How I used the Raw Vegan Diet to Beat Cancer

Before I get into the details of the raw vegan diet, it’s important to understand that our bodies are complex biological machines, and the food we eat is the fuel. Our bodies are brilliantly designed by God to convert all types of food substances into fuel and energy to sustain life. When you eat, you break down food with your teeth into liquid form, digestive juices break that liquid down further in your stomach, then the nutrients are absorbed into your blood stream and carried to your cells. Your body uses these nutrients for energy, and to repair and regenerate cells.

The fiber, which is too large to be absorbed into your bloodstream, moves through your intestinal tract and out of your body.

Waste byproducts, dead and mutated cells, and toxins are carried away in your bloodstream and lymphatic system to be eliminated via sweat, mucus, urine, feces, etc. Fiber is like an intestinal broom. It picks up toxins deposited in your gut and carries them out.

The best source of clean high quality fuel for your body comes from raw organic fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts.

This is food designed by God for us, His creation, to eat.

But we’ve gotten away from that. Thanks to technological innovations and modern conveniences, the majority of the food we now eat in America is “processed”. It is not natural and it is not healthy.

Processed food is junk food. Most of us think of junk food as soft drinks, candy, snacks, fast food, and tv dinners. But in reality junk food is almost any food that has been altered by man and packaged for resale. The best nutrition advice I’ve ever heard is this:

“If man made it, don’t eat it.” – Jack Lalane

The food industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and it’s very competitive. Major food producers are constantly looking at ways to lower costs, increase profits, and lengthen the shelf life of their products.

As a result of this process, the nutritional value in the food they produce is decimated or destroyed. Processed food is loaded with artificial ingredients created in laboratories that we were never intended to ingest:

chemical additives like artificial flavors, colors, and sweeteners to make it look and taste good.

Chemical preservatives are added to make it last longer on the shelf.

And finally synthetic vitamins and minerals are added, in an attempt to restore the nutritional value destroyed by all the processing.

Look at the ingredients on the labels of the food in your pantry.

If the label has ingredients you have never heard of, or cannot pronounce, beware.

I don’t care what the nutritional value on the label claims. No processed food product can match the nutritional value of vitamins and minerals contained in raw organic fruits vegetables, seeds, and nuts.

Just because the FDA approved these additives for human consumption, and they don’t make you sick immediately after you eat them, doesn’t mean they are healthy.

And just because an artificial ingredient doesn’t cause any noticeable effects on a lab, rat doesn’t mean it’s ok for you to eat.

There’s no way the FDA can test the long-term effects that all these artificial ingredients combined have on the human body over a lifetime, because every body is different, and we are all eating different combinations of these artificial substances everyday.

Unhealthy diet and lifestyle are proven causes of cancer and many other diseases. Couple that with the fact that we live in a toxic world and we’re constantly bombarded with invisible toxins that we can’t see or avoid, and the problem is compounded. Which is why it’s increasingly more important now to limit the amount of toxins we put into our body via the food we consume and products we use.

The bottom line is their bottom line. The commercial food industry exists to make money and they don’t care about your health. They care about selling you something to eat, and they are constantly looking at ways to cut costs by substituting cheaper artificial ingredients for real ones. High fructose corn syrup is cheaper than natural cane sugar; and artificial strawberry flavoring is much less expensive than using real strawberries.

The cheaper the ingredients, the more profit for the company.

Unfortunately the result is processed food with negative nutritional value loaded with sugar, salt, and artificial colors, flavors and preservatives that are toxic to you.

There is an eye-opening documentary about the commercial food industry that you need to see immediately.

This movie will change the way you think about food forever. I recommend buying a copy (or three) because you’ll want to show it to everyone you know.

“Why Raw?”

Simply put, cooking destroys enzymes, lessens the nutritional value of food, and raises its acidity.

Whether you’re in a lab or in the kitchen, subjecting any object to high heat causes a chemical reaction in that object that changes its structure.

Cooking can convert nutrients from an organic to an inorganic state and render them useless to your body. Raw food is living food. Cooked food is dead.  Raw food is perfectly designed to fuel a living body. The more raw food you can incorporate into your diet, the better.

The single best book on raw foods and juicing I’ve ever read is called God’s Way To Ultimate Health.

If you have any kind of chronic illness or disease, read it immediately.  That book is the reason I decided against chemotherapy. Click the link and Buy it now.

“Why Organic?”

