Do you know where your food comes from?

Back in like ’97 or ’98 my friend Brad Stanfill showed me one of the most beautiful and powerful documentaries I’ve ever seen called Baraka by Ron Fricke.

A clip started circulating around the net and I was reminded of its brilliance.

As it turns out, that clip is from a film called Samsara, also made by Ron Fricke and shot over 5 years in 25 countries that explores the beauty and mystery of the world and humanity.

Anyway here is one small slice of the film that examines our food supply chain.

This clip contains no words, and no words can describe it.

Make sure you watch it all the way to the end. It’s only 6 minutes.

If at any point you feel a strong need to stop watching, don’t, just skip ahead to 4:30.

Afterward I would really like to know your thoughts about it.


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  1. Kay

    My thought is “I don’t think this is progress.” It was all so pure and simple, but we messed it all up. And I can’t get the image of that poor mama pig just wanting to suckle her young naturally, but being restrained (and unnaturally obese – for a pig). Thank you so much for sharing this.

    1. Natalia

      it’s just shows we will stop at nothing in the name of the big DOLLAR. pathetic. there is no hope for humans, we need help!

    2. Nate

      It is brilliant to see this great movie still circulating. I like your intent. We are free beings and we are waking up to the maddness every minute.

      “Though much is taken, much abides; and though
      We are not now that strength which in the old days
      Moved earth and heaven; that which we are, we are,
      One equal-temper of heroic hearts,
      Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will
      To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.”

      Alfred Lord Tennyson

    3. Lucy

      YOU are what you eat

    4. fannie chionis

      Completely disgusted and I am on a mission to go all Organic it is only the financial situation that does not allow us to be able to eat ALL ORGANIC FOOD AND THAT IS SAD!

  2. Kelly

    What do I feel? Ashamed. Gluttonous.

  3. Julie

    Made me feel ill! For me I’m thankful I can buy meat from my Son-in-law who farms the Joel Saladin style. However, knowing I’m in the minority of people who have that option makes me sad.

  4. Edith

    So sad. It’s a reality that makes me sick. God bless us to turn things around soon.

  5. Greta

    That video was horrific, I think if a lot of meat eaters watched that they would become vegatarian, human beings really are the dangerous species! It’s a shame that no respect for these animals feelings are considered at all, its total ingnorance

  6. Jenn

    When the shots of Costco started, all I could think was “consumption, consumption, consumption, consumption, consumption….”

    I don’t think this clip shows the footage of sorting the baby chicks….That’s was really disturbing to me. I’d forgotten about the chicken sweeper, though!

  7. Ron

    This is really bad. A big problem is that you will never be able to convince some people that this is bad. They feel that people are in work because of it and etc. Humanity still has a long way to go.

  8. Angela

    I am not sure I have the words to describe how I feel. I would be interested in seeing the entire film. I read a brief description and it sounds intriguing.

  9. Brenda

    Wow!! Seeing something like that really makes you think about what we’re eating. Made me feel sad, disgusted, glutinous, and insignificant.

  10. Lisa

    I am most thankful that about 1.5 years ago, I prayed to the heavens above to illuminate my path, and to guide me to a more simple, and pure life that reflects harmony – twas the very next day, out of nowhere that that the idea of eating another sentient being was no longer going to serve me – and so it was…I feel heartbroken that I at one point attributed to all that this video showed.

  11. Elena Viator

    So sad!

  12. Nicole

    Deeply sad and disturbing! I couldn’t even watch it all, it’s not how God intended for us to take care of His creation! I’ve tried to tell people about this before, but they didn’t want to know. I guess it’s easier to remain ignorant!

  13. Hans

    Great short film !! I am a farmer and those are some nice processing facilities !!! SHows how overpopulated the world is and makes you wonder when Darwin said the world can sustain 6 billion and we are headed towards 8 billion now. We have to increase our production 30 to 50% by the year 2050 to feed the world. Its time to slow down on babies people !!!

  14. Donna Meakin

    Sick. Beyond sad. Perverse world. What ever did innocent animals do to deserve this mechanical Barbarism? Makes me feel ashamed to be a part of the human race. Feel very guilty for being introduced & liking the flavour of “meat” :(
    The situation of the poor pigs especially… well as you say, there Are no words.

  15. doreen

    I cried!

    1. Mildred

      Me too! I can’t believe I was part of this barbaric population. Having cancer I think is a blessing in disguise for me. My eyes were opened. I am now eating healthy. My spirit is renewed. I’m not afraid to die anymore. We are all going there anyway. At least I’m going to live the rest of my life with no guilt.

