Study: Gold nanoparticles kill cancer without chemo

Yes this guy is wearing a solid gold shirt
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Oncology Nurse Advisor Feb 7, 2013

“Gold nanoparticles kill lymphoma without chemotherapy”

by Kathy Boltz PhD

Lymphoma can be starved to death by depriving it of what appears to be a favorite food: high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol.

A new nanoparticle appears to the cancerous lymphoma cell like a preferred meal of natural HDL. When the particle engages the cell, it plugs it up and blocks cholesterol from entering. Deprived of an essential nutrient, the cell eventually dies.

B-cell lymphoma is dependent on the uptake of natural HDL, from which it derives fat content, such as cholesterol.

The nanoparticle, which was originally developed as a possible therapy for heart disease, closely mimics the size, shape, and surface chemistry of natural HDL particles. Its key difference is a 5-nm gold particle at its core. When the nanoparticle is incubated with human B-cell lymphoma cells or used to treat a mouse with a human tumor, the spongy surface of the gold particle sucks the cholesterol out of the cell, and the gold core prevents the cell from absorbing more cholesterol that is typically carried in the core of natural HDL particles.

Natural HDL does not kill the cells or inhibit tumor growth. The nanoparticle is essential to starve the lymphoma cell.

C.Shad Thaxton, MD, of Northwestern Medicine, the original developer of the HDL nanoparticle, gave a lecture that was attended by Leo I. Gordon, MD, also of Northwestern. Gordon knew that patients with advanced forms of B-cell lymphoma sometimes have diminishing levels of cholesterol, and he was looking for new ways to deliver drugs to patients. He contacted Thaxton, and they began the collaboration that led to this publication in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

They tested the HDL nanoparticle alone and the HDL nanoparticle transporting cancer drugs. Surprisingly, the nanoparticle without drugs was just as effective at killing the B-cell lymphoma cells.

“We thought, “’That’s odd. Why don’t we need the drug?’” Gordon recalled.

That’s when the scientists began delving into the mechanism by which the HDL nanoparticles were sticking to the HDL receptors on the lymphoma cell and manipulating cholesterol transport. In addition, patient samples analyzed by collaborators at Duke University for the study showed that lymphoma cells in patients had an overproduction of these HDL receptors compared to normal lymphocytes.

Thaxton and Gordon are encouraged by their early data showing that the HDL nanoparticles do not appear toxic to other human cells normally targeted by HDLs, normal human lymphocytes, or to mice. Also, because gold nanoparticles can be made in discreet sizes and shapes, they are excellent scaffolds for creating synthetic HDLs that closely mimic those found in nature.

“Gold has a good track record of being compatible with biologic systems,” Thaxton said, and added, “Like every new drug candidate, the HDL nanoparticle will need to undergo further testing.”

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Wow. Interesting stuff about HDL cholesterol feeding lymphoma right?

The main reason I shared this because it’s a perfect example of published peer-reviewed research on what appears to be an effective alternative treatment for lymphoma, that will probably never be put into practice… I’m speculating of course.
But this kind of promising research is continually being published and then subsequently ignored.


Because the average drug costs 4 Billion Dollars to get FDA approval.

That is why cancer research on nutrition, natural therapies, and patent-free compounds like DCA for example, are ignored.

So next time you hear someone (usually a doctor) say, “If there was a treatment that worked better than chemo, we’d be using it.”

Don’t believe that.

Ok so I know an article like this seems like kind of a tease, because this method is not approved for use on humans. My original plan was to use it to make a point about research being ignored, but just as I was about to finish this post something was nagging at me about gold nanoparticles…

What exactly are gold nanoparticles? Where have I heard that before?

Oh yeah, it’s Colloidal Gold!

Just like colloidal silver, colloidal gold is a non-toxic mineral supplement you can buy and use!

Gold has a long history in medicine and is reported to have many therapeutic benefits from improved IQ, to arthritis, to chemical imbalances, to pain relief and more. There are literally 983 studies related just to gold nanoparticles and cancer on PubMed as of today.

Soooooo will this help you? I don’t know.
But if I had cancer again, especially lymphoma, I would be definitely be taking colloidal gold.
It may help and it certainly won’t hurt…. unless your allergic to gold.
Don’t take this if you are allergic to gold.

A normal adult dosage is 1 tbsp per day on an empty stomach, but some “super users” take as much as 8 tbsp per day.

The brand I would buy is Purest Colloids “MesoGold” because it’s 0.9999 pure colloidal gold, not ionic gold, at a concentration of 20ppm. Also MesoGold nanoparticles are 3.2 nanometers in diameter on average, which is small enough to enter the cell.

Get Purest Colloids MesoGold Here

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  1. Mike

    Amazing Stuff! I do have b cell lymphoma so it looks as though I will be off to the gold shop.

