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Bailey O’Brien healed stage 4 melanoma in 6 weeks after conventional therapy failed

I met Bailey O’Brien at a non-health conference in Phoenix, AZ. She told me her remarkable story of how she healed stage 4 melanoma and then we shot this short interview for you. It was definitely the highlight of my weekend. you’re gonna love her!

Connect with Bailey here

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According to a published peer-reviewed study on the effectiveness of Gerson Therapy for melanoma, 5-year survival rates for adult melanoma patients who used Gerson Therapy are considerably higher than survival rates reported elsewhere in the melanoma literature. Read that study here.

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This is an excellent 9-minute video about the history of Dr. William Coley and Coley’s Toxins


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  • Melissa

    COME ON!!!This is amazing! Thank you Bailey and Thank you Chris ! You both are super stars! Its so empowering to GET that WE hold the key to healing and that there ARE courageous alternative practitioners out there to guide us ! And thank you I’m going to keep on being one of the pesky ‘friends” who can’t shut up about all this alternative brilliance! : )

    • Chris Wark

      Haha! Thank you Melissa! Keep up the peskiness!

  • It is great that Bailey was able to have other treatments-sad that many can’t get what they need in the USA and can’t get to a location elsewhere.

  • Dawn Fischer Ford

    I love this story! I am on my 4th occurrence of breast cancer – is in the brain now and I have been doing natural along with chemo. I feel like there is one thing I am missing to finally stop this! Do you do consultations?!?! Please….

  • Michelle

    Brilliant and important historic information, thanks for sharing!

  • Dzndef

    Excellent interview, Chris! Bailey has a remarkable story to share. I have Stage IV melanoma myself. Was working under the direction of Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez until his untimely passing. Dr. Linda Isaacs is helping me now. Six weeks is a remarkable turnaround. I’m not there yet, but my disease is mostly stable and I’ve had no spread since I started the program just over a year ago. Thanks for all you do, Chris. I hope to have reason to share my own success story with you in the near future.

    • Chris Wark

      Stay strong and determined. You can get there!

    • Michael Daush

      Hey D,
      I have Stage 4 melanoma too. I am starting on juicing and a natural diet too along with a couple of alternative methods I have been studying.
      could you share anything else you are doing?
      All Things Are Possible.

      • Dzndef

        I am sorry I did not respond earlier. My brother died two days ago. He also had melanoma but it was discovered very late and he used only conventional treatment.

        The list of what I am doing is too long to post and was personalized for me. But the main cancer-fighting component would be lots of pancreatic enzymes. I can’t recommend a brand as the ones I use are only available to Dr. Isaacs’ patients. Also, two fresh pressed carrot juices each day, loads of supplements based on what I personally need (individualized), coffee enemas twice a day, once a month I do either a 3-day carrot juice fast, or a liver cleanse or a “clean sweep” (involving a bulking agent). I am to eat meat at least once a day (this may differ from other cancer plans as Dr. Gozalez’ uses metabolic typing for individual diets and claimed that I (and most melanoma patients) do need meat).

        The program is quite involved and individualized so if you are interested I would suggest you research my doctors and decide if you want an appointment. I do like that I can do it all myself without checking into a clinic. But so far my results are stability, not eradication of disease. Though I could live just as long with stable disease, so I’ll take it!

        Best of luck to you!

        • Michael Daush

          I am sorry bout your brother. My older brother is going to the doctor next week just to make sure he is free and clear also. We are all in this together.
          Thanks to Chris for providing a venue for us to help heal ourselves together.
          All Things Are Possible,

        • Cara Eisen

          I’m sure you know what you’re doing but I wanted to mention that foods that are hard to digest such as meat tax the system and can slow down progress and delay healing. It might be why you haven’t made as much progress as you could have. I would ditch the meat if I were you. We do NOT need meat in our diet to be healthy. If anything you might want to include a little raw dairy but only a little. In my experience a little raw dairy is okay but cooked meat changes the whole equation. I hope you read this with an open mind as I’m not a hysterical vegan or anything, this is based on my own experience of having done the Gerson Therapy for 6 months and experimenting with other programs as well. Even Sally Fallon (from Weston Price) herself said that animal protein slows down healing. Juicing several times a day and consuming pretty just produce will yield the fastest and most profound results.

