How Julia healed her breast cancer naturally in 2000!

Many years ago, a friend of a friend was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. She suffered through many rounds of brutal surgeries, chemo and radiation treatments. She had some brief periods of remission, but the cancer always came back. Her toughness, positive attitude, and love for Jesus was an inspiration.

After two years of chemo, then brain surgery, brain radiation, gamma knife, then more chemo, she reached out to me on facebook to ask my advice. We messaged back and forth periodically over the next two years.

Several times in her messages she told me that the thought of doing more chemo didn’t make sense to her, but she was also “terrified not to do it”. She said that she and her husband wanted to talk to me.

I gave her my number and encouraged her to call me on three separate occasions to set up a time to get together, but she never did.

I understand why. She wanted to, and she didn’t want to.

Her doctors had instilled so much fear into her mind that she was unable to say no to them, to break free. They continually persuaded her to get more aggressive treatments, which took a huge toll on her body.

She passed away at 35. Her struggle was heartbreaking.

I truly believe that if she had done what my friend Julia did, she would still be with us today.

Enter Julia Chiappetta.

Like many women, Julia was diagnosed with stage 2 infiltrating ductal carcinoma,
but her response to it was very different…

Julia Chiappetta also has three helpful videos on her youtube channel.
Watch them here.

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  1. Lindsey Hassenzahl

    Hi Chris,
    I subscribe to your blog and my dear friend, also 35 passed away last week. Her name is Jessica Hambrick. I usually don’t open every email from you, but this one, for some reason, I did. (Although they are all very good, I’m sure…time in the day prevents me from opening all emails) I thought I would ask…is this who you are speaking of? Thank you for your posts. They are inspiring and motivating. I eat your cancer free salad each week. In memory of Jessica, I am beginning a 7 day juice fast and vegan diet for 30 days afterwards. She is indeed a true warrior and such an inspiration to many.
    Lindsey Hassenzahl

  2. Ben Ngo

    Chris can you please read what I posted on your “How I Cured My Cancer with A Raw Foods Diet” I”m really in need of help and I’m scared.

  3. Amanda Brannon

    I know personally 4 women who had breast cancer, who decided not to do the chemo/radiation and go the naturalpathic route, instead. They are ALL DEAD. I, however, am a 6-year stage-4 breast cancer survivor and had my oncologist hammer me for 5.5 years with drug infusions and radiation. I’m still on Tamoxifen and I’ve had a total hysterectomy to get the estrogen-producing ovaries removed and also useless cervix and uterus (which can also get cancer). I’m still alive and no evidence of disease. I’m working with John Smothers, now, and am detoxifying my body and exercising and rebuilding. It’s like I needed to set off an atom-bomb in my body to “wipe my drive clean” and start over. I’m always terrified when I see women take the natural route only for breast cancer. That cancer is treatable and beatable, but cancer is a bully and you need to “knock the ball out of the park” the first opportunity you have and treat as aggressively as possible. I’ve see women who’s oncologists did not take such an aggressive approach and they are dealing with recurrence.

    1. NC

      Chemo is not helping all, I doubt it is helping anyone…my aunt has just passed away, so she had chemo and radiation last year, but another lady, her friend went to herbs to beat the cancer and still alive.

    2. Janice Huffman

      Yes, I too knew a friend who said she was going alternative and did a lot of different things who died. But after talking to her 2 weeks before she died, she really didn’t do much of anything and never changed her life in any way. I’d see her eating anything and everything. Her husband bought her a $2500.00 juicer that sat on the counter – next to cake. She refused all medical treatments to find a magic pill, but would not do any research on her own. She boarded a plane and flew across the country for help & did nothing. Finally she sent her sister to Mexico to get supplements. They sat on a shelf, unopened.

  4. Elainie

    I healed DCIS some years ago naturally (I went the Hippocrates route along with dental/mercury detox) and am so glad I didn’t listen to the medical establishment who actually threatened me because I refused their *treatments*.

  5. Maureen

    I have had cancer 3 times. The last time I was told that I would not live more then 3 mo to a year. I am eating raw and organic. I didn’t take the chemo the doctors wanted me to. I am still here and I give the credit to God and eating raw, organic. I am still alive now after 16 months. I feel great! What Chris is telling you is true.

