Dr. Patricia Bragg on Steve Jobs, Katy Perry, and the 100-Year Impact of Paul Bragg and Bragg Live Foods

Steve Jobs and Patricia BraggKaty Perry Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar

“You are what you eat, drink, breathe, think, say and do.”
-Patricia Bragg

“Patricia – Love you so much! Your Apple Cider Vinegar is my Secret of ALL Secrets!”
-Katy Perry

Dr. Patricia Bragg ND, PhD is the head of Bragg Live Food Products, one of my FAVORITE organic brands, founded by the legendary health pioneer Paul Bragg, whose 100+ year impact on the health of millions of people is mind-boggling. I consume at least one of the following Bragg products at every meal:

Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar
Bragg Sprinkle
Bragg Sea Kelp Delight
Bragg Nutritional Yeast

Lifelong health crusader and nutritionist to the stars, Dr. Patricia Bragg is a 5 ft tall GIANT in the health and wellness world. She has never smoked cigarettes, drank alcohol or coffee, taken an aspirin, had a vaccine, or worn a bra. She’s in her 80’s, with perfect vision and perfect teeth, and still travels all over the world.

Patricia is sweet, funny and brilliant, and this interview is chock full of life and health wisdom, and some fascinating celebrity stories. Enjoy!

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-When Steve Jobs called [1:20]

-The Bragg Healthy Lifestyle [4:15]

“Taking a nap in the middle of the day gives you two days in one.” [6:15]

-Clint Eastwood [11:00]

-How Bragg mentored J.I. Rodale the founder of Rodale Publishing, Organic Gardening Magazine, Prevention, Men’s Health, Runner’s World, and many more. [11:40]

-How Paul Bragg changd Jack LaLane’s life. [14:00]

-How Jack Lalane influenced me [19:00]

“When you take charge of your own life—physically, mentally spirtually emotionally—you become your own captain and you direct your life to be fulfilled—healthy, happy and doing what you love to do.” [21:00]

-Apple Cider Vinegar [21:30]

-The exercise she’s used to keep her breasts perky her whole life  [26:48]

-The 100 year legacy of Bragg Food Products [28:00]

How she eats when she travels [31:00]

-Bill Gates and Vaccines [35:00]

-On going barefoot [35:45]

-Conrad Hilton [36:30]

-Proper toilet posture [39:15]

-Her advice to cancer patients [42:00]

-Katy Perry [45:00]

-The state of American health [47:30]

-The best way to deliver a baby [49:00]

You can find all of Bragg’s products on amazon

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