Watch this movie: Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead


This movie has been out for awhile and it just occurred to me that I haven’t said anything about it on the blog. So today I am!

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead is a documentary about Joe Cross, an overweight pill-popping Australian man with a rare chronic disease who decides to go on a 60-day juice fast while road-tripping across the U.S.

There some really amazing serendipitous events that happen along the way which I won’t divulge, but I will tell you that his health transformation is incredible.

Juice fasting is a very powerful way to lose weight, detox, and supercharge your body with vital nutrients. I did it numerous times as part of my anti-cancer strategy.

For specifics on fasting read my post The Fast Lane to Health

I know to many people reading this, the idea of drinking nothing but fruit and vegetable juice for 60 days seems absolutely nuts…

It is!

But sometimes you have to get a little nuts to overcome major obstacles in life.

I love this movie because it exemplifies my approach to beating cancer.
I took massive action and radically changed my diet and lifestyle, which transformed my health.

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead is unbelievably motivational and may even be the catalyst for you to make a radical change in your health and your life.

Watch the movie for free here

Question of the Day:
Have you ever done a juice fast and what were the results?

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  1. Wayne

    I watched this Documentary and was very impressed. I decided to do a 5 day fast, just a reboot. I did the fast easily, but I lost no weight and felt no difference.I am already eating a very healthy diet and having no problems, I was just curious to see if I would get noticable results. I didnt. Maybe because im already healthy, or not long enough?

    1. amanda

      not my place to say, but i def think sustained persistence will give you what you’re looking for :)

  2. amanda

    was SO going to watch this tonight to unwind from what will surely be an insane baby shower.
    i know it will motivate me to work harder to cure myself.
    ive had cancer twice and its returned for a supposedly “unrelated” third time in a “new” place. of course, “traditional” treatment is out of the question this final time, so i know this will motivate me to believe in God’s medicine even more. psychedd

  3. Lisa

    Hi Chris: Thanks for the link to Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. My husband and I watched it Saturday night and we were both inspired. I’m battling cancer and have been losing more weight than I’d like despite trying to keep calories up. I’m concerned a veggie/juice – only program will hasten more weight loss which I can’t afford. Any ideas to add calories in a healthful way? (I’m tired of the nurse telling me to add ice cream to all my drinks and I won’t do it!). Thanks for your guidance!

    1. chrisbeatcancer

      Hi Lisa. You are correct, juice fasting will result in weight loss.
      My best advice is drinking a coconut fruit smoothie everyday
      That’s what I did and still do.
      A fresh coconut, depending on size, can have up to 300 calories.
      1 can of organic coconut milk has 720 calories, a far better source of calories than ice cream for sure!

      Here’s my smoothie

      1. Lisa

        Thanks so much Chris!

      2. David

        Hey Chris

        I prepare and eat a baking tray of sweet potatoes every week that along with fruit is my major source of carbs for working out. Once they have been baked it’s no issue to eat the softened sweet potatoes just like i would fruit.

        I don’t know how this would work for a cancer patient but i don’t know of a negative to eating them.

        David from MIG

  4. Shawn Hert

    I have seen the movie, very interesting, especially when he helps the truck driver! I purchased a copy of the DVD and intend to use it to help people achieve health!

  5. Kathleen Summers MD PhD

    Hi, Chris.

    So happy you’re cancer free after all these years. Great inspiration. A third of cancers are due to what we eat – and what we choose not to eat. High-lighting the importance of nutritious whole foods is a valuable service.

    As far as the movie, it was nicely done but with some flaws. I wrote about it on my blog – one that also supports natural whole foods-based healing as well as Yoga. Would be interested to “hear” your thoughts after reading it.

    Kathleen Summers, MD, PhD
    Board-certified internist

  6. Amanda

    Watched this documentary not too long ago and it totally inspired me to start juicing! I feel so much energy after juicing and it helps me stay on track to eat healthy. A friend of my boyfriends parents beat his cancer through juicing and other treatments and continues juicing today.

  7. Taha Moukite

    From a stage 4 lung cancer to cancer free

  8. Tania

    So glad to see this mentioned on your site, it just confirms that I am on the right track. I am on day 22 today of a 25 day juice fast following the reboot program. I was already eating a very heavy plant based diet so I just went straight to juicing from day one after I watched ‘Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead’. I have long been a ‘passive’ believer in the fact that our health is based on what we eat and drink. By that I mean, without giving it a ton of thought or research, I just knew it would be better for me to cut out animal meats (I do still eat fish and seafood on occasion, or I did before my juice fast – I am currently in the evaluating stage of continuing to do that), and eat a lot of vegetables, fruits, nuts seeds and grains. I think part of why it was almost a natural progression for me is that I actually prefer to eat those things. Of course like everyone else when I was younger my diet was junky, but the older I got the cleaner it got. When I turned 40, I noticed some changes in my body and some unexpected weight gain, which I attributed to hormonal shifts and the onset of early menopause. Over the years I have tried to combat the slight weight gain and hot flashes with diet and exercise instead of defaulting to the medications that so many seem to favor, because I wanted to go through this natural process clean, so I could understand exactly what I was dealing with, without some kind of drug interfering. I had pretty good success, but when I saw ‘Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead’ I thought this would be a fantastic opportunity to jump feet first into combating this stubborn 20 pounds, super charge my immune system, clean out my digestive system and basically just clean up my systems overall. I feel this helps give me a cleaner slate to begin committing myself to eating much cleaner and more mindfully in this next phase of my life. I can honestly say it has not been that difficult for me to do this fast, I have actually enjoyed it. I have lost 14 pounds, I am sleeping better, my hot flashes have gone down to practically none and they are much milder when they do come, my energy is good and my skin looks fantastic. I’m definitely a HUGE convert and fan of the juice fast. I intend to do at least 10 day fasts periodically in the future and I will be working juicing in my regular diet on a daily basis.

  9. Jan

    When I clicked on your link “Watch the movie for free here” it took me to “Reboot with Joe”, not the movie…unless it is hidden somewhere on that site.

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