How the American Cancer Society spins survival rates

According to the American Cancer Society, “More Americans than ever are surviving cancer.”

But are we?

Here’s an inside look at how the ACS deliberately spins the data to make the cancer industry look good. And boy do they ever…

It blew my mind when I connected the dots.

After watching this video, you will never look at cancer industry headlines the same way again.

January, 2020 Update
This year every major news media outlet had headlines like this one “Cancer death rate posts biggest one-year drop ever”.

There was a 2.2 percent decline in 2017, which is the single largest one year drop and there has been an overall drop in the death rate of 29% since its peak in 1991, which is great. The single biggest driver of this decline is a reduction in lung cancer death because of ongoing massive decline in smoking.

The death rate from lung cancer in men dropped by 51% from 1991 to 2017.

Wanna go further down the rabbit hole? Read this book:
National Cancer Institute and American Cancer Society: Criminal Indifference to Cancer Prevention and Conflicts of Interest By Dr. Samuel Epstein

Data Sources for the video:
National Cancer Institute

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  1. TheDoctorWhoCuresCancer

    Another reason for the gradually lower death rates from cancer is passage of DSHEA in 1994.

    Since then, a small portion of the population has relied on alternative methods for their cancer treatment either exclusively or as part of their cancer treatment. Those folks are twice as likely to survive 5 years.

    1. Chris Wark


  2. robert

    Great explanation; I have learned so much from you. Thank you

    1. Chris Wark

      Thanks Robert!

  3. June

    Unbelievable. Thank you, Chris, for wading through all the Cancer Society’s double-talk and getting the truth out there. I know the American Cancer Society is shady, but it’s down-right dirty how this governmental society can flat-out lie to the public. And, the public will blindly believe them as they blissfully run in their pink-ribbon races to their reward, a free diet soda to slurp down and aspartame-laden, low-fat yogurt to spoon into their mouths when they reach the finish line.

    I did a huge and totally obsessive amount research on healing cancer naturally when my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer last April 2013. She, with my father’s blessings, followed her oncologist’s advice instead of mine. She did chemo and radiation, and truly suffered the last 11 months of her life (diagnosed April 2013, died March 2014). It was terrible and nightmarish and I don’t know why anyone would ever subject themselves to chemotherapy. I believe people do chemo out of fear, and fear is a negative, helpless emotion. She was a mere skeleton when she died. Now, I’m wondering if her death certificate says she died of cancer or cachexia (starvation or wasting of the body).

    Thank you, again, Chris, for spreading the truth. I bet you hear from bullies who don’t believe you. Thank you for never backing down. You are making a positive difference in this world.

    1. Chris Wark

      Hi June. Sorry to hear that. It’s tough to trying help someone who isn’t on board and then watch them suffer… I will never back down. :)

  4. Patricia Robinett

    too true, chris! my mother had two rounds of chemo. she was actually doing very well after one – the ‘cancer’ was GONE! – but a clever MD talked her into doing a second round, “just in case” – she always had been a sucker for a white coat, and she had really good insurance, unfortunately, and they knew it. when she died soon after beginning the second round, it was attributed to “her heart gave out” – now heart failure is a ‘side effect’ of chemo, but hey! – there is a fine line for them to walk… they want you to think cancer is a huge problem, so they can get grants and donations, but they also want you also to think their system works to help you if/when you get cancer, so they don’t want t he stats to indicate they are clueless. must be frustrating for any sincere person in the cancer industry.. AND the spin on the stats is what public relations firms are FOR!

    1. Chris Wark

      Thank you for sharing this Patricia. Sorry for your loss.

    2. April

      Patricia, i actually don’t think that they are clueless. People naturally look for the easy way out of things. Living a clean lifestyle is inconvenient, hard work/commitment, and costs money…. And finding something that is easier/’quicker’ at ‘healing’ is more appealing.. and people are paying for chemo its a moneymaker so why change anything? Teaching people to be healthy doesn’t make money. If everyone was healthy, they don’t need to be fixed…. aka they don’t spend money…. Life is about making money :(

      1. Patricia Robinett

        Thanks, April. Yes, it’s a lot easier to just go to a doctor and say, “Fix me, Doc” than to take good care of yourself… until you experience the pain and side effects of their methods… they are not pleasant at all… but then there is the promise of being served breakfast in bed at the hospital. Eat your apples, everybody – including the seeds!

  5. Chris Wark

    Perhaps because one only shows new cases and the other combines new with existing cases…

  6. Chris Wark

    Hi Donna. If you’d like to write a guest post about DCIS send me a message through my contact page.

