Video: Chris gets a colonoscopy and silly on drugs

Ok so here’s a video of my colonoscopy adventure yesterday. It’s been almost four years since my last one and I was about a year overdue. Four years is a long time and I’ll admit I had a little “scanxiety” leading up to the procedure.

I’m strong and healthy and feel great, but I was still a little nervous about the results…

Anyone who’s had cancer knows what I’m talking about.

Now there are other tests reported to detect colon cancer, but the colonoscopy is still the industry standard and so for me, being a “public figure” and what not, I felt like it was an important thing to do for my own personal peace of mind and to satisfy any skeptics out there.

Quick Stats
Colon cancer is the #3 cancer killer. It’s also one of the most preventable cancers.
The 5-year survival rate is 90% if caught early because small pre-cancerous polyps can be removed during a colonoscopy procedure. But only about 39% of colon cancers are caught early because it’s impossible to get anyone excited about letting a doctor stick a camera where the sun don’t shine. (Mine was not caught early)

I wanted to document the colonoscopy process from start to finish so everyone can see that it’s really no big deal. So I did. Shot entirely on the now archaic iPhone 4.

If you are over 50, have a family history of colon problems, or are having abdominal issues,
you should consider a colonoscopy. Of course there are risks with any medical procedure, but this is one that I am willing to take.

Note: This is probably the only time you will ever see me doped up on camera.
Micah and I got a lot of laughs watching and editing this.

Also my comment in the video about Burger King is a joke!


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  1. Jenifer

    I think this video will help people that are scared of doctors/procedures. Thanks sooo much for sharing and congrats on still being cancer free. You rock!!!

  2. Just Me

    Glad you felt “refreshed” and thanks for sharing that. =)

  3. Dave

    I just do Immunostics Hema Screen Fecal Occult Blood Test Slides,the stuff you have to drink is poison AND THEY CAN PUNCH A HOLE AND YOU HAVE TO WEAR A Colostomy BAG

  4. paula

    Love your humour…did you have to say that about eating a whopper – some might believe you!

    1. Chris Wark

      I know Paula, you’re right! Sometimes I forget that people can’t tell when I’m joking. Someone on youtube asked about that. I just added a disclaimer about the burger king comment to the post. :)

  5. Randy McFarland

    Great news! BTW, what do you think of chaga?

  6. Kathy

    Chris, do you really eat at Burger King every day?
    Newcomers might mot pick up your sense of humour.

      1. Kelley

        Yeah, we all knew it was a joke – you really go for the double Whopper with plastic cheese! ;-)

  7. Debbie

    I am SO VERY happy for you, Chris! I love what you and God have done for yourself and family. I, however, will never get a colonoscopy and here are my reasons why. I think it’s a big money making scam. The doctors can only go into the left side of the colon. When they ‘nip’ off those polops, (sp?) it is not unusual for them to nip YOU, causing bleeding and possible infection. I am borderline ‘bleeder’ and it could be fatal or at the very least serious for me should that happen. I am also a vegan now (type A blood)for 1 and 1/2 yrs. and have never felt better in my entire life. I have precious little faith in the medical community. I live in Canada and I am doing all I can to live healthy (prevention) and staying away from over eager, narrow minded doctors is the first step to that.I will, however, do the occult test every few years. Thanks for listening. God bless you and yours always.

  8. Brent H

    Thanks for sharing Chris. I haven’t had one yet. Your site has helped me a lot. A friend of mine died recently (RIP Minnie.) She introduced me to your site. She changed her diet drastically but did the chemo. She fought for 3 years. She was a good woman. I learned so much from her. I wont do the chemo or radiation if I get it. Im a healthier 44 year old than I was at 34. You have been a big part of it. Thanks dude!

