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Burzynski The Movie: Cancer Is Serious Business

In 2004 I was resarching alternative cancer therapies and heard about Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski in Houston, Texas.

I was told that he had developed a non-toxic therapy that was more effective than chemo or radiation on even the most aggressive cancers.  So yeah, he was on my short list of doctors to see if I my natural approach didn’t work.

“Burzynski The Movie” documents the amazing cancer treatment discovered by Dr. Burzynski called Antineoplastons and how the FDA and the National Cancer Institute tried to shut down his clinic, prove his therapy didn’t work, and put him in jail while the U.S. Government tried to steal his patent.  Really!

There’s been a buzz about this movie since it was released in July 2010 and the filmmakers just made it available to watch online for free June 11-20th 2011.

Micah and I just watched it tonight and it is so freaking awesome I almost exploded.

Press play and enlarge it to watch it full screen.



Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business from BurzynskiMovie on Vimeo.

At some point they may take it down.
If so Stream or Buy Burzynski The Movie Here

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  • Yeah I watched it last night. I think what was more amazing was the level of corruption there is going on. I was appauled. Hope things are going well with your health. I have friend who’s father had colon cancer and two liver tumors. After consuming and almost entire plant food diet his liver tumors are in necrosis. I was amazed that this was able to occur in just 8 weeks. Thanks for sharing.
    – Javier (GorillaFIt)

  • NancyEvans

    I watched it yesterday and was crying in frustration by the end. It is very sad to see such a good man go through that and it is very sad that we have a PharmaGov that is more interested in making profits than saving lives. So many other people should be going to jail. David Kessler, Friedman, Dvorit Samid, etc. etc.

    • NancyEvans

      I forgot to mention extra outraged I became when it was described how alternative medicine trials are set up for failure. Now THAT is criminal.

  • Jeanne Newberry

    Wow…I am stunned by this film. Simply amazing what wicked people are capable of and even more the criminal activities of people that are motivated by greed at the cost of peoples lives. Bless this Dr. Burzynski for not giving up. Many of us would have but he knows the importance of what he has discovered. Thanks for bringing this to us. I hope more people view this. I couldn’t stop watching it.

  • Kevin

    Cort and I watched it yesterday. We were also blown away. However, what frustrated and upset me more than anything was (b/c I was already more than aware of the corruption) was the BLATANT and multiple patent infringements and the fact that the gov’t actually issued “new” patents for discoveries Burzynski had ALREADY MADE and patented!!! But the film never clarifies whether Burzynski was able to get these fraudulent patents revoked. It almost seems as if he’s just screwed, b/c why would the gov’t bother keeping him in court so they could copy his patents if he could just sue the crap out of them once his insanity was over. I’m left wondering – is there some law/loophole that says you can’t revoke a patent once it’s it’s been granted?

    • Hey Kevin, insane right? They didn’t really go into the resolution in the movie
      but I *think* he did get the patent thing straightened out.

  • Judy Seeger, ND

    I’ve known about Dr. Bruzynsky’s work for years and have been amazed that he is still staying in the states! Resilient man!

    Most of the health practioners I know have left this country out of sheer frustration with the system. I’m looking for a new country myself since my hands are so tied here.

    What Dr. Bruzynski went through is not uncommon unfortunately. Over the years, I have seen my medical doctor friend get their licenses revoked because they were ‘practicing alternative medicine’, natural health practioners who have been thrown in jail without any search warrant…I can go on all day! We’re not living in a free country anymore folks.

    It’s time for us to take control of our own health. I’m teaching it through my videos and books, Chris is sharing through his blog, now all you have to do is take your health into your own hands!

  • Mrs. Dohpaz

    I can’t wait to see this when I have a chance. Though it sounds pretty infuriating. My aunt just died from complications from her cancer treatments. Kind of sad that the thing they’re doing to save your life ends up being the thing to take it.

  • I watched this movie a couple of weeks ago and then purchased the DVD from Amazon right away. It was thrilling. I’ll be showing it to hundreds of people around the world.

  • Wow! This is a very informative movie for fighting cancer! goverment are so unfair, they just want to make money. Thank you for sharing this movie I will share it to my wife and my parents.

  • Rosario

    Chris, I can’t watch the video (slow internet) but is his therapy available? What
    is it about could you explain?

  • Dan Patrick

    Watched it tonight on Netflix, pretty wild stuff. Went ahead and ordered a Vitamix too after your presentation at the Cosmic Coconut… My father’s been using one for years, and it has been on the to-do list for too long.

  • I read about Burzynski in the Barry Lynes book-“The Cancer Cure That Worked” and it is amazing that powerful therapies like this can still to this day be suppressed. This particular book was written back in the 1980’s and I was especially intrigued by Raymond Rife’s “Rife Electronic Microscope” chapter in the book. Very glad that we have passionate and informed people out there like you Chris spreading the good word about this stuff–and BTW your post on Robert Beck was excellent!!
    -Paul Lemal

  • megan

    Thanks so much for this! Does anyone know someone who has done the treatment? If so, how did it go? I have been researching the Burzynski Clinic for someone close to me who is 36 years old and has a very advanced, very aggressive cancer (cancer of an unknown primary). I’d love to hear some first hand accounts.

    Thanks again,

  • Melissa B

    I just got back from the Burzynski Clinic and was very disappointed. I am sharing this because it was not at all what I thought the clinic was. In a nutshell, they find ways to go through the about $15,000 it takes to even get started there, very quickly without doing much more than taking your vitals every day and leading you up to doing conventional chemo and radiation. I should mention that I have stage 3 breast cancer and this is all they offered to me. I was there a week and a half, and they went through over $10,000. For the $10,000, I saw a doctor, not Burzynski, almost every day during work days, and had my vitals taken, had blood work done, and got put on conventional hormone therapy and their PB drug, that made me feel terrible, and was told the only good option I had was to get hit hard with chemo and radiation. At that point, we decided to come home and I am now going to start Gerson Therapy. I would really research before going there. Find as many testimonies as you can that aren’t offered from them. I hope this is helpful and will save people a lot of money in their efforts to beating cancer naturally.