How Kim Healed Breast Cancer in 2014

Meet my friends Theo and Kim Hanson!

In 2014, Kim was diagnosed with  Invasive Ductile Carcinoma Stage 2b w/ Differentiation Er/PR+, HER2 negative.
Within one month of starting a hardcore nutrition protocol her tumor had shrunk by 45%. Two months later it had shrunk by another third and she reluctantly agreed to have a lumpectomy which was a required by her surgeons before they would remove and replace two leaking breast implants (one was ruptured by a mammogram, the other punctured by a needle biopsy) that were damaged as a result of her “medical care”.

I know you will love this awesome interview.

The first half is Kim’s story and then at the 14 minute mark we discus a Costa Rica event that they hosted in 2017.

Note: The audio quality is not ideal, but they were in Costa Rica so that’s what we had to work with.

Here are links to four studies showing that women who undergo lumpectomies instead of mastectomies have BETTER survival, along with a quick summary of the findings of each study.

Disease Free Survival rates in Breast Conservation Therapy (lumpectomy) and Modified Radical Mastectomy groups were 91.3% and 86.3%, respectively. Disease Free Survival rates in BCT and MRM groups were 93.6% and 87.7%, respectively.

Effect of breast conservation therapy vs mastectomy on disease-specific survival for early-stage breast cancer.

The 5-year breast cancer-specific survival rates of patients who underwent Breast Conservation Therapy, a mastectomy alone, or a mastectomy with radiation were 97%, 94%, and 90%, respectively. The 10-year breast cancer-specific survival rates were 94%, 90%, and 83%, respectively

Use of and mortality after bilateral mastectomy compared with other surgical treatments for breast cancer in California, 1998-2011.

Breast-conserving surgery with radiation 10-year mortality, 16.8%. Unilateral mastectomy 10-year mortality, 20.1%. Bilateral mastectomy 10-year mortality, 18.8%
Data on 189,734 breast cancer patients from California show that the 10-year survival rate for women who had both breasts removed was 81.2%, That was statistically indistinguishable from the 83.2% 10-year survival rate for women who had breast-conserving surgery and radiation. Both groups fared better than women who opted for a single mastectomy; their 10-year survival rate 79.9%. (LA Times article)
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  1. Rebecca Pierpont

    I love this. I started studying nutrition and it’s effects on disease around 1995 after my dad died from leukemia at age 53. Any time I ever mention my studies or alternatives, it was never well received. I’m so glad that now people are listening and understanding. Thank you so much for sharing your lives and experiences.

  2. Debra

    Would like to know the person Kim Hanson mentioned who had esophageal cancer, and found helpful in her recovery. I had tongue cancer, now esophageal, and looking for someone who’s experienced healing from the same type of cancer.

    1. Geraldine Daly

      There are studies also done on the benefits of strawberries in healing esophageal cancer. Check out PubMed

  3. Debbie Harper

    Thanks for what you are doing Chris, Kim and Theo. This is wonderful news to see that nutrition got you there. One point you made about how quickly the body repairs is a significant truth, I know it blows peoples minds, but given the right diet the body will begin to repair in just 20 minutes. I have not had a cancer patient yet but I have just put together a diet for autoimmune disease and my clients have noticed a change in a day or two, which I’m amazed about. In just one example, one client, with crohn’s disease, restless leg syndrome, suspected endometriosis, interrupted sleep and not able to work because of going to the toilet 10 12 times a day. After two weeks – the endometriosis pain that she had for two years was gone, crohn’s gone, restless leg gone, sleep patterns better, and after 3 weeks she was down to going to the toilet two times a day. After 4 weeks she has applied for a job confident she will not revert back to the hell she was living. She is staying on this diet for life. So I’ve witnessed the power of food first hand and I’m sold on it. Now about that 20 minutes I mentioned, Hippocrates said 3000 years ago “all disease begins in the gut” and given the right foods the gut replenishes gut flora every 20 minutes. Good on you for your mission we are in a new world now, we know so much more about nutrition, we do not have to suffer anymore.

  4. jarmstead

    I don’t know how you folks can even begin to help people by being so “food-oriented” with the people who are being lied to. Our food intake is not a secret that wast just discovered recently. I do not doubt your sincerity and the accuracy of what you discover with juicing with Natural foods… because this is not a secret.

    What needs to be talked about are the real topics that prevent people from even considering “alternative” therapies… even when they are properly informed. There are literally 100’s of thousands of people who know that “they are… what they eat.”

