What I Eat Now, Post-Cancer

Before I got cancer I ate whatever I wanted, which was a lot of processed food and fast food.

Micah and I both worked a lot and didn’t prepare fresh meals often. I ate bacon, eggs, sausage biscuits, cereal, and toaster waffles for breakfast; and Super Sized fast food for lunch, which was usually a double cheeseburger, fries and a coke. Dinner was either a microwave dinner, or something like George Forman grilled chicken breast, or bacon-wrapped filets with a cooked vegetable side.

I drank soft drinks, and ate candy bars, chips, basically whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.  I’ve always had a high metabolism and don’t gain weight easily, so I assumed I had a free pass. Little did I know, I was poisoning and polluting myself with the high amounts of meat, dairy, sugar, salt, oils, and processed foods in the Western Diet. And for what it’s worth, I didn’t smoke cigarettes and drank very little alcohol. I would have a few glasses of wine or a few beers occasionally.

A lot of folks are asking me what I eat now, so what I think I’ll do here is a basic overview of the food I eat the most, and expound on this stuff more in individual posts.

I am not a vegetarian or a vegan, but a lot of my meals are.

I eat oatmeal for breakfast pretty much every day.

I eat a lot of Raw Organic fruits and vegetables, seeds, and nuts.

Giant Salads are the easiest way for me to eat a lot of vegetables every day.

I make smoothies every day with frozen berries, spinach, kale, bananas, dates, almonds, walnuts, and anything else I can cram in there.

I also drink fresh Vegetable Juice that we make in our kitchen with our Champion Juicer.

I eat lots of starchy vegetables like organic brown, black and red rice, beans, peas, lentils, quinoa, white and sweet potatoes, and squash, usually for dinner.

I occasionally eat Organic Sprouted Grain Breads like Ezekiel 4:9 Bread and Manna Bread.

Most breads are made with refined flour and are fast-burning carbs that turn to sugar in your bloodstream, spiking your insulin.  Sprouted Grain breads are slow burning carbs (low-glycemic) and the healthiest bread you can eat.

The recipe for Ezekiel 4:9 Bread came straight out of the Old Testament.  It’s a combination of six sprouted grains and legumes that form a complete protein with 18 amino acids.  It comes in a standard sandwich-style loaf of bread.  It doesn’t taste like regular bread and it’s more hearty and whole-grainey (if that’s a word). The original and cinnamon raisin are both great.  Ezekiel also makes other good stuff like a grape-nuts style cereal, sprouted english muffins, and tortillas.

Manna Bread is a cake-like sprouted bread with no yeast, salt, oil, or sweeteners.  It comes in a small dense loaf and is heated at low temperatures.  It’s not exactly raw, but it’s close.  It’s not sandwich bread, it’s more like a specialty bread you’d have with a meal.  We really love the Fruit and Nut, Carrot Raisin, and Cinnamon Date.  Cut a thick slice then warm it up in the toaster oven with a pat of butter…………I’m drooling on the freaking keyboard right now!

You’re gonna find those kinds of healthy breads in the frozen food section of Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and even some traditional groceries. They need to be frozen because they don’t have a bunch of chemical preservatives in them. Key words to look for: Sprouted Grain Breads

Organic Almond Butter is a staple in our house. It tastes amazing and is super healthy.
It costs more than PB, but it is so worth it.

I love to make Almond Butter and Honey Sandwiches with Ezekiel Bread.
I put cinnamon on it and sometimes throw in a banana, as a tribute to The King.

This pic was taken while on vacation at the lake. 

I was not able to sustain a healthy weight on the raw vegan diet. I was eating a ton of food but I was 6’2″ 130 lbs. In 2004, after 90 days raw, my nutritionist recommended adding some cooked foods back to my diet and a few servings of clean meat per week.  Clean meat is free-range organic or wild caught. i.e. free-range chicken, grass-fed beef or lamb, wild game, and wild-caught Alaskan sockeye salmon. No farm-raised or gulf of mexico fish for me. Read my post about how toxic farm-raised fish is here.

I eat very little meat and dairy, it accounts for about 2-3% of my diet.

The healthiest, longest living cultures around the world, with the lowest rates of Western diseases like cancer, heart disease and diabetes, eat diets that are at least 95% plant-based. That translates to eating animal products somewhere between a few times per week to a few times per month. One of my my rules is I only eat meat if I know where it comes from, which means I hardly ever eat meat in restaurants with the exception of some wild caught fish, like Alaskan salmon.