Commercial farmers today are using genetically modified seed, as well as toxic chemical fertilizers and pesticides, which are present in commercial produce even after washing. If you compare commercial and organic produce in your local grocery you will likely find that the commercial produce looks much better; but don’t be fooled. They have mastered the science of growing “beautiful” produce. However, organically grown produce tastes better, is chemical free, and often has higher nutrient content. You can read about the cleanest and dirtiest fruits and vegetables HERE.

“I eat whatever I want. I eat junk food and fast food all the time and I feel fine, so what’s the problem.”

I did too and I got cancer.

Your body was not designed to process these artificial ingredients. Simply put, it just doesn’t know what to do with them. Some artificial substances pass through your body, but others are trapped in your kidneys, liver, intestines, and tissues like your heart, blood vessels, and brain.

If you have ever been in a cave and seen stalagmites, you may remember from school that they are mineral deposits formed over many years. The same types of deposits form in your body when you ingest substances it cannot break down or eliminate. These Inorganic Materials lead to hardened and clogged arteries, kidney stones, gall stones, etc. Over time they can build up and block blood flow to the brain leading to brain diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Bioavailability is a measurement of whether or not a nutrient is in a state that can be absorbed and used by your body. Most minerals in soil and rocks are inorganic and cannot be absorbed by your body.  But what is amazing is that plants can absorb them and convert them into an organic state that can be absorbed by your body when you eat plant food: fruits, vegetables, seed, and nuts.

Take spinach for example.   Spinach is one of the best plant sources of iron on the planet. The iron you get from raw spinach is in an organic state and absorbable by your body.

The iron in a railroad spike is not.

Can you guess which form of iron you are getting in cooked processed food?

The vitamins and minerals destroyed by processing and added back to make food “nutritious” are mostly inorganic, not bioavailable, and not useable by your body.  The same applies to most vitamin and mineral supplements people take.  They are not in a form your body can use.

On the contrary, the vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and enzymes in raw fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts are bioavailable.  Plants take these minerals from the soil and convert them into a form that the human body can absorb and use to repair itself.

“What about meat, dairy, and grains?”

Let me give you some quick answers to be expounded upon in future posts:  Despite the millions of dollars spent by the food industry to convince us that “milk does a body good” and beef is “real food for real people”; conventionally produced meat and dairy are not healthy foods.  The methods by which these foods are produced significantly degrade the nutritional value.  Cows, chickens, and pigs are pumped full of steroids and antibiotics, live in cages covered in their own filth and forced to eat corn-based feed instead of grass to fatten them up.  This “conventional” meat is unusually high in fat and toxic. Most of the fish consumed today is not caught in the wild.  They are raised in chemical filled pools at fish farms and also fed an unnatural corn-based diet. Don’t be fooled when the restaurant menu says “Atlantic Salmon” This does not mean it was caught in the Atlantic Ocean.  It’s usually just a type of salmon from a fish farm.

Did you know that farm-raised salmon meat is gray and is actually dyed “salmon color”? If you look closely at the packaging in the grocery store, you will see the phrase “color added” in very fine print.  Read my post on farm-raised fish HERE.

Most commercial dairy products are pasteurized and homogenized.  These two processes radically change milk into an unnatural form that is not suited for our bodies. Because of the factors I’ve already mentioned, meat and dairy are acid-forming.  The higher your internal acidity, the more susceptible you are to disease.  I devoted an entire post to milk HERE.

Meat and dairy are very rich foods with no fiber.  The high protein can encourage cancer cell growth, and they move through your digestive system very slowly, putrefying and releasing toxins back into your system, I cut them out of my diet completely while battling cancer.

Finally, grains are carbohydrates and carbohydrates are sugar.  A high grain diet is a high sugar diet.  Sugar triggers an insulin release which converts excess sugars to be stored as fat and raises cholesterol, which can lead to weight gain, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc.  In addition, cooked and processed grains are typically loaded with artificial ingredients your body can’t use.   One of the worst is refined white flour.  Some of the healthiest grains are sprouted grain products like Ezekiel Bread and Manna Bread.  Ounce for ounce you get much more nutrition from fruits and vegetable than you do from any grain on the planet.

Although I acknowledge that for most people a raw vegan diet may be difficult to implement, I strongly recommend you incorporate as much raw food into your diet as possible. I was 100% raw vegan for 90 days, then my naturopath added some clean meat back to my diet. From then on I was 80% raw and ate 20% cooked veggies.

