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Why I don’t take whey protein

Recently I posted a video comparing the top three plant-based protein powders.
If you haven’t seen it yet, here it is…


Anyway, that video spawned a couple questions that I got repeatedly on youtube, facebook, etc. Those questions were:

-Why do you take a protein powder supplement?

-Should I take a protein powder supplement?

-What are your thoughts on whey protein?

Here are my answers:


More about the raw plant-based protein powders I like here.

If you want to check out the non-denatured grass-fed whey and goat’s milk protein powders that I mention in the video, here are the links to those:

Defense Nutrition Warrior Whey  (This is the exact same product Mercola sells)

Synergistic Nutrition One World Whey

Garden of Life Goatein



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  • Lynn

    Two other brands of high quality whey protein (grass-fed cows, non-denatured protein) are Vital Whey and Designs for Health WheyCool & PaleoMeal

  • Karen

    Hi Chris,

    Interesting video. I am very much against whey protein for all of the reasons you listed – I also think that goats milk protein won’t be any better either as they are treated just the same way as cows are – please see the video below:


    I think I would most definately stick with a plant based protein powder – have you tried hemp, pea or rice protein? I also believe there some super green protein powders on the market now, too.

  • Renee

    How good is Beneprotein. My hospital gave me that protein poweder to use.

  • Jenni

    Thanks for the tips. I think I’ll check out the Goatein. Do you get some profit from me clicking on the links you provide to purchase through your site? I hope so! Thanks for all you do, Chris!

    • That’s really sweet Jenni thanks, and yes I do get a little bit from some of the links, it helps to cover the cost of the site. :)

  • Another great whey made from “clean” New Zealand cows with organic grade 7.5 that tastes GREAT is made by Isagenix. Also non-GMo, soy and gluten free with enzymes and probiotics. Watch for the soon to be released vegan protein powder, also.

    • Isagenix and many other powders do not “test” well with clients as they have chemicals as noted in the manufacturing of them. I do muscle testing and depending on the product it doesn’t test well on clients. In fact, Isagenix tested poorly on most clients. I tried it myself and it was not a good experience. There is nothing better than whole foods to get complete phyto nutrients which you can’t get in most protein shakes. Buyer beware!

  • Mary Harman

    I take whey protein for 3 reasons: 1. The amino acid levels I discovered in protein isolates were astounding and I was able to do away with a few more supplements like Proline and Lysine.
    2. I mix in omega 3 oils as a replacement for the Budwig cottage cheese and flax oil diet that makes the oil water soluble. Whey is a product of cottage cheese and a sulfurated protein. 3. The high protein and zero carb and sugar factors as mentioned.
    I’m using a hormone free cold processed microfiltered whey isolate with stevia. It’s not grass-fed but it does state hormone free. Oh and there is another reason: it’s cheaper than the plant based which I can’t afford as well. I have no problem gaining weight but for me its the amino acids and omega delivery system that keeps me doing one serving a day mixed with 3 to 6 tablespoons of oil.

  • Lynn

    Can you do a post on good “green powders” (i.e. Amazing Greens)

  • Gregblair

    I don’t use any animal based protein powders, as animal protein contributes to cancer causation. I prefer plant protein and use Lifetime LifeBasics, from pea, rice and haemp. enjoy your site and applaud your efforts!!

  • Nick K

    I used whey protein for two years, and just switched to Garden of Life’s RAW PROTEIN, a plant-based protein powder which I take in high protein almond milk (made by So Delicious, it’s called Vanilla Almond Milk X5). I avoid 30 grams of cholesterol this way, and the protein content is about the same. It doesn’t dissolve as magically as whey, so you might try a blender and adding a banana. I like the flavor but it takes some getting used to.

  • Linda

    Hi, I m aware of milk and its derivative products is since it causes mucus on blood. Even soy milk is not good for my friend with breast cancer. Almond milk has carrageenan. I need to find protein powder with no milk or whey but no iron too. Cause iron drives our body to produce more blood cells and it will spread cancer … Please any information about protein drink no milk but no iron? She tried hemp milk but it has high iron. Thanks

  • b

    What about Nutrilite’s whey protein?

    Also, what do you think about eating raw meat (i.e. from Amish or other natural, grass(or whatever they naturally eat)-fed-only cows/animals)

  • Sarah

    Chris, I was wondering if you had any recommendations on an organic chocolate syrup or powder for making chocolate milk?

    • Raw organic cacao powder and raw honey or stevia

      • astjmklan

        I give One World Whey to my son and he loves it. Great taste, good energy. Combined with some youngevity products he doesn’t get sick either. It’s pricey, but great.