I don’t eat the meat of scavengers which basically means pork, catfish, shrimp, oysters, lobster, etc.

Scavengers are bottom feeders
.  Their role in nature is to eat the stuff no other animal will eat; disgusting stuff like other dead animals. Shellfish clean the ocean by absorbing pollutants. These are not healthy meats. I used to eat bacon and bbq sandwiches several times a week before I got cancer.  Not anymore!

In preparation for this post, I snapped pics of my last three meals:

All made by my wonderful, perfect, amazing, beautiful wife Micah.

Here’s a simple Veggie Sandwich she made me for lunch yesterday:  Toasted Ezekiel Bread with raw mild cheddar cheese, sliced cucumber, sliced avocado, sliced red bell pepper, lettuce, a little bit of Newman’s Own Ranch dressing on one side and spicy mustard on the other, and topped with Four Cancer Fighting Spices: Garlic, Oregano, Cayenne, and Curry Powder.  Absolutely Fabulous! 

This is what Micah made for dinner last night:

Chickpea Salad Over Brown Rice

Two 15 oz cans of garbanzo beans.  6 roma tomatoes, sliced.  4 oz. crumbled feta cheese.  1/4 cup fresh mint leaves.  1/3 cup apple cider or wine vinegar.  1/4 cup olive oil. Mix it up in a bowl and serve over brown rice or grilled pita wedges. Delish and so simple!

Here’s what I ate for dinner tonight before finishing this post:  All the credit goes to Micah again.  I love you baby.

Quinoa and Black-Eyed Pea Croquettes with lightly sautéed zucchini strips and a baked sweet potato with butter and cinnamon.  They were awesome.  Get the recipe HERE.

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  • Lib

    YUMMY! I am clicking the link to those croquets…great post!

  • Devon

    This is awesome Chris. Thank you for sharing this and I will definitely be passing it on to others!

  • Marisa

    Everything looks so good!! Especially the veggie sandwich. Going to Whole Foods to get some raw cheddar cheese today! I just started looking into raw goats products (read Patient Heal Thyself and just started reading The Maker’s Diet) Very interesting information. Love your blog!!

    • Marisa you are in for a treat! Jordan Rubin is awesome. He is the real deal. I Love his books and products.
      So glad you are too!

  • Tawnee Cowan

    Hi Chris! I am so thankful you have such a commitment to teaching what you have learned. I too have been on a total juice fast and got into remission that way and it lasted 4 years. Now I have an added complication of a spine injury that makes it difficult to do raw as my spleen does not function properly. I wanted to add here to anyone that might be following your path, a different approach to the same diet. If ever someone notices that their stomach is not handling the juicing process of if you have a spleen problem, then you can follow all of what is in the books, but just blanch your veggies first in some boiling water. To blanch, just get the water boiling, and get a holed ladle, drop the chopped veggies in the boiling water, then scoop them out, let them cool, then put them through the juicer. There is a little lessening of the values but not much at all as it is a very quick aging process. The process of cooking the vegetables ages the vegetable and as things age, they lose nutrients, which is why raw is the preferred method.

    I took culinary courses so I am going to bookmark this and when I can type a little more I will share some more recipes. I have challenges is all. God Bless you Chris and Micah.. it is so refreshing to meet fellow survivors following the same path of treatment.


    • Hi Tawnee Thanks so much for your contribution! I really appreciate it. Very Valuable. There’s no magic bullet. What works for some may not work for others, which is why you have to try everything you can. :)

  • Hanna Riggs


    I love what you are doing! Your testimony is amazing and I am a firm believer that foods can help heal and strengthen your body if you eat the right ones. I am looking forward to spending more time on your website and becoming a subscriber. Great job! Hope Micah and the girls are doing good.
    Hanna Riggs

    • Hi Hanna! Thank you so much. That really means a lot. We are doing great, hope your gang is too! Tell David I said Hello!

  • Ann Farris

    what’s wrong with peanut butter?

    • Hi Ann! Thanks for the question!
      Peanuts are very high in omega-6 fats. They also can contain a carcinogenic mold called aflatoxin.
      And peanuts are one of the most pesticide-contaminated crops, which is why organic is definitely best.
      For what it’s worth, my kids are picky eaters and prefer the taste of peanut butter to almond butter, so we still buy it.