This is a major part of what I did to beat cancer along with not doing chemo.

I know cutting out processed food is not easy, because it means giving up foods you enjoy.

Believe me, your life and and health is worth it.

If you are sick now, making hardcore health changes is imperative.

If you are not sick, don’t wait until you get sick like I did. Make a change for the better today!

My Super Health Triad:

The Cancer Fighting Salad

The Anti-Cancer Smoothie


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This Post Has 59 Comments

  1. Rachel Hurley

    I have been converting to a vegetarian diet since the beginning of the year (I say converting because I do cheat once or twice a month!).

    My questions are:

    What about “cruelty free” meats raised on family farms? Do you have any opinions on those?

    1. chrisbeatcancer

      Hey Rachel! Yes I do have an opinion. Clean meat is the only meat you should eat. This is the way I eat now, post-cancer. I eat clean meat once or twice per week. But not just cruelty-free meat; it’s got to be free of steroids, growth hormones, antibiotics, and fed a natural diet. Look for free-range organic chicken and eggs; grass-fed beef, and wild caught fish.
      (The oceans have so much pollution now that even wild fish can have traces of toxins like mercury.)
      Conventional meat producers abuse animals and produce toxic meat loaded with chemicals, bacteria, and too much fat. It’s bad for the animals and really bad for you. So it’s really important to know the source.
      The best sources are local farmers you find at Farmer’s Markets, because you can actually take the time to go see their farms, and their prices are great. Also chains like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s, but you’ll pay more. I tell everyone to watch the movie Food, Inc. It’s not super gross out stuff like a PETA video, but it’s a look inside the industry that reveals some serious wrongness.

  2. Emily Stuart

    Hi Chris! I don’t know if you remember me, I was Micah’s roommate first semester at UT Knox. I saw your blog posted on Micah’s facebook page. It is very inspiring! I’m so happy you beat cancer. My husband was diagnosed with Stage 2 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma back in April of this year. He is now in remission but has to do 3 weeks of radiation starting the 30th of this month. I think you know him too, Mark Stuart? He owned Taylor’s for awhile? I hope he will take the time to read your blog and make some changes. I believe everything you have said. I watched Food Inc. back in December and have been making changes. I quit eating meat except for fish and I buy organic whenever I can. Mark has not been so easy to convince even though he got cancer. It is very hard to make changes in your diet but like you said, your life and health are worth it. So glad you are well and you have such a beautiful family!

    We will also be calling you to do some work on our kitchen when we have the funds. Take care!

    1. chrisbeatcancer

      Hey Emily
      Wow small world!
      Yes I absolutely remember you, and yes I know Mark!
      We’ve even played several rock shows together, Arma Secreta and The Lights
      Please tell him I said hello.
      And if he wants to talk, I’d be happy to spend some time with him.
      Get my number from Micah.

      We’ll be praying for him.

      1. Emily Stuart

        Thanks Chris. I will tell him. He is not totally on board with all this healthy organic eating because he is not educated. I try to tell him about it and he thinks I’m a little crazy. I’m going to continue to encourage him so we shall see. I have been eating your veggie sandwich almost everyday since I saw that post. It’s So good! I have enjoyed reading your blog and plan on reading some of the books you have suggested. Thanks!

  3. Jesse Lawler

    Hi there Chris – Thanks for the post on my blog, and congrats on your diet and health turnaround. Stories like yours make people sit up and take notice. Riffing on what you say in this post, the best (and funniest – because it’s so true) piece of dietary advice I ever got was this: “Look at the ingredients to your food. If there is anything there that your great-grandparents wouldn’t recognize, don’t eat it.” I realize most people will never go raw (despite the oodles of good reasons to do so), but this advice is clear and sensible and I think will still lead to huge health improvements for people following the Standard American Diet.

  4. MissAngee

    So Chris, let me get this straight. You don’t cook your foods at all? All you eat is raw vegetables?

    1. chrisbeatcancer

      Hi Angee
      The Raw Vegan Diet is a hardcore health diet that I did while I had cancer.
      I do eat some cooked food now. Raw fruits and vegetable are the best source of nutrients to feed your body.


  5. Vaughan

    Greetings Chris,
    I heartily commend and thank you for exploring the dietary links between increasing risk of disease through our standard American diets, and sharing the wonderful info you investigated. You have done our entire community a tremendous service. Eating more of a plant-based diet will help our health, our environment and reduce the needless suffering of millions of animals at inhumane factory farms that run only for profit.

