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Barbell Shrugged Interview

Here’s a video interview I did on Barbell Shrugged, a health and fitness podcast.

I tell a long detailed version of my story and we discuss nutrition, fitness, faith, the will to live, and more.

Warning: The dialogue gets a bit salty from time to time.

If you’d like to listen to audio version instead Download it on iTunes here

If you live in Memphis check out the gym where I train: Faction Strength and Conditioning, the home of Crossfit Memphis.

If it’s loading too slowly, go directly to youtube here

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  • Lynn

    I really wanted to hear Chris Wark talk, I have heard him before, but all I heard was the other guys talking about their stories. I really don’t care about their stories. Chris has a great story that needs to be heard.

    • Thanks Lynn
      I do talk for most of the interview but it takes a few minutes to get into it,
      and we do get sidetracked a few times…


  • Claudia Kliszewski

    You are so good at delivering this information Chris. I enjoyed the interview, and the Barbell Shrugged guys. I always learn a lot from you. Thanks very very much.

  • Hey Chris!

    Your story is a real inspiration, and the information you provide here is fantastic. You’ve really made me want to change my diet, because it’s pretty ordinary to say the least.

    I have question – after you had the surgery to remove parts of your bowel and the lymph nodes, were tumors still present in your body? Did you get monthly scans done to measure your progress etc?

    Cheers mate and thanks again.

    • Hi Grant

      The surgeon removed the tumor and infected lymph nodes.
      I had blood work done every month and several CT scans in the years that followed.
      I radically changed my diet and as a result my internal terrain changed.
      My body was no longer a place where cancer could thrive and
      any remaining cancer cells in my body were eliminated through natural processes.

  • Lynne

    I just love your blog & your story! I do not have cancer but am a huge advocate of natural healing for all medical issues. I see far too many of my friends who dose up on medications for all types of ailments & never seem to get much better. I keep reminding them that they are covering up the problem & masking the symptoms instead of getting to the root of the problem & allowing their body healthy alternatives to heal itself. I have had chronic lower back pain for 15 years & have fought it with exercise, diet, chiropractic care & recently the Bowen Therapy. I now have very few bouts with the pain. Others I have watched who get surgery or get on muscle relaxers/pain relievers just continually get worse.

    I love what you are doing & what you are about. I would love to see more & more folks & docs getting on board with our healthy alternatives. Are you aware of whether a child under the age of 18 can choose or have the parents choose their medical treatment if they have cancer or are they at the mercy of the docs decision? For some reason I’m thinking they have no choice. I would be grieved to know that I couldn’t choose to get my child healthy treatment vs. chemo. I’ve watched many children go down this destructive path & die as well. Recently lost a beautiful young friend to cancer after fighting with all types of chemo’s for 10 years. Such a long hard fight that just reduced her to skin & bones.

    God bless your efforts & I know He has great things in store for you. Keep the faith & keep sounding out against chemo & for the natural cures. You are an excellent advocate & have a wonderful video presence. I love the videos you have done on your site. I know we will be hearing great things from you in the national spotlight in the near future!

    Didn’t mean to be so long & go on & on, but I just wanted you to know how I thank God for folks like you. If anyone in my family ever gets cancer I will be sending them to your site for sure!

    For His glory & in ministry together –


  • Suzanne

    Chris, I have been reading your site for two days, and appreciate all the information so much. The end of March, 2012, I had major surgery for colon cancer that was near the small intestine. Unfortunately, the cancer had gone through the wall, but 36 lymph nodes were removed, all of which were negative for cancer, and the margins were negative for cancer, but although my surgeon said he did not think chemo would benefit the cancer my Oncologist wanted me to take chemo, Xeloda, for six months. Something has just made me feel strongly opposed to the chemo, and as I read comments by you and other writers I realize that my belief that chemo is deadly is well founded. In the DX test (one to 100, the highest being the worst), I was 14 from the research into my actual cancer. Also, my cancer was tested and found to be a microsatalite instability cancer which is said not to be benefited by chemo, but my Oncologist made no response to my comments on my research, and wanted me to take the chemo. My insurance covers all expenses, but I feel that chemo would be very damaging to my health. The cancer caused such anemia that I had to have an iron infusion two weeks ago, and I read that chemo causes anemia. I have begun to believe that chemo kills patients, but on the other hand I am terrified that the cancer will set up in my liver or my lungs as my Oncologist states, and he says if the cancer spread that the cancer is already in those locations. Although he didn’t say so, I got the feeling he thinks I have caused my own death warrant by not taking the chemo, and he is not even seeing me again until August. Now I am becoming more and more traumatized from the possibility that the cancer is setting up in the lungs or liver, and that I am doing nothing to prevent it. The terror of facing the suffering of cancer while your body shuts down and you die a terrible death is overwhelming. I am reading the diets suggested on your site and am hoping and praying that I can eliminate all cancer cells that might have filtered from the cancer IF it did. I have been unable to determine if the tumer adhered to any tissues outside the wall of the colon, which the pathology report did not even state, and stated “unknown”. Thank you for reading this and for any comments you might have. This is the only thing I have written on the Internet about this. I am grateful for your comments and for the letters from other cancer victims who have fought cancer and shared their experiences. Thank you so much.


