How Beta Glucan Supercharges Your Immune System

Beta Glucan is a polysaccharide found in foods like barley, oats, mushrooms and yeast. It is the most studied immunomodulator on earth, with over 140,000 published studies on PubMed, and is currently being tested in 100 clinical trials. It’s kind of a big deal.

And that’s why I think you need to know about it.

In layman’s terms, Beta Glucan activates and enhances your immune response to invaders like bacteria, viruses and cancerous cells, which is a good thing.

AJ Lanigan has an extensive background in pharmaceutical and immunology, as well as drug and supplement research. If you saw him in The Truth About Cancer series, then you already know that AJ is quite the character. He has a unique way of taking complex scientific concepts, like the inner workings of your immune system, and making them easy to understand. And he does it all with a sweet South Carolina twang. LOL! I could talk to this guy for hours… Enjoy!


-AJ’s background in pharmaceutical and immunology [1:20]
-The catalyst that sparked his interest in nutrition over pharmaceuticals [3:00]
-“Immunology and genetics are going to be the medicine of the future” [7:00]
-How he came across Beta Glucan [7:45]
-How Beta Glucan modifies the immune system [14:27]
-The importance of testing and monitoring your progress [18:20]
-The Placebo Effect and the Nocebo Effect [20:00]
-Food sources of Beta Glucan [21:44]
-PSK Krestin the mushroom-sourced glucan drug from Japan [22:38]
-How much Beta Glucan should you take? [25:43]
-Testing that determines the effectiveness of Beta Glucan [34:14]
-How we overwork and cripple our immune systems [50:00]
-AJ’s closing thoughts for cancer patients  [53:50]

To learn more about beta glucan science, visit AJ’s information site

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  1. MeTimesThree

    Great interview…. I’ve been taking the Transfer Point Beta Glucan for about 7 months now as part of my protocol to heal from stage 3 colon cancer. Thank you for the link for the special pricing. Every little bit of savings helps when you’re on this journey….. BTW– what is happening with the ‘group coaching program’ you mentioned a couple months ago.

    1. Chris Wark

      It’s coming in January!

  2. Michael Daush

    I like the new changes to your site!
    Am really enjoying the Iron tribe experience.
    Have you had any interviews about skin cancers?

  3. Andrea Grande

    Enjoyed the interview…want to order and the bottle says to take 2 capsules daily but not based on my weight as per interview, unless I misunderstood? Can you clairfy? Thanks Chris

  4. Andrea Grande

    Also is it better to start out with 200mg before 1000mg as one who has issues with High LDL particle size and hopefully nothing else?

  5. Andrea Grande

    Hi Chris, Hope you had a Blessed Thanksgiving with your Beautiful Family!
    I have a question regarding dosage of the Beta Glucan…I keep replaying the interview at that point AJ explains.and can’t determine what I should take. I am 67 years old, 140 lbs in good health, except High Lipoprotein(a). What should my dosage be??
    Thanks for your input.

  6. Becky

    Chris, can you please give us information on what testing we can ask our doctor to give us before we begin on the Beta Glucan so we can know whether it is working for us and to know what our optimal dose is? Lanigan was answering these questions from a manufacturing standpoint, which it is hard to have patience with when you need practical information to move forward in fighting your ever-growing cancer. Thanks.

  7. Andrea Grande

    I have a new question…if I am taking the Beta Glucan on an empty stomach in the morning and I am supposed to take Dr. Darrell Wolfe’s Cleansing tea on an empty stomach. Will they cancel each other out? What should I do?


  8. Patrica Ewdard

    me was diagnosed with MONONUCLEOSIS for over 2 years which made loose my job and my relationship with my fiance after he discovered that i was having MONONUCLEOSIS, he departed from me i tried all my best to make him stays with me, but neglected me until a friend of mine on Facebook from Singapore told me Great healer, who will restore my life back with his powerful healing spell, he sent me the email address to contact and i quickly contacted him, and he said my condition can be solved, that he will treat the disease immediately only if i can accept trust him and accept his terms and condition, i Agreed because i was so much in need of help by all means, so i did all he want from me and surprisingly on Sunday last week He sent me a text, that i should hurry up to the hospital for a checkup, which i truly did, i confirm from my doctor that i am now ( MONONUCLEOSIS NEGATIVE) my eyes filled with tears and joy, crying heavily because truly the disease deprived me of many things from my life, This is a Miracle, Please do not en-devour to email he can cure any deadly disease. Like Cancer, Hiv, syphilis, madness, low spam count e.t.c, his email

  9. Melissa

    Hi Chris I have Hishimotos and I am very sick w it, as you know it is an auto immune disease. I am completely restricted with what I eat or take including gluten, lectins night shades, rice, dairy, oats, barley, potatoes, pasta just about evrything I am now a Vegan Fruitarian lol
    any way do you know if beta glucan healhy for me, ? help me heal from my severe Hishimotos ?
    Also I have read so studies that increasing you immunity when you are auto immune actually can make u sicker because when u are auto immune your body does not know healthy cells from unhealthy invaders, and is attacking itself, so increasing immunity would make the attack worse instead of healing ?? thus increasing immunity would cause a larger attack worsening symptoms w auto immunity. Could you comment on this please, so appreciate. If I could help myself w Beta Glucan I would like to take it, I will do anything to heal my body !!
    Thank you,
    Melissa Christie

  10. luisa

    hola como esta? quiero agradecerle por toda la información que usted comparte, me resulta muy útil. yo no tengo cáncer ni estoy enferma
    pero me gusta cuidarme en las comidas . Yo trabajo en un consultorio de terapias alternativas para el dolor, aquí en Argentina, y trabajamos mucho con alimentación alcalina.

  11. gonegirl

    I purchased the digital Square One program yesterday but received no email confirmation or material. My credit card was charged the fee, however. I don’t see any way to contact anyone at Chris Beat Cancer. My email is if anyone can respond to this concern. Thanks

    1. pylelady

      I hope you figured this out already, but there is a “contact” button under the “about” tab above.

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