How Elaine cured her stage 4 non-Hodgkins lymphoma

“Green juice lovin’ grandmother” Elaine Gibson was diagnosed with stage 4 non-Hodgkins lymphoma in 2007, and by 2008 she had healed it completely with nutrition and natural non-toxic therapies!

Elaine and I taped this interview at a cancer conference in 2014 and I am pleased to report she is still alive and thriving in 2018, with 12 grandkids! I know you will love Elaine’s healing story. Enjoy!

Connect with Elaine on her website

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  1. Amy

    Thank you…thank you, thank you Chris and everyone for bringing information and hope to all of us. I just found out this week that I have breast cancer. Of course they want to do a lumpectomy and take lymph nodes out. They sent my blood out for the BRACA test to see if I have the mutated gene so that I can consider a mastectomy. I am scared to death and don’t want to go this route of Radiation and Chemo. I just don’t!!

    I have always eaten healthy, was a vegetarian for 20 years but have really backed off on my diet. Eat sugar and carbs. Today I bought tons of organic veggies and got my Champion Juicer out! I just hope and pray that I can turn this thing around.

    Any information I can get from you is a Godsend. I really need support at this point. I’m still in shock and feeling overwhelmed.

    Thank you soooo much.

    1. Ben Musclow

      Hi Amy… praying for you in this challenging time… you stated that you were vegetarian for 20 years – did you eat alot of soy? Unfermented soy is strongly implicated in alot of hormonal disruptions, because of the phytoestrogens in the soy bean (or soy milk, or tofu, etc.) – these estrogen mimicing compounds can certainly lead to breast or ovarian cancers – if you are still eating any form of soy, I would eliminate it immediately. I am sure Chris has some great advice for you as well…

      1. Amy

        Hi Ben,
        Thanks for writing. No, I was never a real big soy eater. Veggie patties occasionally and a bit of tofu but nothing excessive. I pretty much cut it out of my diet over the past 15 years.

        I went back to eating organic chicken, and a bit of org. meat about 10 years ago. I’ve always had a pretty good diet I think….did like baked goods and carbs though.

        While I”m doing research and talking to as many people as I can about what to do…I’ve been juicing and eating raw salads. That’s it really. I’ve loaded up on carrot juice but now I found a book that said “Definitely don’t juice” I’m overwhelmed with treatment suggestions. Every book is different. Talked with a friend last night who went conventional route but integrated health and wellness. She knew many people who went the alternative route and didn’t make it.

        What to do…..

        1. Don

          Amy, Please throw the book that says “definitely don’t juice” in the trash. Where do they get this nonsense. It will only improve your odds at the very least. I have been juicing on the Gerson therapy for 2 years and have watched my health improve despite having an incurable blood cancer. Listen to your body. After I started juicing, my body just kept saying “More Please”. It is a lot of work.i

          1. Amy

            I agree with you. I think juicing only helps the body rejuvenate and build up the immune system. I’m going to continue with juicing and eating raw. It’s been almost 2 weeks and I feel great. I’ve heard about the Gerson therapy but haven’t studied it. I’m overwhelmed with information at this point and have been trying to take breaks from studying. Your precious life becomes focused on cancer and you forget to go have fun and enjoy the life you do have in this moment. We can’t forget that because this moment is all we really have.

            I’m so glad you are improving and feeling well. Did you drink lots of carrot juice? 2 Naturopaths told me that carrot juice has too much sugar and cancer loves sugar. 2 other doc’s told me that Carrot Juice is a good idea because our bodies don’t respond to the sugar in carrot juice like it does from carbs and fruit.

            I wish you continued success on your journey.

  2. ForRighteousnessSake

    My good friend had a very aggressive malignant brain tumor removed almost 3 years ago this coming November. The surgeon was NOT able to remove it completely or she would have stroked. However, her neurosurgeon gave her NO HOPE. She was offered radiation, but he said that she would live no longer than 3 years. Well, she chose nutrition, but she also drinks water that is generated with the CollGen2® . She is a chemist and knows the science, but she also knew that the government uses this particular generator at NASA. The nano silver water can not be patented, because like oranges, it is natural. She has no neurological deficits and her tumor is gone!!! BTW, she also uses the VitMix. I know PhD’s and physicians that use this generator. the CollGen2®. Anyway, God has saved many lives with that little miracle machine. God is gracious and GREATLY to be praised. Thank You for all you do.

