Nicola: Fighting Breast Cancer Without Chemo Since 2010

Nicola. Aged 40 at diagnosis, January 2010.

Stage IIb/IIIa invasive ductal carcinoma of the breast. 2 tumours measuring 2.5cms combined. Onset of Pagets disease of the nipple. Widespread DCIS. ER/PR positive. HER negative. Grade 2. 1 of 33 lymph nodes involved.

I had a mastectomy followed 2 weeks later by a full axillary clearance. The 2nd op was a difficult decision to make, as I’d already started to research alternatives and understood that the allopathic way wasn’t for me.


My breast team recommended chemo/radiotherapy and Tamoxifen which I rejected.

What alternative therapies did you do and which ones helped you the most?
Initially I found a UK based ex-oncology nurse (Patricia Peat) who has a fantastic database of alternative doctors. She recommended High Dose IV Vitamin C, hyperthermia and lymphatic drainage, all of which were great.

My good friend is a naturopath and educated me about diet, nutrition, detoxification, coffee enemas and supplementation. I follow an alkaline, vegan diet, high in raw green veg, but took time over the elimination process. First to go was gluten, sugar, dairy, salt and alcohol. (Eggs and yoghurt were the last to go).

I bought a juicer, and water filter (reverse osmosis and ionizer) immediately, and changed every product that I put on or in my body (toothpaste, body cream etc)

Later came FIR Saunas and hydrogen peroxide treatments.

Finally I found an amazing hypnotherapist who changed my world (I needed to stop sabotaging my healing with old beliefs that I wasn’t good enough) and a functional doctor (Dr Robert Jacobs) who is returning my body to health through specific supplementation.

I’ve recently had minimal residual disease and chemosensitivity tests (Nicola Hembry) done via a lab in Greece (the latter to see which natural compounds my cancer responds to – vitamin C and hyperthermia interestingly being 2 of the best at instigating apoptosis).

I take natural Tamoxifen equivalents in the form of Jarrow BroccoMax and Calcium D-Glucarate, plus lots of raw broccoli, to balance my hormone levels.

Yoga, dry brushing, breathing and relaxation are also important, although I need to step up my exercise regime. I have 2 children, and for me it’s been important to approach my healing at a pace which doesn’t feel overwhelming or impossible.

I have regular thermograms rather than mammograms.

What books, products, and supplements do you recommend?
The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter, & Miracles – Bruce Lipton
Healing the Gerson Way: Defeating Cancer and Other Chronic Diseases – Charlotte Gerson
Anticancer: A New Way of Life – David Servan Schreiber
Knockout: Interviews with Doctors Who Are Curing Cancer – Suzanne Somers (Thanks for the endorsement Nicola!)

I’m happy to share doctors/therapists names to anyone who is based in the UK.

I realise that it’s early days for me, and I wouldn’t label myself as ‘cured’. To be honest, I see my healing journey as ongoing, and I’ve never felt ‘weller’. I know from the minimal residual disease test that I have cancer stem cells in my blood/system. The aim is to keep these cells stable at the current level, or ideally reduce them, but the reality is that I will continue to live with cancer (rather than die of cancer). I believe that if I keep my internal environment alkaline I can achieve this.

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  1. Susan

    Hi Nicola,

    I was so interested to read your story. I am in the UK and would appreciate more information about your doctors/therapists.

    All the best,


    1. Nicola Corcoran

      Hi Susan,
      Really happy to share contacts…any in particular? Can I PM you?
      Nicola. x

  2. Polly

    Hi Nicola, I would love to know the name of your hypnotherapist! Thanks x

    1. Nicola Corcoran

      Hi Polly, I’ve only just found this message on here. My hypnotherapist is Zoe Zammit – she is totally amazing, and really was a catalyst for change…it’s like a re-programming of your beliefs :)

  3. nicola

    Hi Nicola
    Your story is so inspiring.
    I’ve been going to the Hightree Clinic too, did you have intravenous Niacin as well as the intravenous Vit C? And are you still having it on a regular basis?
    Many thanks

  4. nicola corcoran

    Hi Nicola,
    How fantastic is Siggy! I felt so lucky to have found him. I didn’t have the Niacin, but that sounds like a good one. I haven’t had the IV’s for a while, and strangely I miss them – I found they gave me amazing energy! I still take the liposomal sachets every day, and will possibly go back to the IV’s at some point.
    How are you doing? What’s your story?
    Nicola. x

    1. nicola

      Hi Nicola
      I’ve tried to send you a message via your blog but I cant make it work! I would love to discuss some things with you. My story/journey has been incredibly similar to yours and I would love to compare notes!
      My email is
      If you have time to get in touch I would be incredibly grateful.
      Nicola x

  5. Kimberly

    I also received the Greek test, it is so uncommon, I didn’t think anyone would do it also. Thank you for your inspiring story. I have the same kind of cancer as you to the T. Mine spread to my bones and i’m fighting to keep it under control. God bless you in your fight! Also, I have found a natural tamoxifen that is from the Yew tree in liquid form. It is just simply called yew. is a great website for ordering healthy herbs and bulk essiac tea.

  6. nicola corcoran

    Hi Kimberly,

    Did you find that the Greek test was accurate? In terms of minimal residual disease/metastatic disease, and also with regards to natural compounds for your own specific cancer?

    Hope you’re feeling well, and thanks for the tips about Yew and

    With love,


  7. Amy

    Hello Nicola,
    I was diagnosed with breast cancer for a second time at age 32. I do not want to take tamoxifen because I do want to have children, don’t want to be sent into menopause and just don’t want that crap in my body. Was curious if you had more info on the supplements you take to balance your hormones? Also, curious if you had a child after cancer or before?
    Best wishes,

  8. nicola corcoran

    Hi Amy,

    I would look into Dimpro – an oestrogen metaboliser and regulator which is deemed safer than it’s sister supplement Indole 3 Carbinole. I now take calcium D glucarate which helps the body to dispel oestrogen (there are blood tests which can see if your body is effectively removing oestrogen, or simply recycling it) and Broccomax which contains sulphoraphane (found in cruciferous vegetables) also an oestrogen detoxifier. Magnesium, B12, B6 and folic acid are also important for oestrogen detoxification. I would highly recommend seeing a functional doctor who will test YOUR body for deficiencies and weaknesses, and prescribe specific supplements for you.

    I will say that I no longer suffer from PMS, or painful, heavy periods (although I think that this is equally about diet)

    Was your cancer oestrogen positive? It’s worth watching out for oestrogen in your water supply (use a filter), avoiding tin cans (BPA in the lining is a xenoestrogen), and plastic bottles etc. Eat lots of raw broccoli, cabbage etc on top of the supplements.

    I had my children prior to my diagnosis.

    Hope this helps. Love to you. x

  9. Amy

    Hey ,
    Yes, the cancer is estrogen positive. I’m off to do alternative treatments in a couple weeks.

    What is the hydrogen peroxide treatments?

  10. nicola corcoran

    The hydrogen peroxide was given in an IV infusion at the same time as the high dose vitamin C. Hope everything is going well for you. x

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