How Jill healed cervical cancer naturally nearly 40 years ago!

Here’s Interview #2 from the Annie Appleseed survivor couch!

Actually this was the first interview I shot, but it’s #2 to you.
Ok that doesn’t sound good…

It’s the second one I’m posting on the blog.

Anyway, Jill Schneider healed her malignant cervical cancer naturally in 1975 without any conventional treatment.


Mic check.

Can you hear me out there?

She healed naturally almost FORTY YEARS AGO.

Jill is a riot. She’s fun, funny and full of life. I am so glad to have met her.
And now you get to hear her incredible story. Huzzah!

This interview will definitely brighten your day. :)

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  • Kathy Dabanian

    I had been told I had 4 or 5 Cervical dysplasia. I chose after my nurse midwife had taken a pap smear and found out it was bad to have the operation which is no way invasive other than the anesthesia. I was Macrobiotic for a long time at that point in my life. And a vegetarian since I was 19. I had 2 boys and my midwife’s best friend had died from cervical cancer that went untreated which she tried to heal naturally too. She left behind 4 young children. The operation was explained to me in great detail and my biggest concern was the anesthesia. Other than that everything was fine. From what I understand and have been told in the Macrobiotic community is that Aveline Kushi had died from cervical cancer which is one of the easiest and treatable cancers if caught early enough. It is caused by HPV -human papilloma virus. All I know is my experience and I am now 55. I was treated in the early 2000’s and also have had lymes.

  • Kathy Dabanian

    PS: they do not do full hysterectomy’s for this if caught early.

  • Kathy Dabanian

    Ironically in China and Japan they have been eating mostly white rice- brown was looked down upon and now it is starting to make a comback.

    • Selma

      Kathy- how did you heal Lyme? what were your symptoms-or did you have classical lyme that was treated early with abx?

      • Kathy Dabanian

        I took antibiotics for about ten years and am sorry to say have on going problems. When I had lymes I was also being treated for strep in my blood from getting attacked by a rooster with its spurs. So between the two I have had numerous health issues. I still get a lot of headaches, fatigue and have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia which I think is the residual effects from having lymes. I was bitten by deer ticks quite frequently and both my sons have had it. They still complain on occasion about there knees and legs aching. When they were younger they ate better -less sugar and junk. They both still don’t eat meat but they do eat cheese some. Still try to get the best quality of food and they will eat when I cook. I house clean and probably drive too much which puts a lot of stress on my body. I feel best when it is warmer and I can work outside. I also have alot of arthritis. I take supplements and make sure they are vegan because I cannot tolerate anything with animal in it.I recently started taking some from Metaorganics( these actually look like food and are not synthetically produced) for thyroid, arthritis,stress and a couple other things-also Veglife B12 and their vitamin D. A lot of D3 is made with oil from the wool of sheep which I found out I was highly allergic to.I would definitely feel better if I could eat more whole grains which is my own lack of cooking. I have a lot on my plate to handle and I am still functioning. The most important thing was to not stop moving even when I was feeling the worse from it I made myself get up. I used to dance and run but am grateful that I can walk and work!

        • Martie

          I’ve read that low-dose naltrexone may help lyme disease and fibromyalgia. Also look into GcMaf.

  • Kumar

    Chris , Thank you for all these videos, Hearing from people who have done it ,encourages countless others. I might myself have a success story for you very soon. Keep up the good work.

  • Rose

    I LOVE this lady! Thanks Jill, and Chris, for sharing this story. Very encouraging, and a reminder to LIVE our lives, to trust our intuition and decisions, and to let go of things (whether that be an emotion or a situation) that causes distress — depressing our immune systems. Thanks again.

  • Jacqui

    I’m so thankful I clicked on this link today! Jill seems like an amazing woman, primarily because her authentic guiding light shines so brightly. She is living her life with no apology, which so many people fail to do. Plus, WOW, she doesn’t look older than 45 no doubt due to the clean eating and meditation she has woven into such an amazing life. And, oh yeah, she beat cancer. Bonus :)

  • Carol

    Jill is an extraordinary person and only someone like her who did not let fear overcome her could beat cancer like that. Yes, Aveline Kushi and her daughter Lily both passed away from cervical cancer. They did not have the ability to do what Jill did. There is much information on the internet about their cancers including Michio’s colon cancer. I think that is why you are told to follow your intuition, the same methods do not work for everyone.

  • anonymous

    Thanks for sharing. I didn’t get from the conversation that her cancer was metastatic as it states in the intro, only malignant. Can you please clarify?

  • Halis

    Good thing her cancer went into remission naturally, as a percentage of cancers do. And Chris, see you had surgery, glad they got it all, or else your choice of no chemo would have been fatal. Thank your surgeon!

    • mary

      Halis. We all clearly understand how you feel threaten by so many sucessfull stories being a surgeon. But try to trully enjoy others people success and perhaps experience the benefit of making people happier after you have something to say other than the other way around. God bless and touch your heart. We can all use some healing.