  9. Debbie

    Oops. Sorry, Chris. I just realized that I have a few facts mixed up in my previous comment, but still not enough to change my mind on the matter. I still think I have good reason to avoid a colonoscopy. If anyone is interested in reading Dr. John MacDougalls’ ideas about the procedure and it’s risks for the patient and benefits for the medical system, you won’t be sorry. You can also sign up for his e-mails and short, insightful videos and benefit greatly from that too. God bless you all.

  10. Sue C

    Hi Chris,
    So happy you are all clear and do not have to go back for awhile! I saw on the paper you were holding up (report) that you had a right hemi. So did my husband. Can I ask what stage you were please? And T depth? Thank you so much. Sue

    1. Chris Wark

      Stage 3b. I don’t know the T depth…

  11. jane

    Hi Chris – thanks for the video…. I turned 50 yesterday! so… this is a serendipitous reminder. I am a thyroid cancer survivor…. and don’t plan on cancer ever again!! jane

  12. Maria

    This could not have been better timed. I have breast cancer and am goingthe natural route and you are one of my greatest inspirations. So happy you are doing well. MAy you always continue to do so.
    Actually this mail is not about me.
    My daughter 17 years old shared with me very reluctantly yesterday that for about a year on and off, she has been seeing blood in her stoold and sometimes also droplets of blood. She said she is not constipated neither is her stool hard. She has no pain. She does have stomach pains quite regularly. She’s not avery good eater.
    As you can imagine I’m quite distressed but trying not to show it as I don’t want her to freak out. She flatly refuses to go to the doctor and says that is why she hasn’t told me earlier.

    Please advise Chris.
    Are there any natural remedies that can help?
    Or is it a must that I take her to the doctor
    Is this something I should be worried about.

    Thanks in advance for any advice

    1. Chris Wark

      Blood in the stool may not be a serious problem. It could be something small like a hemorroid or a small tear around the anus
      caused by a really big dump. LOL
      Juice fasting gives the digestive system a break and the opportunity to heal.
      5-7 days could be very beneficial for her.

      Having said all that, it should definitely be checked out by a doctor.
      You need to know what you’re dealing with.

  13. paul taylor

    Hey Chris Thank God for the good results man I am very glad !! I never have had the pleasure of a colonoscopy.But back in 1997 I was taking too many BCs you being from memphis probably know what a BC powder is for headaches.Well my stomach started cramping at frist then the pain of cramps stoped and it was just a dull pain and it would not stop all night.I remember going to walmart at 1 am to get pepto bismol and turning the bottle up in the parking lot LOL really i did it helped and the pain stoped! I was about to head to the emergency if did not! Actually i rather have what you had the test I mean cause I had a camera put down my throat.The worst part is they spray your throat with numming medicine and its the worst feeling or no feeling they have to keep a vacum hose in your throat to keep you from choking on your own saliva. And I could not feel my own tong or anything i hated that part.After that they put demerol into my Iv and like you said seems like 2 seconds your asking have they done the test yet and its been over 10 minutes later.Anyway i had irratiated stomach doctor said i was red inside irriated.Thanks paul

  14. paul taylor

    Oh also chris i disagree with your doctor about demerol not being as good as that new stuff.i remember going out on a cloud so easy and i came awake just like I had a nap didn’t feel grogy or anything.But sure a little sleepy after i went back to my room normal i guess.Both my parents ave had colonoscopys before my mom 3 i think and i know all about the stuff you take and eat and that sprite like drink they say it is explosive if you know what i mean lol.Thanks paul

    1. Chris Wark

      Haha, yes its a wild ride cleaning out your colon!

  15. Sandra

    Congratulations Chris on the great test result! I long for the day when I will be Cancer free….Keep up the good work!

  16. Sharon

    Good video Chris. A huge congrats on your test results.

    I learned something from you about a colonoscopy. I have had probably about 8 colonoscopies (no cancer) in my lifetime and I never knew about the “No raw food for 3 days before a colonoscopy.” Good information. Now, I will know to avoid raw food for 3 days when my next colonoscopy is due.