  7. Jenni

    Good video, Chris. Thanks for laying out the numbers like that. Easy to follow and sadly, easy to see the wrong being done to us. Keep up the great work! Please?

  8. Daryl W

    I’ve read seen so many videos of people claiming to cure cancer with various ingredients. Baking Soda & Molasses, Carrot Juice & many other products. It has gotten where a person don’t know what to believe. Now, I believe the Carrot Juice but that Baking Soda remedy, I’ve kinda got my antennas up on that one.

    1. Patricia Robinett

      Daryl, cancer cells thrive in an anaerobic, acidic environment. Baking soda is alkaline. Breathing provides O2. Some recommend a few drops of food grade H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) in water a few times a day. All these things work. Relaxation works. Forgiveness works. Chemo, radiation and surgery don’t work as well, but they are a tremendous hassle – and are very profitable.

  9. Sheerean Kisling

    Hey Chris, thanks for sharing this! Both my parents died from cancer, my dad was Acute Myeloid Leukemia and my mom was Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, she was only 48. I have both of their certificates and you are correct in what you say. Hers stated congestive heart failure and his stated liver failure and complications with leukemia. My mom did chemo, radiation, bone marrow and lived one year from when she was diagnosed, she told me several times she felt better BEFORE the treatments, it has been ten years this year that she passed away. I was 25 at the time but wish I had educated myself more at the time. Recently I had a close friend die from Lymphoma as well at the age of 35, she was declared “cancer free” in 2012 but died from pneumonia a year later because her lungs were so scarred from the chemo and she did not qualify for a lung transplant because of having had cancer. She also told me how she wished she had gone other routes for treatment. Thanks for all you do, it gives me hope to know I can take my health in to my own hands!

  10. The Savvy Sister

    This is so true! Thanks for sharing Chris! I’ve been trying to get ACS’s “Look good feel better” free makeup lesson for women with cancer to PLEASE leave out the chemical laden make up and only include healthy ingredients. I can’t even get anyone to return my call…..

    As always great reporting!

    1. April

      chemical free face product? im very interested. Do you have a website?

  11. Linda

    Very interesting vlog, Chris. Much thanks! I have a testimonial regarding your point on misidentifying causes of death.
    My stepfather died about 25 years ago and his death certificate declared that he died of anorexia. Of course, the reason he couldn’t eat was due to cancer of the esophagus. It’s not like he was dieting to eliminate all body fat.

    If his doctors couldn’t, or wouldn’t, declare he died of cancer and wanted to identify the ‘real’ cause of his death, perhaps they could have listed 45 years of smoking or 35 years of alcoholism. Those two poisons either of which alone, or both in tandem, were most likely the cause of his cancer.
    So decades of voluntarily ingesting carcinogenic poisons resulting in cancer which caused him to be unable to eat, and his doctors swore on a legal document that he died of anorexia!

  12. Cami

    Hi Chris, this is quite off topic to the article but I wanted to ask you a question. I have been in remission for 6 months but have found difficulty staying on my juicing and vegan diet. Recently I noticed some of my symptoms returning and I am worried.

    How did you keep yourself motivated to continue the change in lifestyle? I know it’s my life on the line but I always stray back to bad food and not enough exercise. Thanks…

  13. Greg Beckham

    Although the number of cancer related deaths per 100,000 population has only gone down marginally since 1950, is it not true the number of people getting cancer has gone up by quite a bit- and if so, that would suggest that while there is an increasing number getting cancer in a given population of 100K, the numbers of death have actually gone down more than your assertion?

    1. Shane

      Yeh I picked that up too. Amount of people diagnosed went way up but deaths about the same. Did I miss something?

  14. Greg Beckham

    Just for the record, I am one who does indeed question Western medicine and the big business of healthcare and Big Pharma, and believe the future lies in arming our own immune systems to recognize and eliminate cancer from our body.

  15. Teresa

    Donna Pinto, or anyone, please tell us more about tamoxifen, my daughter is on it for 4 mo now

  16. Teresa

    Is everyone starting to connect the dots that the treatment is worse than the disease. They are using a jack hammer to swat a fly? Are there any class action suits going on that I can join against oncologist who recommend treatment that is killing our relatives when they know the statistics are 2-3 % success rate. A 97% failure rates! Giving chemo to 86yoa women???? How can they? I have been doing self study on this subject for over a year after my mother and daughter were diagnosed with Stage iv breast cancer. What can we do????? My mother 86 died in Feb. 2014, a horrible death from the results of chemo, neuropathy of hands feet and legs, sores in mouth, and much more horrible end of life, ending with cachexia and hospice coming…..

