie “Cut, Poison, and Burn” and I’m not aware of any laws in NJ making treatment mandatory. Luckily, this was an issue I didn’t have to deal with.

      Lots of blessings and love to you.

  • Jax

    Thank you so much for posting this interview. I cannot wait to share it!

  • Donna

    Thank you so much for this encouragement! Recently had my 3rd surgery for colon cancer….chemo pills sitting on my counter right now waiting on the wound to heal. I have been pursuing much knowledge on eating vegan and juicing. I also bought the Champion Juicer! I am one of those feeling pressure to do the chemo. My compromise was NOT to do the port and hard core tx, but take the pills instead of no medical tx. It’s also very hard for me to give up meat and dairy at 63….slowly but surely getting there though.
    What about affording so many fresh veggies or keeping it through the week? I KNOW compared to chemo it’s nothing but the insurance pays for chemo. Is there an economical way to do this? When I buy ahead, it seems to ruin so fast. Do you shop mainly at the farmer’s market? How many times a week? I work so can’t go too often. Well, too many questions but awesome video. Thank you again!
    God’s Blessings to all of you,

    • Maria Sherow

      Donna – The nearest Whole Foods is 27 miles away from my house and that’s the only place I can get quality organic produce. I was driving there every 2 to 3 days in the beginning. Now I only go 1 to 2 times a week.

      We rarely juice because juicing removes all the fiber and it’s very expensive. I feel we need the fiber. We eat organic fruit for breakfast and lunch. For dinner, I would recommend making a salad with fruit dressing (with no oils or fat) or a green smoothie. I am going to be posting recipes on Megan’s website soon (

      Lots of blessings and love to you :)

      • Jeff

        Maria how do you keep weight on? when I start eating like that I start loosing so much weight even though I eat so many calories (following 80/10/10). i’m thin already and the weight falls off when I eat a raw diet.

  • Deidra

    This is the same approach we took with our daughter when diagnosed with sarcoma. They scared us into scheduling a biopsy and they had never seen a sarcoma. We passed on it and fell under the wire so we could treat it without their interference. Sarcoma has a 0 percent survival rate. It has been 3 1/5 years and we are still working with it. But she is alive and beautiful. My mother is a naturopath and she has worked with researchers to support her immune system and adrenals as well as parasites etc. We have trusted God from the very beginning and did not allow panic to set in. Thinking clearly and finding out what all your choices are is the best way. Unfortunately, people trust the medical field and don’t realize there are other ways. A young lady my sister knows just died of sarcoma and she chose regular therapy and lasted a year. My heart breaks for them. Our bodies are a miracle and with God’s healing and our patience to make healthy choices, we can get through disease.

  • Billp

    Good on you Maria for having the courage to search out the alternative to conventional treatment, and Megan for persevering with the lifestyle change. For which you are obviously reaping the benefits now. Your story is so encouraging to hear.
    Thank you Chris for finding these stories and getting them out there for others to see and hear in your one stop shop for natural cancer cures. Keep up the good work. Your site is the first point of reference I will give to people I find going through the so called dreaded cancer scare. “So called” Because it need not be.
    I personally made a step towards a lifestyle change 3 years ago and would put myself in a 60/40 range at present with regular exercise and still aiming for the 80/20 balance.

  • adriana

    What a great interview,thank you Chris!
    Which the world have more mothers like this one, sefless. Who really realizes what is the very best for her kids and do not listen to the outside voices of the world/media/people!!! ;-)

  • miró

    Thank you for sharing this positive video. Megan really made me laugh. :)
    Kind regards

  • Chris a very informative subject about how this Mother and Daughter supported each other from start to finnish. A very encouraging and inspirational video that all people diagnosed with cancer should watch. Thanks Chris for sharing this testimonial true to life and your video is now posted on my face book time line. Holistic Chef Barry

  • Rachann

    Chris, in this video you mention eating raw sweet potatoes. I tried it and they are good! My kids even liked them. I am wondering though after reading several things online if its really safe to eat sweet potatoes because of toxins and bacteria that remain unless you cook them.
    Great video! Loved it!

