How Karen reversed lymphoma without chemo

Karen was diagnosed with a form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma called Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia in 2005, but instead of following her doctors orders, she refused conventional treatment, radically changed her diet and lifestyle, and reversed the progression of her disease.

Karen had a scary set back along the way, but her determination and perseverance kept her on track and she prevailed!

Enjoy this awesome wisdom-filled interview with Karen from the survivor couch at The Truth About Cancer Live…

The book that empowered Karen to take control of her life and health, which I also recommend highly is Beating Cancer with Nutrition by Patrick Quillin

My friend, Krim O’Laughlin in Cleveland, Ohio, is an expert researcher on Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia and has helped her husband, Nick, put his into remission using nutrition and natural methods. She is an excellent resource and can be reached at krimol [at] sbcglobal [dot] net

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  1. Allison

    Awesome! Thank you for these interviews. They give so much hope!

    1. Pourreyron

      Karen’s story can be a lesson for all of us on self-empowerment and not just related to cancer but for all and every aspect of our lives. Questioning does give oneself a lot of power. Thank you Chris for all of what you are doing.

  2. Bill

    Very inspiring story. Very good how open and informed she was to nutrition for healing. My dad recently died of MDS (bone marrow cancer) but his treatment really killed him from the transplant and all the chemo drugs. After his last round of chemo for 5 days, he went right back into the hospital where he died 2 weeks later. The doctors said it was because his body rejected the transplant. I believe it was everything along with zero regard to nutrition. The doctors told him to eat “anything” to keep his weight up and that’s what he did. I wish my dad was more open minded like Karen was but he thought the doctors spoke the gospel. Very sad.

  3. CaptTurbo

    Thanks you. I sent a link to this video to a dear friend who has been fighting this beast for many years. I hope she can find inspiration.

  4. Benjamen A. Delp

    I did not hear what she actually took to beat this? Can this be expanded on? All I heard was vegan diet with some meat and some herbs?

  5. gocall

    Brave lady . . . in her shoes I hope I would have the guts to stand up to traditional medicine, I’m sure it’s not easy.

    1. Gerianne Cerilli

      You can Do anything you put your mind to especially with God’s help in prayer. I would encourage you to be strong and do what your heart tells you to do. It just makes more sense to go the natural way that’s what I have decided anyway if something ever happened to me with cancer and God decided to take my life it would definitely be going the natural route not through chemo or radiation it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever! If your body is so sick and rundown why would you put something in it that would make it even sicker and more run down. right. God bless

    2. Lori Childers

      It’s not. I just did it when I got my last Pet/CT scan. I said I would never do chemo, but staring at that report, seeing they wanted me to go in for a biopsy. Wow. After a meltdown and much thought I have chosen food and cannabis.

  6. fafar gol

    Bravo lady,
    Chris ia an angel to arrange all these.
    God bless you both

  7. Kim

    Thanks for sharing Karen! Such an inspiring story. Validates what my intuition has been telling me, that we have control of our health!❤️ Chris, your work is so so needed and appreciated. Thank you for being courageous and making a difference in the world.

  8. Victoria Taylor

    Thanks for sharing your story! Very Inspiring. :)

  9. LauraLena

    Wonderful video! Very encouraging! I wonder if Karen has done liver flushing, the Andreas Moritz way. The liver is soooo important. Maybe she can be healed forever, if she does those! (Some people have to do as much as 40. Like Hilde Larsen.)

  10. Chava

    I fell off the wagon too… and back on track this week. BUT I feel it would be so helpful to do a detox… what did this lady do and/or what would you recommend Chris? So many products and variable information about detoxing . . . I don’t know where to turn. Thanks.

  11. Gerianne Cerilli

    Wow what a great video. Thank you to both of you. Just goes to show you the power of nutrition and lifestyle. God gives us choices we need to implement them especially for prevention. Too many people wait until it’s too late.