    1. Cosmin Albastroiu

      Hi Mike. Have you tried this after all ? any results ? I need to know for my mother

  2. cpmt

    Well I hope it works this time. My father had treatment in the 70’s with gold particles and it didn’t work for him. Maybe now they are doing it differently. Thanks for the info.

  3. barb

    “While speaking with your homeopathic specialist or physician, be sure that you disclose all of the information that you can think of regarding your current health or any previous diagnosis. Some studies have shown that individuals who suffer from bi-polar disorder may have adverse reactions when taking a colloidal gold supplement. Talking with your specialist about any of your concerns will help the both of you to work out the proper dosage, if any, of colloidal minerals such as gold or silver.”

    Article Source:

  4. Gretchen

    Thank you again Chris! Hey, any new information on reversing radiation damage?

    1. Carolyn Spyropoulos

      Research radiation and “Cellfood.” 8 drops in 8oz of water, 3x a day.

    1. barb

      Hyperbaric oxygen is the only treatment that has been shown in clinical trials to reverse the damaging affects of radiation.

  5. barb

    Nov. 30, 2010 — Gold nanoparticles, tiny pieces of gold so small that they can’t be seen by the naked eye, are used in electronics, healthcare products and as pharmaceuticals to fight cancer. Despite their positive uses, the process to make the nanoparticles requires dangerous and extremely toxic chemicals
    a method that could replace nearly all of the toxic chemicals required to make gold nanoparticles. The missing ingredient can be found in nearly every kitchen’s spice cabinet — cinnamon.

  6. Patrick

    I love the guy in the picture. Quality read as always.

  7. kouros

    Hey Chris
    you should check out

    best website about colloidal silver and colloidal gold

    as far as i know, not gold, only silver
    is that it is not economical to buy it

    although making it is quite tedious, if you have the time, take up some alchemy 101 on the forums

    the users there are very friendly, ive learned alot myself

    my username is Dr.Claw on there btw ;D

    i recommend everyone this site because i have researched extensively on Colloidal Silver!

    As for Gold, i will look into it, it is no doubt healthy for the mind and body

    anyway hope you and many others read this and be sure to check out the site


  8. Bruce McBurney

    It is good to see the information getting out I have been making high voltage colloid silver and gold for over 10 years and have many amazing results. Some say cancer is a fungus, Some say silver kills fungus, nuff said. I put free plans on how to do it with high voltage AC like all the best products do it, on you tube. Search Himacmovieman . I learned about silver, because I put the info on how to get 5 times the fuel mileage, Yes 100 Miles per gallon in a V8 at Please share it out for our future children’s sake. To end suppression will answer most all problems.

  9. Hannah Perkins

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the info on colloidal gold. Have you found any reference to it being used with T-Cell lymphoma? I’ve got non-hodgkins large T-cell lymphoma (Alk 1+) which is very rare here in Australia, in fact my specialist says that he has never come across a case.

    I’m currently treating it with Gerson Therapy, high-dose Vit C, spirulina and many other Gerson approved supplements as well as cranial sacral therapy, lots of emotional work, resting and meditation. I have just found out that the tumour in my lower intestine is still growing though (and the specialist of course wants me to start chemo next week) and so I am seeking some other opinions.

    I have a colloidal copper, silver, gold mixture (from France) which contains 0.07 mg of colloidal gold per 100ml. What do you think?



  10. Vinod Kumar

    It was a nice read .. the picture you found in google about the guy wearing this gold shirt lives in the same town (Pune, India) as I do. pretty embarrassing ! Huh , Idiot

  11. Wendy

    I’m confused. If it costs so much for FDA to approve a “DRUG”, which of course is chemicals, then why would they not look in to more NATURAL methods?

  12. Aunp

    Please be careful with this! I completely agree there can be many cheaper and safer alternatives to the FDA approved drugs but studies on cells and mice aren’t enough to assume it will work. The paper you cited with HDL nanoparticles seems to work mainly because the nanoparticles are coated with HDL. Colloidal gold doesn’t have that part yet you would have to coat the particles yourself for it to (possibly) have a similar effect. Also, a good chunk of the gold nanoparticle studies work in combination with lasers to cause thermal effects or with radiation to localize the treatment to the area of interest. That means that if you are undergoing radiation or any other type of treatment, for your safety you HAVE to tell the treatment planning team/doctors about the gold. Mixing treatments complicates all the calculations involved and most imaging methods can’t detect nanoparticles so without you telling them, the doctors won’t know and will wrongfully assume you don’t have nano-metal in you.

    That being said, since there aren’t many human trials done, it’s possible that it could work – I just don’t know how. If I didn’t have any other options I would probably try it. Nanoparticles less than 5 nm are small enough for your kidneys to filter out so shouldn’t have any serious long term effects.

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