Cancer surgery video of me from 2003

Today is New Years Day, 2014.

On New Years Day 2004, I was in the hospital recovering from cancer surgery with a 4-inch vertical incision straight through my belly button, and a third of my large intestine removed.

That was the lowest point of my life…

A few months ago, while rummaging (yes rummaging) through some old stuff, I found a video clip of me in the hospital, shot immediately after I came out of surgery.

I was in recovery, barely conscious, waiting to be taken to a room. But somehow I managed to film myself for a few moments.

I don’t even remember doing this, but I’m glad I did.

Seeing myself so fragile and weak reminds me of how far I’ve come, and how good God is.

He lead me in the path of healing, restored my health, and has since blessed me with a beautiful family.

I praise the Lord that I am alive and well ten years later to share this with you.

All glory belongs to Him!

In 2014, I pray that you prosper and be in good health just as your soul prospers.
(3 John 1:2)

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  1. ShariCakes

    Can totally relate. They rush you out of surgery and you are barely coherent. I had a right hemi-colectomy for an appediceal carcinoid tumor in August of 2011 – no chemo and have also made health a priority in the past three years.

    Thank you for all that you do and for supporting those of us who value health over traditional healthcare.

  2. Jenny Q

    Omg that beard!! LOL!! :) hahaha

  3. Annette

    Wow, thanks very much for sharing this. You have come so far you give me, still in hospital, hope.

  4. Karen Akin

    Happy New Year, Chris. You have truly blessed my life and encouraged me in my journey. Philippians 1:3.

  5. LR

    This is what got me through every moment of treatment – starting with the biopsy (when I saw it on a plaque before going in for the procedure). “God is with you in all that you do” (Genesis 21:22)

    Your words reminded me of that passage.

    Happy New Year and thanks for all that you do.

  6. Cynthia Clingan

    WOW! That video first brought tears to my eyes remembering the condition I was in after my double mastectomy almost 4 years ago. Then the tears turned to happy tears realizing you most likely would not be here today if you had agreed to do the extreme colon cancer chemo protocol. So thankful for you & nyour willingness to share your story. Can’t wait to see all the cool things God has planned for you the next 10 years!!

  7. Cindy

    Hey Chris! Happy New Year! We have something in common. We had the same cancer, cancer surgery and cancer recovery. Except I was 55 when it hit me in Sept 2011. I too choose overdosing on nutrition and shunned chemo and more surgery. I feel great and am lovin’ this path! God has taught me so much about what it means to be well – mind, body and spirit. Thanks for your good work!

    1. mary

      Hello Cindy. May I be in touch with you, same age and same surgery. Please reach me at

      Thank you.

  8. Dina B. Morris

    Thank you for posting this!!! It was very much needed!!! Your whole site has been a blessing to me and my family. Thank you!!

  9. Angel

    Praise God. You asked Him for wisdom and He answered. Hope your new year is off to a great start! :)

  10. mary

    Happy New year Chris!!! Praise the Lord for he has held your hand and led you all the way to healing!!!

    You are helping me heal, in so many ways. I greatly benefitted from having my 2 hr consultation with you!!
    For we covered so much of every aspect of healing,

    Much love your way for your family and you!!!!\\\
    Thank you Chris.

  11. Jacky Manchester

    I am always inspired by your postings and appreciate especially that you are giving the glory to God for your healing. You honor Him and He will honor you. You are a blessing, and though I don’t have cancer, my family history is rank with it, therefore I keep up with nutritional healing on many sites. God bless you, and Happy New Year as you celebrate another year, cancer free. All glory to Jesus, Your friend, Jacky

  12. barbara

    Chris – have you ever cheated on your diet….I have over the holidays and I feel very guilty…i am a two year breast cancer survivor and refused chemo….if you have cheated on what and what did you do to get back on track…thank you…i love your website….Barbara

  13. Jean

    In addition, you have a ‘cute’ wife!!!

  14. Nina

    Hi Chris. Happy New Year to you and your family. Love your website. You’re very appreciated for the info that you share. God Bless.

  15. Sam


    Thank you for the videos and wisdom. What was your diet like before you were diagnosed? Are there any videos where you talk about your life prior to cancer, and the way you life has changed since?