  3. Daisy Mae

    Chris, I am so grateful for you. You are part of my journey, and such a blessing. Thank you for staying connected with us and giving us hope.

  4. Diane Murphy James

    Thank You Chris for spreading the news and giving people Hope !

  5. Vicki

    Thank you so much Elaine and Chris for helping others so they can be healed through the knowledge of nutrition! Elaine can you share the type of water purifier you are using? I have studied many but still not sure what is the best one to buy. They are so expensive and I want to be sure to buy a quality one that oxygenates the water. Thank you for your help.

  6. Kathy

    Wonderful video…again! Thank you so much for all the encouraging information.
    Amy, I will be praying for you!

    1. Amy

      Thank you Kathy. It sure is like getting smacked across the head.

  7. Adele

    Chis – great interview with Elaine. I also wondered how she gets her “alkaline antioxidant water”? I also wondered exactly what TYPE of non-hodgkins lymphoma she had/has. Maybe it doesn’t matter if we’re using the “common threads” for recovery. But there are so many different types of non-hodgkins, I think it’s important to know. I realize every cancer is somewhat different. For example, I don’t know much about colon cancer. From my research, there can be a difference between tumor-type cancers and blood cancers (e.g.., lymphoma, leukemia) for nutritional treatments (mostly meat vs. nonmeat). I would also be interested to know what Elaine’s “low dose chemo” was initially. And also wonder…doesn’t this slightly refute her claim of healing herself all naturally? Not that it really matters. FYI, I was diagnosed a year ago with non-hodgkins B-cell follicular lymphoma – also at Stage IV. I opted for the new standard rituximab/bendamustine cocktail for 6 months of treatment because I had painfully enlarged nodes pressing on my lungs. I wanted to clip the peaks so I could get back to ground zero and have a chance to really start healing myself – which I’m now doing. Also, during chemo I used so many natural strategies like coffee enemas, tons of vegetables/juicing, and supplements that I nearly sailed through it, and was declared clear of cancer in May. So, can we assume that Elaine still follows an all raw diet? And does she take any supplements or do any other kinds of natural treatments? It wasn’t clear at the end of your interview, and these are the kinds of things I really want to know! Not just…..”I did it”. That being said, I appreciate all you do!!! One day very SOON I hope we have, online, a cancer-healing clearinghouse website, where newly diagnosed folks can go and decide what path they want to learn about and try or follow. I have a nutrition science degree, but what about those unfamiliar with the internet and research? Maybe you can be one of the groundbreakers in this!

  8. Marina Tamaray

    Thank you for sharing your journey in battling cancer. Kindly indicate in your testimonies the regimen inclusive of all supplements you have used to combat cancer, specially to cancer patients who don’t have zero knowledge on and access to available veggies and fruits in their respective locations. It will also be helpful for those patients who do not have naturopath doctors in their locality. Thank you and may the Lord continue to bring guidance to us to live life to its fullest. God bless!

    1. Marina Tamaray

      Thank you for sharing your journey in battling cancer. Kindly indicate in your testimonies the regimen inclusive of all supplements you have used to combat cancer, specially to cancer patients who have zero knowledge on and access to available veggies and fruits in their respective locations. It will also be helpful for those patients who do not have naturopath doctors in their locality. Thank you and may the Lord continue to bring guidance to us to live life to its fullest. God bless!

  9. Bill

    that’s great she finally realized after it returning so many times that the place in Mexico didn’t work for healing and that her lifestyle change wasn’t enough. Too many people get caught up in wanting a “magic cure” but rather healing through a radical lifestyle change. People need to become their own best doctor by researching everything and every option including alternative natural treatment. I did this research for my dad but he unfortunately wanted none of it and went full on with the doctor’s treatment because sadly like most people, he thought the doctor knew best and that was the ONLY way.

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