Gerson Cancer Therapy explained by Dr. Patrick Vickers

Here’s a terrific new interview with Dr. Patrick Vickers of Northern Baja Healing Center. He and I met at the Hungry 4 Health Gala and Organic Festival in Branson, MO in April, and after hearing him speak about Dr. Gerson I couldn’t wait to interview him.

In our interview he tells the fascinating story of medical genius Dr. Max Gerson and how the Gerson Cancer Therapy came into existence.

Dr. Gerson was a pioneer of nutritional cancer therapy and even though many do not know his name, his impact on the world is monumental. Countless thousands have healed using the nutritional principles pioneered by Dr. Gerson, including me!

“I see in Dr. Max Gerson one of the most eminent geniuses in the history of medicine”
-Dr. Albert Schweitzer

A fascinating story and loads of practical information in this one. Don’t skip it!

Check out our follow up Q&A video here

More info about Dr. Patrick Vickers and the Northern Baja Healing Center here.

If you really want to dig in to the Gerson Therapy check out:

A Cancer Therapy: Results of Fifty Cases and the Cure of Advanced Cancer by Diet Therapy
 by Max Gerson M.D.

Gerson Therapy Handbook: Companion workbook to A Cancer Therapy
 by Max Gerson M.D.


Movies about the Gerson Cancer Therapy:


The Beautiful Truth: The World’s Simplest Cure for Cancer
Dying to Have Known: The Evidence Behind Natural Healing
The Gerson Miracle

You can also get all three movies on Blu-ray plus Charlotte Gerson’s book
“Healing The Gerson Way” in a combo pack

Healing the Gerson Way + Gerson Movie Collection on Blu-ray


Northern Baja Healing Center is not affiliated with the Gerson Institute because the Gerson Institute will not certify any practitioner who incorporates additional protocols like Vitamin C IVs, PNC-27, Coley’s etc.

Dr. Vickers did not pay me to make this video, or for any other video interview I have done with him. I have never asked him for any compensation whatsoever, but like many other generous people, he has donated to support my site and my mission. And for that I am grateful.

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  1. Mike McKenna

    Hi, Chris – I’ve been aware of Gerson for 10 years now. Dr. Ralph Moss, PhD writes an interesting section on Gerson in Moss’s book, “The Cancer Industry”. (Dr. Moss rocks.)

    1. Elisa

      Hi Chris,

      What about cantaloupe? Is it good to use?

      Thanks a lot.


  2. Phillip

    I have a friend with stage 2 cervical cancer. She does not want to do chemo. What do you suggest she stick with for helping cure her cancer?

  3. Kelly

    I have 2 questions. I have been treating my Breast Cancer naturally for the past three years. Unfortunately it went from stage one to four last fall. I have recently embraced the gearson therapy. My first question is my hemoglobin continues to drop slowly. I have added molasses to my diet and raisins. Is there something else I can add to help boost it. These don’t seem to be doing the trick. I take 2 tablespoons a day of molasses. Second, I know you want the juice to be as fresh as possible but if I need to travel or work can I juice for the day and store it in the frig in a tightly sealed glass container.

    1. sundust

      Kelly, you need to find a competent doctor-ally — someone who has done this hundreds or thousands of times — and get on a proven program. Find someone who can order tests (hair analysis, bloodwork, urinary tests, whatever), measure your progress, and make adjustments if needed. Chris did it with his naturopath and enlightened oncologist. I am doing it with a famous NYC doctor. But on my own, let me be clear, I was not succeeding.

      I think Dr. Richard Schulze said something similar to this once: If a steamroller is coming toward you, you don’t try spraying oil of basil at it and expect it to roll over. You need your own steamroller.

      If I were you, I would get one.

  4. Manisha

    Hi Chris,
    What an amazing interview. My sincere thanks to for all the amazing work you are doing in support of chemo free cancer. I have been closely following your site for the information and has helped my husband a lot. In the video, Dr. Patrick mention about not having kale juice but did not elaborate it and I wanted to know the side effects of juicing kale. I have been adding little kale in my husbands juice every day and now I am confused whether to continue doing so or stop it. I will really appreciate if you can address my issue.
    Thank you so much.

  5. Rebecca Cody

    Some years ago I read the book, Cancer Winner, about a woman who was near death with malignant melanoma, and who cured herself using the Gerson method.

    So when I was diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer three years ago I began the Gerson treatment, first spending 10 days at a treatment center in California to learn all I needed to know. Unfortunately, in two months on this treatment my cancer doubled in size.

    I’ve since learned that I have a genetic condition referred to as MTHFR (methyltetrahydrofolatereductase polymorphism). In short, this condition means I don’t methylate folate, which means I don’t detoxify well at all. The Gerson method relies heavily on detoxification, but because I don’t methylate folate, it wasn’t working for me.