    • Stephanie

      Hi Chris,
      So glad to find your blog. Have really enjoyed reading all the info being that I am like minded with your views on food, etc. In reading through your comments I saw where you mentioned chick fil a as an occasional splurge for your kidos. Not sure if you’re aware but chick fil a is laden with MSG. I suffer from severe migraines when eating it and have to avoid it, in all forms, even under the hidden names! is a terrific website for msg info. Chick-fil-a used to be one of my standard places to treat my kids too before I realized how bad their stuff was. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but thought you’d want to know as MSG is a neurotoxin and is even more potent and toxic in children.

      • Thanks for sharing the info Stephanie! We rarely give our kids fast-food, but their grandparents do from time to time.
        And they know we’d rather they didn’t.
        So we try not to make an issue about it and just make sure the kids are getting really good stuff at home.
        I’ve read quite a bit about MSGs toxic nastiness and will probably post on it at some point, but didn’t know about Chick-fil-a.
        Not surprising, but still a bummer. Yep is a great site.
        One of the definitive books about MSG is “Excitotoxins: The taste that kills” by Dr. Russell Blaylock.
        Love that guy. He’s awesome.


  • Heather Bomar

    You know my husband Kris :) He got me hooked to your blog. We have not had to deal with Cancer but would like to prevent that battle in the future. We have 3 daughters and I was wondering if your children eat the same diet as you?
    One of our daughters has a metabolic genetic disorder called PKU. She has a very limited diet where she eats LOTS of fruit and Veggies so we have tried to be good examples of health and would like to keep moving stronger in that direction.

    • Hi Heather! As you know, kids are picky. We try to feed them all kinds of good stuff. Ours like fruit, but don’t really like many vegetables except for carrots and green beans.
      We shop at whole foods and do our best to buy healthy organic versions of stuff they like, like mac n cheese, cheese pizza, real fruit popsicles, etc. They eat clean meat when we buy it. We specifically ask the grandparents not to take them to McDonalds, but they do go to Chick-fil-a sometimes. I think the best thing you can do with kids is buy as much organic as possible and limit the junk food, fast food, and candy to special occasions.
      You may be able to get them to drink some fresh carrot apple juice, if you have a juicer.
      Also there’s a book called Deceptively Delicious that has recipes that allow you to sneak good stuff into your kids food without them knowing.
      Tell Kris I said Hello!

  • Dea

    HI Chris,
    thank you for following me on Tumblr, I am so happy for you that you cured yourself of canser w/out Chemo, I follow a healthy lifestyle too, I am mostly raw mostly vegan and I eat some local organic farm raised cage free eggs and some local raw cheeses. I discovered raw foods in 2007 and I have resolved many health problems as a result, depression, allergies, anxiety. I am also slowly curing obesity through raw foods. I think by sharing your results, diet, recipes you are doing a lot of good, stay blessed :) Dea

    • Thank you so much for sharing your story Dea!
      It’s really encouraging to find more people like you that are doing what I’m doing.
      That’s so great to hear. The world really needs to know this stuff. Looking forward to your posts.
      Let’s keep it up! :)

  • Emily

    Hey Chris,
    What is your take on Soy products? Good? Bad? Also, can you post more things that you eat? Thanks!

    • Hi Emily
      According to everything I’ve read, most processed soy products are unhealthy, like soy milk and fake meat. Edamame, Miso, Tempe and Tofu are ok though.
      I’m getting a lot of request for food ideas. We’re working on a recipes page. :)

      • Gary

        Note that some processed soy products, such as those made by Tofurky and Field Roast, use tofu, not isolated soy protein.

        Studies (on humans, not animals) show soymilk to be healthy. For instance, a recent study of 12,000 Seventh Day Adventist men showed that those who drank soymilk instead of cow’s milk had a whopping 70 percent reduction in their prostate cancer risk.

        Some of Weston Price’s claims about soy are based on highly contrived, irrelevant animal studies. For instance, all large-scale human-focused studies of soy intake and breast cancer show that at worst, soy has no negative effect and at best it substantialy reduces risk of getting breast cancer and of breast cancer recurring. These contradict findings in which genetically engineered mice were injected with huge amounts of soy.