  16. Joe

    Happy New Year, Chris! Thanks for all u do. I had oral cancer, stage 1. (Thank God) I now have trouble manipulating food cuz they cut part of the right side of my tongue off. No rad or chemo. Lymph nodes were clean. I love the idea of ur “giant salad”. I’ve tried to eat healthier, but just not there yet. I keep coming back to ur web site and watching different videos though. I’ll get there eventually. Lol. Keep up the Godly work and I’m always looking fwd to ur emails!

  17. Robert H


    I truly appreciate, not only this video, but also your relating of your entire experience since 2003. I personally was diagnosed with prostate cancer (7 Gleason Score) back in June of 2012. I likewise refused conventional treatment, and have been eating a host of virtually raw ORGANIC veggies, fruits (including dried tena and black mission figs) , frozen strawberries and blackberries pumpkin seeds, pistachios, along with organic rice and quinoa pasta, baked organic chicken breast and wild caught sardines. Additionally, I drink lots and lots of spring water (not tap). Last, but definitely not least, I have solid naturopathic doctor who has been providing me supplements that deal directly with this problem. So far, according to my appearance and the improvements, not just in my urinary symptoms, but also in the way I feel overall, this regimen seems to be working. People who know my health situation have commented on numerous occasions how health I look; even saying that I don’t look 57 years old!!!!!

  18. Esther Wright

    Bruno Groening, a master healer from Germany taught that God is the Master Physician and that there is no such thing as incurable. I am pleased to hear you express your gratitude for your healing and your wonderful life. I believe in natural healing (no surgery,chemo or radiation,thank you), but every person is different and needs to follow their intuition. Many people do the western protocols out of fear…rather than faith. I do not believe we should “fight” or be in a ‘battle’ with cancer..which is a part of our body. It makes no sense to fight your own body..but better to honor it with healthy food and a healthy lifestyle. Keep up the good work, Chris. You are making a difference.

  19. Scott Ray

    Happy New Year Chris,

    Boy, can I relate to this. Back in 2009, I underwent a 12 hour Whipple Procedure for (what turned out to be) a Stage I Ampullary Cancer (of pancreatic origin). I used these exact words – “That was the lowest point of my life…”. Like I tell people, you really don’t know the amount of strength that you possess until your back is flush against the wall. I was in the hospital for 17 days. It was like crawling slowly out of a deep pit. After 5 years of extensive research regarding natural compounds(and talking with many cancer researchers, I am secure in my approach going forward. As I tell many people, the answer to this insidious disease can be found in nature. You simply need to take ownership of your health and seek out the answers. All the best.

    Scott Ray
    Long Island, NY

    1. Chris Wark

      Awesome Scott! So glad to know you are doing what you’re doing. :)

  20. Ken W. Anderson

    Thanks again Chris. Little by little I’m spreading the word … through my blog, through emails, through Facebook on God’s intention for health. You’re leading the way well. Keep it up. Blessings on you.

  21. Dianne Nomikos

    Chris Happy New Year and always healthy, but unfortunately friends of mine who refused chemo after 17years battle, include my cousin gone and I am feeling very curious, as I am a cancer survivor of 8years now, but doing chemo and organic keto diet together. I had over 84rounds all those years and a major surgery, and feeling good and alive. But I don’t think I would survive without chemo. After that is better to do both ways, as I have a friend with colon cancer metastasize in brain and liver and she is alive cause both worlds of treatment. Is better to be more wise when cancer hits you. That is my experience in life. I lost so many friends this year, when they stopped chemo and who knows what diet they did. Start to say, we have to do both ways to survive, as when the disease is aggressive, as ovarian cancer, no one can secure clean life, just with diet. Not my special FABNO Naturopath,as you are facing a Monster so strong, that can kill a full army in seconds. Please try to say that to everyone.After treatment and when you are clean, then you can do diets etc. but not when the cancer is aggressive and alive. They have to find a Doctor, like Dr Bruckner, out of the BOX and survive, as I did. This Dr does miracles, do you know that?????? With small doses of multiple drugs, he is keeping alive pancreatic and ovarian cancers for years. I saw the people and I am amazed from his work. Keep in touch.

