How Ursula healed stage 4 ovarian and uterine cancer naturally

Ok so this is my first post after returning from the The Annie Appleseed Conference in West Palm Beach, Florida and the Completing Your Health Puzzle in Nashville, TN. Both were fantastic events.
I met so many wonderful people and came home refreshed and reenergized.

Thanks for all the hugs!

And I brought home some souvenirs: four natural survivor interviews to share with you!

Big thanks to my friend Kevin Campbell who gave me his mini-tripod to use.
It was perfect and will be traveling with me everywhere. What a guy!

Ursula Kaiser was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian and uterine cancer in 1999.
Here’s how she healed it naturally. Enjoy!

Ursula’s full story and protocol is detailed in her book

My Journey To Wellness: How I Beat Cancer Naturally, Tips on Prevention, Necessary Cleanses for Optimal Health

Ursula’s site:

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  1. Sydney

    I feel I got my cancer from stress. Thats why this summer is about to be a summer to remember. Atleast 4 trips this summer. I need it.

    1. Chris Wark

      Sydney your instincts are correct. Stress cripples your immune system and eventually leads to cancer. Vacations are great, definitely take them, but make sure you reduce the stress of your home life. That is a major major part of the healing process. :)

  2. Mitzi

    Was the guy she saw in St. Augustine Jack Garvy by any chance?

  3. Alina Adriana

    Thank you Chris for sharing with us all these inspiring stories.

  4. Carmen

    I love hearing these survivor stories. Just one comment about the video – I could barely hear Ursula even with my computer’s volume up all the way. I visit your site frequently to read the articles so I can learn how to eat the way God intended. I’m so burdened that so many of my brothers and sisters in Christ don’t give a rip about their health. They seem to have the attitude that they can eat all the junk they want to eat and if they get sick, then a pill and a prayer will fix things. I do not have cancer, but thanks to a “safe” allergy medication taken in early 2010, I have a rare form of vasculitis, called Churg-Strauss Syndrome. I’ve had to take large doses of prednisone over the past three years. I’m about to come off my second long trek with the prednisone and am pretty sure this will be the last time I go through this. Either I will find a natural treatment, the Lord will heal me, or He can take me home. There is, as you concluded at the onset of your journey back to health, something so wrong about treating sickness with drugs that have worse side effects and make one feel worse than the actual disease. Anyway, thanks so much for sharing your story and the stories of others. It keeps me on the nutritional “straight and narrow!”

  5. Kristin

    It wasn’t clear what happened in Ursula’s second surgery. Did she have her uterus and second uterus removed? In other words, did she have a hysterectomy?

  6. Kristin

    (Sorry, I meant second ovary.) It wasn’t clear what happened in Ursula’s second surgery. Did she have her uterus and second ovary removed? In other words, did she have a hysterectomy?

  7. TheDoctorWhoCuresCancer

    Good for Ursula!

    It’s possible that her vegan diet contributed to a catabolic imbalance.

    Coffee is strongly anabolic. I wonder if the coffee didn’t balance her metabolism.

    Neither chemo or radiation would have cured her as the doctors themselves told her.

  8. Don

    Love the interviews as usual. I have aggressive bladder cancer and have been fighting it alternatively for a year and a half. It seems like most of these survivors have had their cancerous organ(s) removed. I’m trying my best to avoid that. If my latest cancer marker numbers don’t come back with an improvement I’m scheduled to have my bladder removed in the middle of May. It seems like a full-time job on top of my full-time job in doing all that it takes to beat this disease. I would love to hear some advice from anyone that has a protocol that I might not have utilized. I’ve done 15 weeks of vitamin C IVs and chelation, hyperbaric chamber, colonics, coffee enemas every day, rebounding, Ozone sauna, rectal ozone, bladder ozone infusions. I also juice massive amounts daily. I do Bill Henderson’s protocol plus I take what seems like every supplement known to man. I’m sure there’s plenty that I’ve left out but that’s a pretty good start. How’s it possible that I can still have cancer after all of this?

    1. Helle

      Look at all you programs – your beliefs also :-)
      TFT/EFT – Access Consciousness – Hypnotherapy might be helpfull.

    2. maf

      HI Don. Maybe you are doing to much. is your Ph OK? juicing all day for 3 months i find is important to get a good PH. I finally got a good reading on PH. Also, you may want to look into herbs, Graviola, Bitter melon, Cats,claw, Paud’arco. Paw paw seems to be getting results in getting rid of tumors and when chemo does not work anymore. Do not get scare by the negative reviews….did a lot of researching and seems very safe. It’s better than cut and burn.Just got an email that primary tumors should never be cut off. Hope this helps.

      1. Don

        I have not done Paw Paw yet. I did do several months of Protocel last summer which I believe works much the same. About the primary tumors…I have had them resected three time but they are high grade and aggressive and just grow back. Thanks for your help.

