Vincent: Chemo-Free Stage 4 Colon Cancer Survivor since 2006!


In January 2007 and at the age of 57, I was diagnosed with colon cancer which had spread to the liver.  As a non-drinker, non-smoking fella who had exercised most of his life, this was a bit of a shock to put it mildly.

However, I am a person that gets stressed quite a bit and had recently experienced a very tragic bereavement, which I think was the tipping point for my immune system.

Surgery was necessary as the colon was almost blocked and I had 2 small tumours removed from the liver in a second operation 3 months later. I knew enough about chemotherapy to avoid it completely. I refused all other follow up treatment that was offered, much to the disgust of the highly paid oncologist.

When I told him about the alternative treatments that I would be using instead, all of which were non-toxic, he remarked arrogantly that none of these had any proven benefits.  I did point out that neither has chemotherapy, which did not go down too well. I could see  that there was no point in discussing this with him any further and so I took my leave. I have not been back to a hospital since that time.

My experience of some conventional medicine is that is saves many lives in emergency and acute medical situations and I applaud all doctors and nurses for their compassion and dedication to their patients. However on the dark side of this is the complete disregard for lives and human suffering by Big Pharma. They continue to deceivie the public into thinking that they are actually trying to develop a cure for cancer when they have no intention of doing so.

I knew what I had to do, which was to address the toxicity, deficiency and stress which all seem to be a factor in cancer. I bought a book by Dr Sherry Rogers entitled Detoxify or Die and that book became my bible.

From it I learned why we get so toxic in our modern world and how these toxins lead to serious and degenerative illness. The book also explains how to go about getting the toxins out of the body. I used a variety of supplements and the famous Coffee Enemas, which is the best thing I ever did.

From my research I knew that cancer cannot survive in an oxygen-rich environment and one which is alkaline. So my next step was to make my body as inhospitable as possible for the cancer cells.

I started out gently at first using FlorEssence (Essiac) which is an herbal tea and has anti-cancer properties.

Once the cancer cells started dying off, I would need all the elimination channels working as effectively as possible, otherwise the liver gets overloaded.

I invested in an ozone generator from Ozone Guru Dr. Saul Pressman in Canada and self-administered Ozone Therapy. Having read about the benefits of Infrared Sauna treatment, for not only detoxing but also stressing cancer cells to destruction, I invested in a small one person unit.

I also combined the two therapies by heating up my body to a high level with the sauna and then funnelling Ozone, whilst still in the sauna (pores wide open) to the site of the removed tumour.

I juiced organic celery, carrots and a green apple every morning to which I added ground Bitter Apricot Kernels.

I also followed the complete B17 Protocol which includes Pancreatic Enzymes, Zinc and several other supplements. There is lots of information about B17 on both Philip Day’s site and also

Every afternoon I made fresh fruit smoothies and tried to include pineapple and Papaya, because they contain some very potent anti-cancer enzymes, Papain and Bromelain. I also included some of the Brazilian Super Fruits Acai and Acerola which I bought frozen from a juice bar supplier (you cannot buy these fresh) I cut out red meat and ate chicken and fish for protein.

I supplemented with high doses of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, COq10, Selenium, Zinc, Magnesium, and several more. I got back into exercise as soon as I could because that brings so many benefits both physically and mentally. That was 5 years ago and looking back, the whole journey has been a blessing.

It is so important to take control and responsibility for your own health and educate yourself about the options available. Do not be bullied into going down the conventional route without checking out other options first and don’t make the mistake of thinking that doctor’s know everything about health matters, they don’t!!’

I also did the Budwig Protocol, and recommend these videos Powerful Immune System: InnerTalkFoodmatters, and Healing Cancer From Inside Out.