  12. Raquel Macias Mendoza

    I am fighting back tears watching this video. My mother died in 2012 from the same blood cancer diagnosis as Karen’s. She was diagnosed in 2009 and her doctor told her she needed chemotherapy and occasional blood transfusions in order to live another 5 years, but that is the maximum life expectancy for anyone with Waldenstrom’s. My dad wanted her to do the natural approach through cleansing and nutrition. I have siblings who were opposed to the natural approach and wanted my mom to follow the doctor’s instructions and consent to the chemo. My mom felt she wanted to do the natural approach, but did not want any of her children to be angry and blame my dad if she did not get well and pass away, so, she went with the oral chemo. The pills made her feel so sick, she refused to take them after that first week. She felt well enough without the chemo to live a normal life – she was not in pain nor did she feel tired. She stopped the chemo and with a blood transfusion (blood was supplied by two of my siblings) every few months, she lived only 1-1/2 years after diagnosis. She started to feel exhausted all day, and she developed pneumonia. She was hospitalized a few days and was released to return home. Just 3 months later, she was at her end of life and on hospice for 2 weeks.
    I can’t help but think if my mom would have done what Karen did, my mom would still be alive. I hope this reaches others before it’s too late. Thank you for this valuable video. I will share it with my dad as well as with my Facebook friends and family.

    1. Lori Childers

      I feel your pain. My dad died over 20 years ago at the age of 62 from cancer. I’m so angry at our world right now. The big corporate lies for money. The lying needs to stop and true scientific studies are needed so people are no longer put in a position of having to decide, who is telling the truth.

  13. Maarit Gneleah

    Thank you, Karen & Chris <3

    My 74-year old mom was diagnosed with aggressive small-cell lung cancer 3 months ago (has COPD too). She doesn't use the internet, so I'm the one doing all the research for her.

    Based on the info I found, we decided that chemo was not worth the trouble. Every day, I'm doing more research on how to help her. We've changed her diet and she has an arsenal of cancer-fighting herbs and other nutritional supplements.

    She has a terrible cough and feels weak, but her basic blood work doesn't show abnormalites or decline, except for thrombocytes having gone a little up outside the normal range (cancer spread into the bones maybe?).

    Unfortunately, her type 2 diabetes is putting restrictions… her blood sugar levels rise easily from the sugar in veggies. Eating a lot of them seems problematic. So, I'm trying to solve the blood sugar issue at the same time… doing research on that as well. Cancer loves sugar…

    We don't have a plethora of professionals in functional medicine in a country with a population of just 5,5 people – Finland. Therefore a lot of this fight & research rests on my shoulders. It's also a matter of money. I'm plagued by the guilt that I'm not doing enough for her.

    Fortunately though, we've one of the best public school systems in the world (proven by PISA testing) which has afforded me good enough skills in a few foreign languages, so I can google info, mainly in English. Thank you, Chris, for providing such great info… and doing it with enthusiasm.

    1. Maarit Gneleah

      P.S. I’m positively surprised; just did an online search in our public city library (Helsinki) and found Quillin’s ebook there. Now I have it downloaded on my phone – free of charge. Hadn’t heard of the book before… so watching your video may have brought an essential piece to my research puzzle. Thanks!

  14. Karen Nasello

    Great interview with Karen! Congrats on her amazing healing journey…..I too healed from cancer nutritionally the second time. The first time I allowed them to cut and burn me. This time I avoided surgery, chemo etc. I was at TTAC live and it was a thrill to meet you Chris. I too have Patrick Quillin book and am reading it now. I just love him too!

  15. Majid Lotfi

    Can you please list what exactly she took ? Thanks,

  16. Ann M Keller

    I found the video really inspiring. I am waiting for them to do a biopsy to see if I have Lymphoma. I already had a PET/CT which showed high for possibly Lymphoma. That was in August and I just had another CT which showed the lymph nodes have gotten larger and there are ones there that were not there before. I decided they were taking too long to diagnose me so I completely changed my diet on Monday and have ordered supplements and spices for my large salad. I actually got on the scale today and lost 5 lbs. since Monday which is good for me. I am not feeling very good but I know my body is detoxing. I am so thankful that I found Chris and I bought his program last month when he was doing the webinars. I do not care what the doctors will tell me that I need to do. I will never do chemo, I know so many people who died from chemo and not their cancer. I am not afraid because I know I will get better.