  • Love this video and inspired to get back on track and eat more fruits and veggies. Thank you so much for posting! As a cancer survivor and a mother of two music students, I’m anxious to Megan’s career!

  • WOW!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this interview. The wisdom that both of them have s amazing and I am so blessed to have watched this video.
    Thank you all for sharing this with all of us. Only God knows just how much you have impacted lives with this crucial information. We have to stick together and spread the raw message!!!
    Peace & Raw Health,
    PS..Chris, I would love to put this on my blog and tell my viewers all about your site as well, can you please educate me on how I go about getting your youtube video to paste right on my blog page??? I have yet to figure this out. I think more people would watch it if they could just click right on the video on my blog page. You can email me privately. Thanks.

  • frederick

    Beautiful story. I only have one point which is not clear in the video, which is to talk about the diagnosis, and the path report. Megan mentions (around minute 12) that she had a “glial neuronal tumor”. When I google this, I come up with for instance the page of abta (american brain tumor association), where they say “Metastasis and malignancy are very rare” (
    Not to take anything away from this beautiful message and story, but in these videos maybe one should be more clear about the diagnosis and how malignant a tumor could be (BTW, tumor only means “lump” whether malignant or benign, cancer means the lump is malignant)

    • Maria Sherow

      Frederick – the original MRI showed a right parietal stage 3 fast growing malignant brain tumor – mass measuring 3.6 x 5.0 x 4.4 cm. According to the NJ hospital, Megan had a new classification of tumor – low grade glioneuronal tumor. Although the tumor was generally low-grade, one of the specimens had the following characteristics: morphology showed infiltration, highly vascularized.

      NY Presbyterian Hospital Brain Tumor Center claimed the tumor was a highly heterogenous neoplasm with astrocytic, oligodendroglial and neural components with associated cortical dysplasia.

      After the second brain surgery, the pathology report from the NJ hospital showed infiltrating anaplastic glioneuronal neoplasm – findings consistent with cortical dysplasia.

      The pathology report from St Jude Children’s Research Hospital reported unusual pathology with a differential diagnosis of dysembryoplastic neuroepithelial tumor (DNET), ganglioglioma, and glioneuronal tumor possibly anaplastic. They concluded it may be a complex DNET.

  • Susanelizabeth

    Thank you both for sharing your story!! I have been looking at the 80/10/10 for a while but have heard so much about not doing it long term. Still praying about it. My question is, did Megan do coffee enema’s(hope she doesn’t mind my asking in a public forum :) I did Gerson for a period of a yr and other forms for healing and did them quite often to help detox. Also, they helped alot with pain. If you’d prefer answering privately my email is included here but not shown for the public. I am looking forward to reading how your journey continues and God bless you!!!

    • Maria Sherow

      She doesn’t mind you asking at all. Megan did not do any enemas.

      • johnny


        Hope all is well. Im very happy that you were able to beat the brain tumor. It was a dream and miracle from GOD to help you defeat it. Your mom was blessed for her daughter to defeat it. I unfortunately have a brain tumor as well. I really would love to see you or talk to you. If that honestly something you could do for me, please call me. Thank you and talk to you soon!


  • Susanelizabeth

    Sorry, one more thing for Chris:
    Thanks so much for using posting a story by someone doing 80/10/10 because I think I read somewhere where you mentioned it wasn’t good long term, but just for detoxing. I get VERY confused by all the info out there and have been looking at 80/10/10 alot because of more healing I need to do as mentioned before. I’m not sure if you can respond to this or not and your feelings about 80/10/10 AFTER healing has taken place.Again, God bless you richly!

    • Yes I’ve met many people who have not thrived on 80/10/10 long term, some do, some don’t. But it can be beneficial in the short term. You have to pay close attention to your body when experimenting with different diets. Blood work can reveal a lot about whether a diet is truly meeting your nutritional needs.