    • Chris Wark

      A teachable moment! Dear Halis, surgery does not cure metastatic colorectal cancer. If surgery did cure metastatic colorectal cancer, it would not be the #2 cause of cancer death today. And yet nearly every colorectal cancer patient has surgery to remove a cancerous tumor.

      In the vast majority of cases, surgery does not cure any type of solid tumor cancer, because cancer is a systemic metabolic disease affecting the entire body. This is why cancer comes back after surgery, and why the doctors recommended 9-12 months of chemo for me, and for most cancer patients after having a tumor surgically removed. And why the oncologist told me I was “insane” if I did not do chemo.

      Use your noodle. If surgery cured cancer, chemo and radiation treatments would not exist.

      The 5-year survival rate for stage 3C colon cancer is 28%, and some of the 28% still have cancer at the 5 year mark and eventually die.
      The 10-year survival rate is less than 16%. I’m certainly thankful to the surgeon who did his job correctly with no complications, but I’m still alive and well today because I radically changed my diet and lifestyle, restored my health, and created an internal environment where cancer could not thrive.

      • Bill

        Thanks Chris you cannot argue against those statistics. You are just too well researched to be put down by Halis. They just cannot justify any argument against those stats for surgery.

    • Paula Daniels Roberts

      Halis I have metastatic colon cancer. I have had a sigmoid colon resection for the large tumor mass that was resected, I also had 3/4 of my liver removed. Then radiation to a bone met. Then 4 months of chemo. My tumor markers kept increasing new tumors formed on the new growth of liver and I was so wreaked I couldn’t continue. I stopped everything. Chris’s story gave me hope. I was only 42 when diagnosed with twin teens in their junior year of high school. I started this plan when all I had was hope and tumor markers are heading back down for the first time during the entire processes. So I say should I listen to you? No I think not. I’m also a registered nurse. I googled survivors and this is how they survived. I googled Sloan Kettering and they didn’t have any new information so I went with the survivors.

  • susie

    what can i say….. beautiful!

  • Daisy Marie

    Thank you Chris for your enthusiasm, inspiration and great service to us.

  • Maribeth Zamora Mauricio

    Thanks for sharing this, I am now thinking to do acupuncture….. by the way a lot of people ask this question, it is okey to buy organic fruits and vegetables but what if you don’t have the means to buy it, meaning to say that non organic foods are non healthy? Thanks and God Bless

  • Carol Privitera

    This is really bogus. That being said,please let me say that I believe that a change in diet, and detoxifying ones personal space can benefit a person dealing with cancer. However my e-mail stated that this person healed herself from metastatic cervical cancer. She healed herself from a diagnosis of cervical cancer, that is it. I am having trouble finding credibility with some of these testimonials. No one more than myself would like to find a few of stage 4 cancer patients that have healed themselves alternatively, it would give me great hope and inspiration. It would have to be preferably longer then 5-10 years. Stage 4 means the cancer has traveled to far distant areas of the body from the original site, which is incurable by todays allopathic standards. It would also be nice if it weren’t from someone who wasn’t trying to sell a very expensive stay at their health retreat. I believe Chris is a good guy and tries to help people, but some of this stuff is getting ridiculous.

    • Chris Wark

      Hi Carol, I’m sorry you find my posts ridiculous. I think that is probably a good indicator that this site is not a good fit for you, and that you should unsubscribe. One word of unsolicited advice. Negativity and criticism of others is immunosuppressant, it will keep you sick.
      I hope you find what you are looking for.

    • Doris Parreno

      He is just speaking the truth…I was healed of breast cancer and having same experience as Chris, better health, glow, look 10 yrs younger doing only alternative therapies, Suzanne Sommers is another case …just go on facebook group Gerson Therapy support group you hear cases daily

  • BuelahMan

    Unless my math is off, this woman is SIXTY-NINE years old.


  • Wendy

    Hi! Loved the interview. Off topic question, but I’m so curious. I didn’t catch something she said – what was it that they heard that scared her and the other woman she was with (while they were at the abandoned plantation) so much that they had to run inside?

    • Sonia

      It was a tiger they heard :-)

  • Melanie Ashmore

    Jill inspired me 13 years ago! I had cervical precancerous cells and the doctors all wanted me to have surgery… I googled…found Jill’s website back then….and she was kind enough to take my call and spend time on the phone telling me her story and what she did. Sooooo much so….that I went off, started juice fasting, did colonics and other natural healings….and never had the surgery and my cells have been healthy/clean ever since (they reversed within about 6 months). So I am beyond grateful to Jill….I feel I owe her my life…

    • ssmaster

      Congrats!! I was recently diagnosed with the same and don’t want surgery, so im curious is you have a blog or something of what you did that worked for you? Any advice is appreciated! Thanks

  • Rose

    Chris I think your site is so supportive and revealing to people who are struggling with cancer. I look for things to come to me from your site. Thank you so much.

  • peter james

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