    The real problems are people (like yourselves) who won’t release the real data on just how few people you can reach and help (cure their cancers, auto immune diseases, cognitive dysfunction, and heart disease)… and why these people are so brain-washed from the beginning. This is why you can’t turn (convince) more than 1.2% of the people you come into contact with… to try alternative therapy.

    I don’t want to rain on the parades of people like Chris or Kim or Theo, but; as long as the medical/FDA/Big Pharma communities are allowed to run amok and kill off the over-populated planet… you folks come off as sincere… but you lack the real truth and data about just how bad the health care system has become.

    Why do you take such a laid back, spiritual, “Birkenst

  5. Gill Carrington

    I want to know if anyone has killed off kidney cancer that’s now spread to my lungs. I had my kidney removed but 2 years later it appeared in my lung. The largest module is now nearly 10mm at which time they will start giving me some drug concoction I don’t want!!
    I have spent the last 4 months totally turning round my diet. I liquidise 7-8lb of organic carrots a day and for the first 3 months ate only the veg from the Gerson diet.
    I went back to my specialist last month and he noted another 1mm growth so I’m at 8mm now. I’m eating Atlantic salmon with my veg and salad and feel bad about eating that as I don’t seem to be improving. The good thing is, I didn’t give up after the last trip to the hospital and the scan was hardly positive!! I’m still sticking to the carrot juicing, salad and veg and fish BUT…. has ANYONE recovered from this as it’s stage 4???

    1. Dan

      Please research :
      Dr. Carey Reams, RBTI

  6. Monique Leonard

    I am a great advocate of your site as it has personally brought me lots of invaluable information and resources, including your recent Square One program that I’ve heavily relied upon since my own breast cancer diagnosis in 2015 . Your passion is infectious and I find the people who share their stories with you incredibly inspiring. I was particularly looking forward to this interview with Kim as we seem to have had similar experiences however it left me feeling a little underwhelmed. I had hoped for more depth into her success story, as Kim had obviously been through A LOT and I felt so much empathy for her but was left wanting to know more – pathology after her November lumpectomy for example. I imagine most people (myself included) who are driven to your site, know more than the average person about cancer, as they are probably doing their own research and getting informed, so to be vague when so many of us want as much anecdotal evidence and advice as we can possibly get, just seemed to lack credibility. Sharing their successful remedies is what we’re after, be it to be reassured if our choices crossover or to learn about new ones and especially when we are having to constantly prove our ‘natural choices’ to those who see no conventional evidence in these protocols, when actually some are incredibly successful, as is the case with this story. It’s apparent Theo is the driving force, researcher, motivator behind Kim’s treatments (what a lucky woman to have such a supportive partner and don’t they both look amazing!) so listening to Kim being vague when asked what they did, came across as being a bit flippant and blasé. Perhaps Theo should have spoken more specifically about their chosen protocol – the how, where, who influenced his choices or as an experienced cancer protocol-er/interviewer maybe you should have teased a bit more from them as you have done in previous interviews? I know myself that my own protocol involves carefully researched fruit, vegetables, herbal supplements and additives that are chosen for their specific immune building qualities and cancer-fighting abilities. I’m left with no doubt they’re both very driven in their quest to overcome Kim’s breast cancer, and to help others with their newfound success, admirably so however I don’t want to use the word cynical but was this about a nutritional healing story or just a ‘plug’ for their gig in Costa Rica with all of you being very self congratulatory? It may have been more prudent to have separated these interviews and focussed on the importance of each individual message i.e. Kim & Theo’s successful nutritional protocol story and their subsequent Cancer Unplugged event which does look incredible. I hope my message isn’t deleted for being argumentative or attacking, I’m simply expressing my personal view which I hope you all find constructive.

  7. jarmstead

    If you considered what I wrote as an “attack,” you are way too sensitive to the truth.

    You’re no better than CNN, FOX, MSNBC, et al… deleting the truth is no different than spreading a lie.

  8. Jess

    In regards to breast cancer and mammograms, I know that mammograms are not ideal as they direct too much radiation to the breast. I’ve been experiencing tingling and discomfort in my breast, though, for the past 6 months, so I’m starting to wonder if I should take the risk and have a mammogram. I did have a thermogram which revealed fibrocystic breast activity, warming of the breast, but not actual cancer. I also discovered a lump in the same breast (soft and moveable), had an ultrasound on it, and the ultrasound revealed it was an enlarged lymph node and showed no signs of cancer. I’m continuing to have tingling and discomfort (unrelated to my period) most of the time, however. Really wrestling with whether or not I should get a mammogram to have it checked further. Any advice would be so appreciated. I’m 35. Thank you.