    Since MTHFR is quite common – up to 70% of the population has at least one gene, and many of us have two – I would recommend your readers take a simple blood test to see if they have the problem. If they do, they will probably need to do more than use detox methods to rid their bodies of cancer.

    I should also mention that it is impossible to do the Gerson method without a significant amount of help from someone at home, either a family member or hired help. It requires freshly made juice every hour, 13 times a day, five coffee enemas daily, plus meals of fresh organic vegetables. Oh, and by the way, the patient is supposed to rest! You will need someone to buy all those organic veggies and prepare juices, coffee for enemas, and meals. I did most of this myself, but I sure didn’t have a moment to rest!

    1. Linda Bronenkamp

      Hey Rebecca I just read your post and was wondering how you beat your cancer with the genetic condition referred to as MTHFR. You said your body does not detox very well. Were you able to do the Gerson method alone and cure your cancer. The reason I am asking is that i just found out the i also have the genetic condition referred to as MTHFR (one gene). I am trying to detox my body and not sure if I am able to do it with this condition. Can you shed any light on it? Thanks Linda

      1. Hey Linda,like you I wanted to know more about the MTHFR gene mutation as I suspect I have it.Epigenetics is a fascinating area that proves that we are not slaves to gene mutations ,our bodys are capable of reversing the situation.In short lifestyle created problem ,lifestyle can fix it.Broccoli ,juice it,sprout it ,eat copious amounts of it ,it has the power to make naughty genes behave!
        I hope this helps it really helped me see our health is in our hands.

      2. Joann

        Have you tried the Arbonne 28 day detox bootcamp? Their swiss formulated products are certified vegan, organic and contain no mineral oil. Week two uses a 7 day cleanse with sea botanicals. I used this system 80/20 for 2 years & it allowed my body to heal stage 2 liver disease. I’m hep C+

    2. Hi Rebecca,I found your comment really interesting and would love to know how you over came the gene mutation? I have breast cancer and although I have just had a good scan result,I suspect I have this gene mutation and I would love to know more,like did you take things that rebooted your genes or did you take the methyl folate? I live in the uk and I can get the test done privately but not on the nhs (our medical system). you can e.mail me if you have time on gr**********@sk*.com as I know beating cancer naturally is the way to go but keeps you busy!!I hope you are getting better.

      1. Vibrant Living Today

        Congratulations Chris and all the others who have sought alternative methods for treating cancer and have won. I would like to know if anyone out there has had any success with using alternative juicing, fasting or the Gerson method to treat mantle cell lymphoma (a non Hodgkin’s lymphoma) in the stage 4? Stem cell replacement abated this cancer for 11 years but now that is not an option…only chemo for recurrent tumor on trachea and peripheral cells found in bone, abdomen and nasal passage. Any help at all or any testimonials will be greatly appreciated. I am a certified rawfood chef and I do know that rawfood can help a lot of conditions but doesn’t cure all cases. Thanks for your help in advance.

  6. Barry Gourmet & Raw

    If you really want to know the Truth about how one man went on a journey to heal people with chronic diseases or should say conditions of Cancer. This Incredible Physician is a Humanitarian and gifted Holistic Oncologist. I read is books decades ago and lost half my excess body weight and survived my own serious health crisis. Watch this video that impacted my own life in such a positive way . Barry Anderson aka Chef Barry Gourmet & Raw

  7. Barry Gourmet & Raw

    What a video Chris it is posted on my face book. It is late in Phuket so I will comment in more detail tomorrow.Thanks for sharing . Chef Barry

  8. reilsh

    Thanks Chris I really enjoyed this video – I looked up the clinic and wow it is expensive!
    What Gerson Book would be the best first book to get if you are just starting out?

  9. Michelle

    Amazing interview!Thank you for sharing. I too have been closely following your site & have been learning so much about a more healthy food lifestyle which I now embrace.

  10. Barry Gourmet & Raw

    My Mother promised me that she would never take conventional Cancer treatments if she was every diagnosed . What a relief for me to hear this. Chef Barry

  11. Larisa

    This message is for Kelly on how to boost hemoglobin levels.
    My Mom had an ovarian cancer. Two food items helped us dramatically: raw organic spinach (I would leave it for minutes in a warm/hot water:in this case it shrinks and you can eat larger amounts (if you are on Coumadin, please consult your doctor)), but the most important was fresh organic chicken liver (very inexpensive at whole foods store), I would sauté it only for minutes adding onions to make it testier. Important – not to overcook it, some people would even eat it raw and not swallow. Was too much for my Mom. It took as approximately 2-3 weeks to increase hemoglobin from 8-9 to 11.

