Curing Cancer Pain with Nasal Spray?
Dr. Emanuel Revici, Capsaicin, and Sinus Buster.
My Interview with Natural Survivor/Author Kelly Eidem

Here’s a video interview I did with Kelley Eidem,
natural cancer survivor and author of

The Doctor Who Cures Cancer: The Story of Dr. Emanuel Revici, MD .

Dr. Revici lived to 102!

In the interview Kelley and I discuss:

-Dr Revici’s relatively unknown work and natural cancer treatment approach
-How to determine whether your body is in an anabolic or catabolic state
-What anabolic/catabolic means and how it relates to your specific anti-cancer diet
-What types of foods relieve cancer pain naturally (14:48)
-How Kelly used what he learned from Dr. Revici to heal his own cancer naturally. (19:31)
-Kelly’s simple “Anti-Cancer Sandwich” featuring two very powerful cancer-fighting ingredients: Garlic and Habanero peppers.

At 34:38 we discuss the strange and remarkable pain relief some cancer patients are getting from an all natural homeopathic nasal spray called Sinus Buster.

I realize how bizarre this sounds, but the active ingredient in Sinus Buster is Capsaicin, which is what makes chili peppers hot.

FYI: Published clinical research on Capsaicin has shown it to be a pain reliever and to have very powerful anti-cancer effects:

-Capsaicin kills prostate cancer cells by causing apoptosis (cell suicide).

-Capsaicin inhibits prostate cancer tumor growth in mice by 80%.

-Capsaicin directly inhibits the growth of leukemic cells.

-Capsaicin triggers apoptosis in human lung cancer cells.

Those are just a few of the studies. (References at the end of this post)

So yeah, Capsaicin is pretty amazing stuff.
This is why I put cayenne powder on my giant salad and most everything I eat.

If you or anyone you know has cancer-related pain they should try Sinus Buster immediately. And please let us know what the results are!

Here’s the interview


If you’re interested in learning more about Dr. Revici’s life and work,
read The Doctor Who Cures Cancer.

More about Kelly Eidem’s research at


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