  6. Lauretta

    Hi! thank you so much for thiso. I watch & read everything & am so so about all the depression & hopelessness in the oncology dept, but feel I have been put there for a reason…I have had some thoughts: I am in the midst of breast cancer treatment, had been a naturopathic person for about 10 yrs which The Lord led me to for prior disease which helped greatly, but seems it was not enough to cure my hormonal problems & endometriosis. I was helped certainly….BUT Now I prayed sooooo much for my treatment decisions regarding cancer. I was so against medical, but knew I needed the Lord’s will, not my own. For whatever reason I do not understand, I was led to a lumpectomy & radiation. Chemo was suggested & I begged The Lord. NOOOOOO please do not lead me that way. Put that in the Lords hand to request an oncodx type testing & in the end, as I knew I could not do it & it would probably kill me…the test was low & chemo was no longer suggested to me. Thank you Jesus! I am in my last 5 radiation treatments, under naturopathic care at the same time, went further into naturopathic care then ever before of course. I also witness everyday at the the hospitol by giving paintings away, so many things have happened regarding my unbelieving friend bringing me to church & so on & so on….I guess the point of my post is sometimes The Lord leads us to things that we do not understand. All I know is that He is good, I have the will to live, but He is ultimately in control. Cancer has taken me to things I would never have considered( radiation) . He knows what we need.

    1. Lauretta

      Oops cannot edit above…meant to say more…That I am sad about all the depression & hopelessness in the oncology dept. Also wanted to say toy you. Thank you for all you do & love to you in Jesus Christ. :)

  7. Shelby

    Hi Chris, love your site! I do have one question, where do you get Wheat Grass juice?

  8. Karen Wright

    Hi Chris,
    I want to thank you for the efforts you are taking to share your health information. It is truly an inspiration and a great tool. I forward it to all those I try to inform about natural healing. You see I too heard those dreaded 3 words ” You have Cancer”, in December of 2011. I was alone and the first reaction was a short desperate prayer, “Lord give me Wisdom about this”. Within the hour I had an email from a stranger at my son’s church 4 states away. I did nothing but read day and night till my appointment with the surgeon who wanted to remove the cancer and follow up with the necessary treatments. By the time that appointment came I had decided to follow the conviction God placed in me to refuse the immediate treatment and take a holistic path to healing, and it has served me well. Three years and 2 months later I found myself being released by the very Dr. who wanted to do the surgery and treatments. He did ultrasounds every six months for those 3 years and in February of this year (2014) He released me saying that he saw no reason to see me again and that whatever I am doing to keep it up cause it is working. GOD IS GOOD! This conviction to tell others about holistic healing is almost as strong as sharing God’s word for eternal healing you just feel like you are cheating mankind by not informing them. But just like salvation, it is personal. We can put it out there but they must truly want it in order for it to work. Keep up the good work Chris.

  9. Guest

    I’ve heard of people healing on a kosher organic ketogenic diet too (with fish, kosher meats allowed).

  10. Ralph

    Julia had surgery. That’s what killed the cancer. As a stage 4 colon cancer patient I’m all in on a healthy diet, exercise, and vitamins to help with any deficiencies. But when you have surgery with or without adjuvant chemo and the cancer is gone it’s the surgery and medicine that got it. I’ve had 4 surgeries and 20 rounds of chemo in the past two years. The greatest pain I ever had was caused by the cancer tumors. Not having surgery and/or doing chemo isn’t going to make that pain go away or eliminate your pain when the cancer spreads to your organs and bone. The cancer tumors, not the surgery and not the chemo, cause the greatest pain. Modern medicine is the best way to attack and kill it. Please use it.

  11. Kenneth

    3 of my close relatives died (painfully) within 6 months taking Chemo. 0% success rate.

  12. Elizabeth

    Hi Chris,
    Can you please tell me how to find out exactly what blood tests Julia gets to check the “status” of her cancer???
    Please, please answer.
    Peace & Raw Health,

    1. Chris Wark

      Use the American Metabolic Laboratories test

  13. Chris Wark

    Hi Olga. I am sorry to hear about your husband. Obviously I don’t know the particulars of his situation, but it is wishful thinking that chemo would have cured him, because it rarely cures anyone.
    As for “chemotherapy is toxic, but it works”. That is pure cancer industry deception. “Works” does not mean cure or heal. “Works” means it will temporarily shrink a tumor. That’s all. The man who wrote that article attempting to discredit me is a breast cancer surgeon who doesn’t even get my diagnosis right. See my FAQ page.

    Killing cancer cells with chemo and radiation does not solve the underlying cause of disease in the body, which is why new tumors form soon thereafter. If you read through the hundreds of comments on this site, you will see that cancer almost always comes back after finishing chemo.

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