How Julia healed her breast cancer naturally in 2000!

Four years ago, a friend of a friend was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. She suffered through many rounds of brutal surgeries, chemo and radiation treatments. She had some brief periods of remission, but the cancer always came back. Her toughness, positive attitude, and love for Jesus was an inspiration.

In 2012, after two years of chemo, then brain surgery, brain radiation, gamma knife, then more chemo, she reached out to me on facebook to ask my advice. We messaged back and forth periodically over the next two years.

Several times in her messages she told me that the thought of doing more chemo didn’t make sense to her, but she was also “terrified not to do it”. She said that she and her husband wanted to talk to me.

I gave her my number and encouraged her to call me on three separate occasions to set up a time to get together, but she never did.

I understand why. She wanted to, and she didn’t want to.

Her doctors had instilled so much fear into her mind that she was unable to say no to them, to break free. They persuaded her to get more treatments, which took a huge toll on her body.
She passed away last week at 35. Her struggle was heartbreaking.

She was a true warrior and this post is dedicated to her.

I truly believe that if she had done what my friend Julia did, she would still be with us today.

Enter Julia Chiappetta.

Like many women, Julia was diagnosed with stage 2 infiltrating ductal carcinoma,
but her response to it was very different…

Julia Chiappetta also has three videos on her youtube channel
Watch them here

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