    I organized a Memphis volunteer group almost 10 years ago that thrives today, promoting public awareness about healthy eating. It’s called We hold monthly meetings, handout free literature and have a great social network of caring and fun folks. Feel free to call, if you’d like any info.
    P.S. You may remember me as the homeowner at 639 Houston, that rented out to college students.
    Best wishes and praise to your great spirit!

    1. chrisbeatcancer

      Hi Vaughn thanks so much and of course I remember you!
      I’ll be in touch.

  6. Joanne

    Hello Chris,

    How did you handle the stress of family and friends when you said no to chemo.

    Eight years ago I developed ovarian cancer. Did the 6 rounds and as of 9/11 it’s back. I did the surgery, have done two rounds and want to stop – it’s killing me.

    My partner is freaked out and is having a hard time supporting my decision.

    Read obesity, cancer, depression &
    Your Bodies many cries for water – Dr. Batmanghelidj, MD
    Rings true to me, coupled with getting back to eating correctly this is the route I want to take.

    Re: The 14 year Australian study – for ovary I’m one of the 8.6, 5 year survival. What burns me they don’t say what happened after 5 years.

  7. Snigdha Krishna

    Hello Chris – Thanks for this awesome post and congrats on your diet and health turnaround. Stories like yours make people sit up and take notice. I have shared this website with some of my friends. I think am inspired reading this story and will inspire many others.

    Keep up the great work. Thank you.


  8. Megan

    Hi Chris- I’m vegan and a new devotee of juicing. I try to incorporate as much raw veggies, fruits, nuts into my diet. I do enjoy grains like quinoa (technically a seed, i know), brown rice, sprouted bread, steel cut oats in my diet. When you write “A high grain diet is a high sugar diet” do you mean too much those kinds of grains? I’m just curious as to how much you think is too much..thanks! Your blog provides a lot of great info.

    1. chrisbeatcancer

      Hi Megan
      My opinion is that serving or two of those kinds of grains per day is fine.
      It’s the refined grains in breads, pasta, and corn that are really unhealthy.

  9. Jenn

    Hi! I just came across your blog when I was googling “paleo cancer cure without chemo.” I know your get is not entirely paleo but its fairly close. I agree with just about everything you wrote in this article.

    My dad was JUST diagnosed with an extremely aggressive cancer…. he’s in the CCU right now. I was searching the web for ideas on what we can do NOW for him… he’s being fed by TPN (nutrients into his veins…. which is what he can take now, but is high in dextrose— that I’m not a fan of).

    anyways, just wanted to say thanks for creating your blog. I’m going to look around a bit more ;) and have already opened different articles you’ve written in separate tabs so I can remember to get to them. :) I’m encouraged by you!

    I’m hoping God can give my dad a miracle… that’s what he needs right now since he’s under the care of the doctors in the CCU (aka ICU). Anyways…. I’m also purchasing that book you recommended–


    1. Kathleen

      Hi Jenn,

      If he gets to the point where he is able to drink liquids, you might consider mixing Boku Superfood into almond, flax, or hemp milk and feeding it to him. It’s 90% raw and completely organic and vegan. It’s a great way to build up his immune system to help fight the cancer. I have no financial interest in the product. I just use it for my health everyday. Also, if he is able to get out of the hospital, the Gerson Therapy has been used with a lot of success for many people. It’s primarily raw, juiced fruits and veggies. You can get more info online or by watching documentaries about it.

      Blessings and health!


  10. Cathy

    Hi Chris,
    Amazing story. I admire your courage and congratulations on your successful battle with this horrible disease. I was just wondering if you think that your surgery was one of the keys to your success? I have been on the raw vegan diet for about 9 months now and taking supplements however my breast cancer continues to get worse. I refused a radical mastectomy, chemo and am wondering now if I should have had the surgery. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

    1. chrisbeatcancer

      Hi Cathy I think surgery can give the body a jump start in some cases,
      but can also cause the cancer to spread more rapidly.
      So that’s a tough one.

      My naturopath added 3 servings per week of clean meat back into my diet after 90 days raw.
      You may need more protein like I did.

      There are also other factors: toxins in your home environment, work stress, and toxic emotions like worry, fear, anger, hatred, envy, jealousy,
      bitterness, and unforgiveness. Those are all toxic emotions that cause stress and suppress the immune system.

