The Cancer Control Society

The Cancer Control Society is a non-profit that distributes literature, books, and videos on Natural and Alternative Medicine. Their mission is to help people prevent and control cancer and other diseases through Nutrition and Non-Toxic Therapies.

Since 1973 they have brought life-saving information to thousands of patients and their families. The highlight of the year is when the CCS sponsors their annual Cancer Control Convention, featuring Medical Doctors, Clinical Researchers, Nutritionists, and Authors on Alternative Medicine sharing their latest findings for treating cancer and other diseases. Over 50 speakers, 6 movies, and 80 exhibits are presented at the Sheraton Universal Hotel in Hollywood California every Labor Day weekend.

Many of my health heroes have spoken at this event like Dr. Samuel Epstein, Dr. Lorraine Day, Richard Schulze, Charlotte Gerson… the list of past speakers is incredible.
They also have a doctor’s symposium on the fourth day of the event and a bus tour of Tijuana Cancer Clinics on the fifth. I attended this year (2011) and it was AWESOME.

They publish a directory of doctors practicing alternative medicine and contact information sheet featuring patients that have used natural and alternative therapies.

You can order DVD sets of all the speakers all the way back to 1999 on their website.
Check it out at

Here’s a short video of me sharing my story at this year’s event.
The microphone didn’t pick up the audience very well, but I swear they laughed at my jokes.

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  • Awesome Chris!!

  • Isn’t it amazing the diet and food options from hospitals and doctors? The brochure I received on “cancer diets” listed Angel Food cake as a “healthy snack” and to watch out for those “dark green leafy veggies” because the VitK interfered w/the chemo. I’ve never regretted going holistic. Great speech.

  • P.S. Please keep sharing your story, as often as possible. The more of us that do, the more people will be aware of other options and it will continue to be easier for each new person to educate and heal themselves. You are amazing, keep it up!

  • Tristian McPhail

    Must’ve been a great speach that I’d be interested in, unfortunately I can’t understand any of this because I cannot hear. Is there a way to get this video as well your other vidoes captioned?

    • Hi Tristian, I’m not sure how to do that…
      if I figure it out, I’ll definitely do it!

  • Brent

    Chris you Rock!!!! :-)

  • Excellent video! Your story has to be told over and over and I’m very happy that you were able to share at the Cancer Control Society. They’ve been around a long time and truly care about getting the truth out.

  • Your story is amazing! I’m a thyroid cancer survivor, conventional route.

  • Hi, Chris. We emailed each other last week. (Thank You!) I’m all in for a natural path to healing. Not sure how I start. Do I need to find a naturopath to direct/guide me? You referred me to San Diego OHI, but I feel a local naturopath would help me asap.
    Thanks so much again for using your gift to help others.

  • Hi Chris,

    I am just curious? When you where diagnosed with Cancer was your body weight much heavier . The reason I ask is toxins and microbes are stored in body fat tissues. I used to be obese with weight related clinically diagnosed diseases 12 in total and they all went away when I lost my weight on a whole plant based diet with exercise.

    Secondly this will be incredible for your readers to believe but its true. My Dad more than 8 years ago was fighting for his life in the cancer ward in Hamilton Ontario Canada with not one but 3 Oncologists milking his insurance policy for all it was worth. They gave me and my brother false hope that he could make it and they would not listen to me when I wanted to give my Dad wholesome healthy raw foods and super green foods . They said that doing this would change and interfere with their test results but they could not really explain how.Have you ever seen the foods that they serve in hospitals loaded with refined white sugar that feeds Cancer and dead overcooked foods missing life giving enzymes. And they pay a so called certified Nutritionists to make up this dreadful menu. The Chemo striped all dignity away from my Dad and he had no quality of life left in him. My Dad had sores in his throat and could not take down solid foods anymore and was given an IV drip of dead devitalized Soy milk. I read the ingredients on the can and almost cried. An Oncologist is just that , they treat body parts ,and not the whole body. They do not address the cause of the condition only symptoms and use toxic ware fare that kills your immune cells.
    7 years of Med school teaches zero nutrition and only 100 percent synthetic drug therapy. A survey that came out of Canada revealed that 90 percent of Oncologists would not give Chemo to their loved ones or even to themselves. But today they still inject this poison into hundreds of thousands of innocent people to pay for their luxury vacation trip to Mexico. Talk about hypocrisy !
    I would challenge any orthodox oncologist today to prove me wrong.

    Barry Gourmet & Raw

    • HI Barry
      No I was not heavier. I’ve always been a thin guy. I weigh more now than I did then.
      Thank you so much for sharing your dad’s story.

  • Michael B. Mann

    Hello Chris. I just want to ask what medicines did you take for pain? You did not undergo chemo but how about pain? Are there alternative herbs for that?

    • Hi Michael, I took a prescription drug pain killer (I forget which one) after surgery for a couple weeks, I did not finish the prescription because I didn’t like being drugged up. After I healed form surgery I did not have any pain so I didn’t need anything else.