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This nurse refused oncology for breast cancer in 2008

Marcelle Pick (@marcellepick) is an integrative OB/GYN Nurse Practioner, author, breast cancer survivor, and co-founder of the Women to Women clinic in Yarmouth, Maine (est. 1983).

After she was diagnosed with tubular invasive ductal carcinoma in 2008, she refused oncology for breast cancer and instead chose to take control of her life and health. And guess what happened… She got well!

In this fantastic interview, Marcelle explains why she decided to steer clear of oncology after her breast cancer diagnosis. She also talks about the problems with mammograms, how our choices affect our genes, what every women needs to know about HRT and menopause, and more!

Download the interview transcript here

Show Notes:
-Why Marcelle decided to open an integrative wellness clinic in 1983 [2:00]

-How adverse childhood experience can impact your health in adulthood [7:56]

-How your adrenal function impacts your immune system [11:37]

-How stress leads to harmful self-medication [16:00]

-The importance of our thoughts, actions and forgiveness in wellness [17:30]

-What do to after a cancer diagnosis [22:00]

-Why she refused oncology for breast cancer in 2008 [25:50]

-Additional changes she made to help heal her cancer [33:00]

-Marcelle shares surprising findings about mammograms [34:00]

-Epigenetics and how our choices affect our genes ­[39:14]

-What you need to know about hormone replacement therapy, estrogen, and menopause [46:16]

-Important advice for women who are going through menopause [50:00]

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Resources mentioned:
The ACE Study (Adverse Childhood Experiences)
The Hoffman Institute

Marcelle’s books:
The Core Balance Diet
Is It Me or My Adrenals?

Is It Me or My Hormones?

Connect with Marcelle at and on twitter (@marcellepick)


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  • Jen

    Thank you so much for this wonderful interview Chris, and thank you Marcelle for sharing your experiences and advice! You are helping so many people Chris, you are such an inspiration and your efforts are much appreciated.

    • Chris Wark

      You are so welcome Jen!

  • Tanya Rachel Wieczorek

    I know mammograms aren’t the “end all answer” – after being dx’d with papillary carcinoma Sep 7th I had one done, my doc said my breasts are too dense, and he can’t see anything anyway! He couldn’t even see the 6mm lump that was already there, let alone any other possible lump anywhere else! At least now we know if he can’t see anything I shouldn’t get pressured into doing another one! My mother went through all the nonsense, did everything the docs told her to, mastectomy, chemo, rad, she passed away at 53. I just got dx’d at 39. Although mine may be a different type than she had.. but the surgeon also found DCIS which she didn’t expect:(

    Congrats Marcelle on beating this! So you just had surgery and that was it? (conventionally speaking)

  • Such a fantastic interview!!! Thank you for sharing this.
    Peace & Raw Health,

  • Ann

    Loved the video. I was diagnosed with invasive ductal breast cancer, estrogen positive last Feb. and have changed my diet, exercise, stress, etc and this week at 9 months, the mass has decreased by 82% without conventional treatment. The doctor is now suggesting that I take “anastrozole” as an estrogen blocker. Not sure I want to tamper with my protocol success. Has anyone used this and why?
    Marcelle mentioned tests to determine estrogen receptivity and I’m curious about those. Thanks for the site, Chris.

  • Orna Shir Tal

    I am from Israel 64 years old,

    Also was diagnosed with invasive ductal breast cancer, estrogen positive last Feb.

    For 15 years was doing hormone replacement therapy . Till I felt a tumor in my left breast.

    after giving a lot of thinking I decided to take a surgery to cut the tumor and refused to do radiation nor agree to any Tamoksipen suggestion. Thanks to Chris and Ocean Robbins and other amazing good people that convinced me that the only way to survive is ignoring the motivated “big pharma” doctors suggestions to use all the terrible toxic medications which are actually killing us and follow the path of good healthy nutrition I am feeling great. I lost 25 pounds , I look great , I eat mostly fruits and vegetables and little nuts all day long , once in a while I eat meat but only when I feel that my hemoglobin is too down and I make from time to time fast for few hours (9 hours) not including night sleep and I am healthy, strong, happy and there is no markers of cancer in my blood and not any exist of new tumor in the breast ultrasound test that I just did. So it is so easy to fight cancer and the only reason that so many people died out of cancer was the the toxic treatment that were giving to many patients through out the years that actually killed so many people. So for me I don’t take and avoid any kind of medicine even naïve pills like Acomol I will not take as I understand how the side affects of every innocent pill can hurt my body.
    Love you all good people and mostly big thanks to you Chris

  • Jim

    so….is this thread/comments posts etc… closed? Chris? Hello? Tried to post a couple very important links re: cancer related to this story.

  • Mari

    Informative interview, Marcelle never really said I her cancer is gone after her MRI & mammogram after making those changes in her life. Is it very slow growing out gone? Chris asked her “there was no reoccurence”? She didn’t really answer specifically, I would have liked her to confirm the results, is the INVASIVE yet slow growing like she said….gone?

  • Abigial Caleb

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  • Chris Matthews

    I am 50 years old and have not started going through menopause yet. I still have a full 7 day cycle every month. I have very dense breast tissue & very sensitive breast. I was diagnosed a few months ago with stage 1 carcinoma situ breast cancer. I had the cancer removed, but decided not to take radiation or hormone therapy. I have changed my diet. Trying to stay as close to raw as I can. Cut out sugar. I juice carrots and celery and apples everyday. Taking barley green, vitamin C, vitamin D3, tumeric, super greens & exercising at least 5 days a week. Staying away from soy. I know I am on the right track. My question is that the cancer was estrogen positive and I haven’t stopped my period. Should I do the depo shots once every 3 months until I go into menopause to block the estrogen or what do you recommend?

  • sore throat

    Really inspiring interview. Thanks for sharing this.

  • missy

    I was diagnosed with breast cancer and cancer of the nodes june 2017 I have had a lumpectomy and 10 nodes removed. The clinic wants me to have chemo but that’s something I do not want to do I have changed my diet to no sugar,grains,dairy,carbs, or rooted veg, so I mainly have saiad fruit and veg with some fish and chicken. iam worried the cancer will come back. what advice can anyone give me to what I should be doing as iam confused to what I should be eating