Joyce Healed Stage 4 Lymphoma With Gerson Therapy


In July of 2005, at the age of 68, I found a mass in my abdomen.

PET and CT scans showed my spleen had grown to the size of a football. I had my spleen removed and after a biopsy received a diagnosis of stage IV mantle cell, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

My oncologist at Dana Farber recommended a cocktail of four different chemotherapy drugs. He hoped these drugs would put my cancer into remission for a couple of years.

I had learned about Dr. Max Gerson’s therapy 30 years earlier, and as a long-time subscriber to the Gerson newsletter, I had always planned to start the Gerson Therapy if I got cancer. So, I turned down the chemotherapy and told my oncologist that I would do Gerson’s holistic cancer Therapy instead. He reminded me that my cancer was stage IV and said,

Nutrition wouldn’t hurt, but it wouldn’t help.

I had read Dr. Gerson’s book and the many patient cases in the newsletters over the years.
The oncologist’s warnings were no deterrent for me.

Now retired, my husband Pete and I felt up to the task of rebuilding my body with hourly fresh vegetable juices and doing all that is required by the Therapy. Along with the hard work involved, there was some humor. Pete told me that one time the grocery clerk, ringing up the 20-pound bag of carrots, commented, “I know. You have a horse!”

We were both overjoyed as my lab results began showing the healing taking place. I had not been on the Gerson Therapy long when I took my latest lab reports with me to an appointment with my oncologist. My oncologist took a look at the lab results and exclaimed, “These are absolutely fantastic!” I soon received a letter from him saying,

Keep doing what you are doing. The chemo would not have cured your cancer anyway.”

Although the lymphoma specialist at Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston was in charge of my case, CT scans, blood tests and cancer marker tests were done at our local cancer center, and I met with my local oncologist regularly for interpretation of the results. My local oncologist told me at the end of five years that there was no need for me to keep coming to see her; however she did say she didn’t want to lose touch with my case.

She also said she thinks of me often when she prescribes other patients the drugs that were recommended for me. She said “Had you taken the recommended chemo, I doubt you’d be alive today.” She asked if I would be willing to send her a copy of the annual lab results ordered by my internist for my future physicals. I told her I’d welcome that. “Seriously,” she said, “we doctors need to know about your success.”

The following week, I went to my internist for my annual physical. After the exam, she commented, “You could be a poster girl for how a woman of 73 should be eating.” In my annual report, she wrote:

Mrs. Forsythe has cured her own cancer following Gerson Therapy to the ‘T’.”

-Joyce Forsythe, December 2013

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  1. rjcarr25

    The right thing is to always go to a board certified oncologist and surgeon for your care as Joyce did. 10 years after Joyce was diagnosed and given limited options with what was then the standard care the percentage of those who are diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma and beat it with modern medical care is up to 70%. New surgical options, better chemo treatments, stem cell replacement, and the research keeps moving forward. True, the survival rate isn’t 100% and your results may vary but your chances are best when you put you or your loved one in the hands of a board certified Doctor. I have stage 4 colon cancer and I’m alive today because I have had cutting edge surgery and chemo. Ralph.

  2. Judy

    Joyce makes an important point; she’d had a plan in place for years in the event that she’d be diagnosed with cancer one day. I know that it may not feel like a necessary subject to research when you’re feeling good, but it sure beats trying to make important decisions when you’re upset and can’t think straight. We knew enough to avoid chemo and radiation when my husband was diagnosed, but I wish we’d known how subject biopsy interpretation is before agreeing to surgery.

    1. judy

      My typo…I meant to say “subjective” instead of “subject”. I understand that many biopsy slides are subject to interpretation and not at all a clean positive or negative. I’d appreciate hearing from anyone who can enlighten me more on this subject.

      1. seasoned mom

        I too would like to hear on that subject. I loved one just received a diagnosis of breast cancer stage to. This was based on a mammogram and then a biopsy. Now plans are being made for surgery and who knows what else.

        1. Emanuele Congiu

          Don’t let them rush you into surgery and chemo, you have time, your cancer must have been there for months, or years perhaps. You do have time. First of all stop eating milk and dairy because that is almost certainly the cause of your cancer, and if you eliminate the cause the disease goes away. Follow the Gerson approach if you wish but you should see improvents after a few months anyway if you eliminate the cause of breast cancer, which is simply a response of your immune system to something toxic for your body. May I ask what type of blood you are? 0 or A, right?

    2. daysslikethese

      Especially when, today, 1 out of 3 are diagnosed with some form of cancer

  3. Mario Laing

    what an awesome story. i love the fact that her doctors sounded like they were starting to wake up. it must be hard being a doctor prescribing drugs that never heal anything but bring on more cancer for patients. Eventually you have to start to question.

  4. That’s a fantastic story Joyce! Thanks Chris for sharing. :) Joyce, if you feel inspired to participate in our medical research into natural cancer therapies, please consider creating a CHART Medical Log. Success stories are always wonderfully engaging, but we feel there is a great lack of data available for research into what natural therapies are really working and which aren’t. Nothing persuades better than results. We’d love you to participate.

  5. Yvette

    Happy for Joyce. Congratulations and Kudos for your lessons for all of us!!

  6. Michelle

    Congratulations! You are an inspiration

  7. Daniel McCormick

    Hi I am Daniel I am 61 and live in Canada. I was diagnosed with a two inch mass in my bladder 32 days ago. Since 31 days I master cleansed for 20 days I weaned off and went on straight carrots for four or five days then added plant based raw only salads and a smoothy. I have watched all ten of Chis’s Square One videos and purchased the full package on about the second night . Best thing I could of ever done for myself. The Doctor wants to remove it next Friday. I truly think it is getting smaller. I pass substantial amount of blood in urine and often good sized clotts. Is there anyone else out there dealing with anything like this. I went from urinating ever 5-8 minutes and some times i can go for an hour between. I am also sleeping better at night Between urinating that is. I must mention I added tincture of herbs to my diet and this helped with the frequencies urination. I also take some two or three advil a day it helps with the discomfort.I find my left testical aches off and on as well. The Advil really helps. I can’t thank Chris enough for his Square One program truly a blessing. The help and comfort recieved from it is unmeasurable .Thanks To God and you Chris for this work of Divine Intervention. Please be with you all in Jesus name Amen Dan

  8. JJ

    I tried to watch the video, but it says the video is unavailable. Has Mrs. Forsythe passed (she would be eighty now) or is it just that you are having technical difficulties?

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