My story along with others can also be seen at, a UK website which like yours is spreading the word and unveiling the sinister world of Pharmaceuticals where profit is always put before health, and deception is continuing to cost the lives of many of our loved ones. Also recommend:

-Vincent Crewe


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  1. Sid Aust

    Great story and great ending…just makes me worker at learning and appling the knowledge that I learn….keem em coming

    1. Rob Woodward

      I wish we would have looked into this earlier! My wife of 30 was diagnosed with stage IV colorectal cancer with mets to liver in August of 2011, we have been through Chemo, radiation, surgery. Still in Chemo and the cancer has spread to the lungs now as well. Today we were told by surgeon and chemo oncologist that she is definately not going to make it and were told she probably has 3-6 months maybe 8. Do you think we still have time to turn this around???

      1. Chris Wark

        Hi Rob. You have to assume that yes, it can still be turned around and the body can heal.
        There are many people who have been given a “death sentence” that healed anyway.
        If you believe and accept the death sentence, you will most certainly die.
        I’ve seen that happen as well.

        1. Rob Woodward

          Hey Chris, So since our last talk on the 15th of March we have changed her diet to a completely raw vegan diet, lots of juicing! We also started a few alternative therapies, high dose i.v. vitamin C (100 gram infusion), UBI (ultraviolet Blood Irradiation), and high pH protocol utilizing Cessium. Since then her CEA levels have dropped from 11.2 in December to 4.4 last week! Will keep ya posted!!

          1. Rob Woodward

            Jennifer lost her fight to stage IV colon cancer on 8/26/2013 she was 31 years and 10 days.

          2. suemenow

            Guess it doesn’t always work…especially if it is very far along and the body has been battered by chemo….as it much harder to turn around..but hope you and and family have found changes you will continue with.

  2. Wendy

    He was smart not to listen to doctors. For stage 4 cancers conventional medicine only make your last days miserable. His alternative therapy was the best thing he could have done to treat the disease.

    1. Minnie


      My deepest kind wishes for you may God carry you through these difficult times.


      1. Minnie

        I am also dying of colon cancer spread to liver..i got my diagnosis tooo late…when i went to the oncologist he said i have six months to live…everyday i can see how my tummy swells more and i become thinner.

  3. Judy Seeger

    Another winner! Nice job Vince! You decided to take your health into your own hands and your reaped the benefits. It was interesting to note that you feel that the emotional trauma seemed to be the tipping point for your immune system.

    People are still learning how vital the emotions are to healing!

    I’d love have you on my radio show – The Cancer Winner Radio Show to share your story!

  4. Jessie

    What most people Don’t realize is that when you go that way you have to do it ALL the way until you’ve beaten it & you can’t go back to your old eating habits without bringing back your old health issues!
    Feel great, don’t you!!!
    Sugar (& refined carbs) feed cancer, (Google it to read about documentation: cancer/sugar)

  5. Jasmine -India

    Hats off for taking responsibiltyin your hands at that stage. Its a very inspiring story and truely heartrending.Will surely forward it to my loved ones n friends.
    God helps those who helps themselves

    1. Rob Woodward

      God, throughout history has helped those who cannot help themselves and rely on Him as the source of help! It was not the bible that stated God only helps those who help themselves, it was Benjamin Franklin!

  6. Eric Schneider

    Wonderful, Vincent. I’m happy for you.I’m here at TrueNorth Health Center in Santa Rosa, CA, on my 3rd fasting retreat in 3 years.Dr. Goldhamer, chiropractor and researcher operates it, with two MDs and 4 other DC’s on his staff.
    Over 35+ years, they’ve healed over 8,000 patients of High BP (that was my ailment), diabetes, lupus, osteoporosis, rosacea, and other degenerative diseases strictly through water fasting and re-feeding with gluten-free, vegan food that has no sugar, oil, or salt added.

  7. Pete

    Wow, congrats on your thriving without chemo!
    But I just want to caution:
    Out of the hundreds of thousands of people every year who have advanced cancer and then surgery to remove the cancer, there’s going to be some people who who opt out of chemo and are lucky in that their bodies beat the cancer without the extra benefit (or harm) that chemo or radiation may provide. There’s also late stage cancer survivors (you’ll find thousands of them on other cancer survivor boards) who undergo chemo and or radiation and survive long term. Some going all out with alt therapies in addition to chemo, and others who just go on about their standard american diet.