  • Brady

    Bro just take hydrolysed whey protein. It won’t give you gas because it is the purest form. It is high in muscle building amino acids as well. If you are looking for muscle and strength gains in the gym you have to take a fast digesting protein source after your workout. Hydrolysed whey is the absolute fastest. And why not just take a mass gainer protein if you have a hard time keeping your weight? Well mass gainer proteins are made from low quality carbs and fats to add extra calories, just make your own mass gainer from carbs.
    Tip supplement with Glutamine. It is a non essential amino acid that helps preserve muscle tissue incase you do loose weight so you don’t loose muscle. It is prescribed when patients have muscle wasting diseases such as aids. Look up the benefits of Glutamine.

  • Narendra

    Do you know anybody who cured from Hodgkin’s lymphoma using the alternative Therapy or using natural raw diet?

    • narendra

      Hi Chris,

      Do you know anybody who cured from Hodgkin’s lymphoma using the alternative Therapy or using natural raw diet?

  • I did a juice fast (almost all veggies) for 19 days, and then my body kinda crashed…due to what I believe is adrenal fatigue. I had the adrenal fatigue before the juice fast, not as a result of it. I actually felt good on the juice fast until I needed to change it up on day 19. My body apparently needs animal fats and proteins, as it performs best when I include enough of those. I use a BeTrim whey powder supplement from a company at BeYoungEO.com, but it’s all good–doesn’t have soy, naturally sweetened, has vitamins/minerals, all non-GMO, grass fed cows, and even the cacao powder in the chocolate one I get is raw, plus it has prebiotics and probiotics. I totally LOVE this stuff. It is definitely pricey, that’s for sure, but knowing that they take so much care to make it optimal quality makes it way (whey…lol) worth it to me :-) I really wanted to keep up with just the juicing and raw foods, but this is an okay compromise for me. I’m glad it’s available.

  • Jb

    What do you think about all the hype on coconut oil? Good for you and beneficial or not worth the hype?

    • I love coconuts and coconut oil. There’s a post about it on the blog :)

  • Whey protein

    How amazing, thats great and fabulous video about protein powder supplement. You share great information about protein. Realy i enjoy it.

  • Michelle Bales

    Hey Chris! My husband says to ask you since I don’t know where else to turn! So, I have dealt with ACC in lung 1 yr. ago.(I am clear now) They think it may stem from our body making a protein that disagrees w/our system (?) I spoke w/a homeopathic dr. of sorts via phone across the country, and w/little discussion with me he says I should go vegan and be on protein blockers. I have recently cut out meat and most dairy thanks to you and Kris Carr. Do you feel that I should cut way back on my protein intake? Thanks and God Bless You and your family for all that you do for us!!!

    • I think it would be a good idea to try it out and monitor your progress.

  • Michelle Bales

    Alrighty then, thanks for your advice piece. Just watched Fat, sick and nearly dead. It was great and hoping it will help my 16 yr. old son who has started a poor and unhealthy attempt at Adkins. God Bless you and yours!!!

  • Josh

    Hi there , i am a ex testicular patient and have been hitting the gym . I just bought a On gold standart whey . Are u saying that these protein are bad because of the source of the milk. Should i stop taking it?

    • Hi Josh, yeah sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I wouldn’t take it.
      And you are correct, it is because of the commercially sourced nature of the whey, it is likely contaminated with antibiotics, and the genetically modified growth hormone rBGH.

  • charlene

    Hey Chris! I loved your video and totally agree with you. I try to stay away from as many animal products as I can in any form. It is just better to avoid them than to keep trying to fit them in somehow. Plant based is the way to go. I take the Juice Plus+ Complete plant based shake mix. It is an amazing product that has many other great plant nutrients included like quinoa, etc. It also tastes great and my daughter has shopped for many of these over the years and she says it is a great value for what the great ingredients are. I wonder if you have looked at this product?

  • Gross Bro

    Heads up: Defence Nutrition was sued and no longer states that their cows are “grass-fed”.

  • Dave

    Thanks Chris for the informative video and congrats on beating the big C!!! I’m like you and get gassy with cow protein. Another good goat protein that keeps me gas-free is Tera’s Whey Goat Whey Protein Concentrate

  • freedomdove

    While doing a search for organic whey protein, I came across something called Protein 17. It contains only whey protein concentrate from grass-fed cows. No soy lecithin like most other brands. It seems too expensive at first glance but the serving size provides over 30g protein, which is 3 times more than some of these other powders.

  • Robert Ahlborn

    Have you ever had people with Parkinson’s Disease try this diet, and if so, with what results?

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