  17. Caren

    My father had prostate cancer and was not given Chemo, but 14 doses of radiation, he couldn’t take the 15th. It was 1 year later that as a result of the radiation his cancer went crazy and broke through the wall of his intestine right where the radiation was given. He became septic and died within 48 hours doped up on morphine to bare the pain. Of course they said he died because his heart gave out. I know that they radiated him to death. It takes about that 1 year for the full effects to come forward. I have no faith in the MEDICAL INDUSTRY.

  18. goopeez

    Everything ACS puts into print is slippier than snot. They have been psychologically manipulating the public for the past 100 years & are more adept at social engineering (globally) than any power in history.We should all be terrified and acutely aware of this mega-monster conglomerate.

    1. Patricia Robinett

      watch james corbett’s documentary “Rockefeller Medicine”. the US has been ‘had’ on multiple fronts – by the rockefellers for – as you say – over 100 years. the ACS was John D’s baby. Jphn D’s father William was a “snake oil” salesman, a bigamist, and so on.

  19. April

    Chris, I loved the information you shared! Very eye opening! Data most often is used to persuade and skew. And i definitely believe thats exactly what has been done here. Doctors don’t talk about nutrition much…. everything is chemicals and pills! A very simple change i made in my life towards being more holistic was to remove gluten (additionally to limit bad sugars, salt, fat/oils). I noticed a dramatic change in my energy level, my stomach, and overall well being. The path to being more holistic started one day when i noticed what i ate, before going to the pool in a bathing suit. Gluten made my belly bloat and when i ate something gluten free i didn’t have the bloat problem. And since then all the dominos have been falling down to being a nonchemical/nonprocessed life style. I do however like to always get a full story. Everything in life has pro/con….. example. Getting too much Vit C for example could cause diahrea… not that big a deal but still a con possibility however unlikely. To your video i’m wondering what neg things can be said towards your case. I saw that you delete attack/argue comments, but i’m curious to know what pro-processed people think about what you said…. really hoping to hear back from you!

  20. Robert

    I will go along completely with your synopsis on ACS numbers… at the same time, we cannot even begin to pick apart numbers by Gerson… because there are none to be had. We must rely on anecdotal evidence provided by folks like you. Even though you may very well have been cured by a Gerson Therapy, individual testimonials are hardly a substitute for a scientific method of study and verifiable stats.

    1. Patricia Robinett

      “There are none so blind as those who don’t want to see” and the medical industry certainly does not want to see “a cure”, for their profits would decline.

      There have been numerous effective cancer treatments – and numerous ‘free energy’ devices too; unfortunately there have also been the many brilliant scientists and dedicated MDs who have been marginalized, demonized, bought out, taken out, and otherwise disposed of… Could it be that the same owners of oil companies do not want us to get off the oil addiction? And that medical industry controllers (owners) who founded the ACS and other go-nowhere organizations don’t want to see an end to cancer?

      JohnD,Sr once said, “Competition is a sin” and “I want to own nothing and control everything.” This, dear Robert, is the mentality that runs the medical industry – and also funds scientific research, so you aren’t going to be finding much funding to do research on non-pharmaceuticals… like apple seeds and vitamin C. You will only find ‘scientific’ studies performed on those things that promise large profits to the family that runs our country from the shadows.

      Touching tribute you pay to the ‘scientific method’ – i wish it were applied to all things that cure cancer and not only to pharmaceutical products. That will have to come when the unenlightened leave the planet.

      1. Robert

        Wow… that was a pretty condescending response to a perfectly legitimate statement.

        I can only respond this way… there is no “free energy” just like there is no free lunch. Matter and energy can neither be created nor destroyed… only converted.

        If everything is a conspiracy, then nothing is.

        I acknowledge that it is quite possible that ChrisBeatsCancer the way he says he did… but holding statistics and those assemble them accountable without doing the same for himself and those he supports is at least a little disingenuous.

        Additionally, I would actually LIKE TO BELIVE… but I am also from Missouri… you have to “Show Me” something. Condescension and talking down is not your friend here.

        1. Patricia Robinett

          What I wrote would only be condescending if you are part of the medical or oil industries. I did not mean to put you down personally, but just to inform. I don’t have time to beat around the bush.

