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My Three Favorite Charities for 2011

So this is kind of like part two of my 2011 Holiday Gift Guide.

In today’s post I’m sharing my three favorite charities!
Please check them out and consider supporting them this Christmas season.

Charity: Water

Clean water is something we all take for granted, but there are nearly 1 Billion people on planet earth that don’t have it.

Charity: Water installs water wells that supply clean drinking water to villages in remote parts of Africa and other parts of the world.  100% of public donations directly fund their water projects.  Just $20 gives one person access to clean water and only $5000 gives a well to a village of 250. What’s cool is they assign your donation to a specific water project and you can track the progress all the way to completion on their website.

They also have an online store with some really hip clothes and accessories that all support the cause.
They have tons of amazing videos on their website, here’s an animated one that explains their mission.

Give to Charity: Water here


Heifer International

Can you imagine giving someone a goat, cow, chickens, a llama, or even a water buffalo for Christmas?

This is exactly what Heifer International does.  Since 1944 they have helped more than 12 million impoverished families by giving livestock, trees, seeds, and training in 50 countries like India, Peru, Cambodia, Malawi, and Nepal, just to name a few.

(The picture at the top of this post is from Heifer International)

Livestock changes lives.  You can give a flock of chicks, ducks, or geese, for as little as $20.  You can give a share of a heifer for $50 or give someone a whole cow for $500.  They don’t just give away animals, they invest in communities and train people how to farm and raise the livestock; to be self sustaining.  It’s really awesome.  Watch this video

Give to Heifer International here


Teen Challenge International

Founded in 1948, Teen Challenge is the oldest and most successful drug and alcohol rehab program of its kind in the world today.
My Dad has been a volunteer board member for Teen Challenge Memphis for 30+ years and I’ve seen first hand what this program can do.
It is truly humbling to see the amazing transformation in the lives of men and women by this ministry. Addictions are broken, hearts are changed, and families are restored.
Man I’m actually getting a little choked up right now as I write this…Get it together Chris!

This video is a trailer for the “50 Years of Miracles” documentary. Watch it.

Give to Teen Challenge here

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