  17. Clare

    Did Karen also went to a naturopath or dietician in addition to her diet change?

  18. R Richards

    I started studying about cancer with Ty Bolinger a few years ago. I don’t have cancer. No one in my family has/had cancer. BUT, I felt compelled to learn. Finding Chris was a miracle. I have since had 5 friends diagnosed and I shared info with them. Unfortunately, 3 went the conventional route and have all passed. The two who are going the natural way are still alive and continue to do better. As I said, I have no cancer in my family but I have drastically changed my lifestyle. Why wait to be diagnosed? Change now and never get that diagnosis!!!!

    1. Christy H

      I’m the same way-I don’t have cancer nor does anyone in my family but I love getting all this great information and am trying to change my eating habits-it’s not easy! I’ve
      Also started using and learning about essential oils. I share all these video series on fb and have been watching the new series on the Truth About Cancer and Pets by Ty Bollinger!! So good!!!! Many people I know think this stuff is silly and quackery, but I believe many medical approaches are harming and/or killing people, and doctors are so closed minded to natural approaches and do not know anything about natural remedies. It’s so sad.
      Thanks Chris for all you do to help others!


    Hi! Thank you Chris and Karen for this video. I too have Waldenstrom’s…I was diagnosed in July of 2016 and was never on watch and wait because I was so very ill and had been for many years but went misdiagnosed. I did opt to do chemo (something I never thought I would do) but also do a heavy supplement program and cut out sugar and flour. I will look into the book you recommended as well. I am switching hematology practices in March once certain medical insurance changes and will be going to a much more open minded practice where I can actually have an open and ongoing dialogue with the team, something I sadly do not have at the current practice I go to. My IGM’s were up there as well initially, somewhere around 8,000 but as of my last blood work i am hovering around 1100. Anyway, nice to meet you fellow Waldy and keep on keepin on :)

    1. Jackie

      Am currently doing chemo for am. This is also called lpl…lymphoplasmacytic lymphoma. Chemo is a struggle. Will make diet changes and detox first!

      1. Jackie Calvert Colburn

        Am is waldenstroms

        1. Krim O'Laughlin

          Julie and Jackie, My husband also has WM and a similar story to Karen’s. Refused conventional treatment and did a diet 180. Disease is reversed by 70% and holding. Join us on the WM-CAM yahoo group.

  20. Helen Wilson

    So good! Thank you for sharing Karen, keep speaking out.

  21. Frances Savage

    Thanks for sharing your story , Karen. The part of your story where you were on the cruise & decided to eat like everyone else really resonated with me. I was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor in 2004 and given 6 months. I chose to follow my intuition and take the holistic approach. As a holistic nurse this made the most sense. I’d been off sugar for about 2 years when I was diagnosed and continued to avoid it. Then my mother died from lung cancer. I made the choice to eat chocolate again which I’d been addicted to and was the reason I’d given up sugar the first time. I went crazy baking and eating everything chocolate I could think of. After living with the brain tumor for 11 years, I started having new symptoms. An MRI showed new growth and I had a choice of hospice or brain surgery. After 2 surgeries in 8/15 I learned that I had a grade 3 anaplastic astrocytoma. the docs wanted me to do chemo & radiation. I agreed to do the radiation but will never do chemo. Makes no sense to me. I am on a plant-based diet, no sugar, taking CBD oil which has been life-changing, and feeling great 13 years after I was diagnosed. I’m convinced that sugar is poison for me. I lived with an astrocytoma for 11 years only taking Dilantin to prevent focal seizures in my left arm (due to the location of the tumor). My foolish decision to eat sugar, not just eat , but binge on it for 2 years almost killed me. Chris’s video series got me back on track and I’m very grateful!