    From all the research I’ve done, and I’ve done many many hours worth because my sister’s life depends on it, most of the therapies listed in this story are bunk. I encourage everyone to research them and don’t just assume big pharma and corporate medical associations are suppressing them — look at the independent studies and independent science blogs who critically analyze them.

    I believe strongly in a plant based diet, and phytochemicals like Sulforaphane in broccoli sprouts, garlic compounds, selenium from sunflower seed butter, curcumin and other compounds in tumeric, indian gooseberry, various mushrooms, ginger,
    keeping your body and home free of toxic products as well as exercise, positive attitude and pure luck. But b17, infrared saunas, ozone therapy, essaiac, coffee enemas, all these things are bunk and placebo at best. Please, anyone with cancer, please research them thoroughly!

    1. chrisbeatcancer

      Pete thanks for your comment
      Couple things: “luck” has nothing to do with healing and cancer survival.
      The body doesn’t operate on luck.

      We certainly agree on a plant based diet approach as foundational.
      However there are three reasons why it is unwise to dismiss b17/Laetrile, infrared saunas, ozone therapy, essiac, coffee enemas, and other alternative therapies.
      1) All of the above are used in clinics and hospitals throughout the world.
      2) There are numerous survivors who are ALIVE today that list them in their protocols.
      3) They are all inexpensive, non-toxic and have no risk of harm.

      For me cancer survival meant doing everything I could find and afford.
      I can’t advise anyone to do any less.
      And even though I did not personally employ every single one of those therapies above,
      I would never dismiss them as “bunk”, because we can learn from the experience of others.

      Clinical research can be extremely biased and engineered to “prove” the ineffectiveness of a natural therapy against patented pharmaceuticals. Or it is suppressed and the results are lied about. Like Dr. Kanematsu Seguira’s research on Laetrile in 1977.

      Alternative practitioners and survivors have advocating a plant-based diet for decades, while the industry completed denied that diet had any role in healing. It is only in recent years that research on diet and cancer has become more widely accepted.

      I recommend you start reading and researching more stories of real survivors on this site and others.
      Again, we can learn from the experience of others.

      1. Vincent

        Hi Pete
        Thanks for your comments to my story. I have to tell you though if you have properly researched Ozone for instance you will know that it has been around for well over a hundred years and is used everyday in mainstream hospitals located throughout Germany and many othe EU countries use it too. Ozone was used to disinfect the wounds of injured soldiers on the battle fields in WW1.
        If you have properly researched Coffee Enemas you will know that they were included in what is considered to be the ultimate bible for physicians, The Merck Manual, from 1899-1977, if you study the science behind Coffee Enemas, you will understand why. The Gerson Therapy has pulled many thosusands of patients back from the brink of death by the use of juicing and coffee enemas. These patients had all been through the Chemotherapy and radiation and the doctors had nothing left to offer other than advice to go home and get your affairs in order. Dr Donald Kelly cured himself of Pancreatic Cancer with Enzymes, diet and Coffee enemas. There is no cure for Pancreatic Cancer in conventional medicine, people just die of it. Dr Kelly went on to treat 10,000 patients successfully, all carefully documented. The largest and most comprehensive study ever carried out on the efficacy of Chemotherapy came up with a shocking conclusion. It took 10 years and 350 of the largest cancer hospitals in the world took part. This was the conclusion.
        “Chemotherapy is incapable of extending in any appreciable way the lives of patients suffering from the most common organic cancers” The research was carried out by a highly respected German Epidemiologist and statisticion, Dr Ulrich Abel and published in the world famous medical journal, The Lancet in the early nineties.He termed the use of using Chemotherapy for traeting cancer as ” A Scientific Wasteland”
        You won’t find many official references to it now though as it has been carefuly removed over the years by people who would prefer it not to be too well known. I agree that many people do survive the chemo, depending on the type and dosage, but many are left badly damaged by it and it is well known that as well as damaging the liver (Chemo Liver)Chemo spreads cancer cells to other areas of the body causing Metastasis. Patients think the cancer has come back when in fact, it never went away. Temporarily shrinking a tumour with Chemo or radiation is not eliminating the cause of the problem, the tumour is not the cancer, it is just a symptom. And don’t be fooled by the survival rates quoted by the drug companies either, they are massaged and downright false. I personally know 3 people who have gone down the Chemo route and died whilst being treated. I know 4 that have taken an alternative route and are alive and well today,that is my proof and my personal research goes back 7 years.
        To say that many of the therapies that I used are bunk, is both naive and unscientific, all of them have been around for decades and have saved many thousands of lives. I wish you all the best with your ongoing research for your sister.