      • Susanelizabeth

        Thanks Chris! I’m a Type 1 Diab and am trying it out now. Am feeling weak, drug out but at this point, it might be more because of detox. Blood sugars are really good however, which amazes me(I test up to 12X daily). God bless you and I LOVE your site!

  • L. H.

    Wow, possibly the best testimonial video yet!
    Thanks Chris. Your videos help soooooo many people. You are a gift from God.

  • Boz

    This is inspirational stuff, especilly for me. I’m struggling right now. I was diagnosed with a Grade 4 Gliosarcoma in Brisbane in August last year on the way back from New Zealand to Hong Kong.THey operated on me immediately, and my prognosis was not good . I was flown back to HK and after reviwing my options with friends and family undertyook a 30 day programme of cyberknife radiation, then somewhat reluctantly agreed to a course of chemo( temozolomide/temodar)The chemo finished on the 23rd April. At the same time I was following at the the time what I thought was a fairly healthy diet, recommended by Dr. David Servan-Schreiber in ‘Anti -Cancer, A New Way of Life.Then, in March, after watching a TV inmterview online about the ketogenic diet I made a change……and since that time have been trying so hard to stay in ketosis every day of every week, overseas, at work, here at home in HK, and deal with the beast in my head. Then after my most recent MRI 2 weeks ago, I got some bad news…it has come back. I have a new tumour now, the size of a golf ball on the top of my brain!The oncologist is recommending irinotecan and avastin. I am disappointed becoz the ketogenic diet didn’t do what my reading had lead me to believe it would do, that is, cut off the supply of nutrients that help such tumours as these to grow. I have met some wonderful, sincere people who are involved with the ketonic diet, namely DrDominic D’Agostino and Mriam Kalamian, both of whom have been such a help,. but unfortunately it hasn’t worked for me, and now I’m wondering about juicing+more raw foods and going back to some fruit etc etc etc. How about some good NZ honey, the Budwig breakfast, whole grains????? I’m prepared to try anything/ forego anything. I’ve given up so much on the ketogenic diet, and actually, I do enjoy salads , juice etc etc any way.

    • Shalina Sheikh

      Hi Boz,

      Please get in touch… My friend has a grade 4 GBM, was diagnosed in Jan 2014. Has had surgery, radiation and chemo accompanied by the diet suggestions from the same book you mention which I have also read. 7 months on the most recent scan shows it has also returned with a vengeance and it is deeper in to the brain so previous treatments not an option. She’s on a different chemo now but we’re also at a loss as to what to do. I know she would very much love to hear from you to see what you have tried in the last 10 months since your comment was left.

      If you receive this message please do get in touch.
      Email is

      Thank you!

  • Angela

    Hi Boz

    So sorry about your bad news re the regrowth of your tumour! Unfortunately, it would appear as though there is much controversy regarding the efficacy of the ketogenic diet for cancer. Dr Gonzalez for one does not believe it is efficacious long-term. His approach for a solid tumour is a mainly vegan diet. Google to find out more.

    I have read much about a variety of cancer therapies and must admit that I have never understood how the ketogenic diet could starve a tumour of its favorite food – glucose. It sounds so good (in theory) – limit the intake of carbohydrate and consume mainly fat and protein and the tumour will be starved of its favorite food – glucose. However, by limiting carbohydrate intake and only consuming fats, the end result remains the same, viz the body will convert the fats and protein into glucose via gluconeogenesis. But maybe I’m missing something….

    Good luck with your search for an efficacious cancer therapy! I firmly believe that you can beat cancer! For what it’s worth, I’d try vegan, raw, organic first (including the carrot juice).

  • nivchek

    Sounds like you were way too alkaline and potassium deficient. The veggies helped lower your pH to an acceptable level so your digestion could move more quickly and your body could detox. They also bumped up your potassium. This would also be why nuts and seeds give you problems. Not good for people who are running alkaline.