    1. Maarit Gneleah

      Hi Frances. Could you share some info about how much and what kind/brand/strenth of CBD oil you’ve been using?

    2. Susan

      Absolutely! It’s a great reminder to me that I’m doing the right thing about being off sugar, even when the world seems to be down playing it’s effects.

      1. Marvin Zinn

        I often describe sugar as the most dangerous addictive drug in the world.

  22. Edward Meyers

    Karen and Chris, God Bless You Both and thank you for this interview. I was initially diagnosed in 2014 with Multiple Myeloma. A second diagnosis in 2016 indicated I had Non Hodgkins small B cell Lymphoma. A third diagnosis in 2017 finally got it right—Waldenstroms Macroglobulinemia. And Chris, I had as much trouble as you saying that for the first few times! Lol! I have throughout refused the Standard of Care, (chemo), of course to the dismay of every oncologist I’ve seen. My current oncologist has come to accept that I will be making the decisions as to what treatments and protocols I do. I have pursued natural, nutritional and dietary solutions throughout my journey. My finances are limited since my only income is Social Security, but I have stabilized to the point where I feel I can do some work again soon and then add more to my protocols. I will certainly buy Dr. Quillan’s book, thank you for that recommendation. Laura Lena mentioned Andreas Moritz and his detox methods, I just got his book, Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation, and will be applying his recommendations as well. Thank you both once again, and Karen, as the first person I’ve come to find that has this rare disease, you are an inspiration to me. I admire your courage and determination.

    1. Krim O'Laughlin

      Edward Meyers, My husband has WM and has a similar story to Karen’s. Join us on the WM-CAM yahoo group.

  23. SR

    Great video Chris. I’ve got Waldenstrom’s too. I’m 44 and was diagnosed in 2015. I’m doing a similar regime to Karen and have stayed consistently stable for the last 2 years. I am a pescatarian now, so I eat fish (but nothing bigger than a Salmon because of the mercury levels), lots of vegetables every day. I slow juice, overload on carrots and ginger and tumeric. I used Almond milk instead of regular dairy and although some diary creeps into my diet now and again (occasional ice creams), it’s not at anything like the levels it used to be. I exercise every day too.
    The one thing I feel that has an effect equal to than diet is something that Chris talked about in his series of videos – and that’s stress. I used to work in a very high-stress environment. My diagnosis prompted me to switch jobs and I’m glad I did. I feel calmer and more balanced. I had a few marriage problems just before being diagnosed too which were incredibly stressful. We got over those with counselling but I would suggest that anyone who has a stressful home or work environment look at making changes there quickly.
    Anyway thanks for sharing the video. Great to see Karen doing well. And great to have a good narrative about Cancer and taking control without Chemo.

    1. Krim O'Laughlin

      SR, are you on the WM-CAM yahoo group?

      1. SR

        I’m not Krim. Will join though.

      2. cloud sa

        Krim, what’s WM-CAM yahoo group?

        1. Krim O'Laughlin

          It’s a yahoo group– Complimentary Alternative Medicine for people with WM (Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia)

  24. Summer Moana Gaddis

    Hi, just want to add some hope to the health soup here–I’m a survivor of Stage 3 Cervical Cancer with no chemo or radiation. Found Chris’s site in 2011 and it gave me the strength to heal naturally. Just got a clear scan after 2 years of rebuilding my health. My dr.s are speechless. God bless you all.