        (All the studies referred to above are published in peer-reviwed science journals and should be easy to find through searching.)

        WP, in their anti-soy pamphlet, also presents a deceptive underestimate of the amount of soy consumed by Asians by confusing amount of soy protein with number of servings of soy. So I wouldn’t consider them a credible source of information on soy.

        Here’s some straightforward, no-nonsense info on soy:

  • marlee

    I am so excited to have found your website..It is FANASTIC! I, too, was diagnosed with cancer and have chosen NOT to do tradional treatment, and have done many of the the same things you have. One difference is I drink kangen water. I also drink essiac tea,I have an infrared dome and chi macine that I use at least twice a day. I am so excited to read what you have done. Congratulations on what you have accomplished with your cancer and this wonderful site!I do home health and hospice and you can guess what the majority of patients I have cared for are dying of…so sad, and one of the many reasons I chose alternative. I was reading the obits in my local newspaper and it just dawned on me how many people are listed as dying from cancer…this has been going on for years and what they are really saying is that this is how many people are dying everyday from not the cancer ,,,,but THE CURE! Thank you for sharing this positive aspect of being diagnosed with cancer and the positve things you can do to make it your cancer adventure…which it has become for me! I am also living proof what you say is true!

  • Mindy

    Hi Chris, Great blog! I just discovered it yesterday through the natural awakenings magazine! I really want to get my family eating better! We have not had any health problems yet but my husband (who is only 29) has high cholesterol and is over-weight. I would like to help him get healthy. I was just wandering if you could post a list of foods you approve of…like brand name products. Or is there a book out there I could get? Thanks so much and congrats on beating cancer!

    • Hi Mindy
      A list of foods or brands can get a little complicated, we basically try to buy as much organic as we can.
      “The Maker’s Diet” is a great book that I recommend everyone read.

  • I made both your Ezekiel Bread samiches from this post last night. Cept I used Sun butter on the one cause almond butter tastes like feet.

    Both samiches = awesome

    Thanks for the inspiration. Now if I could only buy Ezekiel Bread without selling off one of the kiddies.


    • hmmm
      Either you had some weird almond butter, or I need to try the feet you’ve been eating.

  • Mia

    I don’t have much to say except for that I love your blog/website and I am so thankful that you have taken the time to give us all this wonderful and enlightening information. Thank you to you and to your beautiful wife Micah !!

  • Kimra Diggs

    I love your diet. I believe everyone should eat like this all the time. I am a vegan, working on being 100% organic, but have no issues with people eating meat as long as they know exactly where it came from. When I have my own farm I plan on eating organic eggs from my chickens and turkeys, and organic raw milk from my own goats. I love your story. I have never had cancer nor has anyone in my family (which is pretty lucky considering how they all eat) but I am an advocate for alternatives to chemo-therapy. I believe in cancer prevention, and natural treatments to cure cancer. It’s actually quite annoying when I see people post things on facebook saying “like this if you want to help find a cure for breast cancer” and I’m thinking in my head there IS a CURE for breast cancer, and every type of cancer, and there is PREVENTION as well. Your website is truly inspiring and I will keep posting your articles whenever I can. Also, I wanted to ask if you drink Kangen water?

  • YiaYia

    Thank you so much for this wonderful site to educate about healthy eating. May God continue to heal and keep you healthy!
    Since you like almond butter, what is your take on Almond Milk & Hemp milk? Should bananas be organic?

  • Chaya

    Hi, Chris–
    Your site gave me some hope when I had an issue that might have needed chemo and radiation. When the doctor told me, he already went on to say that I would have to do a mammogram, chemo, and surgery even before there was a final diagnosis. I said no. It makes me mad what happens to people who have to undergo this treatment. It doesn´t seem to work long-term anyway, so I said no and prayed. I have made many changes, although I have not made all the changes I need to make.

    What do you think about the Calorie Restriction Diet? Have you looked into this? Also, have you heard about the connection between sugar, insulin, and this disease?

    • Hi Chaya! Glad to hear you stood up for your health!
      The Caloric Restriction Diet definitely works for weight loss, but is not necessarily healthy.
      i.e. You can eat small amounts of junk food all day and still lose weight.
      As far as sugar, insulin and disease, yes there is definitely a connection.
      That’s something I mention frequently on this blog.
      Sugar restriction is a much healthier weight loss alternative than caloric restriction.