    1. Kelly

      Thanks Larisa,
      I will try the spinach trick. I failed to mention that I do eat raw calf liver (grass fed) and my hemoglobin was still going down. How much liver did she eat. I found that if I cut it up small and freeze it I can swallow it like pills. Works great being I can’t stand the taste of liver.

      1. sundust

        How about some very-fresh, raw beet/carrot/ginger juice? And Dr. Schulze’s Superfood Plus. Two easy things if you want to try them.

  12. Dave

    I do believe in the gerson Therapy but i have a problem with the high sugar you get from all that juice sugar feed’s cancer.

  13. Katie Davis

    My niece has oral cancer and right now she is being fed through a gastro tube.

    Do you have any ‘cooked’ recipes for feeding through the tube?

    1. Leesa

      what about raw, organic, leafy green vegetable and fruit juice through the tube?

  14. Marilyn Broomer

    Hi Patrick, my husband has mesothelioma, he had chemo which made him extremely unwell, his kidney were only 20% his creatnine levels have improved monthly in the past year, I have juiced with celery and did not realize the solium levels, however my husbands kidney specialist told me to give him salt to help with the kidney problem.

    He has not had surgery for the mesotheleoma, because the chemo did not shrink the tumors.

    I have been doing the Bud-wig protocol because he needed oxygen and he now has no problems with lack of oxygen. Is the Gersten diet the best one going!

    I do the juicing, I only use organic flax seed oil in my husbands smoothy.

    What else should I do, I didn’t know about Gersten! I do now though and will study the books.

    My husband will be having further tests due to an earlier tumor in his tythroid that may have been acting up due to a large lump in his neck, his tests are May 8, tomorrow.
    Any help you can give me I would greatly appreciate it.

  15. Bruce

    This Gerson stuff is saving my life… today.

    1. Jodi

      This comment just made my day! Happy for you!

  16. Michelle

    Hi Chris,
    I have Dr Max Gerson’s books & have listened to his daughter Charlotte speak on the Food matters dvd & u tube.
    The clinic in Mexico is doing amazing work.
    I live in Australia & there are only a few clinics who do the therapy.
    One is Dr Ian Gawler & Kathreen Alexander.
    Could you post a list of clinics in Australia that also supervise the therapy or would i need to travel to Mexico.
    The interview was brilliant.
    I will share with friends & spread the story.
    Knowledge is power!
    Keep up the great work Chris.

  17. Thanks again Chris for more amazing insights to natural cancer treatment,like you I only do elements of the gerson protocol and so this video has really helped me understand a few issues I had with regard to some forbidden foods.I wont juice as much celery and I will cut out the basil but I still feel that cayenne and turmeric have excellent anti cancer properties.Also I recently had an excellent scan result that showed vast improvement ,this video clarified the need to keep it up for at least 18 months.Thanks so much Antoinette

  18. chris

    Am I supposed to delete the juices at all? I thought I read somewhere that it is 8 oz of juice and then add 8 oz of water. Is that right? Or do I drink the juices full strength? Thanks..

  19. Leesa

    max gerson saved my life. for the first year i was sick, i did everything the mainstream brainwashing media said you should do to be healthy (vitamins, fats, protien) – and i nearly died. then, when i was on the edge, i found the gerson therapy, went on it and rapidly improved and i wasn’t even that strict about the 13 juices etc. i juiced alot (all organic), did some coffee enemas, and only took the B12 (one large injection every two months), put iodine on my skin (i’m too senstive to take it orally). i didn’t take any of the other vitamins because of my previous experience with sythetic vitamins in the first year of my illness. i have zero fats/oils and no salt as gerson’s original book recommends and that has been key for me, as well as the coffee enemas and vegetable juices. i believe flax oil is toxic because it’s structually unstable in teh presence of heat, light and oxygen. how do you think it’s going to help at body temperature of 37.5 degrees if it goes rancid at room temperature. sorry, i’m an engineer and it’s just not logical. ANY oil triggers chronic migraines for me. and my logic is … large african animals only eat grass and leaves and their not lacking any fat or protien on their body. our body makes it’s own fat from the fruits and vegetables we eat adn it makes the fat that is most perfect for it (our body). that’s the way i think of that. anyway, like i said, max gerson is my hero.