      Add me on Facebook and I will add you to some natural healing support groups.

      1. Cynnergy

        Chris – can you give an idea of what “clean meat” consists of? I’m struggling to find ways of getting protein into my diet – I understand that vegetables supposedly have enough, but when I go for a week or so, I get this specific message from my body saying that I’m just not getting enough and end up having to have some type of red meat. I’m not attached to the taste, in fact, I’d be happy to let go of red meat, poultry, fish, etc. but I just don’t think my body would have what it needs to operate.

  11. Kala

    Aloha Chris! Congrats on beating cancer!!!! My husband was diagnosed with a rare and worst form of thyroid cancer. It mestastized to his bones. Since surgery, it’s been difficult for him to swallow anything with a lot of texture (like raw veggies). What is your suggestion to combat not being able to swallow raw veggies? I know cooking the veggies isn’t ideal, but what other options can you offer? Thanks so much!

    1. chrisbeatcancer

      Throw the entire salad into a blender and blend it into liquid form.
      You will need to add a cup or so of clean water to it to completely liquefy.
      Either drink it cold like a smoothie or warm it up on a stove and eat it like soup.
      Warm it, but NOT cook it. Keep the temp under 98 degrees farenheit or else you will destroy nutrients and enzymes.

  12. Lenitra Adams

    Hey Chris.
    Way to go on beating that cancer right out of your system. My husband was just diagnosed with a mild lymphoma(whatever that means) .I immediately started him on a raw food diet…it’s only been 10 days and he is making noticeably improvements already. The doctor ,of course is suggesting chemo…however we already know about that. I wonder why they always suggest a treatment that does more damage than good?hmmmmm,perhaps money?
    Can you suggest some other naturopathic ideas to incorporate in my husbands regime ?

    1. chrisbeatcancer

      Raw foods as well as juice and water fasting are very powerful healing methods.
      Spend some time on this site and you’ll get some more ideas.

      Read Cortney Campbells story in the Survivors Stories section.

  13. Pattie

    This is such a great post– it’s one of those where I found myself getting excited and smiling in whole-hearted agreement at every paragraph. (o: I just re-posted it on my fb page.

  14. Harmen

    I’ve two comments: can you show me that the minerals and vitamins of raw foods are better used by the body? I now of a few substances (eg. lycopene) is only of used when cooked.

    Second: the paleo diet is a diet that is sustainable in the long run. Instead of raw vegan, there is usually no problem with holding enough weight, something that seems important to me when you have a cancer in your body. The paleo diet can be low-carb as well and you are of course free to choose game or organic grass fed meat as your meat sources. At paleo, you usually grow muscle instead of consuming them, it is also a way to make sure your body get all nutrients it needs – you eat what you want.

  15. Barclay Bristow


  16. Dustin

    Hey Chris, you definitely don’t know me, but I am 28 and have just been diagnosed with esophageal cancer. I would like to talk to you as I am totally converting to a vegan diet starting soon. Anyway if you have time it would be cool to pick your brain. Thanks!!!

  17. SallyB

    Hi Chris, just diagnosed with rectal cancer. Any idea where to start when it comes to smoothies? I’ve been struggling with a few that cause gas (and pain as a result). Is there a smoothie recipe you know of that would be a gentle one to start with to increase fibre intake?

  18. Trifany

    To Cathy & Harmen –
    Cathy – some supplements can feed the cancer, per Dr Lorraine Day.
    Harmen – lycopene in raw watermelon is assimilated well. Tomatoes are generally what is referenced when mentioning cooking for better assimilation.

  19. Shelley

    I am going to do this diet for a month as a pancreas/gallbladder/gut healing diet, but also add bone broth. You had said not to add tomatoes and cucumber to your salads so not to combine fruits with anything else. So,
    1. What is the order of your smoothie, juice, salad meals you ate each day and
    2. Does putting protein powder in your juice smoothie violate that rule of combining?

    Thank you!

    1. Chris Wark

      1. I drank juice for breakfast and throughout the day.
      Giant salad for lunch. Smoothie for afternoon snack. Giant Salad for dinner.
      But I eat a lot… You may just do the smoothie for lunch and the salad for dinner
      or vice versa. The order isn’t that important, just get all that good stuff in your body.
      2. No

  20. Lynn

    The woman I do home health for has been diagnosed with gallbladder cancer and liver cancer. She has been researching along with myself and we both love the smoothie idea and the salad also. We wanted you to know we will be trying both these. Thank you so much and God bless you.