  • Kay

    My mother has colon cancer that they can not operate on. She has been doing chemo for a year. She always feels like sh*t. I want to help her find a more natural approach. I think that what you did is amazing and I hope I can help my mom find the courage to stop the chemo and find a more natural approach. I think I am going to take it on for prevention.


  • RayofSunshine

    Hi Chris,
    This is an amazing blog! A very dear friend of mine has breast cancer that has now spread to the brain and lung. I am trying hard to convince her to take a look at your blog and to change her eating habits as I truly think this will make a huge difference in her outcome…at least I hope so. Thanks again and many blessings to you!! What an inspiration you are!! =)

  • Cathy

    Hi Chris,

    I was wondering. What do you and your family eat if you want a dessert and how often. As you know kids love fresh baked cookies:)! And so do I!

    God bless!

    • Hi Cathy
      We buy natural cookies and “healthy” desserts, without artificial chemical ingredients from stores like Whole Foods.
      We also take the kids out for ice cream and things like that on special occasions.
      The main thing is to keep junk food out of the house, so we won’t be tempted to eat it.

      • Cathy

        Thanks Chris! I have a friend who does the Paeleo diet and has a great recipe for cookies using almond flour and agave nectar to sweeten.. You can go to Elanas to get these kind of recipes she told me. I love to cook and my kids have always loved fresh baked cookies! Gonna try this!

  • Alyssa Pelklicano


    As a cancer survivor, I’d watch the consumption of the rice/almond milk. Also, no mention of lacto-fermented veggies? These will help reduce consumption of any product with added sugar like the rice milk. I’d also suggest coconut cream in your soomthies.The raw milk advise is great for your POST-cancer diet, but maybe not so much for the patient that is currently fighting cancer, esp., those on chemo. HOWEVER, making kefir or yogurt would be wonderful for them, as well as for you. Dom’s kefir insight (web-sight), Wild Fermentation by Sanor Katz (excellent book on lacto-ferments), Acres USA (web-site), and of course The Weston A Price Foundation web-site. All good resources for cancer patients. Generally I like your web-site and will be listening on Oct. 25-29 to the lecture series. All of the above is said with great humility for I am not an “expert” regarding any of these issues.

    • Hi Linda thanks for your input. I agree with you.
      Chemo destroys the immune system and any raw food becomes a bacterial threat.
      I don’t know much about lacto-fermented veggies, will have to investigate further.

  • Carley

    You’re awesome. Just thought I’d let you know. That and I shared your info on my facebook page. Forget all this pink bullsh*t this month, lets work on PREVENTION!!! Thank you

    • Hah! I couldn’t agree more Carley.
      Let’s all raise more money for Susan G. Komen to waste on promoting “awareness”.
      You are also awesome.

  • Hi Folks, I’m just searching for any advice. A year ago I was diagnosed w/ bladder cancer—low grade, stage 2. I’m 64 and otherwise healthy. “They” want to “Gut” me and tape a bag to my side & then do “chemo” for my life IF matastisis has set in( don’t know yet). I’ve hesitated that decision for almost a year now. I’ve read Chris’ story–and, although I’ve been fortunate enough to have lived most of my life “cancer free”, I can really admire Chris’ success at beating this “cancer thing” at his beginning of life’s journey. My last “hurrah” will be to try & set up an appointment w/ The Burzynski Institute (sic) for an alternative to my situation. Factually, my life span is only about another 15 years or so–in reality. I just want to get some things done before the Lord takes me. I am a pragmatist / optimist. If anyone can offer some advice, I’d surely appreciate it. The cause of this note is that my heart fell apart watching the story / video of the trials & tribulations of Dr. Burzynski–especially of the children he saved. Thanks, Dudge.

    • Hi Doug
      Doing the things I did, outlined on this blog, will definitely help nourish, strengthen and detoxify your body.
      Overdosing on nutrition is critical when you have cancer.
      I strongly recommend you read the books on my resources page. They are chock full of health “ammunition”
      that will enable you to confidently create a natural healing strategy.

  • Anne

    Thanks for all the wonderful info on your site!! Since I see you have young kids, I would LOVE to see a sample week’s menu of how you feed your children on the Maker’s Diet. I have 3 young ones, and am very challenged to get them to eat the types of healthy, plant-based foods I want to have on our family dinner table. Any “kid-friendly” Maker’s approved type of meals you could share would be a blessing!