  16. Meredith

    We can do something. Buy local. Each person who buys local creates change.

  17. Bas

    Just two words for this: BE VEGATARIAN

    1. jojo

      Actually, Vegan. The milk and eggs are processed with the same cruelty.

  18. Hasna'

    I have seen videos that have brought me to tears and sobs due to how the animals were treated. This clip was more subtle and yet it spoke volumes without the need of a verbal narration. This makes it powerful in a way that causes you to make your own conclusions. No one is telling you, ” THINK THIS”. You are just being shown and there is a lot of wisdom in that .

    When i first saw the chickens I wasn’t understanding what was going on until i realized they were being sucked into that machine. I cannot imagine the level of trauma they must go through and the pig was simply horrific. It looks as it if was overfed and made to be obese to get more meat. Meanwhile it was not able to properly nurture its babies as all mother animals are inclined to do from instinct.

    I can go long periods of time without eating chicken, meat of fish but I am not against its consumption. I am against the method by which we raise them and subject them to the type of conditions that were shown in the above video. When that is the only way we can consume the flesh of other living animals, then we all should be vegetarian.

    Your site is one of my favorite and a great blessing. I would love to see what could be done to have key parts translated into Arabic to benefit regions of the Middle East where there is so little information about cancer and natural remedies. People often believe that medical doctors have the only answers that are out there and i believe that is much to their detriment.

  19. Holistic Chef Barry

    Live stock animals today are treated as numbers as you can see in the milking cow stalls.

    They are commodities for our eating pleasure, that is subsidized by our Governments , that is your tax paying money to automate the system for efficiency of delivery to our table at home or eating out.

    Everything is taken out and the wrong things are put back in . Holistic Chef Barry

  20. Lizzie

    Hi Chris,

    I first watched Baraka a while back… Thank you for this clip raising awareness especially in a critical time where there is so much need to evolve together and reconnect with the planet… Very powerful, very brutal but in a short time it describes the reality most don’t want to see… Although for me the overall feeling about Baraka is positive and there is hope and our intuition can lead us to change and appreciate life at a whole new level….

    Peace and love


  21. Buckner

    I think it is amazingly sanitary and efficient. For anyone thinking otherwise I suggest you go out and kill your own animal, clean it, clean up your mess and see how you feel about the whole experience. What a blessing to purchase food so easily. And for all the ladies not liking it. Look at your purses and shoes and other accessories – do you still feel sorry for the animal? You like those items don’t you. They are doing such a great job none of the Animal is wasted and it is so sanitary. Gluttony is your own choice.

    1. Jo

      “All the ladies not liking it?” Because only women are capable of seeing the cruelty in this industry?

      No, I do not go out and slaughter my own animals because of the disgusting practices of factory farms. I just don’t eat meat. It is as simple as that. I agree that factory farms are efficient and are fantastic money-makers, which is why they are still around. That does not make it right.

      Purses and shoes and the “accessories” that you think are so all-important to women (clearly you do not spend time around most of the women I know,) can be made out of materials other than animal skin.

      Now I’m in a bad mood.

      But anyway, excellent video.

  22. Debbie

    What a powerful video, it really does show how far off the track we humans have come in my view, animals are now just commodities and we also have to blame ourselves to a certain extent as its all consumer driven. My eyes have been opened so much in the last few years and i really don’t think if we continue down this path it will only end in disaster for us all probably in health terms at least!!

  23. Joyce

    Part of our consumerism that we don’t see. Another reason to buy local, and at the table give blessings to include thanks to the seeds, soil, weather, farmers, processors, shippers, marketers and consumers that all recognize the gift of life they are handling.

  24. Diane

    What they did not show is that before the cows and bulls are killed they are fed a meat tenderiser that starts to break down the meat so it is softer to eat – while the animal is ALIVE. I live in a remote area where I am surrounded by animals who live a natural life, the country bans GM foods in all forms and we can trace our food back to the producer and even animal number if we want to. I think it is too late for the Human Race to change as every day there are more and more humans to eat the same amount of food and with the death of bees soon it will be less, far less food. The earth will rid itself of the one race that is ruining the earth – the inHUMAN race.

  25. Mike McKenna

    Wow. Production like smart phones, computers, cars, etc. Good to be smarter when it comes to health.

  26. Frank Gilbert

    You just changed my lifestyle !