    1. Jolanda

      I’m currently fighting Cervical Cancer stage 3. I finished chemo/radiation/brachy 2 months ago. Since than I’m completely off sugar and white flour. I’m juicing carrots and broccoli daily and mixed with other veggies. I eat vegan. Three times a day I drink Essiac Tea. And I take various supplements like vitamin D, vitamin C, curcuma, MSM, Milk Thistle, Astalagus, Magnesium and Fish Oil. I did have a check up yesterday and the tumor was not visible with the eye or by hand. But that is online a part of the check up. They’ll do a MRI the end of the month.
      My doc was surprised that I’m not tired and walk 5 to 10 km a day. I believe it’s my natural approach to beat the cancer the hell out of me completely. I do have stiff bones and muscles, which are common side effects of the radiation. But hey, my main goal is to het rid of the tumor and have clean lymph nodes.
      Can you please let me know what you did to survive your cancer? Any additional tips would be very helpful. Kind regards

  25. jan

    thankyou for this wonderful interview !!
    Very inspiring and motivating for me as was told a year ago that my Non Hodgkins lymphoma had relapsed and now at Stage 4 . I have had radiation previously and Oncologists now wanting me to do chemotherapy . I have chosen the holistic path this time and am so encouraged by people like Karen .
    And of course Chris ‘ s wonderful information set me on a better nutritional direction . Gave up ketogenic and now plant based diet and feeling much better .
    Plus a holistic approach to healing .
    Invaluable information .
    It is so uplifting to hear your story and others too .
    Thankyou both so much .

  26. Susan

    Thank you Chris for asking Karen to share her story. Thank you Karen. Amazing and courageous.
    When diagnosed w/an aggressive for of stage 2 Breast Ca, I decided to move forward w/ chemo/radiation and a targeted therapy. I did ask my oncologist will this chemo cure me? He said, absolutely Susan, we’re going for the cure! However, when I radically changed my diet to plant based, eliminated as much stress as possible and went through lots of soul searching to put it simply, I was told by the same dr. to eat whatever I want. He actually asked me if I craved junk food. Just eat a little he said. My weight was his concern. I was losing too much weight he said. I felt like I was doing OK and continued onward, studying, reading and educating myself on nutrition along w/ the conventional treatments. But I did it my way and what felt right to me. So 6 years later, I am still transforming my life and still eating plant based without processed foods, all organic etc. It’s been a difficult path to follow. Family doesn’t understand always and wonder why I just don’t ” eat a piece of birthday cake”. My mother in law actually told me I was a radical! I love them all ,but really? It can be a lonely journey, this path, but thanks to blogs and videos such as yours Chris, It makes a difference. I feel your support and Love. In Gratitude, Susan

    1. Sheila Morse

      You are not alone in this journey. Many are taking the natural path and learning far more than just nutrition on the journey.

    2. cloud sa

      I was too diag.with Breast C. last year. Not knowing my options, I went for surgery to avoid radiation. I was put on Tamoxifen for 6 months until this month when I decided to travel to a different route, a natural one. I only researched and gathered info on my own. It’s overwhelming and a bit scaring as it is truly a lonely route for a “beginner” like me. I added supplements D, C, mushroom powder,cranberry powder, amla, moringa, cocoa powder,Reg’Activ, milk thistle, black cumin seed oil, chlorella powder, with a handfull of green/berries/nuts. That’s breakfast. Then lunch comes with a bowl of salad with colored veggies dressed with different oil and lemon juice/apple cidar. Dinner is tough as I still don’t have much of “buyin” from my family members. I also made a change to start walking a few times a week now. Hopefully I can do all these with a group of people who appreciate and value the important impact of natural healings. I still need to find my “happiness” and support as my significant other is not quite on board. In his mind, I have already been in the conventional treatment “program” and just need to follow the typical protocal.

  27. Madeleine Innocent

    Drs are disease managers not health restorers.

  28. Patience

    I ordered the d149.00 seriesa approx. a month ago. Still waiting to receive it!

  29. Kathy Spring

    Awesome interview Chris! Thank you Karen for sharing the details of your story and your perspective on your healing!! So inspiring! Kudos to you!! Definitely shared on my Facebook page.

  30. Connie Freeman

    Thank you Karen and Chris. You are both amazing and I love your educating us all. One day, I hope not too long in the near future, this will be common knowledge. Back in 1992, the oncologist admitted that the chemo killed my Dad. He also stated that the cancer would have killed him anyway; he probably would have died from pneumonia. In stead, the insurance company paid out around $100,000, and Dad had to be heavily sedated as he was suffering. He passed in 6 weeks. I wish I knew then what I know today.