    • Hi Suzanne
      Oncologists will use fear to motivate you to do chemotherapy. They did the same to me.
      Don’t be afraid.

      My prognosis was actually worse than yours because I had 5 lymph nodes that were positive.
      Just like you I intuitively knew that chemotherapy was not the right choice for me.

      If you continue living like you did before cancer, you have a greater risk of it returning.
      If you refuse chemo like I did, it is imperative that you radically change your diet and lifestyle,
      and overdose on nutrition. You have to give your body the ammunition it needs to detox, heal, and rebuild your immune system.

      Hopefully the info on this site will help guide you in the process.

  • Suzanne

    If anyone has had a similar experience with major surgery as I did with my cancer, please let me know your thoughts on whether your had reoccurance if the tumor went through the wall of the colon. I want to believe that since the lymph nodes were clear and the margin was clear that this will not happen, but my oncologist acted as though it could already be in the lungs and the liver, although my CT scan before my surgery did not show it in the colon. I have NO knowledge as to what could happen, but I had a “feeling” not to take the chemo. I hope that was the right decision, because it is not according to my oncologist. Maybe I need to write this on another of your sites, Chris, to get feedback, because I know you and others are very knowledgeable and helpful!

    • April

      Thanks Chris for getting the word out to diverse cultures and mentality. You are a wealth of knowledge. I have been an RN with degree as FNP for 30 years! I have not known the information you share and I am ashamed that the medical realm is lacking in this. I also worked in chelation clinics and we did a little nutrition, but not much. I am currently juicing and eating vegan to get healthy thanks to you… Love and Light April

  • Suzanne

    Thank you, Chris! You have given me so much encouragement. I bought the berries, bananas and coconut milk today, and will start that program. I also have ordered the “Greenies chewables” I saw on your site.

    To be honest, I live in occasional terror that is like a stabbing in my heart because I could not receive the information I needed from the Oncologist and fear that as he said, the cancer is circulating and likely already in my liver and lungs. When I stated what I had found on my own, he was either non-commital (about the type cancer it is and how likely to return and IF the cancer was in contact with tissues outside the wall). This is crucial information that nobody seems to know nor cares to find out for me. Or my Oncologist just said, “I don’t believe that” (about the fact that chemo weakens the body and causes anemia).
    I am not even two months past my surgery, and now the Oncologist is not going to even see me until August because I rejected the chemo treatment. He said, “You were hard against the chemo from the start”.

    I know nothing about chemo, and little about cancer since nobody in my family ever had it, but something deep within my mind and spirit told me that chemo was NOT the answer, and that I would suffer and die as quickly with chemo as I might with cancer!

    • The more you research, the more confidence you will have in what you are doing.
      You should find another oncologist. Your relationship with that one is soured.
      Some doctors take it personally when you don’t take their advice.

      Find a new oncologist with a small practice, tell him what you’re doing, and ask him if he will work with you.
      You basically need someone to monitor your blood work monthly for cancer markers.
      He still may try to talk you into chemo, but it won’t be the same dynamic as the other one,
      because you’re coming in with a plan in place.

  • Selma

    The fixation with protein and meat and building muscle is not valid. Look at all of the vegan bodybuilders and triatheletes. Look at the story of Ruth Heidrich (in her late 70’s and still running marathons/triathalons-cancer last stage survivor in her late 40’s). Look at the China Study. I am not saying going vegan for everyone is the way to go. But increasing meat consumption is not sustainable for our planet and promoting it as the only way to build muscle and health is not valid and damaging to the planet. Look at the Gerson Cancer Therapy and Charlotte Gerson herself and all of the long term healthy vegans. It is possible to be healthy and not eat meat. The idea of “clean” meat is misnomer. Cleaner meat would be a better description. Toxins accumulate in fat and the higher you go in the food chain, the more toxins. Our environment is no longer clean. All meat by definition has more toxins than lower food chain plant products. Almost all effective cancer therapies are vegan and high raw for a reason.

  • Yaya

    I unfortunately did do the chemo ( will not continue), I was started researching the natural methods and feel really scared and dumb that I did chemo. I have told my doctor that I will not do radiation and of course he tried to make it seem like the worse decision and I will die in about 4 yrs. I am going to see my naturopath and I plan to work out a plan with her. I am juicing but I really want to be monitored and helped out with a naturopath. I pray I can get my immune system back up to fight cancer. Just pray it’s not too late for me.