  22. Karen

    Hi, Chris I have read about the food different blood types should eat. What blood type are you or natural path address that? just wondering Thank you so much for your website love it!!!!

  23. Inge

    You rock Chris! Ten years! That’s awesome. Happy you ditched the facial hair (ha!ha!)
    Thanks for sharing your story.

  24. jeanne

    It’s incredible what the Lord has taken you through! Love this bit of humor/too-real video. You have told us so much and I’ve learned so much from you. Thank you for all the time it takes to give it to us!

  25. Carole Delbridge

    Praise God Chris!!!! we should never underestimate the power of prayer , Amen

  26. Natalia

    adorable video, I remembered mine as well, it was 3 years ago.

  27. Cheryl

    Happy New Year! Thanks for sharing your video. You were definitely loopy like I was after my lumpectomy. Haha. God bless, and here’s to 50 more years!

  28. carolyn matos

    yes u look super young!!!keep it up you are an inspiration to millions!!

  29. Batcha

    Hay Christ am Batcha I just found out I have cancer stage4 below the small intestine also got alcer what should I do can I try your salad can I do green juice I don’t no what to do

  30. celiayounger

    I just was listening to a GMO conference speakers all of them PhD scienties investigating GMO’s all of the agreed that GMO’s cause spontaneous abortion, neurological problems and MOST OF ALL CANCER IN THE LINING OF STOMACH AND INTESTINES. leukemia and non-hop kin lymphomas. and this information has been known since the late 1990’s MONSANTO AND OTHER SUCH MULTINATIONAL COMPANIES HAVE BEEN TRYING TO COVER UP THIS INFORMATION. THIS CONFERENCE WAS 4+HOURS LONG. 5 SCIENTIST WHERE THE SPEAKERS AND ONE OF THEM A MONSANTO SCIENTIST working with gmos and INVESTIGAting and studding the gmo’s before he quiet and retired. it only takes a year o two to get the consequences of eating gmo’s

  31. Judy S.

    Hi Chris. Thank you for sharing your story here. I found your site after discovering two basal cell carcinomas last summer–had both removed. On Tuesday I will be going in to have a suspicious mole removed from my thigh and praying for no melanoma. I have a high risk given my two bcc’s, fair skin, blue eyes, and family history of ovarian, uterine and squamous cell cancers which are cousins of melanoma. I must admit I have been consumed with worry and anxiety for the past week and am trying to give that to God. I have looked through your site a lot and haven’t really seen anything relevant to melanoma. Does the radical switch to raw food etc. help in the case of melanoma or prevention of melanoma? Any other knowledge you may have as it relates would be greatly appreciated. May God continue to bless you and your family and this wonderful ministry you have here.

    Judy S.

  32. Javz from Toronto

    thank you…i had an emotional reaction to when you said you were guided by God towards Nutrition…i am also struggling with an illness and God has been guiding me towards nutrition in the form of yourself, Dr. Joel Furhman, and Joe Cross…it’s been a hard road to stick to good nutrition..but your videos help me to be motivated..thank you

  33. Ana Sue Riley

    You are so cute and precious to watch. I’ve been watching all of your videos and I love your knowledge, your faith in God, your desire to help others, and your cute personality. You give me so much hope and I want to try all of this so badly… just having a horrible, horrible time giving up sugar. I’ve given up everything else (gluten, meat, grains, etc) but cannot shake the sugar cravings yet. Fruit doesn’t satisfy them. But I am not giving up. God bless you, your wife, and family, brother Chris.

    1. MarkStolzoff

      He’s a horrible person who spreads lies that will get people killed just so he can make money , for example his anti chemo study was intentionally designed to have left out the very types of cancers for which chemotherapy provides the most benefit, and it uses 5 year survival exclusively, completely neglecting that in some common cancers (such as breast cancer) chemotherapy can prevent late relapses. There were also a lot of inconsistencies and omissions in that leukemias were not included, while leukemia is one type of cancer against which chemotherapy is most efficacious. Indeed, the very technique of lumping all newly diagnosed adult cancers together is guaranteed to obscure benefits of chemotherapy among subgroups by lumping in patients for whom chemotherapy is not even indicated.

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