How Suzanne Nelson Healed Endometrial Cancer Holistically

Suzanne Nelson was diagnosed with endometrial cancer in 2014 after having a “benign” soccer ball-sized tumor removed from her abdomen. After the procedure, the surgeon told her it was cancerous and said, “I spilled cancer cells in your body.”


Suzanne was told she needed to have a staging surgery and radiation immediately, and “probably chemo after that”, but she decided to forgo further treatment and take a holistic approach to healing.

At the same time her husband was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and chose the conventional route.

Can you imagine you and your spouse having cancer at the same time? And choosing two different treatment paths? Crazy…

As the owner of a health food store in Joplin, Missouri for 26 years, Suzanne was well versed in healthy living, nutrition and natural therapies, but she had gotten off track over the years. She took control of her health, changed her life, adopted a hardcore anticancer healing protocol, and today she is cancer free!

And the methods Suzanne used were the same ones I used. Coincidence? I think not. :)

I know you’ll be inspired by this interview with Suzanne Nelson. Enjoy!
p.s. I’m a little hoarse in this one…

Show Notes
-A potentially fatal misdiagnosis [01:04]
-The fibroid procedure that spreads cancer [2:25]
-“I’m not gonna do chemotherapy today” [04:46]
-Suzanne’s daily anticancer routine [10:33]
-Finding the willpower to eat what you need to eat [15:00]
-The common threads among holistic survivors [16:19]
-Her husband’s cancer diagnosis and treatment [17:40]
-The stress connection to cancer [20:50]
-Some cancers respond well to chemo and some don’t [22:00]
-Organic diet lowers risk of breast cancer and lymphomas [23:05]
-The value of live blood analysis (dark field microscopy) [24:00]
-Suzanne’s advice to newly diagnosed cancer patients [28:10]
-The importance of fully committing to your health [32:27]
-Uncovering the blessings in your cancer journey [36:09]

Connect with Suzanne:
Facebook – Suzanne’s Natural Foods
Website –

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