  27. paul taylor

    Chris after watching this video I am ashamed to be a lousy human being! This is not the way it should be at all.And the awfull truth is what I just saw on this video is nothing what the future holds will make this video look like a wonderfull thing.Humans this makes me have less feelings those pigs at the end and I am not talking about the hogs those pigs at the fast food place who cares about them they don’t want to do any better.I eat very little meat now.This makes me want to stop all meat god humans have no shame or heart.thanks chris for showing this

  28. paul taylor

    Oh I noticed and forgot to mention the 2 grocery carts one was filled with meant no vegetables no fruits.The other cart was full of fruits and vegetables.Those 2 differences could make a difference in the whole worlds food supply but sadly only happen to a small percentage of the world.Some conutries like parts of japan eat healthy have for hundreds of years other places never will eat right or care about the cost to animals or their cost of health.I hate to say this but after watching this video I feel less care about people and more for animals but nice people with a heart sure i care about them.Thanks paul

  29. Patrick Musante

    Most disgusting shot of reality in the arm that i ever had the displeasure of watching…


  30. sundaram

    It is so gross and inhumane that I couldn’t even watch it after about 30 seconds!
    New website listed is under constuction, to be published soon.

  31. Iwona

    I’m a vegan and every time I see vidoe like this I’m know it war the right decision to stop eating meat…

  32. ala

    This reminds me of the movie “Soylent Green”???

  33. Pat

    SHAMEFUL, Animal Abuse, Mechanical, Robotic. Now I see where all cancer and other diseases come from.

    1. Mildred

      I second that!

  34. arva

    To me the thing that struck me while watching this video is how much is probably wasted due to our need for convenience. I am a meat eater and while I do find the state in which these animals live shameful, I don’t find the images of animal slaughter to be horrific as others may. The terms slaughter and butcher are ones that simply describe the process of killing and preparing an animal for consumption which I believe is a normal thing. I do believe that animals should be treated kindly and respectfully, they help us, support us, feed us and sustain us. Animals should be slaughtered to order when all cuts will be used, not pre-cut and rotting on a shelf. Understanding this and buying from local farms and local butchers is an important way to support responsible farming.

  35. Kate

    I just cannot watch this, gave up after less than a minute. Started vegan diet a few weeks ago to lower my liver enzymes & cholesterol. I have become increasingly leery of meat eating since watching Food Inc. a few years ago. I am convinced, would like to show this to omnivore hubby, though…

  36. Shannon Steffler

    I saw another documentary that literally hat me closing my eyes and turning it off and then back on. It was entirely disturbing. I quite eating meat for a whole two days, but tried to push it away. It did make me sick at first and this again does. Even if I quit, I couldn’t make my whole family of 7 do it because my husband would have a fit and it’d be a huge fight. It’s so sad :-( Not sure what to do.

  37. Catherine

    This is the most DISGUSTING thing I have ever seen in my entire life. So gross. Thank God I am vegan.

  38. Monica

    I don’t care what you believe in. God, the universe, the laws of evolution; etc.; this cannot not be ok. They are the new slaves!!!! History shows where there is cruelty inflicted on one-there will be a backlash to the other. We are one; and there is no getting around it.

  39. Debbie

    No wonder why the obesity rate is so staggeringly high, especially in the United States of America – land of the free-range animals and fish!!!! Like someone else posted we are what we eat – obese, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, high blood sugar – maybe the medical field should practice on patients eating healthy and thus doctors would no longer be needed for all the obese co-morbidities!

  40. Jen S.

    Watching this made me realize that unless you buy from a grass fed farm, you’re not getting the nutrition intended from animals. I am more apt to move toward the vegetarian state now, lol it’s a lot cheaper than buying grass fed meats for the five of us. Plus, I believe it may be healthier in the long run.

  41. deborah

    It made me feel sick. It seemed the animals and the people were not much different; both in assembly-line nightmares. One difference – the people though ‘trapped’ die slowly and perhaps therefore more painfully. The animals had no choice. And the choice became apparent after 4:30… It left me feeling so, so empty and helpless – however – not so helpless as to not be left without a personal choice. May it make a difference…

  42. pakoehler

    this is where Wal-Mart and big chain stores get their food from mega farms everything for big profits and making people sick

  43. TNAR


    The vast majority of those who left comments appear not to understand how it is that we live in a world free of most wants. Only Buckner seemed cognizant of the impressive feats undertaken in the video provided. An unimaginably vast amount of food is produced and distributed across the globe every single day. The consumer prices one finds for virtually any food desirable is so cheap that it is almost impossible to go hungry. Certainly, political factors have made hunger an unfortunate reality in certain parts of the world, but this is the exception rather than the rule. A mere two hundred years ago this was not the case. It almost seems that many of you would be tickled pink if human progress was turned back a few hundred years. It makes me wonder if some of you value animal life above that of humans…

  44. Chris K.

    Sick. Sad. Embarrassing for America. All so we could do what, consume even more? This is one of the reasons I became a vegan. But this information has to get out. Even so, I have people tell me they are still going to eat meat after watching this. People should wake up! Thanks for sharing.