  • Jen

    Hi Chris,

    Congratulations on beating cancer. I love your blog. Have you read The China Study by T. Colin Campbell? It’s a book about diet in relation to disease. Dr. Campbell points out that casein (milk protein) is a cancer promotor. Paired with a carcinogen, cancer cells thrive. What are your thoughts on this?

    • Hi Jen
      I do agree with many of Campbells points, but not all. The China Study talks about the harmful effect of isolated casein in lab rats, therefore I believe the conclusion should be, “Don’t take isolated casein protein, especially if you are a rat”. Natural chemical compounds work synergistically in whole foods. They can have very different effects when isolated.

      The best source of nutrients is always from whole foods.

      Despite attacks by PETA and others with a vegetarian agenda, raw milk is a health promoting food for most people. In the Bible, God called the promised land “the land of milk and honey”. Because milk and honey are good things!
      Humans are omnivores, we have thrived on plant and animal foods for centuries, but the quality and source of the food matters. Processed food is a much bigger threat to health than organic pasture-raised animal products.
      There are basically two major camps of health right now: T Colin Campbell and Weston Price. I’m in the Weston Price camp.
      Also Google “problems with the China Study” and you’ll find some good information and major problems with their message.

  • mike

    no offence but that is the craziest thing i have ever heard–cure stage 3 colon cancer then go back to basically a fancier labeled SAD–hope there is not a relapse

    • Hi Mike. I was not able to sustain a healthy weight on the raw vegan diet. I was eating a ton of food but I was 6’2″ and weighted 135 lbs. That’s freakishly skinny. After 90 days on the raw vegan diet, my Naturopathic Doctor John Smothers added clean meat and some cooked foods back to my diet. From there I continued with 70-80% raw foods. Over eight years later I am now the healthiest and strongest I’ve ever been in my life.
      Clearly you are hung up on some kind of dietary dogma. I’m guessing it’s militant raw veganism.
      We all have different needs. Aajonus Vonderplanitz cured himself and many others on the Primal Diet, only eating raw meat and drinking raw milk. That’s the complete opposite of the raw vegan diet, but I’m sure you’ve got it all figured out.

      Thank you for your condescension and criticism!

  • Amy

    Hi Chris,
    I live in Memphis and we just went through this whole process with my grandmother who passed away from cancer in May. Unfortunately, she had a hard time giving up her foods but we whole heatedly believe she would have made it if she had followed everything we tried to get her to do. It has definitely changed the way we all eat now and makes cancer seem a little less scary after testimonies like yours. My question is, where do you buy the raw milk, raw cheese and meat you were talking about in Memphis?

  • lynne maune

    Hi Chris,
    Way to survive! You’re doing a great service. A friend showed me the YouTube about how all the race for the cures donations are just lining drug companies’pockets. I agree! But I wish you’d mention Dr Susan Love’s foundation as a good, non corrupt one. Her research foundation is truly looking for a cure and saving so so many lives of women with breast cancer. I hope you will put this info on your blog..
    Best to you!

  • Sue

    I seem to have no appetite because of not eating any carbs. I’m afraid of losing too much weight. Do you have any suggestions? I had surgery in October for colon Cancer and seem to be doing okay otherwise.


    Hi Chris. I am taking the path you did back in 2003. I too have the same cancer as you had. I am very inspired by your website and my only regret is that I didn’t have your info in my grasp 6 yrs. ago. Going to give it my best shot. Wish me luck!

    Many Thanks,

    Marie Brewer
    Taylor, MI

  • Maria

    Great recipes! You guys are the best: I am 57 and I just learned a ton of things from you. Thanks a bunch and God Bless!

  • Jodi

    We recovered my nephew from heavy metal poisoning (i.e., autism, caused by vaccines) with a clean, organic diet, and chemical-free living. The Maker’s Diet was a blessing to our family, as well. Oh, yeah…and a whole lotta faith, too! (Mostly begging and bargaining but nonetheless, meaningful requests to the Lord.) Cheers to you and to my amazing nephew, Spencer!

    P.S. We also ditched all plastic containers, cups, and straws and only use glass for, wait for it…EVERYTHING!

