My My My Cancer Face, My My Cancer Face

That was me on Christmas Day December 2003 with a sweet handlebar mustache.

Unfortunately my Christmas present that year was colon cancer. Thanks a lot Santa!

A week after this picture was taken I had surgery. The doctors took out a third of my large intestine and told me the cancer had spread. They said it was stage 3 and the next step was chemotherapy, which they said would give me a 60% chance of surviving another five years.

I opted not to take chemo and instead made drastic changes to my diet and lifestyle, and did every alternative therapy I could find and afford.

Now, nearly 7 years later, I am cancer free and my wife and I have two beautiful daughters: Marin (5) and Mackenzie (2). Check out these little peeps.

If I had taken chemotherapy it is likely that I would not be alive today, and our two precious little girls would not either.

There is so much information out there about health and wellness that I had never been taught. And for good reason. Much of it is a threat to the lucrative profit machines of the food industry and the cancer treatment industry.

We live in a toxic world and it is imperative that we re-educate ourselves on health and wellness and disease prevention. If you are sick, I want you to know that you have options.

There are powerful healing protocols that exist outside of the recommendations of your doctor.

You don’t have to follow the treatments prescribed to the masses.

You can take control of your health.

Everyone’s got a story to tell and knowledge to share and this blog is my little contribution to the world: What I did to beat cancer without chemo, what I believe to be true about health and wellness, as well as any new information I discover.

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  1. Mary

    Hi Chris,
    Thanks for this very informative site! I was diagnosed with Stage 1 Breast Cancer and opted to have a lumpectomy only. No radiation. I am on a healing diet now with juicing and raw food. I do well at home but find it difficult knowing what to bring when I am away from home for a few days and can not set a juicer, etc. Is organic soup from the grocery store okay for times when I am away from home? I tried an organic vegan pizza which turned out to be horrible. What are your thoughts on this subject?
    Thanks you much!


    1. chrisbeatcancer

      Hi Mary
      Good for you!
      When traveling: eat salads, eat the Budwig Diet: cottage cheese and flax seed oil,
      and find a smoothie or juice bar to get fresh veggie juice.
      If you are in the U.S., Jason’s Deli has an amazing salad bar.
      Most grocery stores have salad bars as well.
      I would stay away from any packaged or processed food.
      Organic soup is very high in sodium, I wouldn’t do it.
      Any pizza is junk food, also not a good idea.

      Read about the Budwig Diet at

  2. Mel

    Hi Chris

    I found your site today, and I really wish I had found it a couple of months earlier.

    On the 16th of May 2012 and incredible lady (My cousin) Tracy lost her battle with cancer.

    She was the most positive person I had ever met.

    She was diagnosed with breast cancer, she was so positive…when people expressed their condolences regarding her condition, she always just shrugged it off and said ” What cancer? I don’t have cancer it’s already gone…” and her positivity worked she was in remission for a year.

    In March of this year the cancer came back, in her lungs, in her spine, in her kidneys and blood. Yet she still believed that she would make it, she stayed so positive. Even after being given a week to live, Tracy kept fighting.

    she lived for another month, she got to celebrate her birthday and spend some more precious time with her two beautiful girls.

    I wish I could have found this site sooner, I watched as she deteriorated after every chemo session, she still smiled, she still told us all not to be ridiculous and cry…she’s fine…

    I apologise for the long post, but it was Tracy’s death that led me to this site.

    Her passing has affected me in a HUGE way, I’m determined to stay healthy and lead a LOOOONG life.

    Well here come the questions…

    I’ve just completed my first juice fast! Wow was it difficult! LOL

    I am also fond of weight lifting and I try and eat 6 meals a day with protein and carbs.

    I’ve been toying with the idea of doing ‘The Fighter Diet’ developed by Pauline Nordin. I know your schedule must be jam packed but could you have a look at this diet and let me know if it would be beneficial in cancer prevention?

    I would love to have the body of my dreams and stay healthy while preventing cancer.

    Thanks so much for this site!
    If there’s one positive thing about today is that you’ve touched me with your story and I will be spreading the word!!


  3. Allison

    My mother has esophageal cancer, likely Stage 2 or 3, the doctors are reluctant to stage it due to the tumor being so active that they fear it took up all the glucose in the PET before any other organs even had a chance and therefore fear it may have spread. Anyway, they want to do 6 weeks of radiation 5 days a week and chemo once a week for 6 before they will attempt surgery. My mom is swaying towards no radiation or chemo and has started the Budwig Protocol. When I hear that you had the surgery and then treated the cancer holistically, it worries me that my mom’s outcome will not be as good as yours if she is unable to get the surgery. Do you know of anyone who opted out of surgery or were unable to get surgery, but have had success treating their cancer without chemo? Thanks.

    1. chrisbeatcancer

      Hi Allison, don’t worry. Many people have shrunk tumors and reversed cancer without surgery.
      Surgery is not always a good thing as it can also cause cancer to spread.
      Read the natural survivor stories on this site. You will be encouraged

  4. Rachel

    Hi there, I came across this website when I was googling info on carrot juice, christmas eve just gone my dad was diagnosed with stage four kidney camcer it spread to his lymph nodes and bones theyre starting him on some drug to halt it which might give him a year maybe more maybe less, thy dont know. I would appreciate any informatiom you could give me please, thank you and congratulations on beating cancer,

  5. Meghan

    Chris, what a great site! i do not have cancer but i would love to follow protocol for prevention as many family members have had cacer. where can I find your whole story?! Like what was your lifestyle before that contributed to the cancer, how did you find the cancer? Symptom…etc…

  6. Cynthia

    Hi Chris,
    Your story is so amazing and inspirational. Your daughters are so beautiful!! :)
    I have a couple of questions. I read some post but didn’t really find the answers.
    1. I saw the salad, the smoothie and the juicing… what did/does a full day look like?
    2. Do you mix the juice with your salads?
    3. Do you eat 100% raw?

    Thank you so much! I love your site.

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