    1. Chris Wark

      That’s terrific Lynn!

  21. avinash

    This avinash,

    My mom is suffering from ovarian cancer… And undergoing chemotherapy… As per Dr, they advised to have well boiled food only …. To avoid infection..and they told to take rich protin food..
    But the concept you told is total opp to Dr’s.

    Plz advice

  22. Candy

    Hi Chris, I absolutely love your site and have learned so much from reading it and referring back to it numerous times. Thank you for informing and enlightening so many of us out here! My husband has metastatic Squamous cell carcinoma in his tonsil and tongue. Like Kala’s husband he cannot swallow very well because he had 33 radiation treatments. Since January, we have been on a mostly plant based diet, although, I have to cook 50% (at least) of it so he can swallow it. He is juicing 4-6 glasses a day,drinking barley grass juice 2x daily, he is eating oat bran for breakfast with fruit, a fruit shake for lunch, and cooked veggies with brown rice pasta for dinner. I am not sure if this is okay when you and others stress the raw vegetables. There is no way he can swallow raw, unfortunately. He is also losing what we think is a lot of weight. He went from 250 lbs. in March 2012 to now 190. Can you give me some input? Thank you so much!

    1. Chris Wark

      Hi Candy it sounds like you are doing the right things!
      For him the raw foods can come from juices and smoothies.

      Most 250 lb people are obese, and obesity is a precursor to cancer.
      So losing that weight is probably a good thing, although he may look “too thin” compared to what you’re used to.
      Unless he is 6’2″ or taller, he is probably still overweight.
      Do a Google search for a BMI calculator to determine his ideal body weight.

  23. Candy

    He is 6′! I think he looks so good, but different since he has lost, a good different, though. He is also taking essiac, baking soda, and B-17. We are very hopeful and are open to any suggestions. I am happy that you think we are on the right track. I have nobody to run things past that understand what we are doing!

  24. Tracy

    Hi Chris, thank you so much for sharing your story and the wonderful information. I just started the anti cancer diet for my ovarian cancer after coming across your blog. I noticed that you said fruits and vegetables shouldn’t be eaten together. I’ve been adding bananas and berries to the green smoothies I make with kale. Do you advise against this? Most recipes I see for green smoothies include some type of fruit.

    1. Chris Wark

      Don’t sweat the fruits and veggies thing too much, just get them in your body any way you can! :)

  25. Tenn

    Hi Chris,

    I am glad finding you and really grateful for everything you have shared for others.
    Recently my mom just had her breast cancer surgery and her first chemotherapy. She has her2+ and stage 3 which give her only 50% life chance. After I found you, than we decided to go the natural treatment as you did. Chris, I really need your opinion about this, can we succeed by abandoning chemo, radiation also herceptin injection and doing the natural way? I also would like to request you a page in your blog to gives us information on the dietary details or perhaps daily schedule and calculation to accomplish a successful natural treatment. Thanks in Advance

  26. Rameses

    Great stuff. I see Too many people dying from cancer because they follow doctor’s orders to do chemotherapy when diagnosed. Its time to make a change and do something different to help save lives instead covering the symptoms and pain with morphine and drugs. Thank you and God bless.amen

  27. Rhonda

    Great article, Chris. I went vegan raw to cure a non-cancerous tumor in my pituitary gland. I read somewhere that benign tumors are more difficult to cure so I am hopeful this new way of eating will help. I noticed in your article that you said your Naturopath put you back on meats after you were 100% raw. Can you tell me why? And are you still eating meat or are you 100% vegan? Also, I have been reading so much conflicting information regarding eating raw meat which also contains enzymes and nutrients, and Max Gerson, who cured lots and lots of cancer, used fresh calf liver juice for all of his patients. I am wondering if a diet of EVERYTHING raw may be just as helpful as a vegan raw. What are your thoughts on this?

  28. Pablo

    What is your take on steel cut oats?

    1. Chris Wark

      I actually prefer rolled oats because they are easier to prepare. :)

  29. Corrine Bruning

    Hey Chris…I’m loving your website! I pretty much was sold on purchasing a rebounder based on your suggestions.