        • Pickett

          Hi, the meat ideas good or bad?. I do recall a reading Edgar Cayce gave He said it was the broth from the meat that should be taken for one person because of digestion problems. I hope this helps maybe the Vita Mix would help it digest better. God Bless. For me I have no extra money and my test to see if I have cancer is next week if the state insurance says it is OK.

  • sidney49

    “If you are not your own doctor you are a fool.” Hippocrates

  • Carolyn

    Hi Chris, I have been juicing for about three months. On your interview with Dr. Vickers I learned I was doing it wrong. I am using way to much Spinach and Kale. I ordered the first Gerson treatment book, will that explain the right way to juice & the correct vegetables to use. Great interview by the way.

  • Margaret

    Awesome interview with Bailey, so great to see all this valuable insight working for people that need it most and I love it for myself.

  • Girl Named Evan

    A. You are just so awesome.
    B. wondering, if you were to go to a clinic which one would you choose?? There are so many it feels a little overwhelming! God bless!!!

  • Cara Eisen

    Amazing interview. Thanks so much for posting this Chris. I sent your website link to a person I know who also has malignant melanoma. I am hoping and praying that they come here and use the information. God bless you.

  • Charmaine

    Well!!! this morning i open my emails and as usual i see the Chris Beat Cancer email this morning something prompted me to open it and read it is saw the video of Bailey and i balled my eyes out as a friend was recently diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma and the doctors told him sorry but there’s nothing we can do for you we can do chemo but it wont work as you to far gone…. hes on his way with my partner to a lady here in South Africa for treatment that we know will work so this to me was just a sign and i am so grateful and happy for all the info you provide THANK YOU. And Bailey you made me believe today that we are on the right path THANK YOU too

  • jkelvin

    forever grateful.I am here to testify about my life.
    i was diagnose of thyroid cancer,stage 4 and my doctor told me that my chance of living depend on no medication but only almighty God. so I gave up started praying and I was patiently waiting for my death until one day my boss visited and told me about Mr Robert, how he helped his wife fight against cancer. so I decide to give it a try with the help of the email he gave me I purchase 60grams of cannabis oil from the medical centre. with the help of God after 3 months now, I am back to my normal life. I am very grateful and I will continue to testify about Roberts and save more life. contact email

  • barbs

    Not sure where this information should go, so I’ll post here. (Just came back from having an oncoblot blood test – had a touch of melanoma, a long time ago):

    I once watched an episode of a health program that the main theme was to discover the “cause” of cancer – of which the hosts felt it is due to mycotoxins/fungus in food, air, etc.
    One of the hosts was once a drug sales rep and actually, ON CAMERA, announced that in order to get sales of the chemo up in numbers to doctors, they–*the fellow sales people* — “FUDGED THE NUMBERS of response percentages rate! WHAT?! They changed it to look as if it had a 40% response when actually it had 20%. Just in order to make the sale.
    So, when unsuspecting patients are being informed this particular chemo will have a 40% response – I wonder. Of what? Survival? Shrink/disappear? 40% survival, or what is the blurb the chemo pushes give? How can anyone evaluate the rate if they are FALSE?

    Does anyone really know if any of it actually does anything but harm?
    The hosts name is Kyle Drew. Once a chemo sales rep for a HUGE company…

    and yes, he claimed to have “fudged the numbers” to make this blend look as if the response rate was HIGHER than it was — just to sell the product.

    Makes one wonder if those not doing well actually received this bad product that was virtually lied about. And, are there others?

    Just to make a sale. But one will be told chemo along with surgery will improve the length of survival or reduce the rate of recurrence.

    The Lord DOES provide!

  • Great story. Only 6 weeks total. Incredible! Good thing she recognized you Chris so you can share her story on here.

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