My TV Debut (and my Mom’s!)

May 17, 2012

Today Fox 13 Memphis aired a news story about my decision to fight cancer with nutrition and natural therapies instead of chemo.

As you know the media can easily edit anything you say to make you look like a fool,
so I was a bit apprehensive about how it would turn out…

But surprise, it was really great!

And I think my mom got more camera time than me LOL!
But it’s cool, cause she’s awesome.

At one point in the segment you will see me chopping vegetables with some sexy saxophone music in the background.
For the record, I have not, nor will I ever, chop vegetables to sexy saxophone music.

Also it comes across a bit like I’m against all doctors, but I’m not. I’m am deeply grateful to gastroenterologist Orin Davidson, surgeon Dr. Guy Voeller; integrative oncologist the late Dr. Roy Page; and Naturopath Dr. John Smothers.

Big thanks to Fox reporter Lauren Johnson for doing such a terrific job with this.

Update June 9, 2012:
Three weeks after this story aired it was completely deleted from the Fox 13 News site!
The story had thousands of likes on Facebook and was one of the most popular on their website. Why would they take it down?
My guess is they got a few angry phone calls from big money advertisers in the medical industry, specifically the local cancer clinics.

Remember: Advertisers control the media. If it wasn’t for advertising dollars, the news would be off the air. And the pharmaceutical and medical industry are some of the biggest advertisers around. News stations will do whatever it takes to keep their advertisers happy.

This is a perfect example of how information about nutrition and natural therapies is suppressed.

The Cancer Industry does not want you to be able to heal yourself!

Fortunately I found the video on a third party site called and embedded it here.

Update July 17, 2013

So I today I just noticed that the video was missing…
I did a google search for it and came up with nothing.
I’m going to try to get a copy from the news station.

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