    3. Cyndi

      Hi Don,
      Healing is in three parts. Body, Mind and Spirit. You sound as if your body is being work on but are you taking care of your mind and spirit. Trust that God is able to heal you. Forgiveness is also a huge part of healing. Dig into your past and forgive everyone who hurt you. Stop watching the news or anything sad. Get rid of all negativity. Focus on being grateful and things that bring joy to your life. Live! Laugh as much as possible. I’m a stage 4 Colon Cancer survivor. I went the traditional route with chemo and surgery. I combined natural and traditional treatments and everything I mentioned above. I also juiced green smoothies and drank 5lbs of carrot juice daily. Read Ann Cameron and Ralph Cole story. I hope this helps as well.
      I wish you well Don.

      1. Don

        I have done equally as much work on my mind and spirit. I know God is more than able to to heal me. Every day I meditate on God’s word and his promises and I hold tightly to them. I’m usually very optimistic by nature so negativity is something I try to let go of very quickly. Like Chris my skin is orange from the massive amounts of carrot juicing every day. I’m so glad to hear about you overcoming stage four cancer, that’s very inspirational.

    4. Yvonne Forsman

      Sorry to hear about your health. If I were in your situation I would try medical marijuana. It is said to heal cancer. There are dispensaries which juice the raw plant in a low rpm juicer. The green juice is not psychoactive and has higher healing power than when dried plant is smoked. River Rock Café, Denver, CO, sells 2 oz MJ juice for $4. Good Luck!

    5. KayB

      Hi some research on Salvestrols ..they have had some phenomenal successes with it …see how you feel . I know the people involved personally and they are very genuine wonderful beings ! If you are in America the canadian supplier is Brian Schaeffer bs*******@ai***.ca I know personally how you feel about doing all the “right” things and still having cancer in your body ( and the slight resentment at people who seem to heal so effortlessly !!!) Good luck and bless you !

  9. Helle

    Great – except I think you interrupted her to much when she was trying to tell her story.

  10. Nora Jane Gallegos-Prager

    I love all these stories I wish I could hear more on cancer survivors that actually did do the chemo and radiation like I did – (Stage II Breast cancer in June 2011) and what they are doing to prevent it coming back…I feel stress was my initial reason among poor eating…I now go up and down in eating but always juice…I try and walk but nonetheless I am now a friggin realtor and that’s stress city…I am wondering if I should find another profession, ha!
    I appreciate all the short videos and would love to know more about the coffee enema. I bought this one…Purenema coffee kit Seeking Health brand…anyone know of it or are they all the same…?
    Jane :)

    1. MAF

      Hi jane, there is videos on tube on how to do organic coffee enemas..It must be organic. Is very easy to do. Hope this helps.

  11. Trang

    I recently realized that the stress that contributed to my cancer was the stress from excessive exercise. I was training for half marathons every other month and squeezing in runs during lunch and after work, which totally stressed out my body. It sounds so counter-intuitive that exercise caused my cancer, but it was the “excessiveness” of the exercise that was weakening my immune system. On top of that, I had a poor diet. I thought that I could eat whatever I want since I was training so hard. Processed foods and sugars were my mainstay. I am so blessed that God has opened my eyes to see the error of my ways. I’m glad to report that I am a vegan now and taking relaxing walks instead of pounding the pavement like before.

  12. Maribeth Zamora Mauricio

    hi coach I miss chatting with you getting info about cancer. I wanna buy this book. right now I’m still juicing then veggies. can you please tell me how to buy the book. God Bless

    1. Chris Wark

      Hi Maribeth, just click the link below the picture of her book. :)

  13. Catherine

    love this so much. thanks for all you do, Chris. amen.

  14. Anonomyous

    It never ceases to amaze me that after one surgery they always have to do a second. I think they plan it that way. Sounds like the juicing, stress releif and other things worked great.
    Always great to hear these stories.

  15. Kvogue

    this message is for Don: I’ve read that combining a Gerson type protocol (heavy juicing, raw foods & supplements) with the Henderson protocol (flax oil, cottage cheese & supplements, whole foods diet) can offset each other and reduce your results. Please check in to this.

  16. margie54

    I think that stress is a great killer with many names associated. We must always remember that having a support group/peoples/pets are vital for healthy daily living. Even if you just get on-line support/ideas from Chris Beat Cancer it can help with your faith and endurance issues. There are many natural ways to help the body heal from various named illnesses. It would be very difficult to have a healthy life style(vegan) + still get cancer, but please remember that we live in challenging times with human greed issues abounding. Our air, water, food supply near as the medical establishment is all polluted at this time and age. I appreciate all those who share with their honesty and struggles to bring healing and wholeness to the rest of us also. Thank you all and I send you my best for your strength to continue on your healing paths.

  17. Julie

    Thank you for sharing this story! I think others have commented and I was also wondering-what happened in the second surgery? Did Ursula heal the cancer in her uterus and ovary without surgery, or did she have those organs removed?

  18. Kuben Pillay

    I have a soft tissue mass in my bladder. Urine tests showed the cells to benign. My urologist insists on doing a turbt. Going into the bladder and removing the mass. I am hesitant. I am presently stopped eating meat, sugar. Just raw food,juicing, fruits and veg dishes.
    Can I please have some of your thoughts.
    Diagnosed on the 25th September 2017.

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