Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy on The Cancer Revolution

My friend Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy MD is back!

Dr. Connealy is the Founder and Medical Director of the Center for New Medicine and Cancer Center for Healing in Irvine, California. She is a walking encyclopedia in conventional and alternative medicine and has vast expertise in IPT/LD (low-dose chemo), genetic testing, detoxification, IV vitamin C, ozone, hyperbaric oxygen, hyperthermia, UV blood irradiation and so much more.

Dr. Connealy has a brand new book out called The Cancer Revolution: A Groundbreaking Program to Reverse and Prevent Cancer.

I love talking to Dr. Connealy and I know you’re going to enjoy this interview. :)

Show Notes:
-How to determine if cancer is brewing, simmering, or fermenting in the body [5:14]
-Reasons to not let the sense of urgency cause you to rush into treatment [18:57]
-There has never been a better time to get cancer than now [27:20]
-Facts about a non-invasive cancer test that’s been around for 60 years [33:23]
-These are not just grandmother’s remedies! [36:29]
-How to make healthy eating a “way of life” [41:45]
-Decisions that can change your future [47:42]
-Unraveling emotional conflict to get well [51:42]

Selected Links:
My first interview with Dr. Connealy

Connect with Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy:
Website: www.cancercenterforhealing.com
Twitter: @connealymd
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ConnealyMD
Instagram @connealymd

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  1. Cortney Campbell

    Loving this! Thanks so much Chris and Dr. Connealy. :) Especially appreciating the clarification around the testing (hcG/ Oncoblot, CTC, etc.)

  2. viva bella

    Thank you Chris for making this information available. I’d like to see dialogue about the cost of any alternative therapy.

    Almost $3000 for the RGCC and to talk to Dr. Connelly is $500 an hour, $125 for additional 15 minutes. This is prohibitive for most cancer patients. Most cancer patients have already paid a financial price, often losing their jobs, etc. This is a social justice issue– should these gentler and natural methods be available to only the wealthy? while most cancer patients, even if they know of alternative methods and resources, have no choice but to take toxic, caustic chemo drugs.

    This has to change.

    1. Wilma Laura Wiggins

      Who wouldn’t agree? Don’t know what can be done to change it but I agree.

    2. Robin Conrad

      I agree. I am at the point where hormone therapy drugs no longer work and my only option is chemo, which I am refusing. I am on a very limited income with disability and trying to cure myself through expensive organic foods and supplements is very challenging and stressful. I would love to see a natural or alternative medicine practitioner but cannot afford it. I wish insurance would cover alternative treatments.

      1. seaandski64

        I agree w Viva. I’m right there with ya’:) Am on a limited budget, refused conventional medicine, but cannot afford everything because i get a minimal government income. I have fired 3 conventional doctors thus far, and can’t find an integrative specialist (for uterine cancer) in tge Kanaas City area, nor can I afford tge out of pocket exoense as my Stated medical Insurance will Not cover this:)

        1. Brook Bisrat

          Riordan Clinic in Kansas City looks great

  3. Rita Shimniok

    I was so excited to hear Dr. Connealy talk about bio-resonance and future of medicine being energy….I dove into meridian stress assessment functional medicine AFTER my husband passed from cancer. We learned about the technology much too late in his journey, and he had Lyme disease as well, which was missed (additional tests were refused…everything was “cancer”). I believe that MSA is a game changer in the world of preventative medicine and I vowed to be a part of the solution, invested in the equipment and received my certification. It has been a blessing to help people regain their health.

  4. Janice Huffman

    Great interview. Dr. Connealy is brilliant and knowledgeable. Too bad we can’t clone her. Definitely ordering her book. Thanks for this!

    1. Kim

      Hi janice its kim! Your friend on gerson.. Did you get the book yet? Im going to order it too! Yes too bad we can’t clone her!! Such a wonderful interview!

  5. Stepan the ksi and clash of co

    Thank you, Chris, it was great interview. Could you please post article on the history of thermography Dr. Connealy was talking about?

  6. Kate Johansson

    I have played this interview 3X today. I think this is one of my all-time favorites! You two are two of my favorites in any summit or documentary, because every time either of you speak, you both share and reveal so much more info than before. So much great info about cheap ways to detox. Thanks for this!

  7. Kate Johansson

    Love the thing about the physical exam and being able to tell immediately about the liver! That is from experience of many years!

  8. Tamara Smith

    I have played this interview twice! Took my first detox bath last night and it was shocking that I felt THAT good afterwards! Going to do this 2~3X per week from now on! What a blessing it is to have resources such as this to learn from! Chris, may God bless you and your family and continue to gift you with the desire to help all those who seek truth and alternatives! I tell everyone who has an ear to hear about you, Ty Bolinger, & GreenMedInfo! God speed and keep it coming’ brother!

  9. Ann Gipson

    Also loved this interview. Does anyone know of a similar doctor in Texas? I’ve been looking for a doctor to coordinate all my alternative treatments (acupuncture, thermograms and labs from my gyn, mammograms from MD Anderson, Bill Henderson protocol). I’ve taken charge of my health since my diagnosed 10 months ago and opted for no surgery, chemo, radiation, but sense a need to have one doctor coordinate all I’m doing…I haven’t found anyone in Texas who has the complete holistic approach and understands cancer like Dr Connealy. I want someone who understands cancer and getting really rid of the circulatory cancer stem cells. Thanks for any info.

    1. Sally Caver

      I would also love to find someone in Texas.Any success with that?

  10. Holly

    I was just diagnosed with melanoma last week and have changed to a raw vegan diet. There are so many cancer diets out there, how do you choose the one that’s right for you? More specifically, is it okay to eat onions, salt, pepper, agave, honey or dates? I’ve read that even if you follow a cancer diet, if you add one wrong thing it can completely ruin your results. Please advise.

  11. tony

    Hello Chris – If you did it all over, would you have done the original surgery before self healing? Do you think the surgery helped?
    Thanks for your insight.

  12. Michelle

    Hi Chris- I am new to your website and blog. I am not new to the cancer world though- unfortunately. I was diagnosed in 2014 with breast cancer- went through surgery and then had tamoxifen for about 2 years and it still came back last August- went through chemo (4 months) and then had surgery. I just got back from the Dr. who told me that the pathology came back and it said that the chemo really didn’t do what she intended it to do. Needless to say I am very angry and am looking for another approach to this fight… I really enjoyed watching the recent video with you and Dr. Connealy. However, I do not live in CA. I live in NY, specifically long island- do you know of any doctors or nutritionist that practice around the Long Island area????

    Thank you for reading,

  13. Kimberlee Brown

    I’ve been vegan for 8 years, workout daily and was diagnosed wit idc as well as dcis (stage 0/1) 1 small tumor in breast of 9mm in nov 2016. 100% hormone positive, grade 3, no lymph involvement. Oncotype score 30. Chose a unilateral mastectomy, juice in the morning, eliminated sugar and soy, chickpeas and flax, and continue exercise daily and have left my high stress job and now do yoga and meditate and take an herbal regimen. Drs want me to do chemo and take tamoxifen and have even suggested removing my ovaries. The thought of a 20% chance of a recurrence somewhere else in my body where they say it will be worse and harder to treat terrifies me. I’m praying fiercely. What should I do?

  14. Cindy

    My mother was just diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer. She is 71 and has had 1 chemo treatment so far and is tolerating well. However they are not giving her a timeline on care or her lifespan. She is on Medicare and has no financial means to seek alternative therapies. Any help or advice on other less costly treatments would be great.

  15. Jan Brady

    Go to the site QUACKWATCH and see what they have to say about this “doctor”.

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