    1. Mel Jones

      Have you considered Thermography instead Jess? x

  9. Terri Jaksha Dauplaise

    Great interview! My fiance and I are thinking of moving our wedding plans up and attending the Costa Rica Retreat as our honeymoon next month. I just finished brutal chemo and radiation treatment in January (before I found Chris’s blog). In the past month I’ve gone all in, switching to a raw plant based diet, mega juicing, and using a Berkey water filter. The retreat would be a great wedding gift to ourselves — learn more about fending off diseases naturally, and meet some incredible presenters. I hope we can make make the trip happen. Thanks for all you do in bringing this vital information to the rest of us!

    1. Joy Giffard

      Joy Giffard
      Hello Kim, I also had Chemo and Radiotherapy about 22 or 23 years ago. I refused it from thereon. In 2002 it returned as secondary breast cancer in New Zealand. I have been given 3 more goes at fighting this disease. In 2002, then in 2008 ish. Recently it is believed to be showing itself in the lymph nodes, in the neck. Yet to be diagnosed. I find this difficult to understand since I have been drinking wheat grass juice, home produced, every night and every morning for the last 2 and a half yrs. It makes the body very alkaline and fills it with oxygen, both of which kill cancer cells. The initially secondary cancer in both lungs, which caused me such trouble and convinced the Hospital that I was due to go within 6 mths. has definitely shrunk! Please let me know how you manage? Good Luck and God Bless, Joy Giffard (jo********@xt**.nz)

  10. Julie

    I have enjoyed watching your series on survivors’ healing stories. Since my diagnosis, I have switched to a plant-based diet, have worked on detoxifying my life, stress reduction, exercise, etc. I believe in the power of healing with nutrition.

    The trouble with statistics on bilateral mastectomy is that they consider early stage as I to III. Mortality rates obviously increase significantly based on staging. I would be interested to see statistics on surgical outcomes of women who are stage III only and not have all non-stage IV breast cancer patients lumped as early stage. I chose a bilateral mastectomy because I had fibrocystic breast disease and dense lumpy breasts. I was having to investigate lumps at least every six months for over 10 years. It was very stressful. Even as diligent as I was, I ended up stage IIIc with 16 positive lymph nodes. I wanted my breasts gone period. I could not handle dealing with the lumps anymore. I also chose to stay flat and I am so happy about my decisions. I feel there is a movement to label those of us who choose mastectomy as naive or reactionary by citing statistics regarding lumpectomy vs mastectomy when the statistics are not detailed or specific to disease staging.

  11. Connie Freeman

    Thank you Chris for your wonderful series and this interview. I loved how Theo esp stressed the importance of connection. In a new book by Dr Stephen Sinatra and Tommy Rosa, “Health Revelations from Heaven and Earth”,the first revelation was the importance of meaningful connection.

  12. Dan

    Just wanted to share with you a couple things to personally research, that I have found truthful and helpful.
    1. Dr. Carey Reams, RBTI
    2. High brix, nutrient dense foods

    God bless

  13. Ify Chimaraoke

    I am so blessed to find your post Chris,this has given me hope.I live in Nigeria and I was diagnosed with leomyosarcome which is very rare since 2013.I treated it with chemo,surgery, chemo and radiation. I had pludisis ie water in the lungs which was removed last week. Now there are recommending another chemo,I have taken the first shot but I want to go of this deadly thing…please can any one who has gone through similar issue with leomysarcoma help with what I can do….please

  14. Raquel Aquiest

    Can you tell everyone that the fruit guanábana cures cancer
    Also called sour soup and here in USA IN PILLS CALL
    AND WORKS WITH PAO D’ ARCO VITAMIN world you get it
    In health stores Mom’s you may order

  15. Raquel Aquiest

    It work for me6years

  16. Michelle

    I never see these “protocols” the survivors use to help with their cancer. I’m just finding many are like the industry and capitalizing on people. Buy this book, pay for this retreat. I suppose my heart says if someone is truly vested in helping others, the method used (juicing protocol, etc), would be shared and these things would be shared for free. I apologize if this offends anyone but it’s my hearts feeling especially when so many of my friends around me are being diagnosed . Chris, both you and Green Smoothie Girl (on her blog) are the only 2 I have seen truly share what you specifically did so that others might attempt to follow.

  17. Ellen Spenser

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    As he said they are also specialized in;
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