  31. Cathy Speronis

    Awesome! God Bless you Karen for sharing your story and you too Chris for getting this out to the masses! Going to share this with my Healing Strong Group.

  32. Sandy Miller

    That’s fine if you’re rich! She couldn’t do that on $750/month!

    1. 1555

      Sandy, everyone eats. One can eat things that feed cancer. Such as sugar.
      Choosing food that does NOT feed cancer, one could live without chemo. Because chemo kills more people than it helps. But wisely chosen food helps the body to gain its balance. I used to work for a natural doc and have seen it all the time. He never treated cancer, as only MD is ‘qualified’ to treat cancer. But by helping people to turn around what was killing them we have seen them 3 months later coming back being proclaimed “cured” by Sloan Kettering cancer towers. The death towers as we used to call them. Because chemo is not generally monitored past 5 year survival.

      1. Sandy Miller

        There’s more to beating cancer than removing sugar. You have to remove things like GMOs, MSGs, pesticides, herbicides, and empty calories. That means eating organic, which means you have to get to stores other than the local dollar store, which requires a car, particularly if you have a disability that keeps you from walking more then 2 blocks. If no one will volunteer to take you to the store, you’re stuck eating what you can get from the dollar store. Chemo won’t help my sister, but no one is willing to help my sister without bullying her into doing what the medical establishment says is healthy. I’m in a wheelchair and live on disability, too, so I can’t help her financially or physically. I bought a few herbs, turmeric with bromelain and boswelia, ginger and chlorella, but now I can’t even get to the post office to send a package to her. I can’t help her on the scale she needs. Only someone with enough money to afford a car and real food can do that.

        1. 1555

          Sandy, I feel for you. Please reach out to some organization in your area, church, young church kids, general school, and ask them , as many have a way to volunteer to help people like you. There are compassionate kids, who like to help out – they can go to shop for you with a list. Do not give up. Daily mantra “What is the best that could happen ?” helped us here to change things around in ways we could never even dream up.

  33. web

    Can anyone tell me who in the world you can get a cup of juice from 1Lb of carrots? Ann Cameron mentioned she did and others as well… It must be some kind of magical machine? I am cold pressing with a juicer 10 Lb of ORGANIC carrots to get 5 cups !
    Please suggest a juicer that gets more juice out of carrots:)

  34. Michelle

    Awesome interview! I also have WM and was wondering if there was any way to get in contact with Karen to find out exactly what she did. I am currently taking chemo and would like to do alternative treatment.

  35. Michelle

    Awesome interview! I also have WM and was wondering if there was any way to get in contact with Karen to find out exactly what she did. I am currently taking chemo and would like to do alternative treatment.

  36. Mary Brooks

    I’m not sure if i’m typing in the right place. But I hope to hear back from Karen if at all possible. I have received the same diagnosis – Waldenstraums- and I am extremely interested in nutrition! I live in a remote area in Missouri – no support for handling healing thru nutrition. I bought Patrick Q’s book- and would welcome any discussion with Karen about her lifestyle changes.
    Hopefully waiting to hear.

  37. Vance Harvey

    I love Karen’s comments when the doctor tried to demean her about not having the chemo…they were classic and obviously left the doctor a bit speechless.
    Karen is a fantastic example of what one can do when one takes responsibility / ownership for ones own life and goes ones own way.

  38. Lori Childers

    I have been using pot and diet. I have refused a biopsy on a spiculated tumor in my right lung. I have been smoking since I was 14, I”m 59 now. I was exposed to high levels of PFC Chemicals in Oscoda Michigan for over 30 years. These are my numbers to-date, and I have the medical records to prove them. The process to help myself started in June 2016 when a lung mass was found. These are my current improvements as of 11/2017: The improvements have been amazing. I:

    healed a fatty liver in 6 months.
    shrunk a lung nodule and had one drop off the Pet/CT scan that they no longer track
    feel a lot better
    improved a blood vessel on Pet/CT Scan:
    (The maximal axial diameter of the ascending thoracic aorta is 41.2 mm (traverse) on 10/13/17. It was 38.6 on 7/26/16.) Shut the F*ck up. So my new diet is clearing out my blood vessels. Wow.