        1. Peggy

          To Vincent:

          You said “it is well known that as well as damaging the liver (Chemo Liver)Chemo spreads cancer cells to other areas of the body causing Metastasis.”

          My husband has a genotype of Hep c that has not responded to any treatment over the past 16 years, so cirrhosis sets in and once it’s to Stage 4, cancer can form.

          That’s what the doctors say has happened. An MRI showed a mass measuring 10x11x10cm on his liver. However he feels well and shows absolutely NO signs of illness. He’s still working 12 hour day, walks 15-20 miles a week and has an extremely positive outlook.

          About 2 years ago I did a lot of research and drastically changed our diet. We tried to eat totally vegan, but found that very difficult so we added in a few eggs here and there, deep sea wild caught fish once or twice a week, and a small amount of cheese every few weeks (you get the idea).

          The doctors want to do a procedure called TACE on his liver in an effort to shrink the tumor, although the surgeon doesn’t believe it will shrink it much and he wants to simply operate. TACE is where they would go directly to the liver and apply a blast of very strong chemo to the mass. Our concern is: how can a cirrhotic liver which is still functioning (although maybe not at full capacity – we don’t know)process this toxin? I read where 1 in 100 patients don’t even survive this procedure. Others die of liver failure during the night.

          It seems the doctors have painted a fairly bleak picture, talking of transplant, but in the next breath saying that he is not eligible for a transplant with such a huge tumor. They can’t even agree if the tumor can be shrunk using the TACE method.

          My husband has said “no” to this. We’re continuing with the good nutrition, and have received an alternative plan (simply advice, not treatment) from a scientist open to alternative medicine.

          It’s fairly scary to step away from conventional medicine, and I had two questions:

          1)did you mean that the chemo (TACE) would cause spreading IF this mass is cancer (we’re not sure about that either, although the docs insist it probably is), and

          2)how can we get blood work to monitor the situation if the hospital and doctors are so pissed that they won’t see us; or if they do, I don’t know that I trust them to tell the truth.

          Any comments and advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

          1. Lori McFadden

            Peggy, I wanted to address your question #2, regarding how to get blood work done when doctors realize you won’t follow their instructions for treatment. This happened to me, so your concern is well-founded. There is a doctor in the Philippines named Dr. Efren Navarro of the Navarro Medical Clinic who continues to provide the HCG cancer test discovered in the 1950’s by his father, who was a renowned oncologist. The cost is only $55, and I’ve done it a couple of times, since I’m a cancer survivor. Just follow instructions carefully, and it works really well for indicating whether or not one has cancer, and to what degree. Blessings to you and your husband.

  8. i like your blog and story, i too have done it all and am just cancer free of metastatic colorectal living in germany continuing immunotherapy. ozone, b17, diet. i would be very careful what anyone says is bunk. its always better to try alternative therapies than die, chemo offers so little and often precludes the immune response that saves. we are so unique, what works for one, different to the next. clinical trials and chemo is old, personalised medicine the future with holistic principles at its heart, which means owning our health decisions, not our doctors.

    1. Minnie

      Hi Vincent,

      I have been diagnosed with colon cancer with metastasis to the liver. My liver is quite enlarged and i have lost a lot of weight because i quite small built.

      Is it normal for the liver to enlarged so much and what can i do?..