  • Priscilla

    I used to get laughed @ by fam for trying to eat like this, but I’ve been plagued with digestive issues my whole life. When I try to eat “normal”, I get sick & ended up in ER w/ a CT scan telling me I had diverticulitus. Now I have to eat this way & no one will make fun of me now! Thank you for your story. You validate my efforts and I’m ready to step up.

  • Brianna

    Hi, thank you for sharing this! My husband and I are just starting to revamp the way we eat. It is hard to retrain our tastebuds to eat a different way! Do you have any advice or encouragement to help? Also, do you know if it is healthy for a 2 year old to be on a whole foods/clean eating/raw diet? Thanks in advance! God’s blessings to you and your family! You have a beautiful family!!!

  • Renee

    I am a nurse who works in a cancer center
    as navigator and tumor registrar. I see so many that lose the battle of there cancer, I am always talking about healthy habits, ways to fight cancer. I found your story heart warming, and I have to admit that I am not a big fan on altertive meds for cancer but your story has changed my mind. I have add your site to list of faviotes and print out your recipes, I eat alot of your recipes have for years, big fan on healthy eating. I will share this with my patients, if nothing else help them fight the fight. You have inspired me to do better for my patients. Thank you Chris for sharing.

    • Thank you Renee! Glad to know someone like you is on the front lines!

  • Anna

    the link about “why i only drink raw milk” isn’t working. maybe it’s just my internet. anyway, i saw you on ricki lake. you are an inspiration :) love your website :)

  • Terri

    Hi Chris! Saw you for the first time on Ricki Lake show. I was very intrigued and decided to check out your website. I have been spending a lot of time reading and learning so much. You are an inspirational young man and I wish you all the best. My husband and I have recently (since beginning of Jan) stopped eating all meat other than fish. We try to eat a lot of vegetables and grains. I have juiced in the past and am planning to start again. My concern is that I am hypothyroid and have read that some of the super greens like kale and spinach are goitrogenic and having them raw can be harmful for the thyroid. Not sure if you have any knowledge about hypothyroidism but I thought I’d ask your opinion. Thank you for your valuable time!

  • Carole Chapla

    Hi Chris: Thanks for all the great information on your site. What are your views on soy? I am avoiding it because it is in so much , even some of the Ezekiel breads. It’s one of the most “doctored” foods and want to avoid processed when possible with this. Thanks . Keep on keepin’ on. Carole

  • Oliver

    Hey ,

    I love what you got going on this site especially the recipes. I did notice you had a Naked Drink in the background of one of your pictures above. I hope for your sake you a not drinking that beverage anymore. Folks are on a boycott of that drink as it has GMO’s in it as well as other synthetic substances. Cancer causing ingridients that damages the digestive lining as well as causing many other mild reactions. Has made many sick so far including my family and I.

    • Thanks for the heads up Oliver. In the past I have occasionally bought Naked juice when I’m traveling, like when I took that pic, but I don’t buy it normally.

  • Melissa Davis

    I LOVE this post! Last year I found out my body didn’t tolerate Sulfites (as a preservative) and so I’ve made some big life changes. I eat 99% clean now, but have really been following stories like yours and I can become overwhelming. Meat = bad, meat = good…there is just so much info out there. What you posted is pretty much exactly how I eat and it’s good to know I might just be doing it right after all ;)

  • JK

    Hi Chris,
    Just wondering if you drink Almond Milk and also wondering if you know of a good Protein for Protein Shakes. I currently drink one now after exercise and am concerned because it is not a raw/whole food source and the only thing I eat/drink that isn’t (only eat veggies/fruit and minimal chicken or fish). Having had cancer, I am afraid to eat/drink anything that may cause a re-occurance. I drink it as a smoothy…protein, almond milk or water and lots of berries. I have trouble with plain smoothies because of blood sugar issues. I really appreciate your help with this.

  • MsGv

    I agree and eat as you do I have purchased my second juicer thr juicing bible sec edition etc. And as someone who has eaten healthy for awhile, i recognize that if it is to be it must be me who fights for my life
    Thanks Chris

  • Mike

    Hi Chris

    Love your site, I dont have cancer thankfully but am changing diet to prevent.

    Do you still eat 5 carrots a day now that your cancer is gone ? Does it still make you orange ?
    Thanks so much

  • nancy Alfred

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