    I’m wondering if you can do a post going into depth on what you eat now. I’ve been really struggling with the idea of vegan vs. paleo. I think a lot of paleo folks eat way too much meat. I think folks should probably eat a huge amount and variety of veggies and fruits.

    Thanks for all the sharing and here’s to being healthy and happy in 2014!!!

    1. Chris Wark

      Lots of fruits and veggies, clean organic meat a few times per week.

  30. Ben Ngo

    Hey Chris, I don’t know if you even respond here anymore. I am new here, recently I’ve had a stomach problem that has bothered for a total of 6 – 8 months now. My doctor and gastroenterologist can’t diagnose me and I’m worried about getting cancer because I am a hypochondriac. I’m 21 and doctors say you won’t get cancer at your age but in modern society I can’t believe that. But that didn’t stop me, because they couldn’t diagnose me I decided that I can’t just sit back and wait for them to diagnose me. I needed to find some way to heal myself before the problem inside got worse so that lead me here. Your site. I started juicing only cabbage juice, approximately 18oz every morning and thats it for about a month and a half now and things have been feeling better. But I am not completely healed. I still have no idea if drinking vegetables in general is enough to reach the 9 servings of vegetable juice. Should I drink in the morning and then just eat pounds of vegetables? But I’m not on a raw foods diet, I have to eat what my parents make or else you know I”ll be considered picky, but they at least put out fish for meat. But that is usually for dinner. Breakfast I choose between eggs and any sort of vegetabl e possible. School doesn’t offer much except for a salad bar that doesn’t even have many healthy choices so I just eat the salad. Do you have any recommendations Chris? I don’t want my problem to escalate, but even if it a problem in the end I want it to be as minuscule as possible.

  31. kate

    My dad has advanced lung cancer. He’s had every complication you can think of, including a fistula from his esophagus to his lungs, causing pneumonia every time he tried to eat or drink orally. The fistula finally seems to have healed but the cancer has grown around the stent they put in to block the opening. They also put the stent too high so there is a gap where food and drinks get stuck and cause bacterial infections.He’s been on a peg tube for about 6 months. He has been told repeatedly to just enjoy the little life he has left, but he’s only 55 and not ready to go. I’m a firm believer in will power being one of the strongest things to keep you alive. But what I’m wondering is if anyone knows if you can do the raw food diet through a peg tube? Or do you know of a reference with good information? I’ve been searching the internet for days and haven’t been able to find any helpful information!

    1. Ben Ngo

      How is your father doing?

  32. Chris Wark

    Haha! I’m not a vegan, but I can assure you it doesn’t blow your guts out. :)

  33. Rifat

    Hello Chris! Your blog and videos have inspired me to refuse chemo therapy for my breast cancer and follow your organic diet instead. However I do have
    a few questions.. While beating cancer, did you only have the juices and salads all day or did you have something else too? Like any other food?
    And what else should I have in my diet except for the juices, smoothies and the salad.
    Please reply ASAP, it’d mean a lot to me. Thank you so much! :)

  34. Yvette

    Hi Chris,

    What are your thoughts on incorporating medium grain brown rice, beans, legumes, and other types of seeds such as quinoa into the 90-day cancer diet? I just started following your dietary changes, but I’m concerned about protein wasting as I was briefly hospitalized for that in the past.

    I absolutely WILL NOT accept chemo therapy! But I’m not sure about surgery. Any thoughts on that??

    I have a colonoscopy consultation scheduled for next week with the actual procedure being performed the last week of August or the first week of September. I’m not waiting around until I’m told I have cancer, and figure I’m better off changing my diet starting now!



    1. Chris Wark

      I think those are all very good foods and good choices if you need more calories. :)

  35. Yvette

    Hi Chris,

    I forgot to mention are organic pumpkin protein supplements made with 60% protein acceptable while on the ’90-day cancer diet’?



  36. Carmine

    Well Done Chris! You are a truly G-d Inspiration :)

  37. Luciana

    Hey Chris!
    I really like your blog, Thanks God I dont get cancer, but I wanna have a good health (and lost some weight). I’m eating more fruits and vegetables and less processed food (like cookies and that market’s stuff).
    Here in Brazil is really rare to find organic fruits, but I can find organic vegetables and eggs. Our meat came mostly from cattle in pasture, but always with vaccines and wormers. I didn’t stop to eat meat, but I’m eating less.
    Our tradicion here is to eat rice and beans every day at lunch. I think is a good cereal isn’t it?

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