    Update 11/23/17: Off all medications. I refused Statins for two years and my blood test results are in:

    Holy happy Cholesterol:
    79NORMAL (Last year (130 – !!!!)
    Reference Range: 0-149 mg/dL
    HDL Cholesterol
    74NORMAL (Last year (50 – :)
    Reference Range: >39 mg/dL
    VLDL Cholesterol Cal
    16NORMAL (Last year 26)

    I have not been good at following a strick diet but I try. Off gluten 3/2011, doctor then took me off dairy three years ago, I switched to lactaid free products, but still ate butter and cheese until about 6 weeks ago. Went gluten free vegan in 10/17. I feel better. And I have quit/started/quit/started smoking many times over the last year. Good luck to you all.

  39. Erin Schaller

    Hi Chris and Karen. I am 39 and diagnosed with Waldenstroms two years ago. It’s been quite the roller coaster ride. I live in Baltimore. Karen said she lived in Baltimore, or at least did at some point. I would love to connect with her. I have drastically changed mine and my families lifestyle and diet. However, I am having a hard time staying motivated/having time to stick with it. Meeting Karen and hearing and learning from her would have such an amazing impact on my healing journey. Would this be possible to do? I can give my email and number, if there is any chance Karen may get it and contact me. Hearing her story was just the inspiration I needed to get back on my organic food diet. Thank you!!

  40. Marvin Zinn

    I refused surgery from prostate cancer, then reduced it using herbs, and avoiding dairy products and sugar.

  41. Alan

    Hi, is there anyone who has Karens Holistic practitioner details?
    I have a friend who has Waldenstroms. She has had this for over 10 years and under 50. She also has anemia and well as she is fructose intolerant, so no beets, carrots, garlic, onion, cherries, blueberries, apple, pears…
    Currently doing blood transfusions due to low rbc that constantly drops and dropping platelet issues as well. she has and still is eating organic and juiced, although knowing about fructose intolerance has changed this. Has done accupucture, missletoe injections, vitamin c iv, sups, green powders…
    She will be looking at doing a pet scan soon.

  42. Ellen Spenser

    I promised to let the world know about him if he could help me cure the deadly virus. I was shocked after 3 weeks of herbal treatment I was tested Hiv negative medically by the same hospital that tested me positive. I am using this medium once again to thank Dr. Musa and to tell the world about his herbal and spiritual method of curing deadly virus and diseases. I advise those going through various medical condition to Contact him on whatsapp at: +2348O24573O41 or email him on gmail at: dr.musatradomedicalcentre@ gmailcom for instant solution. Once you get help through him spread the good news also to let the world know more about herbal cure. Thank you for re-unitting me with my family.
    As he said they are also specialized in;
    Heart/liver/kidney diseases
    And many more.

  43. Colleen Rourke

    Perfect timing! I only got to watch the first 11 minutes this morning, but that was enough to help me today at the Hematologist’s. Seems I have “mutated” lymphocytes, but not enough for a formal diagnosis. He said diet would make no difference because the problem was caused by a mutation. I then stopped at my internist and she really disagreed. She is all for a dietary approach, but wanted a Hematologist to give the formal diagnosis. So, thanks to Chris, I keep my Champion juice busy and bought a load of veggies at Costco before coming home to this good-food desert.

  44. Lauren

    Thank you so much for sharing this incredible story! This information extremly helpful to so many people. My mom is fighting lymphoma. I am interested to know if Karen does consultations or is practicing somewhere? I would also love to know more about the herbalist she saw and if their contact info could be provided.

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