  45. Kathy

    I, too, felt sorry for the caged, overfed animals. But I was also keenly aware of how easily we humans are emotionally manipulated. Something as wonderful as sitting down to a meal with family was made disgusting by the fast-motion speed of overweight people eating fast food. But there is nothing inherently disgusting about a human being eating. So to the degree that the producers of this film wished to emotionally create a case is the degree to which I object. We should not make films that cause us to hate ourselves but rather to find solutions to problems while elevating the sanctity of all life, including us. In fact, I would argue that it is a lot easier to feel sanctimonious about one’s objections and disgust than to dig in and find real solutions. At the end of the day, we need to eat, so finding a philosophical and moral basis for one’s approach, along with the best implementation we can find, is where the real work is.

    1. Jean

      I agree with Kathy’s stance the most. People need to eat and this is the way thats been designed to feed the masses. It’s cheap and efficient. The real price we pay is in our health and our humanity.

      Like she said, “it is a lot easier to feel sanctimonious about one’s objections and disgust than to dig in and find real solutions”.

      What it boils down to for me is how quick, easy consumption has made poor moderators of us all. We consume mindlessly, confuse thirst for hunger, and don’t make our calories count. We take everything for granted because it’s fast and cheap.

      As consumers we create the demand thats driven this sort of industry. We have come to want and expect far too much. Even those that choose to eat meat, myself included, should not be eating it in the quantity or with the frequency as we have become accustomed.

      Food, like healthcare, has become adulterated and debased through industrialization. We all just need to take charge and make better choices for ourselves and our families. This means weeding through the propaganda on both sides and making well informed decisions.

      Moderation and education! We don’t all have to be vegans or turn our backs on 100 years of progress to make substantial changes.

  46. Rebekah Moore

    If you believe the Bible, itreads that God told Paul that no animal was considered unclean to eat. However, what we are feeding and how we treat the animals is sick. I couldn’t think of a better word than sick!
    I am able to buy meat that is grass fed and are treated humainly. But I still don’t eat a lot of meat!

  47. Adie

    Horrendous, what kind of humans are we? How can you call it humane? I have been a strict vegetarian (no meat, fish or eggs) for 47 years and I love it. Going Certified Organic is essential now that they are putting GMOs in the food and not even telling us or having proper labeling.

  48. RJ Norman

    This doesn’t even show the worst if it. Watch The Earthlings if you want to see the truth; free on YouTube. So glad I stopped eating meat.

  49. Just Beechie

    Mindless consumption spreading the cancer.

  50. Sharon J

    Absolutely sickening. And here ends my days of buying meat at anything but ethical butchers. Fortunately, we have one in our town. Probably will eat less meat, too, since I cannot get this movie out of my head.

  51. Jennifer

    After watching this, my 8 year old son just turned to me and said, “this is why I am going to be a sustainable farmer.”

    The little ones can change the world and so can we, by what we spend our money on. We have a choice … yes, it may cost more … but it is worth every dime.

    Thanks for sharing and I praise God that He answered your prayer when you asked Him to show you the way to healing. He is in the process of healing me of hypothyroidism. God listens when we pray and is still in the healing business.

    “My people perish for lack of knowledge.” Hosea 4:6

  52. Melody Canterberry

    So very glad that I have many local resources for pasture-raised, humanely treated animals. They are pricey, but it’s worth it to know where my food is coming from.

  53. Apani Smith

    video looked pretty barbaric

  54. earthbaby

    Thank you for this Chris,I am seriously thinking about going vegan.My health is my most precious commodity.I am committed to taking care of it .Again,thank you. and may God continue to bless and keep you healthy.

  55. Linda

    I just had a colectomy; how soon can I start the raw juicing and water fasting! How often should I water fast?

  56. Karolyn

    Looking for someone out there that has cured Large B Cell Lymphoma. Stage 4. Have tried different diets and lots of natural things but so far we haven’t figured out what it is feeding on? We would appreciate any help that someone could give

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