          As for “free” anything – I would like to ask you a shocking question, Robert… Why should ANYTHING have a price tag? Have you ever considered how very odd it is that everything is monetized? Have you ever thought how the world would change if there was no money system? But “free energy” means that energy is freely available and life is freely given… but human beings have for some reason perverted a very simple, kind system that now creates stress for everyone, even the wealthiest. Read the story of Tesla who devised a “free energy” system but his ‘boss’ trashed his work because he would not be able to sell copper wire if everyone could get energy in their individual homes. I think that was JP Morgan. Not positive.

          Plans are made behind closed doors, believe me. Google this: “David Rockefeller quotes our plans”. He expresses his appreciation to the mainstream media for not divulging the secret plans his “special organizations” make – you know, like the Council for Foreign Relations and the Bilderbergers, etc.

          If you want to know if something works, let your body be your laboratory. Test foods. You will find they have significant effects on your moods and health.

          I too am from Missouri and live there now. I have tested and tried. That is the only way you can know what works and what doesn’t. Don’t wait for official blessings of science before becoming truly healthy, for that is not their ‘thing’… their thing is to wait until people are very sick, then diagnose a grievous ailment, then administer drugs, surgery, and so on… Or haven’t you noticed that science has taken quite a beating recently, with all the information about bogus ‘peer-reviewed’ research articles??? Sorry, gotta go… can’t edit or write further… my dog is wanting to go outside.

          1. Robert

            Everything has a price tag because we have learned that communism doesn’t work and never will, no matter if the “right people” are overseeing it.

            Tesla… a brilliant man did not develop “free energy”, but what amounts to solar power… which you can buy today.

            I have read a number of your postings and have noticed that very often it comes back to blaming the Jews (in this case, Bilderbergs)… your anti-Semitic statements are no substitute for actual answers.

            And lastly… I am not waiting for science to work on my health… but I am also not willing to go along with cult-like acceptance of something that in my opinion should be easily verifiable and documented. Even if the reports say something to the effect that “what we are advocating doesn’t give you one more minute of life, but it certainly beats all those other ways we try”… I would accept that. The truth is that while large corporations make billions… certain individuals advocating alternative therapies are certainly making millions for themselves and I am not willing to accept that somehow, just because they are individual people vs corporations, they are more righteous/altruistic/benevolent etc…

            Good luck out there

          2. Patricia Robinett

            Everything has a price tag because that is the system we were raised into. The world survived for thousands or millions of years without the money game. The money system is a form of slavery. Many people are doing things they would never do unless they “had” to do it, for money.

            Tesla’s energy was not from the sun, but from the earth. I was not aware that Bilderberg was a semitic group.

            What is cult-like about eating real food? People did it for millions of years. If you search around the internet, you will find the stories of lots of people who have benefitted from eating “raw” – there is the vegan version of it and also the “Paleo” or meat-eating version. I chose vegan and i found myself recovering from many grievous ailments. I was not ill, but I had came to see cooking as an unnatural act. My health – “perfect’ as it was – still improved. My sense of bodily ease improved. A lifelong problem with cold hands and feet was alleviated. I became pain-free. I have studied, experimented and observed enough over the past 45 years to know what causes disease and what heals. The other element is thought. Fear thoughts contract muscles and create problems in the human body which is meant to be totally relaxed and at ease. So people who live in love are actually more healthy than those who live in fear, tension, distrust. There you go… everything you need to have a healthy, happy life, a healthy, happy body.

            Best wishes to you!

          3. josh

            Fearful thoughts also creates stress and stress creates illness. Loving thoughts do the opposite. More people need to realize this.

          4. Phillip

            Then why do you try and spread fear? Strange how your own comments prove that you are evil, your lies just confirm it.

          5. josh

            Tesla device was far from solar and bilderberg is far from a jewish group. Maybe you should do a little research into the subject before you criticize someone because of your lack of knowledge. These this are after all, easily verifiable.

          6. Robert

            Radiant Energy is NOT that far off from solar… and you can look at any number of anti-semetic websites and put in Bilderberg to see that people see it as “overly Jewish”… even though it isn’t. The poster in any number of her other posts sees a vast Jewish conspiracy… I believe her Bilderberg reference is just an extension of that.

          7. Patricia Robinett

            Actually, Robert, I have VERY good reason to see a vast Satanic conspiracy. My own personal experience with clients who were raised in “the cult”, friends, acquaintances, research, the bible, the talmud, the history of secret societies, survivors of that system, whistle blowers… Some Satanists are of this religion, others are from that religion, but ultimately their religion is opposite of Christianity and Judaism and Islam. The head honchos over it all are two banking families that go by the names of Rothschild and Rockefeller. David Rockefeller started and is a member of several international groups that pride themselves on their secret plans for the world… Google… there’s lots of good info out there. Of course, not all members of those families like that game… some have opted out. I’ve met people who have escaped the system with their lives.