    Keep up the great blog.

  17. Rosa

    So happy for you! Congratulations!
    Thanks for sharing and helping so many others!

  18. Anne

    Also wanted to thank you for your most excellent website/blog, Chris! Have been following you over a year now since my 2nd breast cancer diagnosis – your methods rock!
    Appreciate *all* you do!!!

  19. Christin Hards

    Hi Chris,

    You are an inspiration to all of those pursuing alternative cancer therapies, with or without chemo. I was wondering though, did they ever find another polyp in follow-up colonscopies post your surgery?

    1. Chris Wark

      Hi Christin thank you. No they have never found any more polyps in me.

  20. Anne

    Within the past 6 months, a simple new blood test was introduced in Canada as an alternative screening for colon cancer risk, called “COLOGIC”:

    “In partnership with Phenomenome Discoveries Inc., the inventors of the COLOGIC test, we are pleased to offer a new screening test for colorectal cancer risk that is simple for patients and avoids multiple steps associated with fecal-based screening tests. We’ll be thrilled if anything we do to promote COLOGIC leads to increased testing for colorectal cancer… We are very proud to be the first clinical lab in the world to offer COLOGIC,” adds Thomas Wellner, President and CEO, CML HealthCare.”

    Here in Ontario, we do have a province wide program in place with FOBT every 2 years for those over 50 at average risk. Most private insurance companies will pay the $75 fee for this new, more accurate blood test (not covered yet by our provincial plan).
    Worth looking into – colonoscopy is still recommended for those at higher risk & with positive outcomes from either the FOBT or Cologic, of course:

    News article excerpt from:

  21. Cindy

    Could you please explain you prep protocol again. Sounded like the big stuff was in the last 12 or so hours.

    1. Chris Wark

      Whenever you get a colonoscopy the doctor gives you detailed prep instructions.

  22. Jenni

    Hey Chris-
    Love how you highlighted that some folks in the conventional medicine field are very receptive to alternative treatments.

    One thing that was a wake-up call for me was when I asked my oncologist if he would prescribe the same for me as he would for his own daughter. When he hesitated, I knew which path I was going to take. Very telling.

    Anyhoo, so glad your results are clear and you are still well! Amazing grace is alive and well.

    With many continued blessings,
    Jenni in AK

  23. Jenni

    Oh, and then I fired him, btw.


  24. Terry

    Congratulations on the clean report! I enjoy your health tips and ideas. Knowledge is power; even if sometimes the conflicting information is puzzling. Thanks for all the time you put into your site. Continued blessings.

  25. Lea

    hi Chris,

    Could you please explain when did you perform the colonoscopy after the surgery and if you do colonoscopy every 5 years?

    Thank you for your help and answer.

    1. Chris Wark

      If memory serves, I had one 2 years after surgery, then 3 years later, then 4 years later, which is the one in the video. They recommended my next one in 5 years.

  26. Christy Long

    So bitter sweet finding your website today, just 2 weeks ago my good friend who was only 30 years old died, one year to the day from his diagnosis of stage 4 colon cancer.
    Thank you for sharing your journey and getting this information out there.

  27. Sally

    I can’t figure out how to subscribe. Where do I enter my email address? The only thing I see is the RSS feed and I don’t RSS. Thank you!

  28. Michele

    I think the joke about Burger King should be blurted out. I am just now getting to know you via your videos and so I wasn’t sure if it was a joke or not. It was just by chance that I read your comment about it being a joke.

  29. cecilia cruz

    Hi I have breast cancer stage 2, i under go herbal medicine for th last 6months my lump was become bigger2, My saving was gone because of so many food supplement gave my herbalist doctor, so I stop drinking the herbal medicine, I make my own juice, Isaw it in internet, but when times that my body is weak, then somebody told me to under go in operation, but I so confuse If go, help me, what can I do, it;s a great blessing if you help me. God bless

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