  9. RMG

    Hello Chris and Vincent,

    Thank you very much for creating the above blog. This is very helpful, reduces fear about cancer and has trustabel facts about the myths created by doctors about chemotherapy which is not true, chemotherapy will only give birth to more illness and create more business to the doctors and hospitals, which is the main intention of most of the doctors in the world. My father had colorectal cancer and he has been operated in July 2013 and the part of the intestine along with nodes has been removed. My father is 66 year old and was a non smoker and non drinker, pure vegetarian, and was a body builder and has worked hard through out his life. He got Diabetes at the age of 45. He was alright till the age of 60, when we took him to a famous physician in bangalore, this was our biggest mistake of our life. That physician over dosed my father with 8 tables per day. He had urine problem and since few years he used to see blood in his motion, which we informed that physician, he did not advise for any tests to be done and did not speak even a word about that which was very surprising. We suspect that my father got cancer bocs of those high dosage medicines which made him week. We got to see the true color of that physician when he advised us to admit my father in his hospital when he had puss formation in his leg. Which is a big story where the hospital was above to cut his leg we took him to other very good hospital in bangalore and they saved his leg with just VAC Treatment and Skin grafting.
    Since then I never trust any doctors and do my own research before considering any advise and go by patients experience words than doctors words, as its very true “An old patient is better than a new doctor, or any doctor in this world’
    In the Pathology report, it has been stated that the cancer has not spread to any other part of the body nor to the other part of the intestine. But still the onchologist who operated my father has suggested to meet the chemotherapist. At the very first instance we refused to put our father on chemotherapy. The surgeon said if we want to take the change we can go ahead, for my father the very mild chemotherapy which was used 20 years back might be used (the decision yet to be taken by the chemotherapist doctor). Tomorrow we are meeting the chemotherapist, but our decision will not change, ‘at any cost we will not put our father on chemotherapy’. Among the cancer patients that I have seen, after the age of 55 non of them have survived after chemotherapy. They were all very strong and could have easily survived for another 4-5 years if the chemotherapy was not given.
    I will try the diet advise given by you and will keep you posted about his health improvements and I’m sure with God’s grace he will be healthy and strong for many years to come.

    Thank you

  10. Sylvan Cruickshank

    Hello Chris,
    Thanks for sharing the positive messages. I defeated stage 3 colon cancer without deadly chemo therapy.


    1. Akoni

      How did you do it?my mom has a colon cancer and I search through internet alternative medicine and how survivors survived the colon cancer..hoping for a reply soon

    2. suemenow

      Did you have surgery? I know people who did but did not get chemo at stage three…and lived…as it is about precaution…But Colon cancer at stage four, chemo can only buy some time but at a horrible price…Some stage four cancers are still curable though with conventional treatment…throght and lymph cancer are a couple…No all cancers are alike…but yes healing the total pewrson is always a good thing to do.

  11. susan

    Thanks for the insight. My sister has been diagnosed with colon cancer and was to begin chemo treatment on 19th August 2013, but she is not for the idea.Please advise the type of diet she can start with. It has inflammed 10% of the liver.

  12. jemma

    Yeah for you!!! I’m so excited to find this website and posts. I had stage 4 colon cancer in Jan 2006. (I was 46 and healthy as can be till that happened) still here…. It came back a year later, but after surgery and 3 chemo treatments I stopped and did a lot of what you did. I love hearing about all the other tips too for staying healthy. Didn’t know about ground apricot kernals. Where do you get those?
    I did also a lot of energy work (md’s freaked out about that ) acupuncture and meditated a lot. And danced often . It was not scary for me, but the surgeries were a big drag! Glad to read about so many of you wonder people! We need to get the word out and sift the big wheels of Pharm so that more people can be well by their own intentions.
    great to find you, Jemma

    1. suemenow

      What cancer did you have? So glad you felt guided to such new ways to live.

  13. suemenow

    My husband has stage colon cancer but will never do any of this…So many people are like this and is why conventional medicine …and junk food…dominate society…Most just dont want to change. Kudos to you for doing it!

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