            The Satanic system goes beyond any single religion. It has its roots in ancient Egypt. It has spread to the Vatican, industry, military, and so on. I’ve heard a lot of stories from people who have been there, done that… and their stories jive with one another’s.

            It is very important for everyone to understand who is running the world into the ground, who has taken over the educational system, the medical system, the military, the police system, our air, food, water, real estate, oil, electricity, religion… these guys – especially the R&R families – have their fingers in everything… and that is why everything seems to be upside down, inside out, backwards and self-defeating. Rockefeller is the unelected leader of the USA… DR runs the show here, buys the decision-makers, corporations, hospitals, all of our support systems… to our detriment. Read the quotes that came from his mouth and pen. Very revealing.

          8. Robert

            Satanic cults and conspiracies not withstanding… ChrisBeatsCancer fails to hold Gerson or Gerson like entities to the same standard as the ACS as it relates to stats. I agree with his assessment of the ACS stats and wish more people would hold the alternatives to the same standard. No amount of Tesla/Bilderberg/Rockafeller/Jewish/Satanist conspiracies cited are going to be enough of a distraction to make me or others forget that.

            So……. address the alternative therapy stats and their accuracy without going on tangental arguments. If you can’t or won’t do that, then you have added nothing to the discussion.

          9. Patricia Robinett

            robert, if you want to have scientific proof of the efficacy of real food as medicine, then perhaps you can try to get some funding for research… or do the research yourself. those who would like to have “proof” would surely be very grateful. that is what we are up against. there is MONEY in pharmaceuticals but not in simple, health-giving foods… so no one funds natural food projects… except maybe mike at naturalnews… he and maybe clifford carnicom. maybe you can join them and become #3 of the researchers of natural food remedies. personally, anecdotes and my own private testing using my body as a lab suffice for me. Maybe you can get funding rom the Rockefeller Foundation… haha… joking… i would be totally shocked – and delighted – if someone could get funding from the RF for something that is not pharmaceutical/medicinal.

          10. Robert

            There is an entire organic food industry with more money collectively than I will earn in many lifetimes. If it isn’t in their interest to fund such a thing… it isn’t in anyones.

          11. Patricia Robinett

            i doubt that anyone who is interested enough to eat and produce organic food even questions the advantages of eating organic. to eat food as nature made it, food that has been consumed safely for thousands of years, is a no-brainer… not to speak of the increased pleasure in the superior flavor. seriously, robert, i’m sure you could get rockefeller funding for a study, tho… as long as you assure them that you intend to find no health difference between organic and chemical laden foods. seriously, robert, what are the ‘advantages’ of eating food that has been sprayed with pesticides and fungacides and insecticides, etc? the chemical, medical and pharmaceutical industries all profit but how would an individual profit?

          12. Robert

            Off on the tangents again… And refusing to address the original point. I think I’m done

  21. Jada

    Just wanted to thank you for all the information you put out there for people to use. My mother was diagnosed with liver cancer that has spread to her lungs and bones on Nov.18 2013. I tried to get her to do alternative treatments and change her diet(she was also a smoker). All she said was “if the chemo doesn’t work I will try something else”. The doctor told her she needed a miracle and that most likely the chemo would kill her if her liver could not process the chemo (because of the cancer). She did 2 treatments over two weeks time. She went in for her 3rd treatment and the doctor told her there was nothing else they could do that her liver had completely shut down and she was too weak for more chemo. She went home and died the same day. That was one day shy of a month after diagnosis on Dec. 17th. It was deva sting to see what the chemo did to her in such a short amount of time and the pain and suffering she went through.She could not eat, drink or swallow anything(so she died in severe pain because she could not swallow her pain meds) because the chemo had torn up her mouth, tongue etc… I don’t know for sure had my mother followed your plan that she would have survived since her cancer was so severe, but I have no doubt that she would have had a better quality of life for a little longer. I have watched EVERY single person in my family since I was 10 years old die of cancer. I am hoping with the knowledge that I have learned from you that if I get cancer I will be the one to break the cycle. At least I fell like I have a better chance then the rest of my family( 9 family members in the past 20 years, 3 of them in the past 5). It is devastating and people need to know their are alternatives to chemo and radiation. Thanks again for all you do to get the information out there.

  22. Tahiti Brodie Poasa

    I don’t have cancer nor do I have any loved ones that do but I’m on board. Thanks for spreading the awareness

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