    1. Leesa

      oops, i meant they’re and not their (i.e. they’re not lacking …)

  20. Wendy Jones

    Hi, Really enjoyed watching the video. I developed breast cancer in 2001 and at that time didn’t know anything about using natural ways to overcome this disease. I just did as I was told – had a lumpectomy, six months chemo and three weeks radiotherapy every day. I didn’t change my rubbish diet and carried on drinking Pepsi Cola all day, alcohol each evening and eating junk food. When I had finished my treatment I was told to just go and ‘get on’ with my life. I developed breast cancer again in 2010, in the same breast, this time they did a mastectomy and I had re-construction at the same time. They told me I would need to have chemo again etc. This time I started to question and after much thought, decided against the conventional treatment. I felt really great to be in control. I then went to see a private doctor in Bristol (U.K.) but couldn’t afford to carry on seeing her for long. I began my journey of trying to find out what I could do to help myself. As usual, so much info on the web can be confusing and dangerous. I came across ‘Chris beat cancer’ I have since been juicing and trying to change my diet. I am not very disciplined but have just watched the video about Gerson. I am a little confused which vegetables and fruit will be best for me to juice – again with conflicting information it is difficult to know that I am doing the best for my situation. I would be grateful if it could be clarified so I know the correct fruit and veg to use and also ideas for cooked meals.
    Thank you so much.
    Wendy Jones

  21. cecilia cruz

    I have breast cancer stage, I go through herbal medicine for 6 months but my lump was bigger and bigger, and everyday I feel weak. now I stop the food supplement because it didn’t work to my body, I started juicing in my own recipe I blend manny leafy veg, and apple with cucumber and carrots, pear, then I notice that my weight become loss, last my weight is 60 kilo now I’m only 49 kilo, then someone told me that go for operation, Pls help me what can i do.

    1. kitty

      Hi Cecilia,
      I read your post and I feel for you. I went through the same situation like you. I am willing to share what I have learned in the past. I have been doing gerson (not strictly) for 12 months. What stage are you in?

  22. Jenny Q

    Hi chris, i’d like to ask Dr.Vickers if it’s possible to cure Crohns disease whithout doing a complete juice fast or mono-fruit meals for months on end without eating other foods.

    Thank you

    1. Julie Stanley

      Hi Jenny, this is a link to Ari Meisel who cured himself of crohns. its very interesting to read. he healed himself through nutrition, i think a paleo diet with lots of fermented/cultured foods to rebuild the gut. he is totally cured. good luck

  23. Jenny Q

    Sorry gave u the wrong email address^ ^

  24. Denise Steiner

    I am wondering about coconut oil. Is it good or is it just a craze like agave nectar was? And,I am wondering why Dr. Vickers does not have a clinic in the U.S.

    1. sundust

      Interesting question on coconut oil. Most studies seem to use refined coconut oil, which may cause some health problems. Only a few studies look at unrefined raw organic virgin coconut oil.

      I do eat it. I eat Hail Merry chocolate tarts because they are the only sweet thing I crave. They have all “acceptable” ingredients to me: organic maple syrup, Fair Trade dark cocoa, raw organic coconut oil, natural raw almond flour, and sea salt.

      If I still had a dangerous amount of abnormal cells, I would lay off the chocolate tarts. It’s probably much better to drink a whole-coconut-berry smoothie like Chris did.

  25. Erika Garza

    Dr. Vickers is a well spring of information and I’m so glad I found this video to soak it all up! Do you have plans on an extended indepth interview? Also, what is the future of the clinic? Will you be expanding? Are there other clinics like Dr. Vickers?

  26. Jodi


  27. Jodi

    Real, genuine, passionate…best interview! The hidden knowledge revealed is AMAZING! For everything you do, for all the information you share…THANK YOU!!!

  28. Janet

    Many years ago, I had lunch with Dr. Gerson’s daughter who I knew through a work contact. I was struck by how her skin glowed and looked like velvet. Visually astounding – the most beautiful skin I’ve ever seen.

  29. Peter

    My Dad died of lung cancer, just over 2 years ago and since then, I’ve researched diet, nutrition and cancer, as much as possible. These 2 interviews with Dr Vickers are the best I’ve found. He probably knows more about Gerson Therapy than anyone alive, other than Charlotte Gerson herself. Anyone wishing to reverse cancer, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, or any other disease, should go on a low fat, low protein, high carbohydrate (organic fruits and vegetables)
    vegan diet and refrain from all salt, processed foods, processed sugars, dairy, meat and alcohol. For a cancer patient, especially, the organic fruit and vegetable juices, are absolutely essential and literally flood the system with vital nutrients, enzymes and phyto-chemicals. Love and light, Peter x

  30. Tom

    Thank you so much for this video, Chris…..truly riveting………. I’m an avid juicer and this makes me think twice about juicing spinach and celery…. But it’s good to know that the Granny Smith apple/carrot combination is the staple of their therapy…..this is my favorite combination, along with lemon and ginger. There is something magical about it. I’ve got two of the Gerson books…makes me want to go through them again.

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